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Indian: New Pursuit Will Be Taller, Longer, Heavier Than the Challenger

A view of an Indian Challenger

When we were given the tasty tidbits of gossip that included filed trademarks by Indian Motorcycles on a new “Indian Pursuit” (and as-yet-to-surface Indian Guardian) back in 2020, we didn’t have much to go off of except the name. 

With further updates the following year telling us that the Pursuit’s reveal would include familiarity in the cardiology department (the same 1,768cc, 122 BHP V-twin, PowerPlus engine currently in the Challenger series), we also assumed it likely that the bike will also have “a tall windscreen, low seat height, twin exhausts, and a semi-fairing, along with a set of hard case panniers to complete the look.”

A view father current challenger, courtesy of Indian's press release

Now, CycleWorld’s just confirmed the Challenger’s identical sets of pipes, along with the same state of tune and intake – and possibly even the same chassis, with the bike sporting the same tire sizes. 

So let’s talk about what will make this machine stand out from the rest of the Indian Motorcycles lineup

“The Pursuit’s overall dimensions…show it’s taller, longer, and heavier than the Challenger – a combination that can only point to it being a full-dress tourer,” explains Ben in his report. 

“The length increase puts the Pursuit at 102.7 inches overall, up from 98.5 inches for the Challenger. With no change in wheelbase, that additional 4.2 inches can only mean a longer tail, no doubt the result of the addition of a top case, probably incorporating an armchair-style passenger backrest.”

A view of the Indian Challenger armed passenger seat which will likely be showcased on the Indian Pursuit

As for weight, what better way to prove the new Pursuit will be fully-dressed than the fact that we’re told the chonker will slap the curbside at a gravitationally amicable 197lbs., beating even Indian’s RoadMaster by a full 9?

Suffice it to say that something this big will definitely have advanced electronics, if the ‘Premium Package’ add-on is any indicator…

Stay tuned for updates, drop a comment letting us know what you think, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

*All media sourced from CycleWorld*