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best mens motocross boots


Priced under $300.

Alpinestars Web GTX


Priced $300 - $500

Forma Adventure


Priced $500+.

Key Specs

Goodyear microfiber stitched sole

Polyurethane reinforcements on the ankle, toe, and shin

Adjustable aluminum buckles

Air Tech lining

Elasticated upper collar

Steel toe cap

Enduro and MX rubber tread

Protection & Safety

Their fastening system with four interchangeable and adjustable aluminum levers is straightforward and functional.

Goodyear-constructed polyurethane footbed with differentiated variable densities, fitted with a steel insert to ensure protection in case of impact. Also, a rubber midsole is sewn in place making the sole highly resistant to wear and tear, but it also has an easy replacement process.

The breathable Air Tech lining ensures maximum comfort even during the warmest season, keeping the foot area dry and ventilated.

Key Specs

Durable Microfiber synthetic upper

Burn guard and calf guard

Air mesh lining for comfort and breathability

Adjustable four buckle closure system

Internal composite insole board provides stability and support

Fox POSITAC rubber on the outsole

Available in half sizes

TPU plating on the shin, toe cap, heel cap, and calf guard

Resoleable rubber outsole

Protection & Safety

PosiTac™ rubber compound is a durable rubber compound exclusive to Fox and used on both the outsole and burn guard to deliver maximum durability. The slim and flat medial side design increases the surface area to keep you in close contact with the bike.

TPU plating on the shin, toe cap, heel cap, and calf guard protects from rough terrain and the bike.

This patented, 4-buckle system is rigid, wearing plastic, provides a durable, secure closure, and comes with extended-length levers for easy opening and closing.

Key Specs

3D plastic shift panel

3D impact resistance shin

The 4-stage high-grip sole design

Outsole rubber compound

Flexible plastic Inner ankle panel

Adjustable quick-lock three buckle closure system

Rubber heat shields on bike facing sides of each boot

CE Approved

Protection & Safety

4-stage sole design. Stage one is a perforated plush insole resting above the innovative second stage, an injected midsole with a unique fishbone design that is light but incredibly strong. Stage three is a fishbone foam layer designed to transfer shock and vibration, encased in the final stage, an anti-vibration molded traction sole.

The rubber heat shield is long lasting, won’t melt, and provides a good grip.

3D plastic shift panel with added grooves and texture to save your boots from premature wear.

alpinestars tech 7 motocross boots

Key Specs

Aluminum replaceable buckles

TPU lateral ankle protection system

Steel shank

Toe reinforcements

Breathable mesh 3D liner

Removable anatomic footbed

Replaceable sole and footpeg

CE rated

Microfiber gaiter

Anti-slide microfiber suede on the heel

Protection & Safety

TPU metal shin plate is anatomically profiled and has a dual folding system with a Velcro attachment to provide a more customized seal.

Aluminum buckles are self-aligning and have quick-release closure systems that properly secure and are replaceable if damaged.

Boot chassis is designed with an ergonomically profiled forefoot and lower toe-box to provide more effortless shifting and improved rear brake feel and control.

Fox Racing Instinct 2.0

Key Specs

All-new ULTRATAC compound, on the outsole and inner side of boot, provides the highest level of grip

New patented forged metal buckle system provides a durable, secure closure, and precise fit

Air mesh treated Microban antimicrobial liner helps control odor

Patented composite nylon-fiberglass insole board provides stability in the heel and flex in the ball of the foot

Resoleable outsole for a longer lasting boot even after wear and tear

Microfiber synthetic leather upper for superior fit, flex, and durability

Sleek medial design (inner side of the boot) keeps you in close contact with the bike

Less volume in the toe box for easy shifting and a sleeker overall profile

Composite nylon-fiberglass cuff secures and protects the ankle

Low ride chassis brings the foot closer to the footpeg for an enhanced feel

Protection & Safety

TPU plating on shin, toe cap, heel cap and calf guard gives the rider our fullest coverage.

Anti-shock midsole and heel pad provides impact resistance, stability and support on the foot peg

Patented hinge lockout stops motion before hyperextension and improves back and forth mobility

Key Specs

SlideLock system

Forged aluminum buckles with Over-lock system

FlexLock System: Adjustable lower boot flex for personal preference

Force Reduction on ankles and knees

Low-profile toe box for easy gear shifting

3D-shaped impact foam

Heel grip ankle design for stability when riding on your toes

Enduro pattern sole for grip

DualZone hardness

Extended foot peg riding zone for arch and on-the-toes riding style

Steel shank reinforced

Breathable mesh 3D liner with

anti-slip liner for zero heel lift

CE tested and certified

Protection & Safety

Slide-lock system allows the Velcro to slide one way and auto-lock in the desired position without having to adjust your straps and Velcro every time you step into your boots.

3D-shaped impact foam inside the boot for a snug grip at the ankle and softening impacts.

The GPX 5.5 boots also have interchangeable inserts that allow riders to reduce lateral flexibility.

Alpinestars Tech 10 men's motocross boots

Key Specs

Durable and Lightweight

Nylon and fiberglass buckles with self-aligning closure and quick release

Replaceable buckles

Waterproof Microfiber gaiter

Abrasion-resistant TPU shell

Frontal Flexion Control Frame

TPU connector system

Asymmetrical Dual-pivot Arm frame

Dynamic Heel Compression Protector (DHCP)

Calf and shin protector plates

Inner ankle brace

Duel compound removable foot shell

Anti-slip suede in heel area

Full sole replacement service

Boot repair service

Protection & Safety

The Frontal Flex Frame flexion control system provides a more 3D motion control while preventing over-compression and hyper-extension.

TPU protection and shock absorbing padding on the heel and ankles with a removable anatomic footbed includes EVA for comfort and support.

DHCP is an innovative safety feature that includes a fully integrated collapsible heel area with expanded poly-foam to absorb high-impact energies during a crash.

SIDI Crossfires 3 SRS men's motocross boots

Key Specs

Duel Flex system

Adjustable calf system

Adjustable cam lock buckles

Plastic shift and brake toe guards

Removable arch support

Dovetail SR anti-skid rubber sole

Deeper sole boat

Technomicro base material

Inner heat shield

Replaceable central strap system

Weatherproof lined teflon

Replaceable bolt-on parts

Replaceable shin plate

Protection & Safety

The Dual Flex system used on the SIDI Crossfire 3 SRS limits lateral hyperflexion and creates a hard stop safety feature to protect the ankle joint.

The adjustable calf plate system adheres to each rider, no matter their size or gear layered inside. The adjustable diameter and heat-resistant inner plate protect and conform to the leg for leading protection and mobility.

Cam-lock buckle system with set straps that stay in the same position for a snug fit for every type of ride.

gaerne sg-12 boots

Key Specs

Breathable swiss ACRONOS Gaiter

Thermoplastic adjustable shin plate

Four lightweight alloy buckles with adjustable strap

Inner leg grip guard

Slimmer reinforced toe box

Dual-stage ankle pivot system

Memory foam interior

Dual composite anti-shock rubber sole

High-quality Italian craftsmanship

Protection & Safety

The Dual Stage Pivot System is patented to only Gaerne that features a "Razorback" component that offers strong lateral support and a second pivot that gives a rider's foot a more natural movement.

Gaerne Memory Cell Foam conforms to even the most petite feet and gives an overtly plush comfortable fit before and after a ride.

The new slimmer toe box proves a better-conformed area allowing a more effortless feel to shift and drag to that rear brake.

What are the major differences between men’s and women’s motocross boots?

In general, men’s motocross boots are 1.5 to 2 sizes above an equivalently labeled women’s boot. As well, due to the biological fact that men’s feet are generally wider and longer, some men’s motocross boots come in both standard and wide foot sizes.

Are there any male specific features with these boots?

Due to the density and size of men’s ankles and calves, men’s motocross boots generally have robust ankle support and taller uppers. As well, these boots often feature a wider profile and flatter insoles with more rearward arch support due to how men’s feet are naturally shaped. Due to the weight these boots need to carry, they are often also heavier pound for pound with a similar women’s boot.

Are motocross boots waterproof?

As a general rule, no. Motocross boots are designed for maximum airflow, as well as providing a strong chassis for the heavy-duty armor they carry. There really isn’t any place for a waterproof membrane layer to fit in. If you want waterproofing with a similar level of armor, ADV boots would probably be a better option

Will motocross boots work with other types of riding like ADV or dual-sport?

Yes, they do. They are designed for extended periods of standing on the pegs, rough and tumble terrain, and supporting your feet when coming down from a big jump. They may not be the best option for adventure bikes, but would work very well with a dual-sport bike and trail riding.

Can motocross boots be ridden on the street?

In practice, yes they can. However, there are boots better suited to road riding, with armor and other features designed to work better with the types of bikes that are ridden on the street. That isn’t to say they won’t protect your feet on the street, they’re just not optimized for street use. 

What are the most common materials used in motocross boots?

For the main boot chassis, it is almost entirely perforated microfiber synthetic leather now, or some variation of it. Armor is almost entirely hard TPU, with some flexible TPU around the buckles so that the boot can be pulled tight around the shin and calf without sacrificing protection.