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The Best Honda Motorcycles Ever Made

The name Honda has been synonymous with motorcycles since 1948 when Honda Soichiro formalized the Honda Technical Research Institute into the Honda Motor Company. The very first motorcycle Honda made in 1949 was technically a motorized bicycle, the Honda Type A, with the second model, the Type D, becoming the first true Honda motorcycle with …

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Marc Marquez riding CBR1000RR-R

Marquez and the Fireblade While the Coronavirus has messed up a lot of what’s going on in the world and caused millions of people to shelter inside their homes, Honda is keeping on keeping on. The company recently released a very entertaining video of Marc Marquez riding the CBR1000RR-R around the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for …

21 Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP front high beam

Rumors for Your Quarantine The new rumor circulating is that a Honda CBR600RR-R could be coming in 2021. The Japanese publication Young Machine was the first major publication to report on the rumor and then Asphalt & Rubber and some other publications picked up the story. The rumor is that the company will reveal a …

honda adv150

What You Get When You Cross an Africa Twin With a PCX Scooters have never been a big favorite in the U.S. They’ve always played second fiddle to motorcycles, and are even sometimes looked on with disdain from motorcycle riders. This is, of course, silly of anyone who rides, and the Honda ADV150 is here …


Rent it Through the HondaGO Service The Honda CBR1000RR-R looks like a killer bike and it will come out in 2021. However, if you just can’t wait any longer before you get on one, then you have one option. You can go to Japan and rent one through HondaGO, a rental service at participating Honda …



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