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EICMA 2021: Suzuki’s 2022 Katana Now More Powerful Than Ever

Suzuki Katana 2022: close-up of side fairing and Katana logo

Suzuki’s highly popular collector’s favorite has come back swinging for 2022 with improved power and a few new electronic gadgets. 

Let’s talk about it. 

Suzuki Katana 2022: side view

Based on the GSX-S1000 platform, the 2022 Suzuki Katana now sports Euro5-compliancy, made possible by updates to the exhaust and emissions profile.

Those same updates allow the bike to sponge up an extra three pretty horses, rounding the specs to an even 150hp @ 11,000rpm – a nice improvement from the previous 147hp (110-kilowatt) powerplant, that’s for sure. 

Suzuki Katana 2022: side view

We’re also told that the bike’s been put through a dyno, giving us some highly-anticipated specs. Take a look:

Suzuki Katana 2022: Dyno sheet

“…it has lost a couple of Nm peak torque, down from 108 Nm at 9500 rpm to 106 Nm at a lower 9250 rpm, but Suzuki claims significant gains through the mid-range that should translate to more urge at your fingertips,” comments MCNews.

“The broader, smoother torque curve has fewer peaks and valleys than before, it also achieves greater overall cumulative torque production across the engine’s operating range.”

Suzuki Katana 2022: close-up of side fairing

According to, other perks for this machine include a new ride-by-wire throttle, a fresh five-mode traction control system (with the ability to shut it off if you won’t want it), as well as a revised 4-2-1 exhaust and new airbox, camshaft, rubber-mounted handlebars and clutch assist system complete with a bi-directional quick-shifter.

Suzuki Katana 2022: engine close-up

Oh, and an updated LCD screen with red ‘night’ mode to keep the vibe grungy. 

Yes, please.

Pricing is TBA, though they’ve been candid with the colors – either a dark matt blue with gold forks and wheels or a dark grey scheme to complement red wheels. 

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