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2020 Royal Enfield motorcycle models

The 2020 Royal Enfield Motorcycle Lineup Is Better Than Ever Royal Enfield is a motorcycle company that is doing a lot of things right. The company has kind of always had single-cylinder motorcycles that were nice, but now Royal Enfield is kicking things up a notch. The company has some new 650 twins and those …

2020 Model Year

Royal Enfield Standard Motorcycles

2020 Model Year

Royal Enfield Dual Sport Motorcycles

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Royal Enfield News & Reviews

royal enfield meteor

The Meteor is Coming Royal Enfield filed a trademark on the Meteor name back in 2019, and the rumors started swirling. However, not much was known about the possible model. Well, now there’s been a test mule that was spotted with a Meteor 350 side plate spotted in India. According to RideApart, this model will …

The Royal Enfield brand name painted on a gas tank.

A New Mystery Model From RE Royal Enfield will reveal a new model in April, and that model has been called the J1D. It will certainly get another name, but it’s unclear what that name will be. The company has trademarked the names Flying Flea and Roadster, so it could be one of those, but …

The Royal Enfield brand name painted on a gas tank.

RE Back to Winning Royal Enfield saw sales slip for 36 consecutive months, but the numbers for February put the company back in the green. The real question is if the company can keep this positive momentum rolling as 2020 continues. I reported the other day that India’s motorcycle market was down again overall. However, …

2019 Royal Enfield INT650 gas tank badging.

Hitting The Flat Track Royal Enfield now wants to be part of the American Flat Track (AFT) racing scene. The company won’t be formally entering the competition but it has worked out a deal with AFT to have its bikes on-site at the racing events, according to RideApart. This gives the company exposure to the …



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