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Emula concept

And Shares a Video I’ve reported on the 2electron McFly technology and electric bike before. The system basically enables an electric bike to sound, feel, and ride like a wide variety of gas-powered motorcycles. The system can emulate anything from a 250cc two-stroke to a 1,000cc sportbike. Through powertrain controls and large speakers, you get …

electric motocross

Building a Better Electric Motorcycle The two Dutch companies Dohms and Spike Technologies are now working together on a new electric motocross prototype. The two companies recently teamed up with the Dutch motorcycle riders’ association KNMV. That connection likely means this project is a big deal, according to MoreBikes. The companies are using a Yamaha …

FD Motors electric scooter

For the Youths If you’re a teen in Italy and you need to get around, there’s a couple of new electric scooters that you should check out. The FD Motors F3-E and F5-E. These scooters can be ridden by anyone 14 years old or older, according to RideApart, and they offer folks a good way …

Me riding the LiveWire in the city.

Co-Written by Jim Pruner and Greg Phillips The First Electric Harley Davidson Was Born in 2019 If you can name a more controversial motorcycle than the Harley Davidson LiveWire I would be shocked. Mention it on any social media platform and prepare to read dozens of strong opinions with most of them being on the …

Long Way Up

Long Time Coming I’d already reported that Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman’s new show Long Way Up would be coming to Apple TV+. At that time I didn’t have a date for it. Now, it has been officially announced that the air date for the show is September 18, 2020, according to Motorcycle News. So, …

horwin ek3

Top Speed 60 MPH! Electric scooters keep getting better and better. This is the Horwin EK3, and it’s one of the better ones that I’ve seen. The bike is sold by a company in Austria, but the scooters are made at factories in China.  The Horwin EK3 features a classic-looking design with modern elements. It …

Cake Kalk SL

They’re Out There Cake revealed the more affordable version of its electric motorcycle a while back. It’s called the Kalk INK and the Kalk INK SL (street legal). It looks like a killer ride, and now the bikes are officially shipping worldwide.  The announcements of the Kalk INK and the Kalk INK SL were staggered …

honda super cub electric patent

Yes, Yes Honda revealed an electric Super Cub concept in 2015, and now it seems the company is still working on that possibility. According to a published patent that was filed back in 2016 but just recently got published, the Super Cub could be closer than we think. The patent is actually for the battery …

KTM EMotion

An Electrifying New KTM KTM and Bajaj have been working on a new electric mobility platform called EMotion. Actually, it’s KTM and about eleven different partners, but the project started in March 2020 and is continuing to move forward. The list of partners includes AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, KTM Technologies GmbH, Kiska GmbH, …

liquid metal battery

Liquid-Metal to the Rescue Right now batteries use hard metal material to store power. There are also things called flow batteries, which use liquid-state electrodes. These batteries can’t be used right now in applications where there’s movement. They have to be stationary. However, a team of University of Texas at Austin researchers in the Cockrell …

yamaha electric motors

Want to Build and Electric Bike? I’ve often wondered how hard it would be to convert an internal combustion engine motorcycle over to an electric bike. Yamaha wants to make it easier and has now showcased some electric crate motors.  The video went up on the company’s YouTube channel and shows some killer looking electric …


Thicc Have you always want the electric equivalent to the Fat Cat? Then Velocifero has electric bikes for you. The company revealed its latest bikes at the 41st annual Bangkok International Motor Show. They have some wonderfully fat tires, and I love them for it. There are three new bikes. The first is essentially a …



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