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Energica spy shot

A New Generation of Electric Powerhouses Energica has a couple of new electric superbikes in the works. The company has some new versions of its Ego and Eva EsseEsse9. Those bikes should come in 2020, and Morebikes recently posted some spy shots of the motorcycles out testing. To be clear, Morebikes, reported that it was …

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electric motorcycles

Yes, It Is Cheaper Right now electric motorcycles are more expensive to buy than gas-powered motorcycles. However, something people don’t think a ton about is the cost of ownership. Basically, how expensive is the bike to ride and own? The video below breaks down the cost of powering your motorcycle clearly. The YouTuber usmcsaxoki did …

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student electric motorcycle

Elivasa University in Spain Is Doing it Right The bike you see pictured above was designed and built by 12 engineering and design students at Elivasa university in Spain. The electric enduro motorcycle won some awards and I can see why. The prototype is fully functional. According to RideApart, it took the team nine months …

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Sur Ron Booom Bee

A Killer Electric Motorcycle We’ve discussed the Sur Ron Light Bee before, but now it seems that the company has a new motorcycle coming that will be more powerful and probably have more impressive stats all around. The rumors are that Sur Ron’s new bike will challenge Zero Motorcycles. The Booom Bee was recently caught …

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KTM freeride

KTM Jumps Into the Electric Motorcycle Fray It seems every day there’s more indication that electric motorcycles will be the future of the industry. Now, according to a report from Morebikes, Bajaj and KTM will work on a high-end electric bike for the future. The news that Bajaj and KTM were going to work on …

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shared electric scooter

Not Very Green Afterall People look to electric scooters and cars and motorcycles and think of them as carbon-free machines. That’s simply not the case. People think of a shared resource like scooters or mopeds as another thing with few evils. Again, not the case. According to a study by researches at North Carolina State …

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Newron wooden electric motorcycle

It’s a Weird One I don’t get why people think they have to make electric motorcycles look absolutely ridiculous. You can make an electric motorcycle look like, ya know, a motorcycle. Case in point is this horrid creation from the company Newron. I do have to give it to Newron, though. The company used the …

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electric motorcycles

Cocky or Just Correct? In a recent interview with Motorcycle News, the CEO of Zero Motorcycles said that he isn’t scared of major manufacturers getting into the electric motorcycle game. Sam Paschel, the company’s CEO, seemed unworried when asked about the big names that are entering the market. He said his company knew the electric …

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Sur Ron Light Bee

A Brief Overview Unlike some owners, I don’t use my bike for commuting to and from work. Many owners do. Nope mine is just for recreation, so after a year the 1,956 miles amassed to date are just fun miles. There are plenty of articles, forums, and videos about the Sur Ron Light Bee. I …

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Imported Bikes Could Be More Expensive There are plenty of companies selling electric bikes, specifical scooters outside of the U.S., some of them, like Niu Technologies would like to bring their scooters to the U.S. but the company is finding it harder to do so and be able to sell their products at an affordable …

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Energica EsseEsse9

Dell’Orto Is Preparing for the EV Future Dell’Orto and Energica have entered a partnership to develop and produce a new power unit for electric vehicles. Those electric vehicles are ones on the smaller side. Small and medium electric motorcycles are their target, according to the press release. A lot of people have heard the Dell’Orto …

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Curtiss Radial V8

V8 Mimicry Harkens Back to Early Models Curtiss Motorcycles, formerly Confederate Motorcycles, now has a new version of its Zeus electric motorcycle called the Radial V8. Why? Because the battery cells look a lot like the V8 engine built by Glenn Curtiss, which is where the company got its name. The bike is a striking …

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