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▪ Ducati Scrambler U.S. Intro, Video Preview and Ducati Scrambler Photos from the Intermot Introduction!
▪ Ducati Testastretta DVT Engine With Variable Valve Timing Announced
▪ 2015 Ducati Diavel photos, information and specifications.
▪ Italian Custom Motorcycles by Uli Cloesen – Book Review
▪ Ducati named as honored marque at 2013 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance.
▪ Photos, video and info on the Ducati 1199 Panigale and Superqudro engine from EICMA!
▪ New photos added of the incredible Bimota Tesi 3D, brand new and found in a local shop!
 wBW Book Review Ducati Monster Bible by Ian Falloon.
 Ducati reports sales improvements for the first two quarters of 2011.
▪ Photos of the new GT1000 fuel tank mounts to help solve the fuel tank spreading problem.
▪ Installing Shift-Tech carbon fiber belt covers on the Multistrada.
▪ Photos, video and information on the new Ducati Diavel from the EICMA 2010 show!
 Uncrating the Multistrada 1200!
▪ Hypermotard 796 engine internals animation video
 Desmosedici Engine Lubrication Video Animation!
More in the wBW Ducati Motorcycle News Archive (2001 to current)

Repair and Maintenance: List of articles on the wBW Motorcycle Maintenance page

For many more technical and maintenance articles, check out the wBW Repair Index page

Fender Eliminators – Muffler Modifications – Removing the Muffler/Silencer Core: Why not spend an afternoon ripping the guts out of your stock mufflers? Here’s how  |  Competition Werkes Ducati fender eliminator for 749 and Monster  | Rizoma fender eliminators and many other Ducati accessories  |  Fender eliminator kits for the Ducati 749 and 999 at Hard Racing

"Green" Ducati
How about R.C.’s “Green” Ducati?! “I’m doing my best to reduce my carbon footprint. Here in Vancouver, Canada, people are really serious about the environment… It’s really a joke, but you would not believe how people fall all over themselves to get up close and take a picture! Never has a bike I was riding garnered as much attention! … I was actually transporting the grass (Oats, barley and wheat) to a friend’s bookstore. He has 2 indoor cats and they love to munch on the fresh, green grass!

How about R.C.’s “Green” Ducati?! “I’m doing my best to reduce my carbon footprint.  Here in Vancouver, Canada, people are really serious about the environment… It’s really a joke, but you would not believe how people fall all over themselves to get up close and take a picture!  Never has a bike I was riding garnered as much attention! … I was actually transporting the grass (Oats, barley and wheat) to a friend’s bookstore. He has 2 indoor cats and they love to munch on the fresh, green grass!

Ducati FAQ’s: The Ducati ST FAQ site for the ST series; a huge site that’s continuously updated with lots of information on the Ducati sport-tourers  | The Ducati Apollo V4 prototype – nice article and test drive info  |  Ducati ST4S ABS review 

Ducati Motorcycle Performance Parts: Duc Pond Racing with Donnie Unger is now Duc Pond Motosports, a full service Ducati franchise providing dedicated Ducati parts, sales and service  |  See the wBW Motorcycle Performance Parts page  |  Lots of cool Ducati parts and accessories, including carbon fiber parts for the new 1098 at Shift-Tech

Vintage Ducati Parts: Catalyst Racing Composites has seats and other vintage racing body parts for Ducatis

Owner’s Manuals: Ducati owner’s manuals also available on the Ducati site  |  The Ducati Workshop has shop manuals for vintage Ducatis

Ducati Parts List: Parts lists and diagrams are available on the Ducati site  |  Ducati parts microfiches for sale at Go-Fiche

Ducati Parts Interchangeability List: Ducati bevel interchangeable parts  | Ikon shocks (Koni type) for various Ducati models

Oil Filters: Scotts Performance carries stainless steel lifetime oil filters that filter down to 35 microns; available for many Ducati models

Hardware, Well Nuts, Stainless Steel Fasteners: Desmoparts has a selection of stainless steel hardware parts for Aprilia, BMW, Ducati and more  |  More on the wBW Motorcycle Repair and Maintenance Page  |  Dzus Fasteners main site in the U.K.  |  Race Parts Wholesale has a selection of Dzus Fasteners  |  Southco has Dzus fasteners and many other types of interesting body fasteners which may also work for Ducatis

Mirrors: Cheap ($8.95) bar-end mirrors; check out this installation on a Ducati  |  SpareShack has various Ducati parts, a good billet mirror selection and more  |  Rizoma has some cool-looking mirrors also  |  Send photos and a paragraph on your mirrors — we’ll start a mirror page!

Ducati Motorcycle Helmets: Ducati Corse helmets (aka Scudetto) are made by Suomy for Ducati; available at KC International with free shipping

Ducati Wheels, Carbon Fiber and Billet Parts: Axljak Racing has aluminum billet parts for Ducatis, including billet aluminum water pump guards with replaceable slider pucks; GP-style rearsets and more  |  Motowheels carries Marchesini, Marvic carbon fiber wheels by Blackstone; they also sell PVM wheels from Germany; check out their extensive line of carbon fiber and other go-fast parts and accessories for Ducatis and other Italian and Japanese bikes  |  Billet license plate kit for 748 – 916 or 996 at Pro Italia; turn signals can also be attached to the unit  |  More on the wBW Motorcycle Wheels page

Ducati Brakes: Check out Harrison billet brake calipers and rotors for all current Ducati models  |  Here’s a wBW article on fitting a Harrison 6-pot caliper to an older BMW R65

3M Scotchcal Paint Protection Film: See the wBW article on installing Scotchcal on a Ducati 916SPA  |  Alternative paint protection system described in this wBW review of Paintgard  |  This is a very thin (6 mil) film that is applied over painted surfaces to prevent scratching, dings, stone chips, etc. This is the best quality of the paint protection films and is used by companies like Porsche to protect surfaces.  I use it on my bikes to prevent paint damage from overpants and riding gear. It works great! You can buy sheets and cut them yourself to fit – it’s very easy to do – you can find bulk Scotchcal and instructions for installing it at Xpel

Xpel 0.40 mil Headlight Protection Film: Better than those plastic kits that force you to glue little Velcro-like buttons on your headlight – this is heavy-duty film that applies directly to your headlamp, no matter what shape.  See the wBW review on installing this type of headlight protection

Ducati Motorcycle Racing Fairings: ARD Racing (UK) has many different types of Ducati race bodywork and fairings, LED lights and more  |  Beautiful classic fairings and bodywork for vintage Ducatis and Laverdas at Moto Tumbi Classic Motorcycle Fiberglass (AUS) including chain guards, instrument dashboards and more  |  Check out Vimori Racing Products fairings (apparently no longer in business?); beautiful fairings and great photos; get replicas or full-bore racing fairings  |  Some nice-looking fairings, swingarms and other Ducati parts at Ducati Kämna

Windscreens – Windshields – Fairings: See the wBW Motorcycle Fairings and Windscreens page

Motorcycle Power Outlets – Power Connectors: Powerlet Products is a good source for Euro-type power outlets that you can attach to any motorcycle to plug in battery chargers, heated clothing, etc.

Ducati Sidestand Bypasses: Evoluzione Cyclesports has the parts known as a “kickstand interlock bypass harness”

Motorcycle Books: Check out the wBW Motorcycle Books and Reviews page for a listing of many more motorcycle books, videos and reviews!

Handlebar Grips: Harri’s in Italy makes some interesting grips for Ducatis; they also have tank protectors and other plastic and rubber parts; visit the main Ariete site and check out the links to Harri’s, Mentasti (the parent company) and Oldmodels

Hard Saddlebags on a Monster? Ducati now carries Nonfango bags and mounts for the Monster; photo and story; here is the Ducati web page for Monster touring  |  Rich McNabb’s work demonstrates that it’s possible using Five Star luggage racks and Givi bags from Twisted Throttle; here are photos of Rich’s Monster  |  More Ducati Monster hard bags listed on the Ducati Store U.K.

Slipper Clutch: Diagram of the STM slipper clutch for a Ducati, used in World Superbike racing  |  Motostrano has Ducati STM slipper clutches, clutch slave cylinder upgrades, Beringer brakes, titanium brake bolts and more

Clutch Basket: Billet clutch baskets from Barnett; models available for almost every modern Ducati  |  Nichols Manufacturing clutch baskets and other Ducati performance parts

Motorcycle Decals and Stickers: On the wBW Motorcycle Stickers and Decals page

Water Wetter – Non-aqueous Propylene Glycol Cooling Systems: More on the wBW Motorcycle Repair and Maintenance page

Desmodromic Valve Adjustment: Ducati Desmoquattro Valve Adjustment at Ducati Tech  |  Pictorial guide to adjusting desmodromic valves  |  All sorts of examples of desmo engines from the “desmodromology” site by Henk Cloosterman; check out the list of all sorts of engines (with photos) using desmodromic technology  |  Desmo for Dummies; on the Ducati site  |  History of Desmodromic Timing; a nice, short and interesting article on the history of desmodromic valve actuation; on the Ducati site  |  Two valve desmodromic valve adjustment article on the Ducati Suite site

Ducati Cam Timing: Many owners report that the cams are not timed correctly from the Ducati factory; properly timing the cams can make a huge difference in performance – here’s an article by Peter Shearman entitled The Black Mystic Art of Cam Timing in 3 parts: Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3  |  How about this: a British (Triumph and JAP) desmodromic engine from the early 1900’s and a listing of many other non-Ducati desmo engines  |  Ducati timing – crankshaft turning tool from Pit Posse  |  Interesting article from 1979 on racing Ducatis and changing cam timing

Ducati Cam Belt Tensioning: Interesting downloadable application which allows the Ducati owner to fine-tune the distribution belt tension by resonance frequency analysis.

Ducati Model Information: Ducati 1098 owners now have a website and discussion forum  |  DucatiMonster.org is the site for Monster lovers; also has some technical articles on Monsters and now includes the old Mostro.org websit  |  Ducatitechis Chris Kelly’s Ducati site with info on 2V and 4V Ducatis  |  Tons of info on ST2’s on Richard’s Ducati ST2 pages  |  Ducati Monster 620 review

Pieter Mostro

Ducati Photos – Ducati Monster Photographs: The Ducati Monster Registry is a list of owners and their modifications  |  Check out pieter vl mostro’s photos of his outrageous Monster (left)  |  The Italian Motorcycle Database has a large collection of information and photos of Italian bikes of all types

900 Supersport: 900 Super Sport Tuning and Performance  |  Arch’s 900SS page with mods and history  |  Ducati SS kit from Baines Racing; make your own SS with their frame kit and your modern engine

Ducati Motorcycle Clubs and Interest Sites: The Mid-Atlantic Ducati Owners (MAD) are a very active local club

The wBW Ducati Photo Gallery: Photos from the 2007 Mid-Atlantic Italian Motorcycle Festival — cool vintage Ducs!  |  Back by popular demand – Ducati Desmosedici  MotoGP photos!  |  Robbiano Design website, check out the Ducati-based Bimota DB5 design study  |  Ducati Concept bikes  |  Photo of the only Mondial Piega in the U.S.A.! (not a Ducati but a nice bike anyway!) (Thanks to Larry Hubbard)  |  First official photo and Ducati Press Release on the 999; Road test review by Kevin Ash; 999 track test  |  The Multistrada photo gallery  |  The new dual-spark engine  |  Photos from the 2002 Mid-Atlantic Italian MotoFest  |  Photos from the 2000 Mid-Atlantic Italian MotoFest 

Cary Martynuik writes about installing Galfer Wave and Yoyodyne rotors on his Ducati 916.  Check out “Cary and the WAVE!”  |  Cary reports on the QB Carbon Ducati MotoGP replica bodywork

Ducati photos

Motorcycle Photographs: On the wBW Motorcycle Photographs and Art page

Ducati Posters: Wallwerks used to have a selection of beautiful (and reasonably priced) Ducati prints made using a unique method that merges digital photography with traditional methods of printmaking.  Are they still in business?

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