2022 Motorcycle Riding Gear Guide

Prioritizing Safety, Comfort, & Affordability


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Updated January 2022

Since our founding in 2000, webBikeWorld has hands-on reviewed more than 2,000 products, including more than 400 helmets, 75 pairs of riding boots, and much more.

We take safety seriously which is why we have created this guide to choosing great motorcycle riding gear. We’ve considered your riding style, weather, and affordability. This page is updated periodically as the industry changes and we find great gear to incorporate into this page.

A note about our choices: while we haven’t reviewed every piece of gear represented here, we have reviewed a huge chunk of them and have made choices based on value for money, expected long-term durability/reliability, and overall quality.

Investing in a Great Helmet is Always a Smart Decision

The helmets were chosen based on a compelling mix of features, safety, design, and rider experiences. Whenever possible, we link to one of our in-depth reviews that highlight our thoughts and showcase our point of view.

If you are looking to learn more about what makes a great helmet, read our helmet buying guide. Also check out our visit to SNELL, where we destroyed some helmets in the name of science (and knowledge!).

A Quality Jacket Will Always Have Your Back

Next to your helmet, your riding jacket is the most important piece of riding gear you will wear. A quality motorcycle riding jacket will be comfortable, fit well, and made from durable synthetic materials or leather. In addition to safety, motorcycle jackets are a great way to express your style and compliment the look of your bike.

The Right Pair of Riding Pants Could Save Your Ass One Day

Your pants have two important jobs: keep you comfortable and withstand a slide on asphalt, pavement, and gravel. Modern motorcycle riding pants incorporate abrasion-resistant material, body armor, and clever ventilation to improve your riding comfort in addition to providing considerable protection.

Gloves Are Essential Motorcycle Riding Gear

Your fingers, palms, and wrists are very fragile and don’t hold up well to any kind of crash. Gloves provide considerable protection, including reinforced construction and integrated abrasion-resistant armor. Plus, gloves enhance long-term riding comfort. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a good pair of heated gloves on an early-fall ride?

Invest in Toe, Foot, & Ankle Protection

Motorcycle riding gear’s main objective is to prevent serious injury, namely by way of providing abrasion resistance and reinforcing armor at joints and key contact points. Boots go a step further and provide ankle stability and additional grip, offering both protection and making it easier to operate the gear shifter and rear brake lever.


TCX Fuel Cruiser Boots


Where: Revzilla | Amazon
Price: $289

Cruiser Boot Guide

Adventure & Touring

Forma Adventure Boots

Forma Adventure

Where: Amazon | Revzilla
Price: $279

Adventure & Touring Boot Guide

Short Boots

Sedici Dino Short Boots

Sedici Dino

Where: Revzilla
Price: $139.99

Short Boot Guide


Forma Ice Pro Flow Sport Boots

Forma Ice Pro Flow

Where: Revzilla | Amazon
Price: $380

Sport Boot Guide



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