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Curtis Motorcycles Zeus cafe racer

An Interesting Take From an Interesting Company You’ve probably seen Curtiss Motorcycles’ machines at some point. The guys running Curtiss used to run Confederate Motorcycles and put out some seriously amazing V-twin machines. Confederate Motorcycles was sold to a new owner in 2018, and still produces amazing V-twin motorcycles. Curtiss Motorcycles has shifted its focus …

Harley-Davidson electric scooter

A Step Closer to Another Electric Model Harley-Davidson revealed some electric bike concepts back when it showed off the LiveWire officially for the first time. One of those concepts was an urban mobility scooter that had some cool styling. Well, the company now has filed some additional patents on the model, according to Motorcycle.com.  The …

NIU RQi-GT electric motorcycle

An Interesting Commuter Motorcycle NIU revealed a new electric motorcycle at CES called RQi-GT. The bike is a commuter bike and it has impressive performance stats. The motorcycle can hit 100 mph top speed and do 80 miles per charge if you stay well below the bike’s top speed. The RQi-GT has a 40 hp …

Arthur Martins Polestar SLR concept

A Futuristic, Block of a Motorcycle The coolest thing about electric motorcycles is that you can stop worrying about conventional motorcycle design. Most electric motorcycles and electric motorcycle concepts look a lot like gasoline-powered bikes. I get this. People like something familiar, but Arthur Martins has gone the complete other way with its SLR Electric …

Damon Motorcycle HyperSport

Damon Motorcycles revealed one of the most impressive electric motorcycles the world has ever seen at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) today, the HyperSport. It won the CES 2020 Innovation Awards.  The motorcycle is innovative not just because it’s an electric bike, but because it blends some of the most-impressive safety technology with a …


Electric Scooters Picking Up Speed Electric scooters haven’t seemed like a massive seller, but Gogoro appears the be killing it when it comes to sales. The company announced that it more than doubled its sales in its home market. It’s now Taiwan’s second-largest motorcycle brand behind Kymco, according to RideApart. Gogoro managed to sell 145,000 …

Cleveland CycleWerks electric motorcycle

A New Concept in E Mobility Cleveland CycleWerks is a motorcycle manufacturer of small-displacement, easily customizable, and affordable motorcycles. In 2020, the company will be putting out its first electric motorcycle. The project’s code name is Falcon Rising. At this time there is very little information out about the bike other than the fact that …

Damon Motorcycles Co-pilot array

An Innovative Machine Damon Motorcycles announced its new CoPilot advanced warning system is powered by BlackBerry QNX technology. The company licensed BlackBerry QNX technology. This includes the real-time operating system. Damon plans to unveil its bike equipped with this technology at CES at 10 am Pacific Standard Time on January 7. If you’re not familiar …

BMW Vision DC Roadster

An Urban Electric from BMW Electric motorcycles will be an important part of the future of motorcycling. While I have my reservations about owning one as they are right now, I’m very interested in seeing where things go in the future. My guess is that more and more riders will hear the whine of an …

Liger mobility

Smart Tech, Smart Solutions How cool would it be to have your scooter parked away in a tight space and be able to call out to it and have it come right up to you? How nice would it be to sit at a stoplight and not have to hold your scooter upright? Well, Liger …

segway ninebot apex

A Sportbike from Segway? Okay, so in true Segway form, the company immediately took something that looked genuinely cool and tried to make it uncool by calling it a Super Scooter. Still, if you ignore Segway’s attempt to stupify their latest creation, the Ninebot Apex Concept is actually pretty sweet-looking. It looks like a legit …

BMW E-Power Roadster

BMW Going Electric There are quite a few electric motorcycles out or in the works these days, so it’s no surprise to see BMW mixing it up. The company debuted the Vision DC Roadster a while back but since then there hasn’t been much-electrified noise from the Bavarians. Now, the E-Power Roadster is here. It’s …



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