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A side view of the new (and freshly updated) MetaCycle from SONDORS

With the conclusion of the L.A. Auto Show this past Sunday, SONDORS has released the exact times that we can expect the MetaCycle to ship…along with a few other updates.  SONDORS’s MetaCycle made a huge splash when it became available to the masses; after all, a $5,000 electric machine capable of an 80 mph (130 …

A view of the Zero Motorcycles 2022 lineup

Over the weeks, I’ve noticed a trend among the good readers of wBW. Y’all either love or hate electric motorcycles.  And for those of you that love ‘em, there’s always a hefty MSRP to complain about.  Not that we blame you – Yoinking out $21,999 for Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire One in a day and age where …

A view of Lamborghini's founder, Feruccio Lamborghini

Hold on to your cold brews because this is a neat bit of gossip.  Apparently, a third-gen member of the Lamborghini family (Ferruccio Lamborghini) has re-launched a historic motorcycle brand just in time for tomorrow’s EICMA.  The report from EINPresswire tells us that Lamborghini jr. has been racing at a Moto2-level of competency for years …

A view of the world's first hybrid electric motorcycle, available from NAWA and debuting as an electric motorbike concept for 2021 EICMA: Press release media, side view

Since the pandemic, riders and motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide have waited until the return of the world’s largest motorcycle show. To say that this year’s EICMA is going to blow the minds of everybody there is a bit of an understatement – especially given that so many companies have been waiting to drop their latest and …

A view of the new prototype from Delfast, called the "Dnepr", that won a speed record on the Bonneville Salt Flats

An electric bike company has just bought the trademark for a motorcycle with roots in the bikes of the Soviet’s Red Army – and the early prototype has already set a speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats.  Delfast is a brand that does brilliant things with their electric bikes.  Despite being far from the …

a military helicopter featuring a side-mounted electric motorcycle in prototype for stealth missions

A decade ago, we couldn’t have said that electric motorcycles were as efficient as they are today.  They were heavier, clunky, sported multiple problems, and didn’t have the range of charging locations that our countries currently hold.  Now, they’re starting to give fossil fuel machines a run for their money – to the point where even …

A view of the iQSTEL EVOSS electric motorcycle, set to go into production this week.

We’ve just had news that the mysterious (and extremely shy) EVOSS electric motorcycle is scheduled to enter production this week – and the first beastie is set to roll off the belt before the end of this fiscal year.  The report from PRNewsWire states that “the first production run [will include] the EVOSS 250, 350 …

A super soco TC Max Electric motorcycle

Hold on to your lids – Electrek tells us that we’ve got a new lineup of high-end machines to contend with on the US/UK showroom floors. Word is that the ‘premium’ lineup will be a higher-shelf option from Super Soco – a pioneering electric moped and motorbike manufacturer already well-known for their affordable, budget-friendly bikes. …

A view of an Energica motorcycle from the front

Livia Cevolini, a brilliant woman in a position to make a difference, has been very forthcoming about what their plans are now that they’re phasing out of their current position as suppliers for MotoE (effective as of the end of 2022).  “We started at this level and grew, but after a year we looked around …

The See See x Tinker Hatfield Custom Zero SR/F Motorcycle with rearo-futuristic and Neo-steampunk elements...and enough rivets to float a boat.

When it comes to art, it doesn’t matter what niche the talent comes from – creativity is a flexible thing, so it’s not surprising to see inventions that work well on crossover collabs.  Here at wBW, we’ve seen lots of those projects funnel through the pipeline. We’ve covered tattoo artists’ collabs with custom shops to …

A side view of the Kollter ES1 - America's First Affordable Electric Motorcycle

Move over, SONDORS – somebody’s just had you beat, and they’ve already gotten their bike to the masses. Amidst all the hullabaloo surrounding the comparisons between SONDORS’s MetaCycle and Niu’s RQi, despite the incomparable aesthetic and performance (and price) of Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire One, Energica’s top-notch beasties and Zero’s versatile 2022 lineup, there’s one little tyke …

A dynamic side view of Harley Davidson's first custom LiveWire One electric motorcycle, created by JVB-Moto

As if we didn’t see this one coming.  America’s beloved motorcycle manufacturer has just gone and dropped a commissioned custom LiveWire One – and the electric motorcycle will be built as a limited edition signature bike for the masses.  According to both AutoEvolution and Bike Exif, the custom job on Harley Davidson‘s first electric motorcycle …



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