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Best Motorcycle Sport Boots


Priced under $200.

Alpinestars SMX V6 Vented Boots


Priced $200 - $350.

Dainese Dyno Pro D1


Priced $350+.

Dainese Torque 3 Air Out Boots
Sedici Corsa Vented

Key Specs

• Take it to the track performance and protection

• Advanced external dual hinged support for increased protection and support

• Perforated microfiber upper for comfort, protection and durability

• Full length reinforced composite midsole with built in flex zones

• High flow perforations in the non-impact locations to provide maximum comfort in hot weather riding.

• Perforated accordion flex zones for increased mobility and comfort

• All new oil resistant rubber sole with new deep grip pattern for better ground traction

• Thermo-set 1pc molded heel for increased impact protection and comfort

• Air mesh lining to aid moisture wicking and breathability

• Molded rubber gear change provides extra grip Replaceable dual density alloy and TPU toe slider

• Custom molded vented shin protector with outer calf slider

• All new safety ratchet and lateral zip system for ergonomic entry and exit

• Anatomical / replaceable EVA footbed provides arch support and protects against vibrations

• Additional set of thicker EVA insoles for ½ size reduction in fit

Protection & Safety

• Anti-torsion exo-skeletal support over ankles to prevent the most common lower leg injury for sport riders.

• Reinforced TPU at toe, heel, ankle for the best impact protection

• Reflective striping subtle added to rear of boot.

Key Specs

• Boot upper incorporates innovative front, rear bellow and rear calf zones for superior levels of flexibility

• Upper constructed from microfiber for durability and abrasion resistance

• Ergonomic last for forefoot streamlining to enable greater control of the bike’s controls and for superior, wide-ranging foot profile, fit and comfort

• Air vents on the heel counter and shin plate plus breathable mesh inserts improve comfort and reduce fatigue on short and long rides

• High modulus TPU injected shin guard, calf protector, heel counter, shift pad and toe slider for improved shock protection and durability

• Double density ankle protector on medial side layered under the upper offers protection in key area

• Integrated, replaceable bi-injected TPU slider features easy screw fixing concept for quicker and easier replacement

• Innovative instep and Achilles accordion flex zone construction for superior comfort, extension, control and support

• Internal insole with the shank reinforcement integrated for support to the arch area and foot protection

• Medial side entry opening/closure system features elastic-mounted zipper with wide closure for flexibility and secure fit

• Breathable textile interior lining features anti-sliding suede reinforcement on heel area to help keep foot in position while riding

• Removable anatomic footbed includes EVA and Lycra for performance, comfort and support

• Alpinestars’ exclusive compound rubber sole promotes improved feel and grip, water dispersion and durability

Protection & Safety

• These boots are fully CE certified

• Alpinestars’ innovative TPU lateral ankle brace protection provides a bio-mechanical support between lateral top calf/shin and ankle and offers improved structural integrity, protection against impact shocks, repeated abrasion resistance, and flex support

• TPU Modules can be found in the ankle support, and added protection can be found in the shin, heel, calf, shift pad, and toe slider.

Dainese Dyno Pro D1

Key Specs

• Gear shifter guard

• High grip TPU inserts

• Soft inserts

• Reflective inserts

• Rubber sole

• Setscrew wrench supplied

• Flexible joints for extra walking comfort

• Speed lacing system

• Upper in microfiber

• Cowhide leather inserts

• TPU heel counter

• Shoes certified to CE – Cat. II – 89/686/EEC Directive

• Reinforced nylon toe

• Protective nylon inner hull

• Magnesium inserts on the outer side and heel

• Shock absorption insert on the heel with controlled deformation insert

• Replaceable magnesium slider (sold separately)

• Double jersey airgap liner

• Air canalization system

Protection & Safety

• These shoes are fully certified to CE – Cat. II – 89/686/EEC Directive – you can trust the official safety rating with these shoes rather than what the manufacturer may or may not claim

• These shoes have a ton of safety features and reinforced areas. The TPU heel counter, reinforced nylon tow, nylon inner haul, magnesium inserts, and shock absorption insert all culminate into a very safe boot.

Forma Freccia boots

Key Specs

Microfiber upper

Anti-slip sports rubber sole

Ankle support system

Injection molded plastic protections

Polyurethane toe slider

Calf and ankle protection

Plastic gear pad protection

Air ventilation pockets

VELCRO® brand and zippered closures

Air mesh lining

Polyurethane nylon reinforcements

Soft polymer padding with memory foam

TPU Dual Flex with anti-shock felt midsole

Anti-bacterial replaceable footbed with A.P.S. (Air Pump System)

CE level protection

Protection & Safety

• These boots are fully certified to CE – Cat. II – 89/686/EEC Directive – you can trust the official safety rating with these boots rather than what the manufacturer may or may not claim

• The primary safety system on these boots are the anti-torsion exo-skeletal ankle supports. These are designed so that should you come off your bike at speed, they will take the the torsional impact of your feet against the ground and prevent tib-fib torsion breaks.

Forma Ice Pro Flow Boots

Key Specs

• CE Certified quality

• Microfiber upper

• Vented perforated microfiber

• Forma double density anti-slip race compound sole

• Anti-torsion F.C.S with incorporated anti-scratch frame

• Rear F.C.S cushioned stop for maximum safety

• Vented stainless steel toe slider

• Aggressive plastic gear pad protection

• Injection molded plastic protections

• Air intake system for personalized air circulation

• VELCRO® brand closures and zip closure

• Rear buckle pump ratchet closure

• Elasticized front fastening system with snap closing

• Plastic heel cup in reinforced nylon

• Air mesh lining

• Extra soft polymer padding with memory foam

• Polyurethane nylon reinforcements

• TPU Dual Flex mid sole

• Anti-bacterial replaceable footbed with APS

Protection & Safety

Protection is the main priority here, so let’s start off with the fact that these sport boots are CE Certified quality.

• Anti-torsion F.C.S with an anti-scratch frame

• Rear F.C.S cushioned stop for maximum safety, a vented stainless steel toe slider

• Plastic gear pad for added protection

• Injection molded plastic protectors in the impact prone locations around the foot and ankle.

• Plastic heel cup is reinforced with nylon for added durability and integrity

• Double density anti-slip race compound sole for great grip on the pegs and stability when reaching for the ground

Dainese Torque 3 Air Out Boots

Key Specs

• Perforated D-Stone main construction

• D-Axial ankle protection system

• Replaceable magnesium sliders on the outer toe and heel

• Internal speed lacing system

• Nylon outer heel slider

• Protective nylon inner hull and toe reinforcement

• Gear shifter guard at toe

• High grip TPU inserts for improved bike feel

• Setscrew wrench included

• Zippered closure at back

• Air canalization system

• Double jersey air gap liner

• Meets CE – Cat. II – EN 13634 boot certification

Protection & Safety

• These boots meet CE – Cat. II – EN 13634 boot certification through the full 360 protection

• The magnesium sliders located on the toe and heel areas are fully replaceable

• The nylon inner hull and toe reinforcement provides a higher level of impact resistance

Key Specs

• Main upper material constructed using microfiber for optimum abrasion resistance and flexibility

• New front flex area for improved impact abrasion

• New front flex area increases ventilation and airflow

• Redesigned rear bellow in stretch microfiber for improved natural front and back movement

• Redesigned top gaiter in microfiber material with TPU over injection

• New synthetic microfiber panel on medial side for enhanced abrasion resistance and improved feeling

• New TPU shifter for increased protection on lower medial side

• New TPU shin plate has been redesigned for greater impact absorption performance

• New replaceable shin slider for additional abrasion resistance

• New TPU stretch panel design with zip for an easier entry and exit and a closer fit

• Hook and loop closure secures the puller zip remains in position

• Micro adjustable ratchet closure on top of boot for an optimized fit

• Replaceable co-injected TPU/aluminum toe slider with an easy screw system

• Replaceable heel plate slider offers increased sliding performance and protection in the case of crash

• Sole constructed using a lightweight rubber compound for excellent grip on the pegs

• Separate bio-mechanical inner bootie made by 3D mesh material for greater structure

• Inner bootie is equipped with a new external toe area with a soft TPU reinforcement

• Bootie provides impact protection and additional ankle padding for greater protection, stability and cushioning

Protection & Safety

• Full CE powersports PPE rating, meaning they are cleared to be used as race boots. Multiple armored layers, as well as slider, support the foot and ankle in even the most extreme of leans

• Visibility comes from subtle reflective strips on the rear of the boot

Key Specs

Arch and Achilles areas are covered with Sidi’s exclusive elastic textile and injection molded polyurethane comfort panels

Arch area utilizes two TPUbands next to the TECNO-3 magnetic closures for a maximum support and wrap of the arches

Asymmetric and shaped shock absorbing heel cup, smooth and flat inside for more adherence with the bike, with shock absorbing system in the back and outside

The shell and the shock absorbing system are replaceable through a screw  and  an interlocking system

Nylon inner sole with removable arch support pad

Replaceable external shin, heel and toe sliders 

Nylon inner sole

Dual compound sole

High stress areas are double stitched

TPU shift pad

Perforated, Teflon treated nylon inner lining with Cambrelle lining in the toe area

Recessed screws used to attach replaceable parts so as to not damage bike

Toe slider made from nylon reinforced with fiberglass

Toe Slider features air intake and alloy insert

Adjustable calf on the Sidi Mag-1 Boots can accommodate riders with up to an 15-inch calf diameter when measured 11.5-inches up from the bottom of the heel

Protection & Safety

• Full track-ready powersports PPE certification. These are race-grade boots, developed with replaceable parts including the shin, toe, and ankle slide areas. As well, the toe slider feature an air intake and alloy backing so even if the TPU wears down or breaks off, you still have protection.

• Carbon fiber shaft support internalizes the exo-skeletal structure of many sport boots, while also providing key lateral protection as well so your feet don't rotate along the Z or X axis of movement, just the Y so you can still shift and brake.

What is the definition of a sport motorcycle boot versus other types of full height boots?

The purest definition of a sport riding boot compared to things such as ADV, motocross, and regular touring boots is that they are optimized for use on sportbikes. This often includes a pronounced forward angle in the boot shaft, heavy duty armoring on the sides of the ankle, shin guard armor, and quite often, double closure systems to ensure they are firmly on your feet.

What is the difference between a “street” sport boot and a “track” sport boot?

While all sport boots need to be CE certified to be considered as protective equipment, for a boot to be considered a track boot, it needs to carry a CE Powersports rating. Most of the time, this is codified as CE – Cat. II – 89/686/EEC, but there are several powersports ratings depending on where you are in the world. Basically, look for anti-torsional exo-skeletal supports, aggressive but aerodynamic armoring, and track boots will very often have zip closure with a secondary locking closure like a clasp or a BOA dial to cinch the boot tight.

Can I use sport riding boots every day for things like commuting, errands, the like?

Due to the shaping of sport boots to have a forward leaning shaft, they might be uncomfortable to walk in for extended periods of time. You can definitely use sport boots for commuting, but having a pair of work shoes in your seat bag or backpack to put on once the commute is over is how many commuters of sportbikes do it!

Are sport motorcycle boots the safest type of boot out there?

This is a bit of a tricky one to answer, as they are the safest type of boot for their stated purpose, but would not work nearly as well for off-roading as an ADV or Motocross boot. That said, sport boots often feature excellent support for the ankle, including anti-torsional structures inside and outside of the boot. As well, track rated boots might be needed by your local track day organization before you are allowed to go out riding, due to their specific design to offer maximum high speed protection.

Should I wear my sport motorcycle boots over or under my riding pants?

That really depends on the style of sport boot you have. A sport boot that is touring oriented will usually fit under 95% of the riding pants out there. On the flipside, a track oriented sport boot is designed to fit over the leg of a leather race suit. For most street sport boots, either works.

What materials are sport riding boots made of?

The most common material used is microfiber, a type of synthetic leather that has excellent abrasion resistance. The sole and “chassis” of the boot is quite often some form of rubber or nylon, and the armor and anti-torsion structures are almost always high grade TPU.