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REV’IT! Pioneer GTX Waterproof Boots Hands-On Review

Side vide of REV'IT Pioneer GTX Boot on motorcycle floorboard
REV'IT! Pioneer GTX Waterproof Boots Review Summary
Review Summary
The REV'IT! Pioneer GTX Boots are effective multi-season waterproof boots. They offer good comfort and flexibility while off the bike, and innovative features like the BOA system make it easy to get the right fit. I wish they offered a bit more protection for the price, but you should still give these a close look if you are in the market for all-around mid-height touring/adventure boots.
Build Quality
Solid construction
Flexible enough for walking
Gore-Tex waterproofing
CE Level 2 protectors throughout
Excellent fit using the BOA system
Reasonably lightweight
Vibram sole provides excellent traction
Confusing sizing (that could just be me)
Not tall enough for off-road adventure riding
High price

REV’IT! Pioneer GTX Boots: Mid-season, Mid-length Gore-Tex Boots

Three-quarter profile of REV'IT Pioneer GTX Boots

At the start of the season, I was looking at new products coming to the market. I saw the REV’IT! Pioneer GTX Boots and thought I would like to give these a go and put in the request. By early July, I had forgotten about the request. I was pleasantly surprised by a package from  RevZilla with the boots. It was perfect timing, as I was joining friends on a 1500 km trip the following week.

The Pioneer GTX are waterproof adventure/touring motorcycle boots for around $470 USD. In addition, they have Gore-Tex waterproofing, ankle protection, and superb comfort.

I tested the boots on two different bikes. The first was a touring motorcycle (a Yamaha Stratoliner), and the second was a naked bike (a Kawasaki ZRX).

About REV’IT!

REV’IT! has been around since the mid-1990s. They have produced gear to make the rider feel safe, confident, and stylish.

REV’IT! has three foundational pillars Design, Performance, and Innovation. These are the guiding forces that have shaped REV’IT! since its inception.

I would like to thank  RevZilla for providing the opportunity to review the REV’IT! Pioneer GTX Boots.

REV’IT Pioneer GTX Boot Features

Several features stand out on the Pioneer GTX boots—with some well-known labels to boot (sorry; I couldn’t resist). The following are all well-known (if not leading) brands for what they bring to gear, and they’re all a part of the Pioneer GTX boots:

Gore-Tex logo GORE-TEX membrane waterproofing
BOA logo BOA closure system
Ortholite logo OrthoLite insole X40 foam and PP insole with integrated shank
Vibram logo Vibram Apex Sole

Visit the REV’IT! Pioneer GTX product page for a complete list of features.

First Impressions of the REV’IT Pioneer GTX Boots

When I first opened the package, I was immediately impressed by the technology used in these boots: Gore-Tex, BOA, Vibram, and OrthoLite. Add to that what I think is attractive styling. The boots are well constructed, giving a quality look and feel.

The first ride was the first day of a three-day 1500 km trip. I just hoped they would be comfortable, and they were.

Collage of images of REV'IT Pioneer GTX Boots

Box for REV'IT Pioneer GTX Boots


After several weeks of riding, these are my thoughts on the REV’IT! Pioneer GTX Boots.

REV’IT! Pioneer GTX Boot Construction

Based on the label inside the boot, it appears that we have returned to the days of hieroglyphics.

Label signifying materials used in REV'IT Pioneer GTX Boots

I will attempt to translate with help from the REV’IT! product page.


1st Row – Outershell (leather and textile)

  • Water Resistant Suede Leather
  • Omega Leather
  • Cordura 500D

2nd Row – Inner Lining (textile)

  • 3D Mesh

3rd Row – Sole (other material)

  • Vibram Apex Multi-layer Sole

Ankle openings in REV'IT Pioneer GTX Boots


The REV’IT! Pioneer GTX Boots feature multiple layers of protection:

  • Injected ankle cup
  • Reinforced side panel
  • SEESOFT™ protection at tongue
  • Thermoformed heel cup
  • TPU ankle disk

Protective features on REV'IT Pioneer GTX Boots

There is a CE standard for motorcycle boots, EN 13634:2017. I will attempt a brief explanation.

On the CE label pictured below, the motorcycle icon indicates that these are motorcycle boots. Below the icon is the CE standard tested—in this case, EN13634:2017—and a series of four numbers. Each number represents a specific test result (1 or 2) in the following order (from left to right):

  • Height (1 – Ankle Height, 2 – Shin Height)
  • Abrasion (1 – Basic Pass, 2 – Superior Pass)
  • Impact Cut (1 – Basic Pass, 2 – Superior Pass)
  • Transverse Rigidity (1 – Basic Pass, 2 – Superior Pass)

The final line represents optional testing. This may include:

  • IPA/IPS – Impact protection to the ankle and/or shin
  • WR – Resistance to water penetration
  • FO – Resistance to fuel and oil on sole
  • SRA/SRB/SRC – Slip resistance of sole
  • B – Breathability of uppers
  • WAD – Water absorption/desorption if inner

CE label inside REV'IT Pioneer GTX Boot

These boots are certified according to the EN 13634 Standard, published in 2017 and have achieved level 2 | 2 | 2 | 2 | WR | SRB rating. Well done!


The Pioneer GTX boots use Gore-Tex Performance Comfort waterproofing. Performance Comfort is a 4-layer laminate offering weather protection and comfort.

Diagram showing how Gore-Tex membrane works

Gore-Tex label on REV'IT Pioneer GTX Boot

The tongue is gusseted, allowing the waterproofing to reach the height of almost eight inches. Using the boots inside waterproof riding pants should be no issue riding in the rain or shallow water. However, you could be in trouble if you get stuck in a stream deeper than six inches. As we know, waterproof boots full of water become boot-shaped pails.

Measuring tape against side of REV'IT Pioneer GTX Boot to show dimensions


REV’IT! states, ‘The unique Boa® fit system makes for a perfect fit, an extremely fast closure, and a very lightweight boot. Enter the shoe, push the knob to engage, turn it for the perfect fit, and pull up on the knob for a quick release. Once locked in place, the Boa® reels and laces stay that way. Made from aircraft-grade stainless steel, Boa® laces are stronger per gram than tank armor.’

While I can’t confirm lace strength, I can confirm the BOA lacing system keeps things snug. This system allowed for a wide opening. Simply slide your foot in and turn the BOA dial until you reach your desired tightness. To remove, pop the dial out and give the tongue a light tug.

I found the system to work wonderfully!

BOA lacing system for REV'IT Pioneer GTX Boots


REV’IT! has partnered with OrthoLite to produce the insole. They used the X40 insole, specifically for its high-rebound and elastic qualities and low compression over time.

Soles in REV'IT Pioneer GTX Boots


Another partnership, this time with Vibram, was used to create the Apex sole.

The sole provides good grip and stability. Additionally, the multi-density EVA layer absorbs shock when riding or walking.

Soles of REV'IT Pioneer GTX Boots

Side of REV'IT Pioneer GTX Boot

Reflective Elements

There is a small reflective strip on the back of each heel. It’s hard to make boots that truly function as hi-viz motorcycle gear, but every little bit helps.

Reflective element on rear of REV'IT Pioneer GTX Boot


The branding is minimal with white on black. REV’IT! branding is on the outside of the heel. Additionally, you can find the REV’IT! logo on the bottom of the heel.

There is also branding for Gore-Tex and BOA.

Although the branding is obvious, it is at the same time subtle.


The REV’IT Pioneer GTX Boots come in any color you want, as long as it is black.

Overall Build Quality

The REV’IT! Pioneer GTX boots appear to be very well put together. During my review period, I have not encountered any problems with the build quality.

REV’IT! Pioneer GTX Boot Fit & Feel


I typically wear size 11 shoes, but I always refer to the sizing charts.

Here’s where the fun starts. I found three different sizing charts.

The following REV’IT footwear sizing chart is from RevZilla: (the official REV’IT site is similar but does not have sizes 37 or 48 at the time of this writing).

REV’IT Men’s Footwear Sizing

REV’IT’s conversion chart from EU to US sizing has changed over the years. We recommend knowing your EU footwear size.

37 5.5
38 6.5
39 7
40 8
41 8.5
42 9.5
43 10.5
44 11
45 12
46 12.5
47 13.5
48 14

Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.

Sizing conversion chart for REV'IT Pioneer GTX Boots

What I got:

Sizing tag for REV'IT Pioneer GTX Boots

And the winner is… the box!

According to the box, there is no size 11. So, size 11.5 makes sense. If I had ordered from the REV’IT!/RevZilla charts, I should have ordered a size 44, which would equate to a size 10, which would be too small. Are you following me?

How I ordered a 46 to begin with without seeing the box, I have no idea.

In the end, the boots fit with space for some thick woolies for our cold Canadian spring and fall riding.

The Pioneer GTX comes in 12 sizes: 36 (5.5) to 48 (14) or 37 (4) to 47 (12), depending on the source. Both  RevZilla and REV’IT! have chat lines. You may want to use one (or both) of them.


One of the things that attracted me to the Pioneer GTX boots is that they are marketed as ‘specifically developed for adventure riding while offering the comfort of a trekking boot at the same time.’

Out of the box, I found them to be stiff, stiffer than typical hiking boots. I would attribute this to them being new, and they seem higher than typical hiking boots. That said, they loosened significantly after a couple of days of use.

I wouldn’t want to trek 10 km in them, but if you are stuck in the woods, you could. They were great for running errands, walking around points of interest while traveling, or hanging out after a ride.

I liked the ease of putting on the boots and taking them off. I attribute this to the BOA cable lacing system and the sizeable gusseted tongue. An additional comfort item is the integrated gear shift pad. It is molded into the toe and side panel.

Last but not least is temperature control. I used the boots mostly in warm summer weather and have had no issue with my feet getting hot (or smelly). I had no problems with my feet getting cold on a couple of cooler mornings. I will be trying the boots out with thicker socks this fall. I don’t anticipate any issues.

The mid-height seems to hit a sweet spot for my riding type. Overall I would rate the comfort of the Pioneer GTX boots as EXCELLENT!

Care Instructions

I would recommend cleaning with a leather cleaner. Suede areas can be cleaned once dry with a soft brush.

For details, please visit REV’IT! Wash and Care Instructions and Gore-Tex Care Instructions.


REV’IT! offers a 2-year warranty on the complete collection. In addition, REV’IT! products produced with the GORE-TEX membrane (e.g., waterproofing and breathability) are subject to the GORE-TEX “Guaranteed to keep you dry” warranty.

For details, please visit the REV’IT! Warranty page.

REV’IT! Pioneer GTX Boot Road Testing

I received the boots in early July, and as luck would have it, I had a trip with several friends—nine bikes riding in the Temagami region of northern Ontario. It was nine days of great weather and great roads—but most importantly, great friends. Thank you to Mike, Brenda, and Joe for hosting.

From the side of the box:

Riders standing near motorcycles outside, including author wearing REV'IT Pioneer GTX Boots

Some of the Temagami crew.

Most of my use was between 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit) and 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit), including great weather on the trip. However, I was able to get out for several rides since, including tracking down some rainy weather.

There are days in the spring and fall when the temperature is just above freezing when I head out for an all-day ride. I look forward to seeing how the boots work in the cold.

At the other end of the temperature range, I found the boots worked great up to 32 °C. Although I was hot and sweaty, the issue was with the rest of my body, not my feet.

The REV’IT! Pioneer GTX is waterproof. I had the opportunity to use the boots in light rain. Not much of a test. So, how about some water hose action and a dangle in the swimming pool? The hose was no match for the Pioneer GTX boots. With the pool, I attempted to see how deep I could get the boots before I felt any water intrusion. I managed to get over half the BOA dial (about 8.5 inches) underwater before feeling a trickle of water.

Water from garden hose being sprayed on REV'IT Pioneer GTX Boots

REV'IT Pioneer GTX Boot submerged in water

The boots use Gore-Tex Performance Comfort technology. This laminated technology allows for a comfortable, lightweight, and breathable pair of boots.

When on the bike, the Vibram sole felt planted when stopped in wet and dry conditions on pavement and loose gravel. The sole also felt comfortable on the floorboards of the Stratoliner and the pegs for the ZRX.

I had the opportunity to make several fifteen-minute walks. The Vibram sole and the Orthlite insole made walking very comfortable.

The boots worked great. My feet were comfortable in all conditions. I have used the boots in various situations around town, on secondary and major highways, and even a short stint on some dirt roads.

Final Thoughts about the REV’IT Pioneer GTX Boots

This usually is where I start with the negatives, quickly followed by the positives. To be honest, however, I am having difficulty finding negatives for how I used the Pioneer GTX boots.

Here goes, though: first, they are pricey (although it’s worth noting that at the time of this writing, RevZilla has them on sale).

Second, if you are looking for proper adventure boots to go off-road, I think you need taller boots for added protection. REV’IT has a tall version of these boots called the Discovery GTX. Also, check out the latest WBW Guide for Adventure and Touring Boots.

If you have made it this far, you know that I think there are plenty of positives: comfort, a functional mid-height design, Gore-Tex waterproofing, Vibram sole, easy-to-use BOA lacing, levels of protection, and so on.

Coincidently, I have decided that my next bike will likely be an adventure-style bike. I enjoy riding back roads but hate turning around when the road changes to gravel. Often I will continue for a way on the gravel but never feel comfortable on either of my current bikes. My intent is not to go off-road (at least yet) but off the pavement.

In fact, during this review period, I have sold my beloved ZRX 1100.

So, for the rider who wants to add more adventure with his touring, REV’IT! has hit one out of the park with the Pioneer GTX boots.

Close-up of REV'IT Pioneer GTX Boots on floorboards of motorcycle


  • Manufacturer: REV’IT!
  • Price: (When Tested) $470 USD
  • Made In: Romania
  • Colors: Black
  • Sizes: 38 to 47 (5.5 to 14)
  • Review Period: July – August 2022

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