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BMW Motorcycles

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More: BMW motorcycle news in the wBW BMW Motorcycle News Archive (2001 to current)

wBW BMW Motorcycle Book Reviews:  BMW Racing Motorcycles  |  BMW GS Adventure Motorcycle: A 30-Year Catalog – wBW Book Review!  |  See the wBW Motorcycle Books page for a complete listing of motorcycle books and reviews

The BMW Bouncing Ball Screensaver:  Check this out — a really cool BMW Bouncing Ball Logo Screensaver!  It’s a 3-dimensional bouncing ball with the BMW logo in high resolution graphics.  I never get tired of watching this thing bouncing around on my screen!  Download a .zip file with instructions.  Bonus: you can also set a built-in password protection timer that it locks your keyboard after a selected amount of time!  Get it on the wBW  BMW “Bouncing Ball” Screensaver page!  Also works in Windows Vista!

Windscreens, Fairings and Windshields:  Now on the wBW Motorcycle Fairings and Windscreenspage

BMW Parts Sources:  See the wBW Products and Accessories page for more sources  |  Good BMW motorcycle parts fiche at RealOEM  |  Huge number of unique BMW motorcycle accessories at Hornig; they claim a new product is added every day!  |  Flugelnus is apparently the new BMW parts division of Eurotech; Eurotech Motorsports now sells and distributes Hepco & Becker only

BMW Performance Parts:  See the wBW Motorcycle Performance Parts page  |  Lite Touch Clutch Cable Lever for R-series BMWs claims to decrease clutch pull to 3 lbs.  |  Lots of parts for just about every modern BMW motorcycle at Hornig (Germany); items are priced in Euros but they deliver worldwide

Silicone Gaskets:  Finally!  A replacement for the cork Bing carburetor gaskets, cylinder head gaskets and more; see the wBW review of Real Gaskets

Motorcycle Photographs:  On the wBW Motorcycle Photographs and Art page

Beemers Your Mother Didn’t Want You To Have:  Check out the House of Cool Beemers site!

BMW Motorcycle Road Tests:  Lots of BMW motorcycle road tests and links to road tests of other brands  |  R69 Vintage BMW road test  |  The BMW Club of South Africa has road tests and owner’s reviews of BMW motorcycles

BMW Videos:  Here’s the BMW TV channel, with high-quality HD videos on BMW products and a BMW motorcycle section  |  Cool BMW 3-wheeler concept bike video (YouTube)

BMW Motorcycle Information on Every Model Manufactured:  Interesting online .pdf formatted book by BMW with the history of BMW motorcycles and cars; some of the photos are very high quality and can be printed to make nice posters!  |  The Norwegian BMW Club website lists allBMW motorcycle models in either alphabetical or chronological order, finally taken over by BMW Motorrad  |  The VIN Decoder – check this out: enter the last 7 digits of a BMW motorcycle VIN and it gives you the manufacture date and other information  |  Nice selection of large photos of almost every BMW motorcycle ever manufactured on the Bimmer site  |  BMW World (automobiles) history of the BMW motorcycle.

BMW Clocks & Speedometer Repair:  Palo Alto Speedometer repairs instruments; they also have some rebuilt items for sale  |  Speedometer Plus rebuilds BMW motorcycle clocks, speedometers and other instruments; they also carry gears, cables and other parts  |  Capital Cycle carries BMW clocks, but the original Motometer clock with the sweep second hand is apparently no longer available  |  VDO clocks and repair at Lauderdale Speedometer

Long Distance Riding?:  You may need the SneakyLeaker and/or the Stadium Pal for long distance relief

BMW Motorcycle Exhaust Systems:  See the wBW Motorcycle Exhaust Systems page for more information

Track Day Schedules and Riding Schools: Check out the wBW Motorcycle Riding Schools, Training and Track Days page for a list of schedules for track days and riding schools all over the U.S.

Heated Seats:  Seat recushioning, seat covers available for RT, RS, GS, R, S and C BMWs from Cee Bailey

BMW R80ST:  The BMW R80ST owner’s group

Motorcycle headlight bulbs

Repair and Maintenance: Map of Airhead-friendly service shops in the U.S.A.! (Here’s the printed list of Airhead repair shops, along with contact info, that feeds the map)  |  List of quick BMW Airhead repair tips  |  Installing a K75S windscreen adjustment system  |  Installing Progressive Fork Springs  |  A&S Cycles now has an online BMW parts microfiche for almost every BMW motorcycle model  |  Yellow headlight bulbs for motorcycles?  |  Bing carburetor replacement gaskets made from silicone  |  Rebuild procedure for under tank master cylinders on older BMW Airheads  |  Complete listing of articles on the wBW Motorcycle Repair Index page  |  More articles listed on the Motorcycle Maintenance page

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