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A view of racers in the 2020 MotoE series run by MotoGP and Dorna Sports

Dorna Sports – commercial rights holder for MotoGP – will be losing Energica as their main supplier in electric sportbikes.  Let’s talk about it.  Having successfully fulfilled a rather difficult need (to introduce electric racing to the MotoGP programme), the pioneer of the world’s first mass-manufactured electric motorcycle is allowing their contract for MotoE to come …

A side view of the all-new Honda ADV350 - the third adventure scooter from Honda, and one likely set for US markets as well as the UK economy

When Honda confirmed their first adventure scooter (the X-ADV) and debuted it at the City Adventure Concept at the 2015 Milan show, there were a few giggles.  After all, why swing a leg over a scooter for a rugged ride when you could have access to an adventure motorcycle with better specs and an all-around …

A view of the hydrogen motorcycle from H2 Motronics

The motorcycle community, I would argue, is relatively small – not as small as it used to be, but it is still considered more intimate than the raging automotive industry that surrounds us today. Within that community is the tightly-knit fan group cheering for a two-wheeled electric future with cleaner energy sources – and within that …

blueprints of the VIN filings of Indian's new Pursuit

The lord and ladies over at Team-BHP have just given us an update on the new Pursuit being released by Indian Motorcycles. Newly surfaced VIN data shows the motorcycle will likely be getting a bit of an upgrade in the cardiology department – specifically, a 1,768cc, 122 BHP V-twin, PowerPlus engine currently being put through …

A dynamic side view of Harley Davidson's first custom LiveWire One electric motorcycle, created by JVB-Moto

As if we didn’t see this one coming.  America’s beloved motorcycle manufacturer has just gone and dropped a commissioned custom LiveWire One – and the electric motorcycle will be built as a limited edition signature bike for the masses.  According to both AutoEvolution and Bike Exif, the custom job on Harley Davidson‘s first electric motorcycle …

A view of the groove on the Battlax Adventure Trail AT41 tires for adventure bikes worldwide

Bridgestone is expanding their tire line – and the new addition to the shelf promises to be the perfect unit for larger displacement adventure bikes.  According to MotoPinas, the new Battlax Adventure Trail AT41 tires are designed by Bridgestone to be the ultimate versatile addition to the adventure segment. The key to the AT41Tires’ versatility, …

A side view of the new TRK702 and TRK702X from Benelli, which have surfaced from type-approved documents in China (in white)

Heads up – Benelli’s got a new bun in the oven, and we’ve just had word that it’s a larger adventure bike that’s been type-approved in China. The leak – according to a recent report from CycleWorld – comes with a bit of confusion.  Benelli has indeed been working on an adventure bike to work …

A view of the KOTB (King Of The Baggers) race series - 2021 season

MotoAmerica’s favorite big-bore race series is about to get an expansion – and it’s arriving to create a six-round format just in time for the 2022 season.  The report from MotorcycleCruiser states that the season opener will be at the iconic Daytona International Speedway – an excellent choice that was expected, given that the KOTB …

Robert Haas and partner as he sits on one of the motorcycles in his (Haas) Moto Museum

Robert Haas, wealthy financier, published aerial photographer, and owner of the beautiful Haas Moto Museum, has passed, leaving behind 74 years of solid work, stunning inspiration, and a passion for beautiful motorcycles that leaves us very respectful of the man we never met.  “I was 41 years old, and I was where I thought I …

Upside-down fork, ABS, slipper clutch, and cohesive design on the 300SS (known as the 300SR elsewhere).

Chinese brand CFMoto is officially coming back to the US two-wheeled Powersports market – and the big official hop across the Atlantic has taken more than a little planning.  CFMoto has been a popular motorcycle brand in the Central Hemisphere for decades. With the company being in the American Powersports market since 2006 (CFMoto UTVs …

Francesco Milicia, VP Global Sales and After Sales Ducati Motor Holding

We’ve got a report of record sales coming in from the Borgia Panigale factory in Bologna. Ducati has just beat last year’s sales, and they’re only just in the final quarter of this season. The press release states that all told, 2021 saw 49,693 pretty beasties delivered to their respective clients, whereas 2020’s total was …

Ben Felton from documentary "Dark Rider"

Here in the motorcycle community proper, we are a diverse group of weirdos that all share one thing in common: we all love motorcycles.  We love the whoosh of wind past our respective selves, we love the freedom of riding anywhere, and we love the camaraderie that comes with being part of the two-wheeled industry. …



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