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Giant Enters the Motorcycle World There are some blurred lines between electric bikes and electric motorcycles. Some of the electric bikes work like motorcycles. Twist the grip and go. Others require you to still pedal. Regardless, the e-bike market is an interesting one and something that will be more and more prevalent in the motorcycle …

Ultraviolette F77

A Connected Electric Motorcycle The Ultraviolette F77 from India has been officially unveiled. The company has teased the bike a couple of times, and I covered the bike a while back. The teasers looked wonderful. Now the company has a real-deal motorcycle and it, too, looks pretty good, though not as good as the teaser.  …

Savic Motorcycles C-Series

A Killer-Looking Electric Cafe Racer Savic Motorcycles is based in Australia, and I don’t know if they’re plans for the company to come to the U.S. but I hope so. It has one of the coolest electric motorcycles I’ve seen yet. I’m a sucker for cafe racer styling and this bike does a good job …

From Dorky to Dirt-Slinging Cool, Maybe We all know about the Segway. It’s the dorky thing that the mall cops zoom around on. It is the ultimate uncool way to get from one place to another. Dirt bikes, on the other hand, are really cool, and now it seems that Segway will release a couple …

BST Hypertek

Impressive and Interesting to Look at Sometimes weird electric bikes aren’t very handsome, like is the case with Cake’s motorcycles. Sometimes they’re downright sci-fi gorgeous. This is the case with BST’s Hypertek electric motorcycle. Despite being as stripped down as possible, the bike is still rather nice to look at. It’s odd, yes, but still …

Kymco Electric motorcycle RevoNEX

This Is a Real Teaser Kymco is a company that makes fine products but they’re not the first one I’d point to in terms of innovative technology. That might be changing. The company recently dropped a teaser of its new electric motorcycle. Well, it’s a concept, but the thing looks pretty close to being done. …

Kawasaki electric motorcycle

Working on Electric Bikes Since the Early 2000s Kawasaki several very good bikes showcased at EICMA. The company certainly hasn’t left ICE motorcycles behinds, but a new video put out by the company suggests that its future will be electric. The bike in the video is called the EV Project, and Kawasaki has been working …

Cake Ösa

A Modular Design with So Many Uses Cake has a new bike. I actually got to ride the Cake Kalk at AIMExpo this year, and at that show one of the PR folks there shared that the Ösa would be coming at a later date. He didn’t give me too much info and what he …

Ready for Customers With all of the news coming out of Italy at EICMA, we didn’t want to overlook the other things that are going on in the industry. One of the companies that has caught my eye recently is Zapp Scooter. It’s an electric scooter company that has a unique i300 electric scooter. It …

Impressive Range, Good-Looking Bike The Energica Eva Ribelle is the electric streetfighter you knew you always wanted but didn’t think you’d get. The bike just recently debuted. The bike looks fantastic for an electric motorcycle, shaking off any of the awkwardness that previous electric bikes have had. It’s also one of the most impressive motorcycles …

hadin panther

Get Ready for This Electric Cruiser The company Hadin isn’t a household name. Many of the folks plugged into the electric motorcycle scene won’t even know the name. However, the company hopes to change that soon. It’s bringing its new Panther electric cruiser to EICMA, according to Electric Motorcycle News. The Panther has a very …

Ultraviolette F77

India’s First High-Performance Electric Bike The company Ultraviolette says its F77 is the country’s first high-performance electric motorcycle. My hat’s off to them based just on looks alone. Of course, the image above is a rendering and the images on the company’s website for the model look a little different. Either way, this is a …



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