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Damon Motorcycles

Seeking to Change the Motorcycle Industry Damon Motorcycles revealed its new electric motorcycle, the Damon Hypersport at CES. The model caused quite a stir, and rightfully so. It’s a vehicle that is not only one of the most impressive electric vehicles created this far, but the Shift system and Co-Pilot safety system are unlike any …


Have a Little Kid? Get Them Riding The best way to get your child riding at a young age is to get them on an off-road bike. There are all kinds of small dirtbikes available that are designed for kiddos, but the new trend is electric bikes. Greenger, a California-based electric motorcycle company is selling …

Cleveland CycleWerks Flacon Reveal

A Bicycle, Moped, and Motorcycle Cleveland CycleWerks (CCW) had a full event planned for its new Falcon electric bike, but due to the Coronavirus, the company decided to do a reveal on Facebook live. Scott Colosimo, the CEO of CCW, sat down with Zach and Evan to discuss the bike. The three of them are …

Super soco TSx

Small and Ready to Zoom About The company Super Soco has a new electric bike called the TSx that takes a different route than most of the other new electric bikes out there. This machine is designed as a beginner model. It’s the equivalent to a 50cc motorcycle, according to Electric Motorcycles News and targeted …


The Electric Start for Honda I’ve been waiting for one of the big Japanese bike manufacturers to really get into electric bikes, and now it seems Honda Motorcycle and Scooter of India will be one of the first. With all motorcycle companies taking a serious look at electric motorcycles and scooters, it only makes sense. …

Scott Colosimo Cleveland CycleWerks

The Complete Specs With the reveal of the Cleveland CycleWerks Falcon electric motorcycle just around the corner on March 20th, the company is teasing and showcasing things about the bike all the time. Recently the entire spec sheet for the Falcon 01 and Falcon BLK appeared on the company’s website.  In case you didn’t hear …

That’s About as Long as I Want to Wait Filling up a gas tank is quick and easy. Recharging a battery … not so much. One of the biggest hurdles for electric motorcycles has been charge times. That could change. Enevate claims its batteries will be able to recharge in as little as five minutes …

Torp bike

An Interesting Take on the Electric Dirt Bike Called by the company the lightest and most agile electric dirt bike on the market, the Torp Bike is a unique machine. The bike looks like a mashup of a dirt bike and a beefy e-bike. The bike is designed to be lightweight and to have mountain-bike-like …

Cake Kalk INK

The Swedish Electric Bike Company Continues to Innovate I was skeptical of Cake’s Kalk motorcycle, but then I rode it at AIMExpo and it was a lot of fun. The electric machine is killer, and I’m glad to report that Cake has a new Kalk INK motorcycle, designed for off-road use. This bike is a …

Harley-Davidson electric bike logos

Trademark Applications Show the New Logos Harley-Davidson will be going full-bore after electric bikes in the future, and part of that means it will need to properly market itself and its bikes. The company seems to be doing just that. It recently filed patent applications for two new logos for electric bikes.  The first is …

Jeep bicycle

The First Jeep-Branded Two-Wheeled Machine Jeep Wranglers are pretty expensive, and as you might imagine, the company’s fancy new electric bicycle is priced accordingly. Orders for the bike recently opened up and the electric bicycle is priced at $5,899. That’s quite a bit. I know there are more expensive bicycles out there, but that still …


The Austrian Company Looks to Expand The Austrian e-mobility company Horwin has some electric motorcycles for commuting, and the company plans to expand. How? Well, it wants to expand its dealer network. The company teamed up with TilGreen Group, which will be distributing the electric motorcycle for France now. The company already sells bikes in …



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