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Ducati super soco CUx electric scooter

The Electric Ducati Recently, I reported on the fact that Ducati had teamed up with Vmoto to do an electric scooter through the company’s Super Soco brand. The CUx scooter that would be used in already developed by the company and Ducati wants in on that action. Well, now we’re getting a look at the …

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Triumph badge on a tank

Let Triumph’s Electrified Future Begin Triumph recently announced a partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain, and the University of Warwick. According to reports, the point of that partnership is to move the company forward on electrification projects. RideApart noted the company’s plan is quite ambitious. The result of the plan will be what the …

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Ducati Electric Motorcycle Rendering

This Rendering Looks Fantastic Ducati’s CEO has said that his company is looking at developing an electric motorcycle, but at the time of that interview, the technology wasn’t quite there. Recently, the company announced it would partner with an electric scooter company to put out a Ducati-branded electric scooter. While it’s kind of a cool …

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Tempest Titan R moped

An Interesting Moped For the Future I’m a big fan of mopeds—those little pedal-internal-combustion-engined bikes that have more or less disappeared from the modern motorcycle industry. I own a 1989 Tomos Golden Bullet. I love the little underpowered thing. It’s perfect for shooting over to a coffee shop or up to the store for a …

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Sora Motorcycles

Round Two With the Lito Sora Motorcycles is an electric motorcycle startup based in Montreal, Canada. The company released the Lito a few years back with a high price tag and high performance for that time. Now, the company has a new version of its Lito electric bobber that it recently showcased at the 2019 …

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Bounce scooter

In Some Parts of the World, It Makes Sense Ride-hailing companies like Uber are struggling to make a profit in certain parts of the world, like India. While the company would eventually like to have self-driving cars everywhere, it has to figure something out in the meantime. It seems that a solution could be electric …

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MotoE World Cup

Get Ready for More Electric Racing After a horrendous fire destroyed all of the bikes set to race in the MotoE championship, Energica had a pretty big task on its hands. It had to make new Ego Corsa race bikes as quickly as possible to get things back to normal. The MotoE schedule also had …

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OSET 24.0

A Trials Bike You Can Go Anywhere With Chris Northover has ridden motorcycles since he was a kid. He’ll be the first to tell you just how wonderful an internal combustion engine is. He loved motorcycles mostly because he loved gas-powered engines. Now he rides an electric bike. He takes his OSET 24.0 out to …

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Ducati Electric Scooter

A Bit Unexpected We’ve reported on the possibility of a Ducati electric motorcycle in the future. Now it seems there will be a Ducati scooter long before there’s a Ducati motorcycle. According to electrek, the company recently signed an agreement with a Chinese scooter company called Vmoto. Vmoto makes electric scooters and the new licensing …

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Yamaha R1 2021

The Times Are Changing Yamaha is looking towards the electrified future just like every other motorcycle manufacturer. According to Cycle World, the company recently patented some designs for an electric R1. The patents focus mostly on the placement of the charging port for various bikes. One of the bikes is undoubtedly an R1. This isn’t …

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Fuell Flow

An Urban Motorcycle for the Future Erik Buell was the man behind Buell motorcycles, which you probably remember being connected to Harley-Davidson. That venture went south eventually. Now Buell is back with a new company called Fuell. The name may not be very creative, but the Flow electric motorcycle that it’s putting out sure seems …

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Harley Formula E

Electric Cars? Really, Harley Harley-Davidson is really, really serious about getting into the electric vehicle thing. I’ve said before that it seems to have a plan for the electrified future, but maybe I misjudged the scope of that plan. The company is now a sponsor of a Formula E team.  Yep. Open wheel car racing. …

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