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Saga Could Get Less Than It Paid for the Company The well-known Bennetts Insurance company that operates in the UK and is owned by Saga is now up for sale. This news comes after the interim results for the company came in. The Evening Standard reported that the company was up for sale. In case …

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SX-E 5

The Future for the Future We all know that we need to get younger people on bikes. A good way to do that is to target them when they’re little kids. Harley has its Stacyc stability cycles, but if you want something that’s really badass and can take on the dirt, then KTM has a …

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Ducati Multistrada

Can You Wait Until 2021? Ducati recently celebrated the Multistrada’s 16th birthday. The company also announced that it built 100,000 units. During that celebration, Ducati also made another big announcement. The company confirmed that the V4 Multistrada will be coming. However, it won’t be here until 2021.  What exactly was said about the model was …

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Zero 2020 lineup

Plenty of Electric Bike Goodness Zero Motorcycles has recently announced its 2020 base model line. The company has a good crop of bikes, including the Black Forest DSR as an all-new global model. The bike used to be an EU-only model, but it now is available in all global markets. In terms of the whole model …

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Regent Sensation Blue

An Improvement Over Previous Lids The Arai Corsair-X model was a very fine helmet. It was a top-of-the-line-lid, but now Arai has a new model. The Regent-X. Built using many of the same ideas as the Corsair-X and offering the same protection, the Regent-X takes things up a notch. The Regent-X is also much less …

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Vespa sprint

You Can Forget the Motorcycle Endorsement in Some States Most of the time, if you don’t have a motorcycle endorsement, you’re not allowed on anything with two wheels except a bicycle, but now Vespa will allow you to ride around in Italian style on its new line of 50cc scooters with a speed limiter installed …

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Kawasaki Supercharged motorcycle teaser

Supercharge All the Things! I love superchargers. I love them on cars and motorcycles. I love the look and sound and result of a supercharger, so more supercharged motorcycles from Kawasaki is just the kind of thing that will get me fired up in the morning. Recently Kawasaki released a teaser video on its YouTube …

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Honda CB1100 RS 5Four

The Bikes That Honda Should be Building It appears that Honda wanted to make some bikes that harkened back to the Honda CB750 four-cylinder that really changed the world. That’s why the company reached out to 5Four Motorcycles to have the company created a limited run of CB1100 RS motorcycles that have been reworked with …

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Quadro Qooter

It’s Coming Stateside No Matter What Leaning trikes are one thing, but what about a leaning quad? That’s the question that the Swiss company Quadro has an answer to. The company will announce its entrance into the North American market at AIMExpo. If you don’t know what a Qooter is, you’re not alone. Think Yamaha …

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2020 Honda Africa Twin

Finally, Official Confirmation Yep, Honda will debut the new Africa Twin at AIMExpo. The bike will be revealed on September 23. The company released a teaser video for the motorcycle that I have included below. In the video, you don’t see much of the bike. It’s all shrouded in darkness with the only truly visible …

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Honda Motorcycle Logo

It’s Coming Up While it’s not clear what Honda will reveal, the publication Asphalt & Rubber revealed that the company will debut an all-new model at the U.S. motorcycle show. The show is happening at the end of September, so this is really just right around the corner. With all that said, there are all …

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Kawasaki ZX-25R

Two Power Variants? Why Not A while back I reported on the fact that the Kawasaki ZX-25R could gain two cylinders. That information came from the publication Young Machine. Now it seems that the model has been confirmed for the Indonesian market and will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, according to RideApart. That’s not …

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