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Indian’s Lineup Gets Better in 2020 Indian Motorcycle has been putting out very good stuff lately. While not nearly as much of a juggernaut as Harley-Davidson, the company has waded into the American cruiser market and not looked back. It now has a great lineup and continues to expand. 2020 Should be a good year …

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Indian Harley Davidson Roadmaster Dark Horse

Number Five’s the Charm? Indian Motorcycle and Jack Daniels have teamed up before. It’s a bit odd to see a motorcycle company and a booze company work together because you should never drink and ride, but the customer base for both companies is likely the same, so I guess it makes sense. This is the …

Indian Apple CarPlay

iPhone Users Rejoice! Here’s some good news for Indian riders who use iPhones. The company has officially announced that some of its newer models can now run Apple CarPlay. This will make using your phone and apps easier. According to a recent press release, the 2020 Indian Chieftain, Roadmaster, or Challenger equipped with the 7-inch …

Indian patent drawing

A Challenger With a Bigger Fairing? Indian Motorcycle took it straight to Harley-Davidson earlier this year with its new Challenger, and now it looks like the company may expand its lineup or have a new model on its hands. A patent filed with the U.S. Patent Office shows a new Indian machine that uses the …

Cruisers under $15,000

Ready to Cruise Around? Cruisers aren’t the massive sellers they used to be. However, manufacturers still sell a lot of them, which is why the cruiser style is still a big part of the industry. A lot of these machines are high-dollar bikes, but they don’t have to be. You can get a wonderful cruiser …



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