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Motorcycle Boot Reviews

Motorcycle Boot Reviews
webBikeWorld Motorcycle Boot Reviews
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Waterproof Boot Reviews

Dainese Long Range D-WP C2 Boots Review  |  Alpinestars Roam Waterproof Boots  |  New Treds Motorcycle Rain Boots  |  Sidi Strada Evo Rain Boots  |  Treds Rain Overboots  

Urban Motorcycle Boot Reviews

VQuattro San Remo Boots Review  |  VQuattro Milano Paperboy Boots Review VQuattro Milano Academy Boots Review  |  Dainese Dyno C2b Shoes Review  Thorogood American Made Work Boots

Short Boot Reviews

RS Taichi RSS006 Drymaster Shoes Review  |  Tourmaster Response 2.0 WP Road Boots Review  |  Sidi Nitro Boots  |  TCX X-Cube Boots Review  |  Dainese Asphalt Shoes Review  |  Alpinestars CR-4 Gore-Tex XCR Boots  |  Shift Kicker Street Shoes  |  Icon Accelerant Boots  |  Sidi Slash Boots  |  BMW Street Sneaker 3 Boots  |  Icon Tarmac Boots  | Sidi Doha Boots  |  Falco Novo Boots  | TCX Jupiter 2 XCR Boots  |  Rev'it Air Blend and Fighter Boots  |  SHIFT Fuel Street Shoe Rev'it Freestyle Boots  |  Tour Master Response SC Road Boots  |  Alpinestars Recon Boots  |  Roadgear TDF Boots  |  Setup Pegaso Air Vented Boots  |  Vendramini Aero Boots  |  Kochmann Scout Boots  |  Alt-Berg Hogg Lite II Boots

wBW Motorcycle Boot Reviews

Sidi Armada Boots Review  |  BMW Santiago Boots  |  Sidi Fusion Boots  |  Sidi Sport Rain Boots  |  Sidi B2 Boots  |  Rev'it Apache Boots  |  Rev'it! Fusion Boots  |  Oxtar Matrix Boots  |  Vendramini Marathon Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle Racing/Sport Boot Reviews

Sidi Mag-1 Boots Review  |  Sidi ST Boots  |  Diadora Xtreme Boots  |  Falco ESO TT Boots  |  Sidi Vortice Boots  | Sidi Vortice Boots First Look  |  TCX SS Performance 2 Boots  |  Gaerne GRS Race Boots  |  Oxtar TCS Sport Motorcycle Boots  | 

Tactical Boot Reviews

Tactical Boots for Motorcycle Riding: Ridge Outdoors 9000 Ultimate Zipper Boots vs. Blackhawk Warrior Wear Light Assault Boots

Hot Weather Motorcycle Boot Reviews

Sidi Traffic Air Boots Review

Adventure Touring Boot Reviews

Sidi All Road Gore-Tex Boots Review  |  Sidi Adventure Gore-Tex Boots Review  |  Falco Mixto Boots Review  |  Falco 480 Raid Boots  |  Sidi Discovery Rain Boots  |  Sidi Canyon Gore-Tex Boots  |  SIDI On Road Gore-Tex Boots

Motocross and Off-Road Boot Reviews

Gaerne Motocross Boots Review Part 2  |  Gaerne GX-1, SG10 and SG12 Off-Road Boots Review  |  Sidi Crossfire Boots  |  Vendramini Elephant Boots

Touring Boot Reviews

Aeromoto Dry Tour Boots Review  |  Vitesse "Glove" Boots  |  Roadgear XKJ Boots  |  Specter Road Men's Leather Boots

Women's Motorcycle Boot Reviews

Sidi Apex Lei Boots Review  |  Sidi Jasmine Rain Boots  |  Frey Daytona Lady Star GTX Boots  |  TCX Sunray Boots  |  Sidi Vertigo Lei Women's Race Boots  | Sidi Doha Boots  |  Rev'it Jade Boots  |  Specter Road Women's Motorcycle Boots

More Motorcycle Boots

2013 Falco Boots  |  Sidi Announces 5 New Boots for 2011  |  Sidi 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Vortice Boots  |  Owner's Report: Vendramini VR 500 Boots  |  Sidi Vertigo Boots

Motorcycle Boot Information

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Motorcycle Boot Repair: Anthony's Leather Works is the official U.S. Dainese boot repair contractor (Corona del Mar, California)  |  Resole America is the official Sidi boot repair contractor (Warrenton, Virginia)

Motorcycle Rain Boots: See the wBW review of Treds Overboots - heavy-duty waterproof boots for riding in the rain

Motorcycle Racing - Sport Touring Boots: Firstgear announces new line of motorcycle boots for 2013  |  Motonation announces optional Sidi boot warranty  |  Alpinestars makes some nice street, dirt and track boots  Diadora Italian motorcycle boots worn by many famous racers  |  FREY Daytona - aka "Daytona" boots  |  Gaerne is popular with off-roaders in the U.S.A. but they have a full line of street and race boots also  |  IXS-USA - Swiss clothing and motorcycle boots  |  Oxtar is now TCX Boots  |  Kochmann is a German company that has been making boots for over 100 years, including the Greyhound and Redbike brands; see our review of the Kochmann Scout Boots  |  Prexport makes some pretty nice boots also; here's the Prexport USA website  |  SIDI is probably the most popular motorcycle boot manufacturer with many styles of street and race boots, available in the U.S.A. through Motonation, the distributor  |  StylMartin boots are made in Italy and they have some very cool designs in racing, sport and touring boots; hard to find though, mostly available in Europe  |  Teknic makes boots and gloves  |  Vendramini has been making motorcycling boots since 1919  |  XPD Boots are made by SPIDI Sport; they're now available in North America with a variety of race boots, enduro boots and street boots

Motorcycle Boot Retailers:  Aerostich makes the super-heavy-duty "Combat Touring Boot"  |  AGV Sport has several types of boots   Alt-Berg Boots are  a cross between walking boot technology and motorcycle boot protection and made for motorcyclists; made in England where they know a thing or two about nasty weather; see the wBW review of the Alt-Berg Clubman boot  |  Altimate Boots carries a few different styles at reasonable prices  |  British Motorcycle Gear has some nice boots  |  BikerWorldUSA carries Vendramini boots from Italy   Black Talon has a variety of nice-looking motorcycle boots available in various widths; they also accept orders from around the world in a variety of currencies (Thanks to K.W.!)  |  BMW has various models of boots, including the "Airflow" for summer use, sold only through their authorized dealer network  |  Dainese makes boots; I have a pair of the "50% waterproof" (whatever that means) boots and they are nice; be careful of the European sizing - make sure you try 'em on first  |  FirstGear has a line of motorcycle boots; their website has been down, not sure what's going on  |  Harley-Davidson carries a line of boots, sold through retailers and, of course, their dealer network  |  Hein Gericke carries a line of boots also  |   Motoport carries a line of boots  |  Puma makes some pretty cool-looking motorcycle boots but try to find them for sale!  |  Red Wing Shoes makes some nice boots; I own a pair myself!  |  Set Up brand boots are relatively inexpensive  |  Triumph has a line of boots and clothing also, available through their dealer network (ask for the catalog if they don't have the boots on display)


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Custom Made Motorcycle Boots: MacRostie Leathers makes custom made boots and shoes  |  West Coast Shoe Co. makes "old school style" boots; you can custom order boots also; expensive, but custom made the old fashioned way  |   Bates Leathers makes boots in classic designs; they will custom make a boot for you if you can wait  |  Russell Moccasin has been custom making shoes and boots since 1898; they have some nice-looking motorcycle boots and other shoes and boots, everything is custom made and the prices seem reasonable

Extra Wide Motorcycle Boots: Sidi Way and Mega Way boots are available in "mega" widths from size 43 (Euro) to 50 up to EE widths; they also have a high instep  |  Alt-Berg boots in the UK will make custom wide motorcycle boots in a variety of styles  |  Daytona makes the Road Star GTX wide motorcycle boots in sizes up to 49 Euro

Classic Motorcycle Boots: Stompers Boots carries classic engineer boots and others; nice website with great photos  |  Frye Boots claims to be "the oldest continuously operating shoe company in the United States"  |  Big Black Boots has Wesco and Dehner boots, including the Wesco and Dehner Motor Patrol boots  |  Chippewa Boots makes the classic American motorcycle boot  |  Cove Shoes "Union Made in the USA"; these are some nice-looking boots!  |  Dayton Boots are hand made in Canada; they have some heavy-duty, old school style boots, including the classic "engineer boot"  |  US Cavalry has many different styles of waterproof and insulated GoreTex boots; many riders swear by the U.S.M.C. approved Gore Tex model and claim they are the only true waterproof boots  |  Sha-Sha E-Boots are very cool, with embossed flames!  |  Viking Warrior Boots (UK) are sold by Biker's Paradise and they're very popular with vintage riders in the UK

Cruiser Style Boots - Street Boots: XElement carries a wide array of cruiser and other style boots and they look like they're pretty well made  |   Cruiserworks makes boots for cruising and touring  |  More post-apocalyptic style boots from Wicked Road Warrior; their site is down, but the boots are still available at many locations  |  Specter Road makes motorcycle boots with a flexible joint that to allow the boot to flex when walking; see the wBW review of Specter Road Men's Leather Boots and Specter Road Women's Motorcycle Boots

Children's Motorcycle - Motocross Boots: Axo makes the RC-6 JR boot in sizes K10 to Adult 8; it has all of the safety feature of their adult motorcycle boots

Boot Sliders: Non-metallic replaceable boot sliders for Supermoto boots at Euro Choice Imports

Motorcycle Socks: See the wBW review of Tech Sox and Rev'it Motorcycle Touring socks

International Shoe Size Conversion: Here's the international shoe size comparison chart to convert UK to US, European and many other shoe sizes.

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