BMW: Plans For Electrification Include Fossil Fuel Phase-Out For 2030

A view of a new design patent for an electric motorcycle from BMW Motorrad
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Our favorite Bavarian bike manufacturers are planning for a fully electric future for 2030 – and with over a million of their electric bikes sold to date, it appears that BMW Motorrad’s plans for an aggressive shift to full electrification are well-matched by the current demand for their machines.

BMW's new electric scooter variant

Source: CNET

The report from RideApart tells us more – namely, that BMW’s goals on the road to full electrification are as follows: 

  • Double electrified vehicle sales in 2022 (compared to 2021)
  • Sell two million electrified vehicles by 2023
  • Sell two million fully-electric vehicles by 2025.
  • Shift half of all BMW Group sales to fully-electric vehicles by 2030.
  • Deliver ten million fully-electric vehicles to customers over the next decade

A view of a new design patent for an electric motorcycle from BMW Motorrad

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To reach these high-aspiring goals (move over, Harley), we’re told that “BMW Group is also partnering with high-power charging networks Ionity and Digital Charging Solutions along with eRoaming platform Hubject.” 

The end result? High-tech, well-tuned machines for the future – and BMW’s Group Head of Strategic Product Management, Dr. Andreas Aumann, can’t wait to give us the end result.

A view of a new design patent for an electric motorcycle from BMW Motorrad

Source: NewAtlas

“Electromobility needs holistic thinking and implementation,” he says. 

“That is why we don’t just offer our customers highly attractive electrified cars; we also make sure charging is easy and convenient.”

Source: RideApart

When it comes to electric machines of their own, BMW currently boasts their CE 04 (an electric scooter with a base model price of $11,795 MSRP), as well as a number of concepts that we anticipate will be on the market in the coming years.

Thanks to BMW’s charging partnerships, we are currently at 298,946 charge points, made accessible to the motorcycle community across Europe – and with more to come, we’re excited to see what jazzy, neoteric machines will line up to take a charge or two in the coming decade. 

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