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Ducati Museum in Italy Reopens to the Masses

Ducati Museum, view of bikes

On May 21st, The Ducati Museum will be reopening to the general public of Bologna, Italy – and the nostalgia is hitting people in all the right places.

It’s been a rough time for institutions that rely on in-person pedestrian traffic to spread wonder, knowledge, and intrigue. And while virtual tours are still available to those of us without European citizenship or plane tickets in our clenched fists, it’s always better to attend in the flesh and make full use of the senses.  

What better way to spend an afternoon than immersing those senses in the rich and colorful moto-history of Ducati.

a view of 'Room 2' in the Ducati Museum, Bologna, Italy

It’s hard not to have a great deal of material for museums when there is so much passion and emotion in motorcycle riding as a culture – and with vaccinations and increased safety protocols for pedestrians, we the masses are that much closer to getting fresh ink on the passports and hitting up a museum on the weekend with friends and loved ones. 

According to a report from RideApart, The Ducati Museum will be open on the weekends from Friday until Sunday and promises to showcase the evolution and successes of the brand. 

A row of Ducati motorcycles at the Ducati Museum in Bologna, Italy

Included in the virtual tours (handy for those of us outside Italy) will be an exhibit called the ‘Ducati Factory Online Journey’ – a special experience taking the viewer through Ducati’s assembly line, which continues to remain closed. 

If you’ve got the itch to visit – virtually or otherwise – save your pennies, and be sure to visit Ducati’s website.