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Waterproof Boot Reviews

Dainese Long Range D-WP C2 Boots Review  |  Alpinestars Roam Waterproof Boots  |  New Treds Motorcycle Rain Boots  |  Sidi Strada Evo Rain Boots  |  Treds Rain Overboots  

Urban Motorcycle Boot Reviews

VQuattro San Remo Boots Review  |  VQuattro Milano Paperboy Boots Review VQuattro Milano Academy Boots Review  |  Dainese Dyno C2b Shoes Review  Thorogood American Made Work Boots

Short Boot Reviews

RS Taichi RSS006 Drymaster Shoes Review  |  Tourmaster Response 2.0 WP Road Boots Review  |  Sidi Nitro Boots  |  TCX X-Cube Boots Review  |  Dainese Asphalt Shoes Review  |  Alpinestars CR-4 Gore-Tex XCR Boots  |  Shift Kicker Street Shoes  |  Icon Accelerant Boots  |  Sidi Slash Boots  |  BMW Street Sneaker 3 Boots  |  Icon Tarmac Boots  | Sidi Doha Boots  |  Falco Novo Boots  | TCX Jupiter 2 XCR Boots  |  Rev'it Air Blend and Fighter Boots  |  SHIFT Fuel Street Shoe Rev'it Freestyle Boots  |  Tour Master Response SC Road Boots  |  Alpinestars Recon Boots  |  Roadgear TDF Boots  |  Setup Pegaso Air Vented Boots  |  Vendramini Aero Boots  |  Kochmann Scout Boots  |  Alt-Berg Hogg Lite II Boots

wBW Motorcycle Boot Reviews

Sidi Armada Boots Review  |  BMW Santiago Boots  |  Sidi Fusion Boots  |  Sidi Sport Rain Boots  |  Sidi B2 Boots  |  Rev'it Apache Boots  |  Rev'it! Fusion Boots  |  Oxtar Matrix Boots  |  Vendramini Marathon Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle Racing/Sport Boot Reviews

Sidi Mag-1 Boots Review  |  Sidi ST Boots  |  Diadora Xtreme Boots  |  Falco ESO TT Boots  |  Sidi Vortice Boots  | Sidi Vortice Boots First Look  |  TCX SS Performance 2 Boots  |  Gaerne GRS Race Boots  |  Oxtar TCS Sport Motorcycle Boots  | 

Tactical Boot Reviews

Tactical Boots for Motorcycle Riding: Ridge Outdoors 9000 Ultimate Zipper Boots vs. Blackhawk Warrior Wear Light Assault Boots

Hot Weather Motorcycle Boot Reviews

Sidi Traffic Air Boots Review

Adventure Touring Boot Reviews

Sidi Adventure Gore-Tex Boots Review  |  Falco Mixto Boots Review  |  Falco 480 Raid Boots  |  Sidi Discovery Rain Boots  |  Sidi Canyon Gore-Tex Boots  |  SIDI On Road Gore-Tex Boots

Motocross and Off-Road Boot Reviews

Gaerne Motocross Boots Review Part 2  |  Gaerne GX-1, SG10 and SG12 Off-Road Boots Review  |  Sidi Crossfire Boots  |  Vendramini Elephant Boots

Touring Boot Reviews

Aeromoto Dry Tour Boots Review  |  Vitesse "Glove" Boots  |  Roadgear XKJ Boots  |  Specter Road Men's Leather Boots

Women's Motorcycle Boot Reviews

Sidi Apex Lei Boots Review  |  Sidi Jasmine Rain Boots  |  Frey Daytona Lady Star GTX Boots  |  TCX Sunray Boots  |  Sidi Vertigo Lei Women's Race Boots  | Sidi Doha Boots  |  Rev'it Jade Boots  |  Specter Road Women's Motorcycle Boots

More Motorcycle Boots

2013 Falco Boots  |  Sidi Announces 5 New Boots for 2011  |  Sidi 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Vortice Boots  |  Owner's Report: Vendramini VR 500 Boots  |  Sidi Vertigo Boots

Motorcycle Boot Information

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Motorcycle Boot Repair: Anthony's Leather Works is the official U.S. Dainese boot repair contractor (Corona del Mar, California)  |  Resole America is the official Sidi boot repair contractor (Warrenton, Virginia)

Motorcycle Rain Boots: See the wBW review of Treds Overboots - heavy-duty waterproof boots for riding in the rain

Motorcycle Racing - Sport Touring Boots: Firstgear announces new line of motorcycle boots for 2013  |  Motonation announces optional Sidi boot warranty  |  Alpinestars makes some nice street, dirt and track boots  Diadora Italian motorcycle boots worn by many famous racers  |  FREY Daytona - aka "Daytona" boots  |  Gaerne is popular with off-roaders in the U.S.A. but they have a full line of street and race boots also  |  IXS-USA - Swiss clothing and motorcycle boots  |  Oxtar is now TCX Boots  |  Kochmann is a German company that has been making boots for over 100 years, including the Greyhound and Redbike brands; see our review of the Kochmann Scout Boots  |  Prexport makes some pretty nice boots also; here's the Prexport USA website  |  SIDI is probably the most popular motorcycle boot manufacturer with many styles of street and race boots, available in the U.S.A. through Motonation, the distributor  |  StylMartin boots are made in Italy and they have some very cool designs in racing, sport and touring boots; hard to find though, mostly available in Europe  |  Teknic makes boots and gloves  |  Vendramini has been making motorcycling boots since 1919  |  XPD Boots are made by SPIDI Sport; they're now available in North America with a variety of race boots, enduro boots and street boots

Motorcycle Boot Retailers:  Aerostich makes the super-heavy-duty "Combat Touring Boot"  |  AGV Sport has several types of boots   Alt-Berg Boots are  a cross between walking boot technology and motorcycle boot protection and made for motorcyclists; made in England where they know a thing or two about nasty weather; see the wBW review of the Alt-Berg Clubman boot  |  Altimate Boots carries a few different styles at reasonable prices  |  British Motorcycle Gear has some nice boots  |  BikerWorldUSA carries Vendramini boots from Italy   Black Talon has a variety of nice-looking motorcycle boots available in various widths; they also accept orders from around the world in a variety of currencies (Thanks to K.W.!)  |  BMW has various models of boots, including the "Airflow" for summer use, sold only through their authorized dealer network  |  Dainese makes boots; I have a pair of the "50% waterproof" (whatever that means) boots and they are nice; be careful of the European sizing - make sure you try 'em on first  |  FirstGear has a line of motorcycle boots; their website has been down, not sure what's going on  |  Harley-Davidson carries a line of boots, sold through retailers and, of course, their dealer network  |  Hein Gericke carries a line of boots also  |   Motoport carries a line of boots  |  Puma makes some pretty cool-looking motorcycle boots but try to find them for sale!  |  Red Wing Shoes makes some nice boots; I own a pair myself!  |  Set Up brand boots are relatively inexpensive  |  Triumph has a line of boots and clothing also, available through their dealer network (ask for the catalog if they don't have the boots on display)

Motorcycle Boots for Street, Track and Off-Road Adventures!
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Custom Made Motorcycle Boots: MacRostie Leathers makes custom made boots and shoes  |  West Coast Shoe Co. makes "old school style" boots; you can custom order boots also; expensive, but custom made the old fashioned way  |   Bates Leathers makes boots in classic designs; they will custom make a boot for you if you can wait  |  Russell Moccasin has been custom making shoes and boots since 1898; they have some nice-looking motorcycle boots and other shoes and boots, everything is custom made and the prices seem reasonable

Extra Wide Motorcycle Boots: Sidi Way and Mega Way boots are available in "mega" widths from size 43 (Euro) to 50 up to EE widths; they also have a high instep  |  Alt-Berg boots in the UK will make custom wide motorcycle boots in a variety of styles  |  Daytona makes the Road Star GTX wide motorcycle boots in sizes up to 49 Euro

Classic Motorcycle Boots: Stompers Boots carries classic engineer boots and others; nice website with great photos  |  Frye Boots claims to be "the oldest continuously operating shoe company in the United States"  |  Big Black Boots has Wesco and Dehner boots, including the Wesco and Dehner Motor Patrol boots  |  Chippewa Boots makes the classic American motorcycle boot  |  Cove Shoes "Union Made in the USA"; these are some nice-looking boots!  |  Dayton Boots are hand made in Canada; they have some heavy-duty, old school style boots, including the classic "engineer boot"  |  US Cavalry has many different styles of waterproof and insulated GoreTex boots; many riders swear by the U.S.M.C. approved Gore Tex model and claim they are the only true waterproof boots  |  Sha-Sha E-Boots are very cool, with embossed flames!  |  Viking Warrior Boots (UK) are sold by Biker's Paradise and they're very popular with vintage riders in the UK

Cruiser Style Boots - Street Boots: XElement carries a wide array of cruiser and other style boots and they look like they're pretty well made  |   Cruiserworks makes boots for cruising and touring  |  More post-apocalyptic style boots from Wicked Road Warrior; their site is down, but the boots are still available at many locations  |  Specter Road makes motorcycle boots with a flexible joint that to allow the boot to flex when walking; see the wBW review of Specter Road Men's Leather Boots and Specter Road Women's Motorcycle Boots

Children's Motorcycle - Motocross Boots: Axo makes the RC-6 JR boot in sizes K10 to Adult 8; it has all of the safety feature of their adult motorcycle boots

Boot Sliders: Non-metallic replaceable boot sliders for Supermoto boots at Euro Choice Imports

Motorcycle Socks: See the wBW review of Tech Sox and Rev'it Motorcycle Touring socks

International Shoe Size Conversion: Here's the international shoe size comparison chart to convert UK to US, European and many other shoe sizes.

Motorcycle Boots
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