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2020 Harley Davidson Lineup

HD has Some Killer Models for 2020 Harley-Davidson is going through a rough patch right now, but the company has its sights set on a new electrified future and some interesting new bikes. However, the Pan America and the Bronx won’t hit in 2020, so the big news this year is the Harley LiveWire, which …

2020 Model Year

Harley-Davidson Cruisers

2020 Model Year

Harley Davidson Standard Motorcycles

2020 Model Year

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Harley Davidson Softail Standard

Another Cruiser in the HD Lineup Harley-Davidson has played the cruiser game for a long time. Some (including myself) would say the company has gone after that market for too long instead of branching out with its lineup. Harley seems to be trying to branch out, but it’s not leaving cruiser motorcycles behind. Harley just …

Harley VAIS SiriusXM

Want SiriusXM on Your Ride? Does your 2014 to 2019 Harley-Davidson touring bike have everything you want but Sirius XM radio? Well, you’re in luck. VAIS has a new GSR SiriusXM radio add on for compatible 2014 and newer Harley-Davidson models. This system will use your existing stereo system to allow you to play SiriusXM, …

harley davidson road glide special with eagle eye special edition paint

Only for the Road Glide Special Harley-Davidson may be trying to reinvent itself, but the company isn’t leaving its current lineup to collect dust. The company has added a couple of new models recently, and now it has revealed a new Eagle Eye Special Edition Paint Option. This option is only available if installed at …

Philippines traffic

Congestion in the Philippines Is High In a traffic index study in 2019, it was determined that Metro Manila, the capital of the Philippines, had the second-heaviest traffic in the world. The reason for this starts with the public transportation system, according to GMA Network. From there, people who could bought cars and took motorcycle …



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