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BMW Adaptive Traction Control

There has been lots of coverage lately on manufacturers filing patents, committing research and development on lots of interesting safety tech lately. BMW has been added to the list of brands focused on safety advancements. According to VisorDown, BMW is working on an Adaptive Traction Control feature for future models.  BMW’s Adaptive Traction Control system …

Combat Wraith Front Angle

Combat Motors, previously Confederate Motors and an American Company driven towards individualism and diverse creativity, has just released their newest limited edition bike model to the public. Everyone, meet The Combat Wraith. I’m not usually this excited when it comes to ultra-limited edition motorcycles. Sure, the exclusivity and raw power might tickle your fancy, but …

Recycling symbol Michelin group

It doesn’t matter if an engine is for fun or function – we like new stuff, and it’s useful when our new stuff helps us get rid of old stuff. We love innovation, and The Michelin Group has some pretty stinking neat plans in motion when it comes to recycling rubber.  According to a report from …

LiveWire Brand Logo

Today, Harley-Davidson has announced its plans to dive headfirst into the EV market with the launch of the all-electric LiveWire brand. Harley-Davidson initially launched the LiveWire model in 2019 and with great success, the American brand has now created an electrically focused brand using the name of the US’s number one selling electric motorcycle – …

Husqvarna has just released more information regarding their new Vektorr concept escooter, geared for the modern urban commuter. According to Drivespark, the Swedish manufacturer revealed the model May 6, hot on the heels of the unveiling of their E-pilen motorcycle concept and the headlines that their electric scooter launch would be delayed by a year, with …

Husqvarna has just revealed their new sexy fleet of special edition models – and I’m drooling. Save your pennies, boys and girls. Here’s a sneak peek from the photoshoot: According to RideApart, the Swedish manufacturer has once again partnered with REPLAY, a premium casual clothing brand from Italy, to create a range of well-groomed rides …

rims racing screenshots

Meet Raceward Studios. They’re Italian, they’re curators of state-of-the-art virtual racing games, and they’re about to welcome home their newest brainchild: RiMS Racing. If you’ve ever played Grand Theft Auto or iRacer, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that the huge list of options available to customize and pimp out a virtual …

KTM Duke on track

KTM’s cry for contestants to “put up their dukes” in the Ultimate Duke Rider Contest has been wildly successful, with over 1500 entries logged – and every entry is stoked to show the world why they deserve the crown.  The contest came as a welcome reprieve from the monotony of social and economic limitations. There …

MV Agusta CEO Timur Sardarov

Many motorcycle manufactures have been jumping on the EV bandwagon recently, and now MV Agusta has said they plan on doing the same. According to a release from MCN, MV Agusta CEO Timur Sardarov is set to begin research for an electric MV model next year and ultimately planning an electric release for 2027. This …

Ever Given Cargo Ship at Port

News of the MV Ever Given rocked media last month since it was lodged in the Suez Canal. The disruption created global chaos as ships transporting goods were heavily delayed – let alone the items aboard the Ever Given. The ship containing 18,000 containers has since been freed but the mayhem has not ended.  As …

Riders Share Motorcycle Rental

In a recent press release, Riders Share just announced that riders are now able to pay a monthly subscription to receive hefty discounts across its motorcycle rental marketplace.  Riders Share hosts a massive marketplace using a peer-to-peer rental model that allows those traveling or those who wish to test out a potential next purchase, to …

Loading Made Easy Figuring out how to get your $20,000 motorcycle up a $200 ramp into the back of the bed of your truck is never easy. If your bike needs to be transported and you can’t ride it anywhere, typically the only option to move the motorcycle is to haul it into the back …



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