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the best Indian Motorcycles ever made

About Our Selections

The criteria for this list is not as simple as just having the Indian name on the motorcycle. To be specific about it, we only considered motorcycles that were produced between 1901 and 1953, and 1999 to the present, as viable. This means that the bikes that were released between 1953 and 1999 by other manufacturers, but bore the Indian Motorcycles name, do not qualify for this list.

There is only one very special exception to this rule in our list, due to the historical significance the bike has, although it uses a model that was made in 1920.

1901 Indian F-Head

The first motorcycle ever made by Indian

1910 Indian Single Model A

The first Indian with a dedicate motorcycle frame, not a modified bicycle frame

1920 Indian Scout Streamliner Munro Special

The World's Fastest Indian

1927 Indian Scout BGE 45

One of the best of Indian's pre-WW2 "sporty" Scout models

1928 Indian Scout 101

Widely regarded as one of the, if not the, best pre-World War 2 Indian motorcycle

1940 Indian Chief

While the Chief started in 1922, it was in 1940 that it became the classic bike that we all know and love

1941 Indian Series 441

The last of Indian's four-cylinder models, and perhaps its best

1942 Indian Model 741

A motorcycle developed for war duty

2015 Indian Scout & 2016 Indian Scout Sixty

The first Indian motorcycles after 1999 specifically designed to be an entry level introduction to the company

2019 Indian FTR1200

Part-scrambler, part-sport naked, all Indian and an absolute blast to ride