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Deal of the Week: Winter Weather Gloves Over 20% Off!

Hollywood: Super Soco TC Max Gets an Inline-Four Roar for the Cinemas

Las Vegas: Annual Mecum Auctions Set For End of January

St. Louis: 7th Annual Cycle Showcase At City Foundry STL for February

KTM: Parent Company Experiences Sky-High Bike Sales for 2021

Bill & Ted: Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter Reunite With a Bike Ride in Malibu

MotoGP: Hans Bahmer, Austrian Racing Icon, Passes at 92



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Deal of the Week: Winter Weather Gloves Over 20% Off!

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A view of the brands associated with Pierer Mobility company, a parent company of KTM

KTM’s Parent Company, Pierer Mobility, has just closed their 2021 Sales Numbers with a beautiful 23% increase in bike sales for the year.  That’s a massive improvement from 2020; we’re told by Asphalt & Rubber that last year saw a 3.4% drop – not unusual when compared to other motorcycle names, but still a hefty …

All the winners and the runners-up from the final round of the UBCBS competition. Prizes were supplied courtesy of Arlen Ness, Avon Grips, Bell Helmets, BDL, Biker Net, Black Flys, Cycle Visions, Dunlop, Fat Baggers, LePera Seats, and Twin Power.

Here Are the Winners of the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show Bonus Round When Progressive IMS Outdoors held their 11th annual J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show (UBCBS), the bonus round apparently had a very pretty list of bikes – and Tracy Harris, the senior vice president of Progressive IMS Outdoors was …

A view of Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves meeting for a cup of coffee on two arch motorcycles

It ain’t often that you see these two walking around town together – but we love them all the more for it.  2020 saw a revival of the Bill & Ted franchise in the form of ‘Bill & Ted Face The Music.’ With Keanu Reeves playing Theodore ‘Ted’ Logan and Alex Winter set as the …

A view of Hans Bahmer getting ready to race

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of a legendary man who contributed so much to our community. MotoGP’s official website tells us that a World Championship Safety Officer and former competitor (and founding member of the Triumph Club Austria), Hans Bahmer, aged 92, was laid to rest on Tuesday, January 11th.  “He was …

A view of Marc Marquez putting sunglasses on - presumably to aid his diplopia prognosis

Word is out that Honda’s daredevil racer is officially back in business – and as of last Monday, Marc Márquez has received a clear bill of health from his doctors Since the end of last season, Márquez has been battling what was diagnosed later as diplopia – a nasty case of double vision. Naturally, the …

A view of the Vata7's X1 LED Smart Helmet, currently in crowdfunding for America

Introducing the 1.9lb ‘Brain Bucket of the Future’ World, meet Vata7’s new brainchild – a smart helmet bristling with technology and a taste of the future.  Our press release states that the X1 ‘Speed and Light’ LED Smart helmet – the only one in the world to feature ‘100% carbon fiber with aeronautical technology’ – …



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