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NHTSA Confirms 2022 Indian Scout Rogue is On The Way

A side view of the gas tank of an Indian Motorcycle

America’s about to get a new Scout based on the crowd fave Scout Bobber – and we’re told it’ll either house Indian’s larger 1133cc engine, or the 1000cc ‘Sixty’ engine.

Let’s get into it. 

This all comes from a set of VIN filings that were put through back in April. Back then, we didn’t really know what to think – trademarks are often sent in to be approved by a brand looking to keep the rights to use the name, so this could have been a bid to keep a name to be used in the coming years, or a fresh face for Indian’s lineup

A view of the Indian Scout Bobber

Turns out, the latter is case – and not only that, but tells us that “VIN decoder information submitted to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration added the new Rogue variants to its Scout range for 2022.”

“The listed model names confirm the Scout Rogue and Scout Rogue Sixty, both available with or without ABS.”

We have a bit more information on how to decode the VIN filings, too. Check out the image below for the exact VIN codes of the new 2022 lineup.

a view of the VIN filings from the new Scout Rogue

“The ‘M’ in the VIN’s fourth position indicates Indian’s midsize models,” continues the report. 

“The ‘S’ in position #5 is for the regular Scout chassis while the ‘T’ denotes Scout Bobber chassis. The sixth VIN character marks the specific variant models. The seventh and eighth digits represent the engine and horsepower figures, with ‘00’ for the 1133cc (claiming 100 hp) engine and ‘11’ for the 1000cc (claiming 78 hp) engine.”

“These last two VIN characters confirm that the Rogue models will have the same state of tune as the other Scouts.”

A side view of the gas tank of an Indian Motorcycle

We’re told that for this year, Indian will definitely have some of these bikes produced in Vietnam.  This is characterized by the 11th letter, as well as the fact that the previous two production locations (Spirit Lake, Iowa -represented by a ‘3’ in the 11th VIN position – and Opole, Poland – represented by a ‘4’) have numerics that have been switched out for a ‘6,’ “indicating models assembled in Vietnam.”

We look forward to further deets on this little tidbit of news; if we’re lucky, the Rogue will pop up in the next month or so. And hey – they even had ‘rogue’ fall apparel come out last year – maybe it’ll be the perfect excuse to play matchy-matchy.

Stay tuned for updates, check out other recent newsies from our archives, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

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