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Forma Eva Women’s Boots Hands-On Review

Forma Eva Women's Boot
I do love the style of these boots, they look robust and are comfortable to wear
Forma Eva Women’s Boots Review Summary
Review Summary
The Forma Eva Women’s Boots look stylish and robust with a noticeable quality when you hold it in your hands. The small heel gives them a nice ladies touch along with the chunky zip which sits on the outside of the boot. The buckle detail and subtle logo on the strap finishes the look of the boot nicely.
Stylish CE certified boots designed for women
Very comfortable to wear with the memory foam padding
The waterproof and breathable lining will keep you dry if you get caught out in the rain
There is added protection in the ankle, heels and toes but this is nicely built into the boots so although you know the protection is there, you would not know just by looking at the boots
The short heel just gives you a little bit of lift but is not too high so you can walk around in these boots comfortably all day
The outside zip is unusually on the outside of the boot which gives extra feature to the boots
The soles of the boots are designed to look scuffed and worn, not sure what the object of this is, the heels are half worn when new and there does not appear to be much grip on the soles due to the ‘worn’ design
Top of the boots are very wide which, I think, do not look quite right, they look and feel wide especially when the boots are on
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Review Summary

  • The Forma Eva Stylish leather boots that are CE certified with built-in ankle cuffs and a reinforced heel and toe area for durable protection. Another great feature is the blended rear reflective strip for a nice cohesive look.
  • The boots are waterproof with a breathable Drytex lining that goes all the way to the top, making them a versatile choice for 3 seasons riding.
  • It has a short heel that is not too high and offers that little bit of extra height for the ladies. These boots would double up nicely as a pair of boots with casualwear.
  • The top of the boots look and feel wide when wearing them. They also come with a heel and sole with a pre-worn look which completely detracts from the aesthetic of what you’d expect as a brand new product.
Forma Eva Women's Boot in the original packaging box
The Boots when they arrived, they even looked nice in the box!

Forma Eva Women’s Boots

I particularly like the look of these boots. It is so nice to see a stylish pair of protective motorcycle boots for women to wear when riding.

Side view of the boots showing leather straps
It’s nice to see a stylish pair of women’s protective motorcycle boots

Although these boots look like a regular pair of boots, they have ankle cuffs on both sides as well as extra reinforcement on the heel and toe area but these are neatly built into the boots and do not look bulky or out of place.

For added safety there is a reflective strip on the back of the boot above the heel which has been blacked out.

The lining of the boots are fully lined drytex that goes all the way to the top of the boot. There is a band of leather around the top edge on the inside of the boot concealing the lining from the top, making it look neat and in keeping with the rest of the boot.

Interior liner of the Forma Eva Women's Boot
The Drytex lining goes to the top of the boot

They have a nice buckle and zip detail on the outside of the boot (which is unusual to start with as the zip is normally on the inside) and they have nice detailing stitching with a buckle that is secured with a popper fastening.

Closeup of the popper fastener
Nice buckle detail with popper fastening

The heel is about an inch high which is a nice height for when you are off the bike and walking around. These boots would double up nicely as a pair of boots you could wear with your jeans down the pub in the evening – perfect when touring as you only need to take one pair of boots with you.

About Forma

Forma is an Italian company founded in 1999. The company, S D E Motorsport SrL is based in Altivole (Treviso), Italy. Their products are designed and developed by their Italian team, produced in Europe and distributed to some 70 countries.

Forma characterize their motorbike boots as extremely technical products that are made from high quality materials that offer both comfort and style across their range of motorbike boots. They produce boots for an array of riders – racing, touring, urban, mx, trial and adventure riding.

Being able to offer footwear that will keep their customers safe is their main guide and their entire range of footwear is CE EN 13634: 2017 certified by Ricotest.

Forma Eva Women’s Boots Features

Waterproof Lining

The boots are fully lined with Drytex. The Drytex lining ensures that the boots will keep you dry whilst maintaining breathability to offer maximum comfort when riding.

Reflective detailing on the back of the boot
The reflective detailing on the back of the boot which blends into the boot

I like that the Drytex lining goes all the way to the top of the boot but there is approximately a two inch band of leather around the top of the inside of the boot so you do not see the lining just by looking at the boot.

Safety Features

When looking for a pair of motorcycle boots, I look to see that the boots will offer me the protection I need should the unfortunate happen.

There are ankle cuffs on both sides of the boot which I always look for in a boot and there is extra reinforcement on both the toe and heels. Again, these are things I look for when choosing a boot.

A really great feature on these boots are the reflective strip on the back just above the heel which has been blacked out, so although this is a safety feature, you wouldn’t know that just by looking at the boot, it blends in nicely.


On the outside of the boots are silver zippers to make putting the boots on easier.

Closeup of the zipper
Chunky outside unbranded zipper

It is quite a chunky zip with a matching metal pull which does suit the styling of the boot. The zippers are not branded though so I am unsure of the quality.

Silver zip buckle and popper
The silver zip buckle and popper, none of which are branded

There is a strap across the front of each boot which goes through a silver buckle and is secured with a matching silver popper. Again these are not branded.


There is detailed stitching on the boots which not only adds reinforcement to the structure of the boot but also looks nice and adds features to the boots. The stitching is black so blends in really well too.

Closeup of the side stitching on the boots
Nice detailed stitching

Heel and Sole

The heel on these boots is approximately 1 inch high and is black in color along with the sole. There is mock stitching around the edge of the sole.

Preworn heel on the new boots
The one inch heel that comes ‘half worn’

For me, the heel is a nice height for walking around when parked up. I personally like a bit of a heel on my boots, I think they add style to the boot.

What I am very unsure about though is why the heel and sole have been made to look worn when they are brand new.

Closeup of the soles with a preworn look
The heel and soles that come new with a worn look – these are brand new, out of the box!

The heel looks half worn and where they have been made to look worn on both the heel and sole, there is significantly less grip.

I do not like this feature at all, I would prefer to have more grip on the soles of my boots especially when moving the bike around and indeed, just riding the bike. I like to know that when I put my foot down, it will not just slip away from me on the ground due to lack of grip. This is especially bad in wet conditions.

For a complete list of features, check out the RevZilla product page.

Forma Eva Women’s Boots Construction


The boots are made from full-grain oiled treated leather together with a padded full-grain leather tongue. The sole is made from a double density rubber.

The lining of the boot is not only antibacterial but it is also Drytex which offers both waterproof and breathable qualities.

Closeup of the footbed on the inside of the boots

The footbed is both antibacterial and replaceable with APS (Air Pump System) which offers good ventilation within the boot and cushions against impact when walking.

These boots are CE Level 2 rated too conforming to EN13634:2017 standards giving you that extra peace of mind that these are quality boots that will offer you protection when riding.

Care Instructions

Before I went out in these boots, I treated them with a leather protector which not only helps to keep the leather supple and looking nice but also helps to keep the boots waterproof.

I regularly treat my boots to keep them in a nice condition.


The branding on the boots are very discreet. The word ‘Forma’ is branded in black on the strap across the front just to the side.

Forma branding on the front of the boot strap
The only ‘Forma’ branding on the boots

And that it is. No other branding appears on the boots.


The boots come in a good range of sizes: 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42.

I would suggest using the chart function on the website to help determine sizing.

I ordered my usual size boots and found that they felt a little large around my heel and ankle and they slipped a little when walking. To combat this I wore two pairs of socks whilst wearing the boots.


When these boots first arrived, when I saw the heel and sole I thought they had been worn previously as the heel looks half worn and the sole looked like half the grip was missing.

Although there is a zip at the side of the boot and a strap feature, I did find that I did not have to undo either of these to get my foot into the boot.

Forma Eva Women's Boot
I did find there was quite a gap at the top of the boots

The top of the boots are quite wide, in fact I would say too wide. I normally wear kevlar leggings when riding and my legs looked a little odd when wearing the boots. They definitely looked like I could get another leg in there too!

If you are wearing jeans with the boots, I think you wouldn’t notice so much how wide the top of the boot appears.

I also found my foot slipped about in the boot when walking although, according to Forma’s size chart, I did order the correct size.

Having said that, these boots are very comfortable to wear (I just put on an extra pair of socks to stop my foot slipping).

Forma Eva Women's Boot
I do love the style of these boots, they look robust and are comfortable to wear

I really love the styling and feel of these boots, you can tell by the feel of the boots, that they are a quality bit of kit. I go touring on my bike so to have a pair of boots that would quite easily double up to wear in the evening too with a pair of jeans, is ideal.

I like the discreet branding and the ankle, heel and toe protection. You know they are in the boot but you (and everyone else) cannot see this.

I personally like the color of the boot, I normally wear a black boot with black leggings and then a leather jacket when riding but some may think the limited range of color (just black) is too limiting and would prefer to have a colored boot, it is of course personal preference.

Rider with the boots on a Royal Enfield motorcycle
The Forma Eva Women’s Boots do look cool when on the bike

Priced at $219 USD / $288 CAD / £170, this is certainly a considered purchase for a pair of boots, but you are getting a lot of boot for your money.

As a quality CE rated pair of boots that are both stylish and offer you the protection you need when riding, I think the Forma Eva Women’s Boots are a great addition to your motorbike wardrobe.


  • Manufacturer: Forma Boots USA
  • Price: (When Tested) $219 USD
  • Made In: Pakistan
  • Colors: Black
  • Sizes: 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42
  • Review Period: May – July 2023

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