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2020 Suzuki Motorcycles Model List

Get Excited for the 2020 Suzuki Lineup Suzuki motorcycles have added the Katana back to its lineup for 2020 and is still managing to keep around the Hayabusa even though it had to pull it from much of the world. Us North American riders are lucky that way. The company has a dynamic lineup that’s …

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650hp Suzuki Hayabusa

Stupid Power The Suzuki Hayabusa is known for being a super-fast machine, and one that some love and others don’t. The motorcycle you see above is one that’s hard not to like. It’s a World Land Speed Record holder. It was engineered by Mick Ellis of BDR Performance and it is for sale, according to …

2020 Suzuki Burgman 200 ABS

It May Scoot to Scooter Heaven Rumors have been swirling of the Suzuki Burgman’s impending demise. In an interview with Moto Station, Guillaume Vuillardot, business manager for Suzuki France, it was said that the Burgman 400 will be the only model to continue under Euro 5 compliance. That means the 200 and 600 Burgmans that …

Suzuki Hayabusa

A New Busa Coming The Suzuki Hayabusa might still be sold here in the U.S. but in other areas of the world, it was discontinued due to emissions. I suspected that Suzuki was hard at work on a new Busa, and now some patent info for a new model has leaked. According to Motorcycle News, …

suzuki V-strom 1050

Big in Size, Accessorize Suzuki’s V-Strom 1050 will arrive in showrooms this year. When they do, you’ll have three new accessory packs to choose from. The accessory packs are focused on three different types of riding: city riding, touring, and adventuring. The packs are called Explore, Tour, and City. You should be able to tell …



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