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SEM electric bike

A Unique E-Bike Recently Tim Crockett, of Within The WIld adventure lodge in Alaska, reached out to me and said that he’s adding e-mountain bikes to the lodge’s list of activities. He pointed to the SEM The Adventure as the bike that he’s going to be using. Tim told me that pedal-assist e-bikes are a …

Ubco FRX1

Ready for Trails and Fun Ubco is a New Zealand company that sells electric motorcycles. The company just released the FXR1 Trail Bike for pre-order. It’s lighter weight, faster, and more of a tear-up-the-trails-and-have-a-good-time bike than anything else the company has put out before. RideApart says the bike weighs 132 pounds. That’s super light. The …

electric superbike

An Electric Superbike Built for Racing Students from the University of Warwick are crafting an electric superbike that will be raced at the TT Zero in 2022, according to Motorcycle News. The team behind the bike is called the Warwick Moto team, and it has 40 students from a variety of departments working together. The …

Zero’s Latest Looks Pretty Good The new Zero SR/S wasn’t supposed to come out until the 24th. A pretty detailed video of the bike leaked out on YouTube. The motorcycle looks pretty great, and the video showcases specs and performance stats, too. A pretty big whoops, but still a super cool look at the bike …

Southern California Motorcycles

Will This Become More Common? On Saturday, February 29, Southern California Motorcycles will open a pedal-assist bicycle store. Partnering with Giant, Liv, and Momentum, this store will offer bicycles with electric power. There’s a point between electric motorcycles and electric bicycles that’s a bit of a gray area. This gray area exists for customers as …


It Seems India Could Lead the Electric Motorcycle Revolution Like it or not, electric motorcycles and scooters will probably dominate the future of the motorcycle industry, and I’ve got a feeling that India will lead that charge. The startup EeVe has two new electric bikes. There are the Tesero motorcycle and the Forseti Vespa-looking scooter. …

Swag EV electric scooters

Cool Scooters, Electric Power Swag EV is a Singapore-based company that has some cool new electric scooters for the masses of Bangkok, Thailand. Swag stands for Supreme Wagon Automotive Group. The group has two new scooters that use Bosch brushless hub motors: the Type S and Type X, according to Thailand Tatler. The Type S …


A True Electric Hero? The motorcycle company Hero now has a new electric motorcycle called the AE-47. The motorcycle looks really good honestly, though it is not likely something that we’ll see here in North America. The bike features a hub-mounted motor and has a pretty good range. According to CarAndBike, the AE-47 has a …

Selling More Electric Bikes The Italian electric motorcycle company Energica has already seen over 40 percent of 2019 year-end numbers. The company implemented a new pre-sale program to collect customer orders and that plus the introduction of a new battery pack has seen orders for the bikes skyrocket. The new power unit is a 21.5 …

Electric Motorcycle racing by Zero Motorcycles

Electricity Intensifies Zero Motorcycles will hold its first-ever Electric National competition during the motorcycle races at The One Motorcycle Show 2020. Only electric motorcycles will be allowed to compete in the race. The field will be filled by top-level racers and national-level riders. Cash prizes will be awarded. Currently, there’s no information about who will …

honda electric CBR patent

Is the Honda Electric Sportbike Coming? Honda has a lot of patents out there, but one that recently caught my eye was what looked like an electric CBR patent. The application was spotted and showcased by Living With Gravity. Additionally, MoreBikes picked up the story but didn’t have much new info on the bike other …

Zero SR/S

Another Model in the Lineup Zero Motorcycles sent out an email about its upcoming new bike. The name of that model? The SR/S. This is not to be confused with the SR/F that the company started teasing around this time last year. That bike is the most-advanced motorcycle that Zero has ever produced, and the …



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