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When it comes to buying riding gear, no piece of equipment is more important than a good motorcycle helmet. Protecting a motorcycle rider’s head is serious business, but with so many styles and brands on the market, choosing a motorcycle helmet can be as difficult as choosing the right motorcycle. Our team is constantly reviewing new helmets, ensuring that our extensive review database is current and representative of what’s available on the market. Our most recent helmet reviews can be found here.

At WebBikeWorld we have been reviewing helmets for over 20 years and are the most reliable source of unbiased advice on which helmet to buy. A WebBikeWorld review takes four to six weeks and is a real world, hands on process. We typically include short running to the shop rides, long days of riding for hours on end, sound tests, drop tests and much more.

Don’t forget to check out our motorcycle helmet buyer’s guide for buying information and helmets we highly recommend.

Helmet Reviews By Brand

Most riders don’t realize just how many motorcycle helmet brands exist. Over the years we have reviewed at least one helmet from every major brand we know of. The below list does not include every helmet we’ve reviewed for each brand so dive deeper if you want to see more. Simply click on the brand you want to dig into and find all the helmet reviews for that brand.

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Helmet Reviews by Helmet Type

Ever seen a sport bike rider in a vintage half helmet? How about a motocross rider in a Arai race helmet? Didn’t think so. Clearly each riding style has its own type of helmet and so over the years we’ve tried to categorize each of our reviews into groupings we think help you narrow down your search.


Reviews By Helmet Shape, Size & Weight

We all have a different shaped head so over the past 20+ years, we have developed a subjective classification system for helmet internal shapes. Finding the correct shape to match your head is crucial for both safety and comfort. The so-called “best” helmet in the world is worthless if it doesn’t fit, and sometimes a less expensive helmet will fit better than a helmet costing several hundred dollars.

Different helmets are made to fit different head shapes. Most major companies have charts, which show where their helmet models lie on the oval to round spectrum. If you already have a model in mind, googling it will quickly tell you the head shape it was built for.

To see all our helmets sorted by Internal Shape and to understand our seven size system please check our in-depth post here. When it comes to weight there is a lot to think about (helmet size and type for example) so we took a simple approach and said that any helmet weighing less than 1500g is lightweight. Anything between 1500g and 1800g is in the middle and anything above that is heavy. For all our logic check out our in-depth post here.

Recent Reviews

Recent Hands On

Helmet Reviews

The RPHA 70 ST represents HJC’s top shelf sport-touring helmet and is an evolution of the original RPHA ST. Features such as a lightweight and rigid shell, an internal sun visor, and included pinlock ready visor and insert are just the beginning of the features packed into the RPHA 70 ST. Introduction If there were …

The All New Arai DT-X Helmet – Torrent White For those of you not familiar with Arai Helmets, they are a Japanese company who has been around since 1926. Arai helmets are all hand built and are designed to meet or beat SNELL safety standards. They are a family-owned company, with a strong belief in …

Part 2: Blutek Bluetooth Helmet Review A “well done” and big “thumbs up” to Blutek for Generation II of the Blutek Helmet and Bluetooth System. But, don’t rest your laurels Blutek – a little more attention to graphics work and finishing is warranted. And allowing both users to initiate an intercom session (and Class 1 …

Zeus 508 Owner Reports Many webBikeWorld visitors have sent comments regarding this helmet. It’s apparent that there are a lot of Zeus helmet fans out there! News: Zeus is one of the few manufacturers that make motorcycle helmets in size XXXL; see the wBW Extra Large Motorcycle Helmets page for more information. Electric heated visors and double-lens visors to …

Bell Shorty Helmet I was only about 100 feet from the driveway when the bugs attacked. Or rather, I attacked them at about 30 MPH. A quick access of the little gray cells made me realize that this was the first time I had ever ridden a motorcycle without at least some type of visor …

ROOF Boxer and Roadster Motorcycle Helmets – Owner Reports From “M.H.”, reporting on the new ROOF Boxer V:  “This will be a series of reviews, because as we all know, impressions are sometimes dismissed over time. I presently ride BMW K1200R and prior to this bike, all my bikes were cruisers.  I ride about 15,000 to …

FM Motorcycle Helmets Owner Report “Hey, it’s new helmet time!  I’d been using an HJC ½ helmet for the last few years and its time was up (actually, I gave it to my girlfriend).  I was looking for something a bit different in an open face helmet and a search on the Internet introduced me …

BMW Sport Integral Carbon Fiber Helmet The BMW SportIntegral Carbon Fiber helmet is claimed to be the lightest production motorcycle helmet made at 1,000 grams, or about 2.2 lbs. Take a look at the webBikeWorld Motorcycle Helmet Weights page, where we have been tracking the weights of all of the helmets we’ve reviewed. A 1kg helmet is …

Arai VX-Pro4 Announced July 16, 2014 (Press release edited by webBikeWorld.com) – Arai has announced the VX-Pro4 off-road helmet, the successor to the Arai VX-Pro3 (details below).   Where to Buy Arai VX-Pro4 Helmet See More Motorcycle Helmets, Motorcycle Visor, Motorcycle Intercom Arai VX-Pro4 Details Like all Arai helmets, the VX-Pro4 helmet shell is made entirely by hand …

Shoei X-12 First Look The new Shoei X-12 was released on October 1, 2009. We purchased an X-12 in the TC-1 “Streamliner” graphics in size XL. And we also bought a new Shoei RF-1100 in the “Monolith” graphics, also in size XL. Here’s an X-12 taste-tease with a couple of quick photos and some initial …

SCHUBERTH J1   Summary Sitemize hoş geldiniz Türk dostlarımız. Umarız yazımızı beğenirsiniz. Elimi alnıma SCHUBERTH J1’i ilk gördüğümdeki kadar sert vurduğum pek az vaki olmuştur. Ben niye düşünememiştim ki bunu? J1 açık bir kask, ama sürücünün çenesini koruyan ve takılıp çıkarılabilen bir çubuğu var. Zaten böyle bir şeyi ancak SCHUBERTH gibi bir babayiğit akıl edip …

Jarow Mono X2 Helmet Review (2004?) The Jarow Mono X2 is no longer being sold under that name in the U.S.A. The helmet is now sold using its original name of the Caberg Justissimo. Here is our original Jarow Mono X2 review, now posted using the Caberg Justissimo name. The Jarow Mono X2 was originally distributed …

We have reviewed hundreds of helmets over the year at WBW so we know a thing or two about which helmet brands our editors love. We also see the analytics on the site so we know which brands get the more views and attention from our readers. Between consumer interest, our editors opinions and generally who we think is really innovating in the helmet space, here are the most popular brands at the moment.

Bell Motorcycle Helmets

Bell Helmets

Founded in 1954 by Roy Richter in California, Bell Helmets started with drag racing and motorcycle helmets, releasing its first helmet in 1968 for racing and in 1971 launched the first full face motorcycle helmet and the first full face off-road motorcycle helmet for dirt bike racing.

With investments in proprietary technology and safety Bell Helmets are some of our favorites here at WBW. Design-wise, Bell Helmets knows how to create amazing helmets from vintage and historical shapes to modern design and colors, often working with famous artists to create unique designs.

We love the retro throwback models such as the Custom 500 and the Moto-3 vintage motocross helmet. Other lines are equally impressive like the Bell Star line, the Street Star, Race Star, and the top of the line Pro Star helmet range.

Helpful Links: Read Our Bell Helmet Reviews.

Find Bell Helmets on Amazon Find Bell Helmets on RevZilla

If you’re looking for a specific range, RevZilla has things nicely organized into models like Moto 3 HelmetsMoto 9 HelmetsMoto 9 Flex HelmetsMX-9 Adventure HelmetsPro Star HelmetsQualifier DLX Helmets and Riot Helmets.


LS2 Helmets

Based in Barcelona in Spain, LS2 is all about function over features, with well engineered motorcycle helmets that we love here at WBW.

LS2 has a very wide assortment of helmets, covering just about every type of riding and style, including competition inspired off-road and track helmets to classic cruiser and even scooter helmets.

We love the affordability and quality of materials used by LS2 on their helmets. From professional racing to day to day rider, LS2 has a hard won reputation for producing helmets that exceed expectation, maximizing comfort, protection and style.

Helpful Links: Read Our LS2 Helmet Reviews.

Find LS2 Helmets on Amazon Find LS2 Helmets on RevZilla



SCHUBERTH is a German helmet manufacturer that is focused on the high end.

Their almost 90 years of history and engineering leadership has many pundits list them at the very top the helmet world with their unrivaled accolades and proprietary products.

Unique among manufacturers they own the end to end process and operate in many industries so their R&D is second to none (they have their own in-house labs and wind tunnels). When is comes to safety, comfort and superior helmets it is tough to beat SCHUBERTH who does in fact sit at the top of the premium brands category.

The downside to that of course is that SCHUBERTH aren’t cheap so they may not be a good fit for all budgets.

Helpful Links:  Read Our SCHUBERTH Helmet Reviews.

Find SCHUBERTH Helmets on Amazon Find SCHUBERTH Helmets on RevZilla

If you’re looking for a specific range, RevZilla has things nicely organized into models like C3 Pro HelmetsE1 HelmetsM1 HelmetsR2 HelmetsS2 Helmet and SR2 Helmets.


Since 1959 Shoei has been innovating, winning awards and providing riders around the world with some of the highest quality helmets on the road. With a broad range of helmets for street and off-road riding we’ve been huge fans of the company for a long time.

The modular Neotec Helmet is a WBW editor favorite as is the Shoei RF-1200. We love everything about Shoei helmets from their shell construction, ventilation, comfort and modern designs. Shoei helmets aren’t the cheapest helmets on the market but they are tremendous value for money given the technology and safety so we highly recommend them to our readers.

Helpful Links: Read Our Shoei Helmet Reviews.

Find Shoei Helmets on Amazon Find Shoei Helmets on RevZilla

RevZilla makes life a little easier by sorting the helmets into easy to find categories like Dual Sport HelmetsModular HelmetsMotocross HelmetsOpen Face HelmetsSolid Color HelmetsX-12 Helmets and Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet.


Shoei Helmets

Want race-inspired designed with serious safety and technology chops, then Arai Motorcycle Helmets are the brand for you.

Arai has been producing 100% hand-made motorcycle helmets since 1926 with its focus squarely on the evolution of comfort, quality and safety without exception. These are some seriously high-end and amazing helmets so it is no surprise that editors at WBW and our readers are huge fans of Arai.

With a full line of both street and off-road helmets some of their more popular lides are the Corsair V, RX-Q, Signet-Q, Vector 2, Defiant, CT-Z, XC and XD-4 helmets. The Arai Corsair X helmet is the most premium race helmet in the world. The Signet-Q and Arai RX-Q helmets are for serious street riders and track guys. The Arai Vector 2 helmet is perfect for street riding.

Ultimately, Arai is all about quality and safety. All their helmets have a lengthy 5-Year Warranty and are US DOT approved (many are also Snell M2005 or Snell M2010 approved).

Helpful Links: Read Our Arai Helmet Reviews

Find Arai Helmets on Amazon Find Arai Helmets on RevZilla

RevZilla is an Arai authorized e-dealer and one of the largest Arai helmet dealers in the US so it is worth it to talk to them if you need an Arai helmet. RevZilla has Arai helmets organized well to make shopping easier, including Motocross HelmetsOpen Face HelmetsSolid Color HelmetsSport Bike HelmetsVector HelmetsXD Dual Sport Helmets and XD Arai Defiant X Helmet.


HJC Helmets

HJC Helmets has been a staple of the motorcycle world for almost 40 years.

The combination of its extensive, specialized manufacturing experience, quality made HJC Helmet Parts, innovative ideas, and reasonable pricing has resulted in HJC motorcycle helmets’ success in worldwide markets.

With a wide selection of helmets in the mid-to-high price range, HJC has also expanded consumers’ choices in Motorcycle Helmets as well as Snowmobile Helmets & Gear.

Helpful Links: Read Our HJC Helmet Reviews

Find HJC Helmets on Amazon Find HJC Helmets on RevZilla

The long model list of HJCs helmets is easiest to navigate on RevZilla, just check out the specific model you want here: CL-17 HelmetsDS-X1 HelmetsFG-17 HelmetsFG-Jet HelmetsFG-MX HelmetsIS-17 HelmetsIS-5 HelmetsRPHA-11 PRO HelmetsRPHA-Max HelmetsStar Wars HelmetsMarvel Helmets and HJC RPHA 90 Helmet.


Nolan Helmets

This Italian motorcycle helmet maker is like its sibling Italian supercar companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini, using advanced technology, sophisticated materials and modern Italian design to offer a top of the line motorcycle helmets at a very reasonable price point (ok, maybe Nolan isn’t that much like Ferrari then).

For over 30 years, Nolan Helmets has continued to manufacture each of their components in-house in Italy and they continue to knock it out of part, particularly in Europe where they are over 50% market share in helmets.

Nolan Motorcycle Helmets stay at the front of the pack through their innovation as well adaptation and invention of new designs, like their market- leading modular Nolan helmet series.

Helpful Links: Read Our Nolan Helmet Reviews

Find Nolan Helmets on Amazon Find Nolan Helmets on RevZilla

Thanks RevZilla for organizing life a little for those helmet shoppers looking for specific for Nolan Helmets: N104 EVO HelmetsN21 HelmetsN86 Helmets and N91 Helmets.


AGV Helmets

Another Italian helmet maker is AGV, one of the high end helmet makers on the planet. Founded in 1948 they have a long racing heritage with some of the most famous riders wearing the iconic maker’s lids. AGV Helmets are known for superior safety and aerodynamics and are therefore well known and popular amongst both street and track riders.

The AGV PistaGP and Corsa are the top models, worn by world’s bests racers. The AGV Grid and GP-Tech Helmets bring up the mid-range category and the K4 Evo satisfies the “entry level” category for AGV helmets (entry level for AGV is like calling a Ferrari 488 entry level supercar, sure its an entry level supercar but it’s no ordinary car).

While AGV is known mainly for their full-face lids, they also have a modular offering with the Numo and an open-face product with the RP60 and AGV Diesel Hi-Jack Helmet. Moving from street to dirt, the AGV MT-X and AX-8 models fill out the rougher side of the sport.

Helpful Links:  Read Our AGV Helmet Reviews

Find AGV Helmets on Amazon Find AGV Helmets on RevZilla

Shop AGV helmets by type at RevZilla here: Diesel HelmetsK3 HelmetsNuovo Modular HelmetsRP60 HelmetsSolid Color Helmets and Street Helmets.


Nexx Helmets

Nexx Helmets blend innovative and distinctive design with cutting edge technology to deliver uncompromising safety and performance.

Known for their featherweight full-face helmets, Nexx uses the latest in composite fiber technology to create stylish lids that offer industry-leading weight savings while maintaining the latest safety standards.

From the track to touring to short trips to Target, Nexx makes light, comfortable and functional helmets for any ride and any rider.

Helpful Links: Read Our Nexx Helmet Reviews

Find Nexx Helmets on Amazon Find Nexx Helmets on RevZilla

Shop by Nexx helmet category at RevZilla here: XD1 HelmetsXR2 HelmetsXT1 Helmets.



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