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Mugen E.Rex

Similar But Not the Same Mugen revealed an updated version of its E.Rex electric dirtbike at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. We reported on the electric superbike Mugen showed off there. We thought it’d be best to highlight the E.Rex, too. The E.Rex appears to share much of its powertrain with the Honda CR Electric that …

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Mugen Shinden Hachi electric superbike

An Electric Speed Demon Debuts In Japan At the Toko Motorcycle Show, Mugen debuted the latest iteration of its Shinden electric superbike. The company named the bike, now in its eighth version, Mugen Shinden Hachi. The previous version raced at the Isle of Man TT, and this bike will do the same. Mugen hasn’t made …

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Honda CR electric prototype

Could This Change Everything? Honda is a dominant force in the motorcycle world. It’s changed the course of the industry in the past, and now I wonder if they’re about to do it again. Meet the Honda CR Electric prototype. The publication Moto-Station recently shared some images of the bike at a Honda presentation at …

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Fuell Flow

Not the Best But Nothing to Sneeze At We recently reported on the Fuell electric motorcycle called the Flow. Fuell is a company put together by former Harley engineer Erik Buell and Francois-Xavier Terny. Together the two have created one of the more interesting electric motorcycle startups out there. There will be a mix of …

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Eva Killajoule

That’s Not Even Its Fastest Run If you want to watch one of the eeriest things you’ve probably seen in a while, check out the 360-degree video of the electric trike below making a run on the Gairdner Salt Flats in Australia. The bike goes from a standstill all the way to 236 mph. Because …

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Fuell Flow

A Unique Motor for a Unique Bike We recently reported on the Fuell motorcycle and ebike. While the ebike is interesting, the electric motorcycle called the Flow is what really grabbed our attention. Erik Buell and Francois-Xavier Terny are two of the guys making this company happen, and Motorcyclist Magazine got to sit down with …

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Lightning Motorcycles Lightning Strike

Quick Charging Makes the Strike Look Even Better Lightning Motorcycles is just about ready to debut its new Strike model. The Strike has electrified the motorcycle industry with claims of long 150 miles worth of battery power, 150 mph top speed, and a low price of $13,000. All that sounds well and good, but if …

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Kawasaki electric bike patent

Is Kawasaki Getting Close? Kawasaki patents of an electric motorcycle have surfaced before. Now more details are coming out thanks to more recent patent filings. The latest patents focus on the actual cooling of the batteries that will be used on the bike. It seems that Kawasaki is focusing on some kind of liquid cooling …

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Harley-Davidson StaCyc

From Old to Young What do you do when your customer base gets too old to continue using your products? You target their grandchildren, of course. At least that’s what Harley-Davidson is doing. In the company’s quest to do a Benjamin Button-type turnaround with its customer base, it has purchased the electric stability-bike company StaCyc.  …

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Bad Name, Cool Idea Most people remember Buell. The company went limp in 2009 and has existed only to produce racing bikes recently. Now it’s back in the saddle thanks to a partnership with Sauber Motorsport to start making electric bikes. With Buell’s success in the two-wheeled world and Sauber Motorsports success in Formula E, …

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Tacita T-Race

75,000 Miles and Counting There are plenty of concerns with battery electric motorcycles. Range is probably the number one, but high on the list is the concern that batteries don’t last forever, and they’re expensive to replace. Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Tacita sought to show its batteries are designed for longevity. As a battery goes …

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Suru S19

Pedals and Electric Power The idea of the moped has been around for a long time. Basically, it’s a bike somewhere between a motorcycle and bicycle with both pedals and another form of power. In the past, it’d been a small internal combustion engine, but now we’re seeing electric versions. We reported on the Onyx …

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