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Curtiss Radial V8

V8 Mimicry Harkens Back to Early Models Curtiss Motorcycles, formerly Confederate Motorcycles, now has a new version of its Zeus electric motorcycle called the Radial V8. Why? Because the battery cells look a lot like the V8 engine built by Glenn Curtiss, which is where the company got its name. The bike is a striking …

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kawasaki hybrid patent

Is Hybrid a Smart Move? Kawasaki recently patented a design for a hybrid motorcycle, according to Motorcycle.com. This suggests that it’s now only fully electric motorcycles that will be a big part of the motorcycling future. Hybrid motorcycles are something that has been discussed a bit but not something that has really materialized. Most manufacturers …

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Damon Motorcycles

Here’s Your Chance If you live on the West Coast and have any interest in electric motorcycles or artificial intelligence, then you need to be at the 2019 TechCrunch Sessions in San Jose, California. There Damon Motorcycles will launch its proof of concept Halo bike. The company will be showcasing all that its motorcycle can …

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BMW Vision DC Roadster

Some Fakery Here for Nostalgia Sake? The electric motorcycle shift is happening pretty quickly and more big names are getting involved. BMW is one of them, recently revealing the Vision DC Roadster concept. When the motorcycle was shown off by BMW, many said it looked horribly uncomfortable. I thought it looked cool. It’s also an …

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Yamaha electric motorcycle patents

The Big Four a Gearing Up When Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, and Suzuki get into the electric motorcycle market in a big way, it’s going to change the industry. The companies have already teamed up to standardize swappable batteries. While there are plenty of electric motorcycle startups and other more established companies, the big four entering …

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BMW hybrid

Battery or No Battery? You Decide Hybrid motorcycles are something that hasn’t really happened yet. BMW might be seeking to change that with a new bike. According to MoreBikes, the company recently patented a flexible gas tank. How does that indicate the bike could be a hybrid? Well, the flexible part of the tank would …

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MotoE World Cup

Recharged and Ready to Go Just about three short months after a catastrophic fire destroyed all the bikes and much of the equipment of MotoE, the racing series is back to testing and on track to complete its revised schedule. According to Visordown, the Energica bikes that make up MotoE are ready to go and …

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The Best of Both Worlds or Just Weird? Pedal-assist electric bicycles are really cool. I rode one all over Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, one time and had an absolute blast. It made me wonder if I shouldn’t trade in my loud, dirty Tomos moped for cruising over to a coffee shop. However, what ultimately convinced me …

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Regulations are Forcing Honda’s Hand Some people say the new emissions regulations for many areas around the world are moving too quickly. Others say they’re not moving quickly enough. No matter where you stand on this issue, you should be able to agree it’s making some interesting business bedfellows. It now seems that Honda India …

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Yamaha EC-05 electric scooter

One of the First Big Steps By a Major Manufacturer Yamaha recently teamed up with the Taiwan company Gogoro to build an electric scooter with swappable batteries. The idea was to take the powertrain that Gogoro has and apply it to a Yamaha scooter. The result is the EC-05 you see before you. The performance …

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KTM Freeride E-XC electric motorcycle

Production Could Begin in 2022 It looks like KTM and Bajaj will be putting out some electric motorcycles soon, and I’m pretty excited about that. Motofire, recently reported that the companies plan on producing some electric motorcycles or scooters with power around three to 10 kW, which equates to about four to 13 hp. That …

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Damon Motorcycles

It Wants to Stop Motorcycle Fatalities Altogether There are a lot of innovative ideas when it comes to motorcycle safety right now, but Damon Motorcycles wants to take things up a notch. The company secured $2.5 million in funding, according to RideApart, to build an electric motorcycle that uses cameras, sensors, and alert systems to …

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