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The 2023 BMW Motorcycle Lineup + Our Take on Each Model

2023 BMW Motorcycle Lineup
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BMW brings in the 2023 lineup with a series of evolutionary and technically improved bikes. Practically every offering includes a refined suite of electronics and rider aids, some with up to 7 different riding modes!  From the K1600 models’ mile eating comfort and smooth engines to the M Sport track weapons, there’s something to fit every riding style, height and budget.


2023 BMW K 1600 Series

2023 BMW K1600 GT

The K1600 comes in many flavors to fit a wide range of interests.  Starting with the 1600 GT model, it includes the full array of comforts and sophisticated lighting and electronics.  The adaptive, full LED headlight makes sure you see everything ahead while the navigation, sound system and integrated phone charger keep in connected.

Available Colors: Meteoric II Dust Metallic, Black Storm Metallic, Sport

2023 BMW K 1600 Grand America

2023 BMW K1600 Grand America

The 2023 BMW K1600 Grand America continues with its 6 cylinder engine and array of comfort and tech features.  With its impressive electronics package that includes amazing sound, impressive navigation and intuitive menus, you are in control at all times whether you want to be connected or just listen to music as the miles roll by.

Available Colors: Manhattan Metallic Matte, Black Storm Metallic, Meteoric II Dust Metallic


2023 BMW R 1250 GS / 1250 GS Adventure

2023 BMW R1250 GS

2023 BMW R1250 GS

The 2023 BMW R 1250 GS / GS Adventure has been considered an icon for decades but keeps up to date with features like LED adaptive headlights, seven riding modes and ABS. The TFT display and BMW connectivity allow you listen to calls or music and see your route on the go.  Slight differences in the modes include different wheels, different color schemes and a slightly taller seat height on the Adventure model.

Available Colors: GS Trophy,  Triple Black, Light White non-metallic, Rallye

2023 BMW S 1000 XR

2023 BMW S1000XR

The 2023 BMW S 1000 XR combines sport bike performance with all day comfortable ergonomics.  The upright riding position and comfy seat means this is an all day canyon carver or tourer.   The 165 HP means you have the power for any canyon or track day adventure and the drop of 22 lbs this year shows it’s definitely ready for any sporty adventure.

Available Colors: Light White/M Motorsport, Racing Red 2, Triple Black

2023 BMW F 750 GS

2023 BMW F750 GS

The 2023 BMW F 750 GS comes standard with a lengthy feature list including ABS, DTC, Ride Modes and LED indicators.  The low seat means all this is accessible to most riders regardless of height.  The dynamic suspension adjusts while reading to accommodate any terrain.

Colors: Sport, Light White, Triple Black

2023 BMW F850 GS / GS Adventure

2023 BMW F850 GS

2023 BMW F850 GS

The 2023 F 850 GS and GS Adventure are setup for off-roading with the spoked wheels, long travel and dynamic suspension.  With ABS and Traction control standard, you’re ready for rough situations or emergency braking.  The four ride modes let you choose how you deal with different terrain.  Some of the differences in features includes additional adjustability of controls, hand protectors and stainless steel luggage rack.  Additional suspension travel on the Adventure makes it ideal for the ride who’s focused on off road.

Colors: GS Trophy, Racing Red, Triple Black

2023 BMW F900 XR

2023 BMW F900 XR

The 2023 BMW F 900 XR combines the adventure look with street bike performance.  The conveniences of LED lighting, adjustable seat height and adjustable windshield mean you’re able to go for a quick city ride or a long day in the canyons in complete comfort.  Dynamic Brake Control and Engine Braking Control keep you safe in emergency maneuvers.

Colors: Sport, Triple Black, Light White

2023 BMW G 310 GS

2023 BMW G310 GS

The 2023 G 310 GS is a great way to get into the adventure riding game.  With Ride by Wire and a slipper clutch, master on or off road in comfort.  The bike features a comfortable, upright riding position, adjustable levers and a variety of options to customize it to your needs.

Colors: Cosmic Black, Sport, Rally


2023 BMW R18

2023 BMW R18

The 2023 BMW R18 reflects the history and iconic style of the brand. This cruiser features an 1,802 cc two-cylinder boxer engineer which is the highest displacement boxer BMW has built and delivered 116 lbs-ft of torque. With an array of colors and sub models, you can customize your ride with luggage, windscreens and unique features like automatic load compensation that adapts the chassis to the load on the bike.

Available Colors: Black Storm Metallic, Mars Red Metallic, Manhattin Metallic Matte, Mineral White, Galaxy Dust Metallic

2023 BMW R18  B

2023 BMW R18B

The 2023 BMW R18 builds on the R18 platform and includes a fork-mounted fairing with windscreen to help slice the wind.  The teardrop tank is accentuated when choosing one of the brighter color schemes and blends well with the integrated side cases and tail lights.  The 1,802 cc two-cylinder boxer is the same across the R18 line as well as the copious amounts of torque. The bagger style of this model is modern in all the right places with a variety of customization options and of course, BMW technology such as the 10” TFT display that shows everything from fuel level to navigation at a glance.

Available Colors: Black Storm Metallic, Gravity Blue Metallic, Manhattan Metallic Matte, Mineral White Metallic, Galaxy Dust Metallic

2023 BMW R18 Classic

2023 BMW R18 Classic

The 2023 BMW R18 Classic changes up the look a bit with the drop-shaped tank and extended exhaust length.  Notable also are the windshield and soft saddle bags. Still BMW has incorporated modern updates such as LED headlights. This Classic still features the powerful 1,802 cc boxer engine in the rest of the model and to keep things in control they include twin disc brakes and BMW integral ABS.  This is the perfect canvas to start from for the fans of this model’s trim.

Available Colors: Black Storm Metallic, Mars Red Metallic, Manhattan Metallic Matte, Mineral White, Galaxy Dust Metallic

2023 BMW R18 TransContinental

2023 BMW R18 Transcontinental

The 2023 BMW R18 Transcontinental makes touring a comfortable and luxurious option.  reflects the history and iconic style of the brand. The big 1,802 cc boxer is ready to eat up the miles and the cavernous storage allows you to take it all with you so you’re comfortable upon arrival. Notable features like the tall windscreen, floorboards, automatic load compensation and large gas tank ensure you get where you need to go in comfort and with minimal stops interrupting your journey.  On the tech side, the large TFT display will keep you informed and the rider aids like cruise control, multiple ride modes and stability control are all standard.

Available Colors: Black Storm Metallic, Gravity Blue Metallic, Manhattan Metallic Matte, Mineral White, Galaxy Dust Metallic

2023 BMW R nineT

2023 BMW R NineT

The 2023 R nineT is a classic roadster design with that iconic boxer engine known by BMW fans everywhere.  Distilled to the most important components, this minimalist design still includes cool features like LED lighting, upside down forks and multiple riding modes.

Available Color: Ultra Blue Metallic

2023 BMW R nineT Scrambler

2023 BMW R nineT Scrambler

The 2023 R nineT scrambler puts its unique spin on the nineT platform.  Notable changes include a relaxed seating position, telescopic forks with gaiters and a higher mount exhaust as well as toothed foot pegs to keep you in control.  It has the same engine as the other R nineT models and includes helpful electronic enhancements like Dirt Mode for the light off road adventure.

Available Color: Option 719 Underground/Light White with black highlight

2023 BMW R nineT Urban G/S

2023 BMW R NineT Urban GS

The 2023 R nineT Urban G/S wraps the basic nineT with some off-road design and an upright and comfortable configuration.  The stylish, retro graphic and touches like the analog speedometer bring back the look of the 80s. The R nine T engine produces a healthy amount of torque to accommodate any riding style or terrain.  Though the looks are retro, it still incorporates the latest technology like multiple riding modes and adaptive headlights.

Available Color: Light White with graphics, Imperial Blue Metallic

2023 BMW R nineT Pure

2023 BMW r NineT Pure

The 2023 R nineT Pure embodies its model name by distilling the bike to the essential features of the series which in this case is a classic roadster design with that iconic boxer engine.  While it is Pure, it still includes newer features such as LED lighting, stability control and adjustable ride modes.

Available Color: Underground/Light White, Pollux Metallic/Light White, Mineral Gray Metallic

2023 BMW R nineT 100 Years Edition

2023 BMW R NineT 100 Years Edition

The 2023 R nineT 100 Years edition commemorates the BMW Anniversary by making just 1,923  of these special bikes.  With exclusive, milled parts and a unique color scheme, this model  includes stands out with design upgrades on the mirrors, footrests and other parts.  You still get that powerful boxer engine along with new tech like LED adaptive headlight, ride modes and stability control.

Available Color: Underground/Light White, Pollux Metallic/Light White, Mineral Gray Metallic


2023 BMW R 1250 R

2023 BMW R1250R

The 2023 R 1250 R brings that boxer style and 105 lb-ft of torque to the party.  Classic style paired with new technology in the form of the TFT display, 3 riding modes, ABS, traction control and more!

Color: Racing Blue Metallic, Black Storm Metallic, Ice Gray

2023 BMW S 1000R

2023 BMW S1000R

The 2023 S 1000R brings the RR’s engine into a slightly more relaxed seating position for those who don’t need to be in a race tuck at all times. High tech features like a TFT display, LED lighting and keyless start  Still packing 165 HP, this bike is no slouch in the power department either. With the optional M package, you can take it to the next level by shedding weight with carbon wheels, lightweight battery and endurance chain.

Colors: Black Storm Metallic, Sport, Light White/M Motorsport

2023 BMW F 900 R

2023 BMW F900 Sport

The 2023 F 900 R may look to be a simple standard but when you get to its features list, you know it has everything you need. Equipped with an adaptive headlight, dynamic suspension and a quick shifter as well as your choice of seat heights means you’ve got all the basics and more for an exciting ride.

Colors: Sport, Black Storm Metallic, Blue Stone Metallic

2023 BMW G 310 R

2023 BMW G310 R

The pint sized 2023 G 310 R is not small on tech and features.   With Ride by Wire and a slipper clutch, control is never an issue in this maneuverable bike and neither is stopping with the standard ABS brakes.  The 310 has adequate power and an accessible seat height to accommodate most riders’ needs.

Available Colors: Sport, Passion, Triple Black

M Sport

2023 BMW M 1000RR

2023 BMW M1000RR

The 2023 M 1000 RR is a track weapon designed to give you every advantage at the track.  This superbike homologated package includes race spec aero keeps the bike planted at triple digit speeds and best in class brakes to reign it in at the corners.  With 7 riding modes, shift assistant and launch control, it’s ready for any competition.

2023 BMW M 1000RR 50 Years M

2023 BMW M 1000RR 50 Years M

The 2023 M 1000 RR 50 Years takes even the “normal” RR to the next step.  Celebrating almost 100 years of motorcycle racing, this special edition adds a unique color, special carbon fiber and milled parts as well as a passenger package and the code for the M GPS lap trigger.  This model of course includes everything on the M 1000 RR.

  • MSRP: $36,995 USD /  Not available in Canada
  • More @ BMW

2023 BMW M 1000 R

2023 BMW M1000R

The M 1000 R is a superbike in a roadster configuration with 205 HP that’s able to dominate road or track.  An advanced tech package keeps things in order with multiple modes and rider assists to tackle any conditions.  With the available M Competition package, ramp it up even more with lap times, carbon parts and more.

Color: Light White, Blackstorm Metallic


2023 BMW S 1000 RR

2023 BMW S1000RR

The 2012 S 1000 RR is a focused and uncompromising racetrack tool with 205 HP on tap.  It has a full suite of electronics to enhance the riding experience and keep you in control on the track or in the twisties.

Colors: Matte Black Metallic

2023 BMW R 1250 RS

2023 BMW R1250 RS Sport

The 2023 R 1250 RS has a sporty, 136HP 2 cylinder boxer engine for a quick ride but the wind and weather protection for touring as well. With multiple riding modes and a TFT display, the tech is apparent but not intrusive and adds to the riding experience.

Colors: Grand Prix Red, Sword Silver Metallic

Urban Mobility

2023 BMW CE 04

2023 BMW CE 04

This quirky electric scooter has 42 horsepower and takes about an hour to reach 80% charge.  Great for a commute with the 80 mile range or just around town, it has ample storage space for a helmet or groceries. With tech features like a TFT display and connectivity to your devices, you’ve got it all covered.

Available Colors: Magellan Gray Metallic

2023 BMW C 400 GT

2023 BMW C400 GT

The C400’s modern design and features set it apart from the rest.  This bike has angular looks, full LED lighting, features like Keyless Ride and storage for all your gear or groceries under seat.  BMW’s optional Motorra Connectivity adds to the experience and keeps you connected on screen.

Available Colors: Calisto Gray Metallic, Triple Black, Alpine White