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The Triumph Lineup Only Gets Better in 2020 Triumph is the British motorcycle company that most North American folks think of when they think British bikes. The company has a very robust lineup. The Bonneville lineup alone is one worth considering no matter what you’re using your bike for. Add to the Modern Classics lineup …

2020 Model Year

Yamaha Supersport Bikes

2020 Model Year

Yamaha Sportbikes & Naked Sportbikes

2020 Modal Year

Yamaha Standard Motorcycles

2020 Model Year

Yamaha Cruisers

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Yamaha Sport Touring Motorcycles

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Yamaha Adventure Touring Motorcycles

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Yamaha Touring Motorcycles

2020 Model Year

Yamaha Dual Sport Motorcycles

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Yamaha Scooters

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Yamaha News & Reviews

Two New Names Could Mean Two New Bikes Indian’s new models have been pretty impressive and the company is thriving right now. In order to keep this momentum, it will have to put out new bikes, and the company has now filed trademark applications on two new names. The Indian Pursuit and Indian Guardian.  The …

Indian FTR Carbon

A Feat in Today’s World Yesterday I reported that Harley-Davidson is struggling pretty hard to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the economy. It seems Indian Motorcycle is much better suited to weather the storm. Indian’s sales were actually up seven percent when compared with Q1 of last year.  Polaris owns Indian, …

Indian FTR Carbon

It’s Coming May 1 On May 1, Indian will reveal the FTR Carbon. The upcoming new version of the motorcycle was recently teased on Indian’s YouTube channel. It was touted as the closest thing to the champion flat track racing bike. This would suggest to me that it will be fully decked out in carbon …

2020 Motorcycle of the year

What Is the Best New Bike? Looking over the long list of new or updated motorcycles for 2020, I have to say that there are some truly killer machines out there this year. There are far more new or updated models than I originally thought, and there are standouts in each segment of the motorcycle …



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