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Best Women's Motocross Boots


Priced under $200.

Alpinestars Web GTX


Priced $200 - $350.

Forma Adventure


Priced $351+.

alpinestars tech 3 motocross boots

Key Specs

• TPU calf protector plate

• TPU medial protector panel; VELCRO® brand closures

• TPR flap for broad ranging calf fit

• Biomechanical medial blade system

• Triple TPU buckle straps

• 3 quick release polymer buckles

• Metal shank

• Toe reinforcement

• Replaceable EVA footbed

• Replaceable sole

• CE certified

Protection & Safety

Foams surrounds the ankles and collar offer comfort and shock absorbing performance

TPU shin plate connected with the TPU medial protector panel prevents hard core injury when starting out.

New closure system includes 3 polymer buckles and a quick release/locking system with self-aligning design for easy and accessible closure. The buckles are also replaceable.

Key Specs

• Metal shank

• Snap-Lock four buckles

• Durable Goodyear welt sole

• Metal toe guard

• Air mesh interior

• Synthetic leather heat shield

• Rear pull tab

• Replacement straps and buckles sold separately

Protection & Safety

Durable Goodyear welt sole made for stability and reliable form.

Metal toe guard to protect the sole against delaminating.

Microfiber with all around TPU reinforcements made for impact.

alpinestars tech 7 motocross boots

Key Specs

• Aluminum replaceable buckles

• TPU lateral ankle protection system

• Steel shank

• Toe reinforcements

• Breathable mesh 3D liner

• Removable anatomic footbed

• Replaceable sole and footpeg

• CE rated

• Microfiber gaiter

• Anti-slide microfiber suede on the heel

Protection & Safety

TPU metal shin plate is anatomically profiled and has a dual folding system, with a Velcro attachment to provide a more customized seal.

Aluminum buckles are self-aligning and have quick release closure systems that properly secure and are replaceable if damaged.

Boot chassis is designed with an ergonomically profiled forefoot and lower toe-box to provide easier shifting and improved rear brake feel and control.

Key Specs

• Lightweight and slimmer

• Duratac inner rubber burn compound

• Hinge Lockout system

• 3D airflow mesh

• Low-ride chassis

• Slim reinforced toe box

• Synthetic leather and TPU shell

• Replaceable sole

Protection & Safety

Hing lockout system for instant hyperextension safeguard.

Lightweight and simple design with synthetic leather and a harder TPU shell gives a cleaner look that still is crash resistant.

Duratec rubber compound for a slimmer and reinforced style.

alpinestars tech 10 supervented motocross boots

Key Specs

• Durable and Lightweight

• Nylon and fiberglass buckles with self aligning closure and quick release

• Replaceable buckles

• Waterproof Microfiber gaiter

• Abrasion-resistant TPU shell.

• Frontal Flexion Control Frame

• TPU connector system

• Asymmetrical Dual-pivot Arm frame

• Dynamic Heel Compression Protector (DHCP)

• Calf and shin protector plates

• Inner ankle brace

• Duel compound removable foot shell

• Anti-slip suede in heel area

• Full sole replacement service

• Boot repair service

Protection & Safety

The Frontal Flex Frame flexion control system provides a more 3D motion control while preventing over-compression and hyper-extension.

TPU protection and shock absorbing padding on the heel and ankles with a removable anatomic footbed includes EVA for comfort and support.

DHCP is an innovative safety feature that includes a fully integrated collapsible heel area with expanded poly-foam to absorb high impact energies during a crash.

sidi crossfire 3srs motocross boots

Key Specs

• Duel Flex system

• Adjustable calf system

• Adjustable cam lock buckles

• Plastic shift and brake toe guards

• Removable arch support

• Dovetail SR anti-skid rubber sole

• Deeper sole boat

• Technomicro base material

• Inner heat shield

• Replaceable central strap system

• Weather proof lined teflon

• Replaceable bolt on parts

• Replaceable shin plate

Protection & Safety

The Dual Flex system used on the SIDI Crossfire 3 SRS limits lateral hyperflexion and creates a hard stop safety feature to protect the ankle joint.

The adjustable calf plate system adheres to each rider no matter their size or gear layed inside. The adjustable diameter and heat resistant inner plate protects and conforms to the leg for leading protection and mobility.

Cam-lock buckle system with set straps that stay in the same position for a snug fit for every type of ride

gaerne sg-12 boots

Key Specs

• Breathable swiss ACRONOS Gaiter

• Thermoplastic adjustable shin plate

• Four lightweight alloy buckles with adjustable strap

• Inner leg grip guard

• Slimmer reinforced toe box

• Dual-stage ankle pivot system

• Memory foam interior

• Dual composite anti-shock rubber sole

• High quality Italian craftsmanship

Protection & Safety

The Dual Stage Pivot System is patented to only Gaerne that features a "Razorback" component that offers strong lateral support and a second pivot which gives a rider's foot a more natural movement.

Gaerne Memory Cell Foam conforms to even the smallest feet and gives an overtly plush comfortable fit before and after a ride.

The new slimmer toe box proves a better conformed area that allows for an easier feel to shift and drag to that rear brake.