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Do you even need specific motorcycle boots? Sure, you can wear regular shoes on your motorcycle, a good pair of boots is a much better option if you want to keep your feet in tact and not destroyed in the event of an accident. Feet, ankles and lower leg body parts are more fragile than we care to think they are and it only makes sense to support and protect them from the dangers that await them when riding a motorcycle. Specifically designed motorcycle boots come with features like a solid tread that keeps your feet from slipping off the pegs as well as tough materials and protection to enhance the safety of your feet.

Ok, so you now know a motorcycle boot is needed. You probably have more questions like where do you find great motorcycle boots? Which boot is best for your specific riding style or bike type or foot shape? Don’t sweat it because at wBw we have been putting motorcycle boots through torture testing for over 20 years and we’ve learned a thing or two in that time.

On this page we help you find the right motorcycle boot and help you navigate to the appropriate review to make sure you’re making an informed decision. Like most things, buying a motorcycle boot isn’t just about looks and style. There are lots of things to consider.

For example, you need to consider the type of riding you will be doing. Where are you spending most of my time riding? Is it once a week blast or every day commuting? What’s your riding style? Are you an aggressive rider or more of a cautious cruiser. What kind of terrain will you be riding on? Is it all city streets or dirt roads and track? How much protection do you want? What style will work best with your motorcycle and clothing? The list goes on and it is very specific to the individual which is why we created this guide and why we review so many boots.

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Motorcycle Boot Brands

Most riders don’t realize just how many motorcycle boot brands exist. There are traditional boot makers who also make riding boots and there are also specialty brands that focus on motorcycle boots exclusively. We’ve reviewed a lot of motorcycle boots over the years and below we have listed all the brands we’ve covered.
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Bates Footwear
Black Brand
Daytona Boots
Falco Boots
Fly Street
Forma Boots
Fox Racing
Highway 21
Joe Rocket
O’Neal Motocross
One Industries
Oxford Products
Puma Boots
Rokker Jeans
Shift Racing
SIDI Boots
Stylmartin Boots
TCX Boots
Thor Motocross
Thorogood Boots
Tour Master
Troy Lee Designs
Z1R Apparel

Boot Reviews by Style & Type

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Recent Reviews

In This Section You Will Find All Our Recent Hands On Motorcycle Glove Reviews

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Recent Hands On

Boots Reviews

Anyone that’s been around to do with motorcycles has heard the name Forma. Purveyors of fine touring and ADV boots, the sole focus of the company lies below the knee. As such, when I was looking for a suitable boot for this season of riding, the name Forma was on the tip of my tongue …

The Holy Grail of Adventure Riding Boots? I’ve tried and failed to adequately answer one tough question we’ve received in emails to the wBW editor. “Can you recommend riding boots that are comfortable to walk in but also provide a solid level of protection?” I haven’t yet found any I would say satisfactorily meet that …

The Whistler Adventure Boots Are Here I’ve been wearing a pair of SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots for three years and appreciate them for all the reasons outlined in the review we did of them years ago. They set the footwear protection and comfort benchmark for me at this point and rank among the best …

Late-April 2020 Update It seems spring is here, although most of us are hunkered down somewhere coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic. While many of us are probably not getting in a whole lot of riding… there are exceptions and overall, where allowed, getting out for a ride is still a good thing. Besides, if you …

Introduction One never has enough riding gear, including footwear, of course. As such, one is always on the lookout for the ‘next best pair’. And this, as one would say, brings us to the storyline. My introduction to the REV’IT! line of adventure boots came about through a review of the (then) new Discovery OutDry …

(Full disclosure: I purchased these boots at my own expense and paid the same price as advertised online. I was not provided any consideration from TCX for the writing of this review) Introduction Summer is in full swing here in Tennessee and it’s hot and humid. It may not be the most pleasant weather for …

The Gavia Aren’t Newcomers I’ve been wearing a pair of SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots for the last year and appreciate them for all the reasons outlined in the review we did two years ago. They did exactly what I wanted for the long ride on gravel I took last June to Tuktoyaktuk and have …

Quick Specs $225 / Technomicro & Teflon mesh / Sizes 36 – 50 (EU), 6 – 16.5 (USA/CAN) Note: These SIDI Performer Air’s were provided at no-charge by their North American distributor, Motonation. A Solid Entrant in the Mid-Range Sport Boot Segment SIDI. By now you’ve surely heard all about them, but if you haven’t …

Some First Impressions In all honesty, I was wondering if I had requested something that was going to be far beyond my level of appreciation for riding footwear. I had researched the SIDI line for a best-of article and was super impressed by the Tecno-3 Push Closure System and the ability to replace many parts …

The chance to review these boots came at an opportune time. My old Alpinestars were starting to funk up the place, and so I was already on the hunt for a good-quality touring boot. Having learned my lessons with respect to cheaping out on gear years ago, my requirements placed safety and comfort above price. …

This is a review that I enjoyed getting the opportunity to write because it is for a product that appeals to me directly. I have been in the market for a new pair of sport touring type riding boots and had a list of features I was after that really kind of compete with each …

Sidi Gas Shoes Review, a wBW Quick Look Sidi’s continuing commitment to form, fit and function is well represented in the Sidi Gas Shoe. The Sidi Gas shoes are light and comfortable while providing basic protection for light weight riding activities and as a casual supportive shoe for walking or hiking. Part of the Sidi Design …

50th Anniversary Sidi Boots Where to Buy Sidi 50th Anniversary Vortice Boots Also: Leather Motorcycle Boots, Touring Motorcycle Boots, Women’s Motorcycle Boots Sidi 50th Anniversary Vortice Boots In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Sidi Boots, Motonation is offering a very limited edition, one-time, built-to-order production run of the famous Sidi Vortice road racing boot (review). The …

Vendramini Elephant Boots Vendramini makes some very interesting motorcycle boots, no doubt about it. If you need proof, just take a look at the Vendramini “Desert Alp” Elephant boots shown here. But maybe “interesting” isn’t the right word. How about unique?  Over the top?  Yes, I think that’s getting closer… If you want more proof …

2013 Falco Boots Falco Boots for 2013 Falco is probably one of the lesser-known motorcycle boot manufacturers — and that’s too bad. The Italian company’s products are very nicely made and they have many stylish designs. The quality is excellent and several webBikeWorld evaluators wear Falco boots quite often for a variety of two-wheeled adventures. …

We have reviewed hundreds of helmets over the year at WBW so we know a thing or two about which motorcycle boot brands our editors love. We also see the analytics on the site so we know which brands get the more views and attention from our readers. Between consumer interest, our editor’s opinions and generally who we think is really innovating in the boot and footcase space, here are the most popular brands at the moment.

Alpinestars Boots

alpinestars boots reviews

alpinestars logo

Alpinestars makes technical, high performance protective gear for Motorcycle, Motocross, and Auto Racing and more recently for action sports like Adventure/Touring, Mountain Biking and Cycling.

It all started in 1963 when a leather craftsman by the name of Sante Mazzarolo began creating the first Alpinestars branded products.

At that time a new sport called motocross was establishing itself. Low and behold Mazzarolo invented a new type of footwear that would meet the protective needs and demands of this beautiful yet brutal form of athleticism. Since then, Alpinestars Boots have become ubiquitous in street riding and track day events. The boot quality is high, prices are reasonable given that quality and the boots perform well in tough conditions.

Helpful Links: Read Our Alpinestars Boots Reviews.

Alpinestars Boots on Amazon Alpinestars Boots on RevZilla

Sidi Boots

sidi boots

sidi boots logo

In 1960 SIDI began as a craftsman’s workshop manufacturing mountain sports footwear. It wasn’t till the 1970’s that SIDI began making cycling footwear and boots for off-road and on-road motorcycling.

SIDI is a top brand and market leader in both cycling and motorcycle boots and with over 50 years of experience you can tell why. Known for their technology and innovation, Sidi boots were known to do things well before others and that are taken for granted today by riders. For example, SIDI was the first with cam-lock off road boot buckle systems, inner ankle protection and sole replacement systems to name a few. SIDI boots aren’t cheap but they are worth every penny if you can afford them, they are the cream of the crop.

Helpful Links: Read Our Sidi Boots Reviews.

Buy Sidi Boots on Amazon Buy Sidi Boots on RevZilla


TCX Motorcycle Boot Reviews

tcx boots logo

The tagline says it all. A Focus on Boots. The team at TCX is all about boots and that comes across in the motorcycle boots they make.

TCX manufactures leather motorcycle boots (and other clothing and gear too). The company mission is “to offer the maximum safety to the end users through the realization of high innovative and protective products aimed to satisfy all end users needs”. It is a bold claim but the Italian company backs it up with high quality boots we’ve been fans of for years. TCX Boots are a premium quality brand with a solid range of boots across many riding types and styles.

Helpful Links: Read Our TCX Boots Reviews.

Buy TCX Boots on Amazon Buy TCX Boots on RevZilla


dainese boots reviews

dainese logo

“Dainese uses innovation and new technology to create protective gear and clothing for motorcycle, bike, equestrian and winter sports” according to the Dainese official website.

Started in 1972 the team there makes not only motorcycle boots but all types of other protective gear (back protectors, gloves, airbags and more). A very focused R&D outfit, Dainese was the first to develop a super cool instant-deployment airbag suit and jacket system – it basically blows up like an inflatable balloon to protect you in a crash.

On the boot side of the house, the team at Dainese makes boots for touring, street and track. The unique mix of technical features and style elements make Dainese motorcycle boots a staple among European motorcycle enthusiasts such as Ducati, Triumph or BMW. 

Helpful Links: Read Our Dainese Boots Reviews.

Buy Dainese Boots on Amazon Buy Dainese Boots on RevZilla


Icon Motorcycle Boot Reviews

icon motorsports logo

Makers of Helmets, Jackets, Gloves, Pants, Footwear the team at Icon is one of the largest street based protective motorcycle apparel brands in the world.

Founded in 2002, ICON exploded onto the scene with unabashed attitude – maybe that’s why we love them so much. They focus on the modern performance rider who rides in the real world of messed up roads. Their core mission is “protecting riders whenever and however we can, knowing that reckoning day is coming for all of us”.  That’s why Icon boots rugged and top quality. We love the price point of Icon because they are affordable for most riders, definitely a fan favorite for sure.

Helpful Links: Read Our Icon Boots Reviews.

Buy Icon Boots on Amazon Buy Icon Boots on RevZilla


REV'IT Boots


With a focus on innovation and well designed motorcycle clothing, REV’IT knows how to make cool boots.

We love the way REV’IT describes themselves so we wanted to include that here: “Whether it is setting a personal best lap time on the track, braving roads less traveled or navigating through the streets of your favorite city while knowing you are properly protected, it is our goal to provide you with the gear that enables you to follow your dreams on two wheels. It is why we started our company in 1995, and it is what still moves us today.”

We like that. Definitely somebody who takes the motorcycle life seriously and who “gets it”.

Helpful Links: Read Our REV’IT Boots Reviews.

Buy REV’IT Boots on Amazon Buy REV’IT Boots on RevZilla


Spidi Motorcycle Boot Reviews

Spidi Logo

This XPD Boots are a unique creation all in their own. Developed by Spidi in 2000, XPD boots are designed to be the worlds best racing, touring and sport boots.

Gracing the feet of countless MotoGP, WSBK and AMA champions, XPD boots are the beneficiary of intensive research and development, and on-track testing to provide the very best in protection and performance. With dynamic design and unique styling, Spidi XPD Boots are unmistakable on the road or the track.

Serious riders need serious footwear and Spidi XPD boots are built for those who ride the line and accept no compromises.

Buy Spidi Boots on Amazon Buy Spidi Boots on RevZilla

Motorcycle Specialty Boot Information

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Motorcycle Boot Repair: Anthony’s Leather Works is the official U.S. Dainese boot repair contractor (Corona del Mar, California) Resole America is the official Sidi boot repair contractor (Warrenton, Virginia).

Motorcycle Rain Boots: See the wBW review of Treds Overboots – heavy-duty waterproof boots for riding in the rain.

Custom Made Motorcycle Boots: MacRostie Leathers makes custom made boots and shoes West Coast Shoe Co. makes “old school style” boots; you can custom order boots also; expensive, but custom made the old fashioned way. Bates Leathers makes boots in classic designs; they will custom make a boot for you if you can wait Russell Moccasin has been custom making shoes and boots since 1898; they have some nice-looking motorcycle boots and other shoes and boots, everything is custom made and the prices seem reasonable

Extra Wide Motorcycle Boots: Sidi Way and Mega Way boots are available in “mega” widths from size 43 (Euro) to 50 up to EE widths; they also have a high instep Alt-Berg boots in the UK will make custom wide motorcycle boots in a variety of styles. Daytona makes the Road Star GTX wide motorcycle boots in sizes up to 49 Euro

Classic Motorcycle Boots: Stompers Boots carries classic engineer boots and others; nice website with great photos Frye Boots claims to be “the oldest continuously operating shoe company in the United States” Big Black Boots has Wesco and Dehner boots, including the Wesco and Dehner Motor Patrol boots. Chippewa Boots makes the classic American motorcycle boot Cove Shoes“Union Made in the USA”; these are some nice-looking boots! Dayton Boots are handmade in Canada; they have some heavy-duty, old school style boots, including the classic “engineer boot”. US Cavalry has many different styles of waterproof and insulated GoreTex boots; many riders swear by the U.S.M.C. approved Gore Tex model and claim they are the only true waterproof boots. Sha-Sha E-Boots are very cool, with embossed flames! Viking Warrior Boots (UK) are sold by Biker’s Paradise and they’re very popular with vintage riders in the UK.

Cruiser Style Boots – Street Boots: XElement carries a wide array of cruiser and other style boots and they look like they’re pretty well made Cruiserworks makes boots for cruising and touring  |More post-apocalyptic style boots from Wicked Road Warrior; their site is down, but the boots are still available at many locations. Specter Road makes motorcycle boots with a flexible joint that to allow the boot to flex when walking; see the wBW review of Specter Road Men’s Leather Boots and Specter Road Women’s Motorcycle Boots.

Children’s Motorcycle – Motocross Boots: Axo makes the RC-6 JR boot in sizes K10 to Adult 8; it has all of the safety feature of their adult motorcycle boots.

Boot Sliders: Non-metallic replaceable boot sliders for Supermoto boots at Euro Choice Imports

Motorcycle Socks: See the wBW review of Tech Sox review and REV’IT! Motorcycle Touring socks review.

International Shoe Size Conversion: Here’s the international shoe size comparison chart to convert UK to US, European and many other shoe sizes.



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