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Founded in 2000, webBikeWorld is one of the only authentic motorcycle product review websites on the web. We pride ourselves on conducting in-depth hands-on reviews of motorcycle gear, add-ons, and safety equipment.

wBW is made up of a team of passionate riders, safety instructors, and motorcycle enthusiasts. Our reviews are based on our real-world experiences and how the product we are reviewing enhances (or detracts from) our riding experience. wBW is part of the A07 Online Media family.

We value:

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What Do We Do?

More than 1.5 million people visit us for honest and unbiased gear reviews every year!

Hands-On Gear Reviews

We test the latest and greatest helmets, jackets, boots, pants, bike add-ons, intercom systems, and any other type of gear or accessory we think our readers want to know about.

100% Transparent Review Process

We believe that a good review must be earned and evaluate each product on its own merits. We show no favoritism or bias in our reviews and provide high-res photos so you can see the product up close for yourself.

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Content Created With Integrity

We will not violate the trust of our audience by ever accepting compensation in exchange for a positive review, or for the removal of a negative review.

Current Contributors

There have been many valued contributors to wBW over the years, but none more influential than Rick Korchak, the original founder and owner of wBW for 20 years. Rick passed away in June 2018 after battling brain cancer. RIP Rick: while you were more than just wBW, it is through wBW that, in some small way, your legacy lives on.

Cameron Martel

Managing Editor & Content Contributor

My first motorcycle was a 1999 Kawasaki Ninja 500R. It was red on black, had more than its fair share of miles, and was the perfect first bike for me. On the back of that baby Kawasaki, I learned how incredible the open road can be and how much fun it is to really lean into the corners.

I advocate riding ATGATT, and that rider safety ultimately comes down to the rider themselves. Through my work on webBikeWorld and BestBeginnerMotorcycles.com, I hope to help riders make safe and informed decisions about their gear, riding style, and overall riding experience.

I’ve owned a ’99 Kawasaki Ninja 500R, ’08 Suzuki SV650S, ’07 Suzuki Katana 600, and ’07 Yamaha FZ-6 (which I’m currently riding).

My hobbies include weight training, wristwatches, photography, writing, and anything powered by an engine. By day, I am a full-time internet marketer with a specialization in content production, user experience, and search engine optimization.

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Jim Pruner

Content Contributor

In 1987 at age 12 I fell in love with motorcycles. I started riding that same year on a 1984 Honda XR80 off road, and my Dad’s 1978 CB750 Four in parking lots before I was even tall enough to touch the ground. I’m not a whole lot taller now than I was back then, but I’ve been riding ever since whatever motorcycle I could get my hands on. I’ve owned and ridden many different bikes over the last 31 years and my favourite to this point is the 2018 Kawasaki H2SX SE… subject to change at any time.

What kind of rider am I? I’m an adventure rider who also enjoys all brands of sport bikes, Harley Davidson and Indian cruisers, European and Japanese dirt bikes, Can Am trikes and even the Polaris Slingshot. In short, I love them all. I currently own two motorcycles, down from my all time high of six.
I really enjoy writing about testing new riding gear, new bikes and whatever crazy adventure ride I’m on. I get great pleasure sharing with anyone willing to spend time to read it all.

When I’m not writing or on the bike, I work as a Heavy Duty Mechanic for the Caterpillar dealership in Western Canada called Finning. I’ve been married to my wife Jenna since 2000. She works with me as my WBW photographer and video editor. We have three teenage children and live in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada.

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Brandon Jackson

Content Contributor

I came to motorcycling in my mid 20’s getting my first street bike in 1993. That 1981 Suzuki GS550e was very basic but it became the foundation of what would be a long and (mostly) wonderful relationship with two wheeled machines.

In 2009, after years reading reviews on an independent motorcycle gear/accessories review site, I submitted my first review to them, who of course was webBikeWorld. I felt my writing was adequate but I think what really got me accepted initially was my photographs of those Frank Thomas Rage gloves in the review.

That review was the first of over one hundred reviews and articles written for webBikeWorld over the following nine years. My 20+ years in photography came in very handy getting my boot in the door.

Photography and motorcycles are my favorite hobbies so the fact I get to combine them in the medium of reviews and stories is icing on the proverbial cake. I also run my own photography business in addition to my regular “day” job in the clinical education space for a large healthcare company in Nashville, TN.

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Kathy Koewler

Content Contributor

I bought my first motorcycle, a Yamaha sr400, before I owned a car, much to my father’s dismay. I got it while he was out of town and figured that I would just take my punishment when he got home. He never said too much but his actions did. It was a used fixer upper bike that needed some work and he never offered to lend a hand. And living in the Midwest, it was not the most reasonable transportation for many months of the year.

Future bikes would come and go, including at Katana in the 90’s, a Ninja, and a 2006 GSXR in the classic blue and white that I thought was my dream bike. But that all changed when the 2016 Artic White Ducati 959 Panigale came out. The red Duc had always been my holy grail bike, but the white was just too awesome to pass up. So for what I think will be a while, I am set with my 959 . It looks great and it keeps up with my husband’s BMWS1000RR.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to say that I am completely a sport bike rider. There is something about being able to jump on my bike and put the laws of physics to the test. Fast is good and faster is even better for me. I enjoy the speed and the ability to make just the tiniest adjustment to the shape of my body and have the bike respond to it. Someday when I am too old to fold up on a sport bike, I might reconsider but for now I a dedicated rocket rider.

In addition to riding, I am passionate about scuba diving. I am currently a PADI certified Rescue Diver. My husband and I try to take two dive trips each year and even a long weekend or two if we can find the time. When we are at home in the Phoenix area, I enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Freelance writing is my “full time” job. I have a variety of clients which include small businesses, websites and magazines. I have a book, Learning To See The Glass Half Full, published on Amazon and I own and operate the website See The Good.

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Jennifer Angelina

Content Contributor

A German girl in a great big motorcycle world. I’ve been pretty much immersed in anything motor-related since I was a baby. My Grandpa worked for a company that sold Bombardier equipment and raced ski-doo’s in the 60’s with my Grandma (who raced in the powder puff league in Manitoba). This got passed down to my Mom – who became one of pioneer female Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in Canada and loved the big toys (snowmobiles etc). The catalyst for her and my Dad to meet and that love was passed down to me. 3 generations of speed freaks and gear heads.

When it came to me, I think literally and figuratively my first fall in love with a motorcycle was when I was 8: dirtbiking in my Dad’s friends field and almost hit the broad side of a barn. Fast forward a few years to being a teenage rebel riding motorcycles, I was both riding and working at a motorcycle dealership selling them. When it came to living, breathing and dreaming motorcycles – I’ve been living the dream. Eventually after years of track, dirt, street riding and rebelling – I finally matured to the point to want to become a teacher and pass on safety skills to new students. SAIT hired me on as a technical safety motorcycle instructor and I just passed my third season with them teaching this year. It’s been a wonderful time meeting amazing people and over the years got to do some pretty incredible things including travelling all over the world riding.

During all this time, riding really has become a passion, and something that I’ll always be a part of. Learning all the little nuances, making mistakes and learning from them are among the many great life lessons this sport has brought me, which is what inspired me to give back and help others experience this amazing thing called motorcycles. I started a Youtube Channel recently to which I hope to add more content and grow better in addition to writing the best articles I can. The winter really is a drag for me, except for the company of my two fur-babies: Cha-cha and Kayamba. Them and the channel, my Xbox and travel keep me out of trouble. That and the occasional snowmobile trip (which isn’t as much since I sold my snowmobile last year – but still manage to get out once in a while to spend time with family). Currently, I own a Kawasaki 636, a Suzuki Katana (my project bike I plan to turn into my custom mad-max bike) and a BMW F800GS a friend is so generously letting me use.

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Donna Shinaut

Content Contributor

Over 50 years ago my Dad lifted me into the saddle of one of his flat track bikes, showed me how to make it go, and gave me a push toward the old dirt track he used to practice on. I was immediately smitten and I’ve been riding motorcycles ever since. Even after all these years I still snap my head around to look every time I hear a bike. My husband calls it an obsession, I call it a heck of a lot of fun.

When I’m not riding I spend a lot of time reading about motorcycles and my favorite place to read up on the latest gear is WebBikeWorld. Several years ago I made a comment on a review and ended up in a discussion with the editor on the lack of women’s riding gear, and that’s how I ended up as a reviewer.

I currently ride a 2014 HD Softail Slim but I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to adding a smaller bike to my stable to ride back and forth to work. Over the years I’ve owned a variety of different sizes and brands of bikes and I’ve enjoyed every one of them.

Besides riding motorcycles with my husband of almost 40 years I enjoy golf, music (both playing and singing), Husker football, and gardening. We have three children and three grandchildren (so far).

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Donna Shinaut

Brittany Morrow

Content Contributor

Brittany Morrow was involved in a life-changing accident as a passenger on a motorcycle in 2005. After she was released from a long stay in the hospital, she was determined to own a motorcycle, learn to ride it well, and set an example for others to follow. She published her experience on the first anniversary of the crash after visiting the accident location on her new Yamaha R6.

Due to the overwhelming response to her story, Brittany has dedicated her life to the promotion of motorcycle safety, the use of safety apparel and the education of riders regarding these important aspects of the sport. She partnered with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the Motorcycle Industry Council in 2008 to create a web-based campaign urging all riders to “Rock the Gear.”

In 2009, Brittany became an MSF RiderCoach in Kentucky and then transferred her certification to California in 2012. She trained riders at military bases in Southern California full time and served as site administrator at Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach through 2014. In 2016, she was certified as an Instructor with Total Control Training and now facilitated the CMSP Motorcycle Training Course in the state of California through 2017.

Brittany was named National Director of the Women’s Sportbike Rally in 2016 and is currently facilitating both annual events with the organization. Brittany has been a workshop facilitator for many co-ed and female-focused motorcycle events across the USA since 2007. She previously served on staff with the International Motorcycle Shows and was a special guest presenter at over 40 motorcycle safety quorums, conferences, expos, rallies, safety stand-downs, and events throughout her career. Brittany is also recognized as an International Keynote Speaker for the annual Shiny Side Up Bike Fest in New Zealand since its inception in 2015.

Brittany currently races a 2006 Yamaha R6S and is the 2019 Secretary/Treasurer for her local racing organization, Sandia Motorcycle Roadracing, Inc. On public roads, she rides a 2009 Triumph Street Triple R and a 2015 Yamaha R3. Her favorite type of riding is on twisty roads with beautiful views, with sanctioned road racing coming in second and long-distance solo tours (aka moto-gypsying) rounding out the podium. She has been known to document her adventures on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and her personal blog.

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