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TCX Hero 2 WP Boots Hands-On Review

TCX Hero 2 WP Boots
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Recently updated to TCX’s urban product line in 2023 are the Hero 2 WP Leather Boots. These vintage combat-style riding boots offer high-level protection for riding through reinforcements on the ankle, toe, and heel and maximum comfort for walking all while maintaining a competitive price point.
Build Quality
Fit & Comfort
Value for Money
Vintage combat-style design that provides a classy aesthetic
Shockingly comfortable with an Ortholite footbed that provides long-term cushioning
Easy to put on and take off with the convenient side zipper
Certified boots to CE - Cat. II - EN 13634 Standard (Reinforced malleolus, toe and heel counter)
Fits true to size and requires no break-in period
Built to last with leather gear shifter guard, replaceable sole, and full grain leather that patinas nicely with age
Tessellated tread offering grip on any type of terrain
Lack of variety of colorways
Not very rigid, thus sacrificing safety for comfort
Can become quite hot during the summertime due to the T-dry membrane
Do not offer a non-waterproof option
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Review Summary

If you’re looking for the main takeaways from this review, here is my summary of the TCX Hero 2 WP Boots by TCX:

  • The TCX Hero 2 WP Boots retails for $279.99
  • The vintage combat-style boots offer immense protection while also easily passing for a lifestyle boot
  • The design of the boot is basic and is only offered in 2 colors
  • The TCX Hero 2 WP boots are very comfortable to wear and require no break-in period as a result of including an Ortholite footbed
  • Thick rubber outsole prioritizes grip (and safety) in all situations that can be replaced over time
  • Full Grain Leather ensures the boots are made to last, are easy to clean, and provide abrasive protection
  • A waterproof design is helpful if riding in wet conditions but can cause the rider’s feet to become uncomfortably hot.
  • The TCX Hero 2 WP has a reinforced malleolus, toe, and heel counter

TCX Hero 2 WP Boots

TCX Hero 2 WP Boots

Last year I made the spontaneous decision to get a motorcycle with the influence of my friend and fellow reviewer Devan Martel. After taking the motorcycle safety course and buying my Harley, helmet, gloves, and insurance, I found my wallet to be fairly light.

I made the executive, yet frugal, decision to avoid buying any more gear for the rest of the season and use what I had available to me in the house… my dad’s old riding jackets, some jeans, and my Doc Martens (I skipped past my dad’s assless chaps, cowboy style riding boots and leather durags).

I made do with what I had and knew the risks associated with riding in this gear, but I couldn’t help but think in the back of my mind “How safe is this?”.

TCX Hero 2 WP Boots

My girlfriend always struggles to buy gifts for me so one day last fall she asked me “What would you like this year?”. I IMMEDIATELY scoured the internet for a new pair of riding boots. I wanted a vintage-style leather boot that wasn’t too flashy. Minimalistic and classy was the boot aesthetic I wanted to match the style of my bike. The TCX Hero 2 WP Boots caught my attention and I instantly sent them over to my girlfriend and crossed my fingers every day until Christmas finally came along.

TCX Hero 2 WP Boots

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First Impressions

Once I unwrapped the Santa-themed gift wrapping I knew right away I had got what I so desperately needed. Fresh out of the box the boots had that nice new leather smell. When I picked them up I could instantly feel the premium quality leather the boots are made out of which accurately reflected their price tag.

I slipped them on and walked around the house and was shocked at how comfortable they were given my last experience with Doc Martens which required a bit of time to break in (many blisters earned in that duration).

The TCX Hero 2’s on the other hand were ready to ride in right out of the box. On top of that, the look of the boots was even better in person. They were exactly what I had envisioned when I sought out to purchase some riding boots.

TCX Hero 2 WP Boots

Vintage Combat-Style Design

The TCX Hero 2 WP is made out of full-grain leather. They are a part of TCX’s vintage/urban lifestyle line of products. At the time of purchase, these boots were only offered in black, which luckily enough was the color I was looking for. However, I found that to be a bit of a letdown since the prior model had offered an additional brown option. In my opinion, these boots should be offered in a few more colorways to appeal to more consumers.

TCX Hero 2 WP Boots

The Hero 2’s included a zipper on the side over their predecessor’s. The side zip allows riders to put on and take off their boots with ease by avoiding the lacing system. Think about it, you only have to tie your shoes once to your preference and the zipper can be used after that!

I find this very convenient as with my old boots I had to undo the laces every time I’d take them off and then re-tie them once it was time to ride again. On top of that, try lacing up boots while wearing riding gloves. It’s damn near impossible!

The zipper also has a velcro tab located on the top that helps conceal the zip, contributing to the overall minimalistic aesthetic of the boot.

TCX Hero 2 WP Boots

The TCX Hero 2 WP comes with a reinforcement panel on top of the toe to help protect the boot from wear and tear from changing gears. It’s added on both boots, but you really only need it for the left one. It’s a great feature to have as that area will become distressed over time.

As these boots age, I have seen that the prior model still looked good with a patina. This is something I look forward to seeing with my boots after a few more seasons riding in them.

TCX Hero 2 WP Boots

For the sole, TCX has a stitched outsole with tread blocks for perfect grip on any terrain. This is essential for riding shoes as the last thing you want to do is have your feet slipping on your pegs or on rocks when you plant your feet at a stop. The tessellated tread ensures your feet stay where you plant them.

Another perk of the stitched outsole is that it’s replaceable. As these soles eventually wear down from usage, you can bring them to any cobbler in town to have them replaced. These boots are meant to LAST and the outsole quickly became one of my favorite features of the boot

Design Rating: 90%

The design of these shoes is not flashy at all. It’s minimalistic and is intended to have that vintage combat style which is exactly what I was looking for. They hide the protective elements of the boot very well when compared side by side to their predecessor. These could easily be worn for daily use as a lifestyle boot.

TCX Hero 2 WP Boots

The TCX Hero 2’s are made out of high-quality full grain leather which is soft in the upper areas for comfortable walking, have reinforcement panels where distress is common over years of use, and have a replaceable sole.

This means as long as you clean and take good care of them (which is very easy given the color and material), they will last you many seasons to come. The side zipper allows riders to effortlessly take the boot on and off without the inconvenience of tying them up before and after every ride.

Overall, the TCX Hero 2 WP is a great step up from the prior model. One suggestion on the design would be for TCX to improve the look of the sole. Compared to the rest of the boot, it does not look as aesthetically pleasing. If they took a page out of Doc Martens book and were able to maintain the performance of the tessellated tread while improving the look of the sole it would definitely take this boot to the next level.

TCX Hero 2 WP Boots

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Shockingly Comfortable

Since taking them out of the box on Christmas day I have never had a complaint about the comfort of these boots. This surprised me because I have a high arch and wide foot. In the past, I have worn boots similar in style and found them uncomfortable and required time to be broken in.

For example, my snowboarding boots are nothing short of unbearable because of the shape of my high-arched foot. After wearing them for long periods of time, my feet become numb and beg me to take them off to let blood flow back through my foot.

The TCX Hero 2’s, on the other hand, required ZERO break-in time and are without a doubt the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. My feet feel secure where they should be and when I’m walking they feel similar to low-cut sneakers.

TCX Hero 2 WP Boots

Usually with high boots you have to wear tall socks to avoid blisters at the back of your heel, but because of the soft upper grain full leather, I’m able to walk around normally and wear mid-level and thin socks in them.

Another feature of these boots that makes them so comfortable to walk in is the amount of flexibility you have. Compared to other boots I have tried on at the store these are far less rigid which makes walking around in them a breeze.

TCX Hero 2 WP Boots

Built into these boots is TCX’s T-Dry waterproof membrane. This membrane keeps your feet dry in wet conditions and also provides thermal comfort to keep your feet warm during cold rides. Living in Canada, our fall and spring can be quite cold so I do find that the thermal comfort feature can help make riding in those types of conditions a whole lot more comfortable.

The cold weather is negligible when wearing these on my feet, I have yet to complain about cold feet while riding in 5 degrees Celsius temperatures. However, I probably have the sweatiest feet in the northern hemisphere so wearing these on really hot summer days (around 25 degrees Celsius and up) can make my feet rather hot.

TCX Hero 2 WP Boots

Moving down the inside of the boot you will find an Ortholite footbed. In my opinion, this is one of the largest contributors to the comfort of the boot as these insoles offer great comfort and support to the sole of the foot.

As per Otholite, their polyurethane foam design will compress less than 5% of its thickness over the lifecycle of the insole. If you can keep up with maintenance and keep them clean, they’ll last you a lifetime.

TCX Hero 2 WP Boots

Comfort Rating – 90%

The TCX Hero 2 WP boots are hands down the most comfortable pair of boots I have ever walked in, let alone riding boots. The soft full-grain leather and flexibility allow me to walk with ease and feel no discomfort on the top of my high-arched foot.

The Ortholite foam insoles make me feel like I’m walking on clouds. The T-Dry Waterproof Membrane keeps my feet warm on cold rides and dry when the rides unexpectedly get wet. You can truly enjoy these boots on rides or walking around the local Tim Hortons parking lot. There is nothing that these boots do not provide when it comes to a comfort standpoint.

My ONLY nitpick when it comes to comfort is I would have liked to see a non-waterproof version of these boots for those riders who don’t feel they need waterproof boots. I can’t imagine living down south where the weather is mostly dry and hot, needing waterproof capabilities. It would also make these boots more breathable as they can get really warm on the inside on a hot day.

TCX Hero 2 WP Boots

High-Level Protection

Isn’t it enough to wear boots that cover your ankle to be protected while riding?

The answer is most definitely NO. Sure, a tall boot with laces will ensure that your shoe doesn’t come flying off in an accident, but you are not protected by any means in essential areas while wearing a casual boot or shoe. This is why it’s important to invest in riding gear, like the TCX Hero 2 WP, which has been tested and certified to specified standards.

These boots have been thoroughly tested and achieved CE – Cat. II – EN 13634 Standard certification. They are level 2 certified which means they are designed to ensure elevated performance levels of protection in relation to the type of driving.

These features include:

  • Reinforced toe
  • Reinforced heel
  • Reinforced Malleolus
  • Tall boot design that covers your ankle and a portion of the shin.
  • Tessellated Tread that provides high traction on any terrain
  • Waterproof

TCX Hero 2 WP Boots

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Protection Rating: 85%

Overall, these boots offer a great deal of protection to your feet from accidents, terrain and weather. The reinforced ankle, heel, and toe ensure high levels of protection. The only areas that are not protected include the shin (since they are not full length) and the dorsum of the foot.

The leather used protects the rider from abrasion. Full-grain leather is amazingly durable and abrasion-resistant, which is why leather motorcycle boots are so popular among riders.

TCX Hero 2 WP Boots

The Tessellated Tread provided me with grip in different types of terrain and helped me safely maneuver on dusty back roads with confidence. The last thing you want to worry about is your feet not having the grip to stay on your pegs or to plant at a stop firmly.

The waterproof T-Dry membrane protected me from the weather. During cold nights riding home, it was a pleasure having my feet toasty warm. The same can be said about rain since they’re waterproof.

My only other nitpick with regard to the protection of these boots is the flexibility. I feel they should be a bit more rigid for the next model to add some more protection. Not so much that the comfort for walking is compromised, but just enough that the rigidity assists in stopping the foot from bending or twisting during potential impacts.

Fit True To Size

As I’ve mentioned prior, I have a very oddly shaped foot. Oftentimes my family has said I have “dancer’s feet”. I have a high arch and to make matters worse, they’re also wide. This has given me a few headaches in the past when buying shoes.

With some shoes I found them to be too narrow which caused blisters on the side, while others were way too tight on the dorsum causing my foot to lose blood circulation. The TCX Hero 2’s however, fit fantastic out of the box and were true to size.

One thing to note concerning size, is these boots are sold in European sizing. To avoid any disappointment while ordering, please refer to Revzilla’s Size Chart.

Sizing Rating: 100%

I give TCX a perfect score for sizing. I ordered a size 10 for myself and would suggest to the reader to order the size that they normally wear. They didn’t require a break-in period at all and I have no concerns when wearing them. There’s space for wide-footed people like myself without feeling constricted and they are tight/protected in the areas that they need to be.

TCX Hero 2 WP Boots

Final Verdict – 91.25%

Here we are, the final verdict. You’ve either read through the entire review and know what I’m going to say or skipped to the very end to see what my opinion is and if you should buy these.

In short, I would highly recommend these boots from TCX. They are beautiful to look at, protective for riding, and beyond comfortable. You can wear them riding or you can wear them to your next outing. They are worth every penny of that sticker price and I would buy them (ask for them for Christmas) again… Now go order a pair for yourself!


  • Vintage combat-style design that provides a classy aesthetic
  • Shockingly comfortable with an Ortholite footbed that provides long-term cushioning and breathability
  • Easy to put on and take off with the convenient side zipper
  • Waterproof
  • Certified boots to CE – Cat. II – EN 13634 Standard (Reinforced malleolus, toe and heel counter)
  • Fits true to size and requires no break-in period
  • Built to last with leather gear shifter guard, replaceable sole, and full grain leather that patinas nicely with age
  • Tessellated tread offering grip on any type of terrain


  • Lack of variety of colorways
  • Not very rigid, thus sacrificing safety for comfort
  • Can become quite hot during the summertime due to the T-dry membrane
  • Do not offer a non-waterproof option


  • Manufacturer: TCX
  • Price: $279.99
  • Colors: Black & Brown
  • Sizes Available: 38-48 EU
  • Review Period: April-May 2024

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