Product Review Policies and Information

Product Review Policies and Information

Mission Statement

The mission of webBikeWorld is to provide information that helps our visitors make informed purchasing decisions.

webBikeWorld product reviews are a vital source of unbiased information, and our visitors depend on webBikeWorld reviews and information to make their purchasing decisions.

Our goal is to ensure that webBikeWorld will continue to be trusted by our visitors as a source of unbiased information to help make purchasing or other decisions.

We have developed the following policy for all vendors or manufacturers of products or services that are provided to (not purchased by) webBikeWorld for product reviews or information.

It is our belief that the terms stated below meet the requirements of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission Endorsement Guides (.pdf full text).

The webBikeWorld® Product Review Policy – Terms and Conditions

By offering a product, service or information for a webBikeWorld review, the provider of the products or services to webBikeWorld understands and agrees to the following:

  1. webBikeWorld will endeavor to conduct a fair and honest review of the products or services.
  2. The provider of the product understands that the webBikeWorld reviewer and the resulting published information consists of subjective personal opinion(s); as such, it may, and probably will, differ from the opinion of the provider, the reader or others.
  3. All of the correspondence must go through the Editor and not directly to the reviewers or evaluators. All products sent for review or for follow-up must also go through the Editor and not directly to the evaluators or reviewers. Contact the Editor for more information.
  4. It will take at least several weeks to 2-3 months from the time the product is received until final publication.  This depends on several factors, including the complexity of the review, weather, publishing schedules, etc.
  5. Products that are provided by a manufacturer, distributor or retailer for review will be provided at no cost to webBikeWorld and will become the property of webBikeWorld and will not be returned to the vendor without prior agreement.
  6. webWorld International, LLC or staff, evaluators or other associated contributors do not and will not accept payment for publishing a review, evaluation, article or information.
  7. Providing a product is no guarantee that a review will actually be published and if a review is not published then the product will most likely be returned to the provider.
  8. Reviews and/or evaluations may be conducted by freelance or other contributors and their opinions and findings are independent of and may or may not agree with those of webWorld International, LLC staff.
  9. Reviews or unsolicited articles submitted by freelance contributors may or may not be published at the discretion of the editor.
  10. There will be no attempt by the provider of the products or others to bias, change or modify the results or the editorial neutrality of the author of the review or webBikeWorld and the webBikeWorld Editor has final say in the matter.
  11. In rare instances, a draft of the review may be provided to the vendor or manufacturer prior to posting only in cases where feedback is required to ensure technical accuracy.  This draft review is meant to ensure the accuracy of technical information, pricing, availability, etc. of the product or service and is not meant to provide an opportunity to revise the editorial content or bias the results of the review.
  12. The review or information on the website may occasionally vary from the vendor’s or manufacturer’s published information, due to the versions of the products that are reviewed, the passing of time or other circumstances.
  13. Although the review pages will remain posted indefinitely, the reviews and information may be updated or revised to add owner feedback, user comments, or other comments, information or clarifications.
  14. The vendor or manufacturer providing the product or service for review will not have the opportunity to alter or edit any of the user or owner comments that are added to the reviews.  However, under certain circumstances (proof that the user or owner supplied comments are invalid or produced under false pretenses), the comments may be edited or removed by the webBikeWorld Editor.
  15. The provider or vendor has permission to link to any webBikeWorld page only and agrees that they will NOT copy, use, reprint, post as a web page or document or use in any other way any of the information, photographs or materials written about their products or any other information (see note on photographs below).
  16. When the review article has been posted, advertisements may be added to the page.  The advertisements may promote competitors of the product that is the subject of the review or informational article.  These ads help offset the cost of running and maintaining the site.
  17. An “exclusive” review will feature graphic and/or text advertisements for one particular retailer or manufacturer, but will also contain other advertisements and/or advertisements placed through the AdSense program and others. Exclusive reviews are rare and published by prior agreement only. The exclusive arrangement will expire 120 days from the date of publication and at that time, other advertisements may be placed on the page.
  18. Note that the review pages may include advertisements for the reviewed product, with links to webBikeWorld retail affiliates.  webBikeWorld will earn a commission on sales through those links (More on this on the Site Info page).
  19. The opinions and views expressed by contributors may not necessarily reflect those of staff or webWorld International, LLC.
  20. This page outlines the terms of the agreement and they may be revised at any time, therefore, interested parties should refer to this page for the latest updates.
  21. SPECIAL NOTE: To manufacturers, distributors and retailers and your friends or colleagues: Please do NOT send non-official comments or feedback for the products for publication in the Owner Comments section of the article related to your products.Do not have friends or associates send feedback. This would be a definite conflict of interest and could affect the reputation of webBikeWorld and your organization.If we determine that someone is trying to game the Owner Comments section by having employees, associates or others submit positive feedback, all comments will be removed and the Owner Comments section for that article will be closed.The Editor’s decision on this issue is final. To send official feedback or comments, see #9 above.

Again, please note that reviews, by their nature, are based individual opinion and may differ from the opinion of the manufacturer, the distributor, the reader or others.

Note also that the products or services that are the subject of reviews or other published information on are either purchased outright or provided under these guidelines. This policy or parts thereof may not apply for products that are purchased outright.

For more information, contact the Editor at [email protected]

Last Edit, Update or Revision: October 2015

Photographs, Images and Logos

Be sure to read the webBikeWorld Terms and Conditions! 

No text, photographs or content may be copied from this site!  It simply makes no sense for us to give away our “crown jewels” — the original intellectual property that constitutes the site — and all of the hard work that goes into it to others for their gain on their website.

The entire content of webBikeWorld content is copyrighted and cannot be used outside of our website.

For more information, please read the terms and conditions.  Hyperlinks to the various articles may, of course, be used.  For more information, please contact the editor at the address below.

Feel free to link to the site or to individual pages however using this URL:

If you would like a webBikeWorld graphic to use to link to the site, please contact me.

NOTE:  These policies are in effect immediately and are retroactive to include all webBikeWorld information and reviews posted on the site. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact the Editor at [email protected]

Thank you for supporting!



  1. December 18, 2017

    I have been a long time reader of Webbikeworld product reviews, I can always count on your thourough and unbiased reviews.
    The reason for this comment is your newly re formatted site design that is ad heavy. I understand the need to make money, and it’s not that I mind advertising, the problem I have is, on my older IPad when you have advertising constantly trying to load, it cause my iPad to crash, repeatedly. This only occurs on websites with a lot of advertising and especially any ads with motion.
    It diminishes the user experience and since my iPad is my primary web surfing tool, I tend to shy away from websites that crash my computer. I am a member of several motorcycle owner forums and one site specifically after switching to Vertical scope web design became so difficult to use that their site traffic dropped off over one third of what it previously enjoyed.
    I still own a V-Strom but no longer participate in the forum because of how difficult it is to visit.
    I’m honestly trying to be helpful, I’d hate to see your website diminished because it became hard to deal with.
    Bob Campbell

  2. December 20, 2017

    Hey Bob. Thanks so much for your feedback. I happen to agree that right now the “ad balance” is a little off. We’re still doing some testing to make sure we have enough ads to make money but not too many to wreck the experience. It is going to take a few weeks to get it nailed down but we’re really aligned in terms of making sure you keep coming back and loving the site.

  3. Joseph Kreaseck
    January 24, 2018

    Very strongly dislike your new site. I used to come here frequently and review helmets and gear. Found your reviews to pretty much agree with my findings on products which I had already purchased. This gave me confidence in your assessments. Came here today and can’t find anything. You formerly had “LISTS” of helmets, by type, and I was able to scroll down and find the helmet I wanted to read up on. These lists either are gone, or I am no longer able to find them.

    What makes web page designers think a different page design is better? Go back to the old design, at least I was able to use the page.

  4. G. Cloys
    February 26, 2018

    Just dropped back in for a little research and was surprised by the new layout. Being the old curmudgeon I am, I was a bit put off in the first millisecond but reminded myself this is 2018. It warms my heart to see this site evolving and still going strong. Since I first visited Webbikeworld almost 2 decades ago (ouch!), I have always counted on the honest appraisals and insights it has to offer. I have even contributed some reviews myself over the years and look forward to utilizing the site in the future. Well done to all involved and keep up the good work.

  5. February 27, 2018

    i get it that you need to make money but . . your pages are wayyy too cluttered with ads and you make it appear that you are a schill for amazon and revzilla – one thought – after each item on your product review page you give me links to purchase the item on either amazon or revzilla . . . each product over and over. Very tedious reading.

    • February 27, 2018

      Hey Greg. The old version of the site had the same kind of format so we just tried to make it look nicer. Ultimately people want to act on the reviews and recommendations so we’re just trying to make that easier. I get your point though. I’ll talk to the team and see if there is an alternative approach that makes for lighter reading.

  6. Doug Colton
    May 17, 2018

    Good morning Rick. I have been a huge fan of the work you and your team do. I’ve been wrapped up in other projects lately so I haven’t been around much. I had just posted a comment for one of the ZRXOA members about your site who is shopping for a new lid. I was also excited to share with him your “Garage Sale” section because I have purchased a few items from there and have been more than pleased with the product, your review of the product, the price and your service. ?

    So where is it on this new site??‍♂️
    Thanks Rick.

  7. Chris Barritt
    July 1, 2018

    Dear readers,
    Just wanted to let you know that Rick passed away June 10th due to brain cancer.
    I was a contributing reviewer for several years & lived close to Rick & had NO idea he was having any health issues.
    Chris B

    • N Power
      August 14, 2018

      Thanks for letting us know Chris. That absolutely blew me away, very sad to hear that. I remember getting in touch with Rick before to write for this site when he was still running it and he was nothing but a gentleman. Very saddened to hear this news. RIP Rick.

  8. Ollie S.
    September 23, 2018

    Sorry to hear about Rick’s death. RIP buddy!!
    So, back to the other gentlemen’s question about where the “garage sale” section is located. Where is it?

  9. Walt Tacey
    September 28, 2021

    Just to let y’all know, Britain’s ‘national’ motorcycle museum is no such thing, it’s a privately owned concern built on the back of charitable donations in order to sidestep planning restrictions on building conference and hotel facilities on the original site. Many of the bikes are on loan from private individuals. Risky as many were lost during the fire…

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