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Big-Bike Manufacturer Harley Davidson Will Avoid Paying $3 Million to Recall and Replace Parts After Emissions Scandal Harley Davison is known to the world as a company that produces giant monster bikes that are loud enough to set off car alarms when they fly past. But as of 2016, they have been in some deep …

I Think We Just Hit “Peak Modular” I’ve seen claims circulating around the internet about this helmet (the Shark Evojet) being “three types of helmets combined into one”. Personally, I’d say its two and a half but still worth checking out nonetheless. If you’re looking for a lid with an entire zip code worth of …

Yamaha MT-09

Moar! The Yamaha MT-09 could get a larger displacement engine for 2021. This news comes from the German publication called Motorrad Online. The publication noted that Yamaha, as a result of making the bike Euro 5 compliant, has given the MT-09 a small increase in displacement.  There are documents from the Federal Motor Transport Authority …

Benelli 1200GT

With a Big Inline Triple The rumors had swirled that Benelli had something big coming, and now it’s here. Say hello to the Benelli 1200GT. It was revealed at the Chongqing Motor Show. The motorcycle features a liquid-cooled 1,200cc triple. It’s an up-sized version of the 1,130cc inline triple it has previously used. The new …


Will it be the M1000RR? BMW is known for producing some fantastic sportbikes, and now the company will put out another high-performance motorcycle on September 23.  According to a recent video announcement that was posted to the company’s YouTube channel, the company will have a new bike that is said to be “Born on the …

Every generation of the GoPro cam series has been an enormous step in technology innovation in the camera world. I was a backer for the very first one that was ever released when I was maybe 12 or 13 years old, so I’ve had to bear witness to my $360~ investment get constantly outperformed for …

It’s Not Redwing, It’s Belstaff Nice gear goes hand in hand with nice bikes; you don’t want to be found on your resto-modded Ducati cafe racer wearing racing boots and a Monster Energy sponsor jacket… Or maybe you do (oops)… But if you don’t, just remember that sometimes elegance calls for elegance, which is important …

suzuki V-strom 160

The Baby-Strom If you need a good adventure bike, the Suzuki V-Strom is a great option. The motorcycle comes in a variety of flavors and two displacements: 650cc and 1,037cc. Now, however, there’s a rumor that Suzuki could create a 160cc V-Strom, according to a recent report by BikeWale.  This comes after Suzuki’s Chinese partner, …

Cake Ösa electric motorcycle

In the Excellent Product Design – Utility Vehicles Category The Cake Ösa electric motorcycle recently won a German Design Council award for excellent product design in the utility vehicles category. The awards seek to recognize products that provide pioneering contributions to the German design world. This isn’t the first time the bike has been recognized …

husqvarna Norden 901

This Is a Very Good Thing The Husqvarna Norden 901 concept made a big splash. Shortly after the company said it would build it. Now, we’re getting our first look at the production machine. Motociclismo shared what investors have called a “stolen” photo that shows what the Norden 901 will look like. It’s unclear if …

Black Victory Octane Parked On Track

When the Victory story came to an end in 2017, the brand left behind a legacy. Or rather, the departure of Victory left a hole in the market that still hasn’t been filled. While many riders may state that the market is already saturated with American-style cruisers, Victory offered something different. It breathed a breath …

Ever Owned a Yamaha With Those Gigantic Stock Turn Signals? I’m Sorry. My 2015 FJ09 has such ugly turn signals I honestly get embarrassed when other bike guys check out my ride. They’ve bugged me since the day I bought the bike, but it’s just such an out-of-the-way mod to spend a day figuring out …



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