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best bmw adventure motorcycles

About Our Selections

In two words: culture and capability. BMW adventure motorcycles have achieved legendary status thanks to decades of successful, well-made, durable, and ultimately enjoyable motorcycles.

The simple fact of the matter is that the capabilities BMW built into its GS motorcycles have developed a specific rider culture for the brand. This is a very good thing for BMW, and something other brands will always have a tough time competing with.

Similar to the way there’s an entire culture around Harley-Davidson motorcycles in general or Honda Gold Wings for styling-challenged, comfort-seeking touring riders, the GS line of BMW adventure motorcycles has bred its own kind of rider, one that is always looking for a bigger and better adventure—at least in most cases.

I guess what I’m saying is that the bikes are good, really good, and because they’re so good, they’ve developed a near cult following that has loyalists who won’t be shaken. Perhaps the biggest feat that BMW has pulled off with these bikes is that its adventure motorcycles will fully satisfy you no matter where or how you ride. They’re designed to do everything and do it well.

Best Overall: BMW F850 GS

A perfectly balanced ADV for both the road and the dirt

Best Value: BMW G310 GS

Superbly affordable with all of the BMW features you'd expect on a bike from the Bavarians

Best Off-Roader: BMW F850 GS Adventure

A much more off-road focused version of the Best Overall bike, picked for very good reasons

Best Adventure Tourer: BMW R1250 GS

The quintessential adventure tourer that has defined the segment, in one form or another, for over 30 years

Best Value Used: BMW F800 GS

The bike that the F850 GS evolved from, it's almost as good as the new bike, but much, much less expensive on the pre-owned market

Best Adventure Touring Used: BMW R1200 GS Adventure

An adventure tourer that was around for just over 15 years, an extremely capable and reliable bike!