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The Triumph Lineup Only Gets Better in 2020 Triumph is the British motorcycle company that most North American folks think of when they think British bikes. The company has a very robust lineup. The Bonneville lineup alone is one worth considering no matter what you’re using your bike for. Add to the Modern Classics lineup …

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mecum indy auction

Mecum Indy 200 Auction At the Mecum Indy auction, there will be a collection of 25 motorcycles up for sale. Al Phillips of Chicago will offer his long-time collection at the auction house for its Indianapolis sale on July 12, 2020. If you can’t find something out of this collection that you want to bid …

2021 Yamaha Tenere 700

After Too Long of a Wait Your good rider friends in Europe and the UK have had the Tenere 700 for a while now. Yamaha kept saying it would bring the bike to North America, and now we have a date. The bike will hit the U.S. market in the first week of June. The …

2020 Royal Enfield Continental GT

Due to COVID-19 If you can’t get your motorcycle properly serviced then keeping up with the requirements of your warranty can be tough. Also, the fact that many places have bans on non-essential travel means time on warranties for the folks who can’t ride is running out. To help combat this some manufacturers—Royal Enfield, Yamaha, …

2020 Metallic Mystic Silver Suzuki Katana

There have been a lot of really great sportbikes released in this last year, but a lot of them are high dollar. When I say that, I mean more than $15,000. Even many of the new middleweight sportbikes come with a pretty high price tag.  I’m not saying that means they’re overpriced. These machines are …



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