Motorcycle Glove Reviews

Motorcycle Glove Reviews

Hands On Motorcycle Glove Reviews For 20+ Years. We Crash, Scrape & Beat Gloves Up So You Don’t Have To.

We all agree that our hands are important and that protecting them is absolutely vital when you spend time riding a motorcycle for fun. It befuddles us that in this day and age we still see people flying down the road on their bikes with bare hands and a lack of any real safety gear at all. Idiots.

Not us. We take protecting our precious hands seriously which is why the team here at wBw has been testing motorcycle gloves for over twenty years. We don’t just unpack them or do a quick internet search. We put them through their paces in the real world for extended periods of time. The average review takes us six weeks and there are no shortcuts. That’s because in addition to their primary job of protecting a riders hands from injury in the case of an accident, gloves also have to deal with all sorts of weather conditions, day to day scenarios like going to the store to pick up groceries or riding 100 miles on the open highway in the rain. They need to avoid getting hands sweaty in hot weather riding climates and be able to provide good grip to make controlling a bike easier.

At wBw we believe no single pair of gloves is perfect. We test gloves and other gear to help you understand the pros and cons of each pair and to better understand which trade offs you’re ok with given your situation and which are not. Take some time to read our reviews and we hope you find the right gloves for your riding needs.

Disclosure: We make money (and keep the site running) through ads and affiliate links. That means that when you click a link to sites like RevZilla or Amazon you are supporting us because we may get a commission if you purchase. We have developed a policy that you can find here but the gist is that our reviews are 100% unbiased and we don’t take payments or allow potential commissions to dictate what we say about products.  

Best Motorcycle Gloves

Our Favorite Motorcycle Gloves

Some motorcycle riders love reading our in depth reviews while others want to skip the details and get straight to the best. We created our top 10 lists with the goal of helping you quickly find great motorcycle gloves we highly recommend. Remember, every rider and use case is different so don’t take these lists as gospel. If you’re not sure, dive into the detailed reviews to make sure.

Best Summer Gloves – Coming Soon
Best Street Gloves – Coming Soon
Best Racing Gloves – Coming Soon
Best Waterproof Gloves – Coming Soon

Best Winter Gloves – Coming Soon
Best Heated Gloves – Coming Soon
Best Women’s Gloves – Coming Soon

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Full List Of Motorcycle Glove Brands

Full List Of Motorcycle Glove Brands

Most riders don’t realize just how many motorcycle glove brands exist. As you can see from the list below we’ve tested a lot of gloves from a lot of manufacturers in our twenty plus years of testing gear. Below, we have listed all the glove brands we have tested, you can simply click on the link to see all the reviews we have conducted for each brand.

The Best Motorcycle Glove Brand

Popular Motorcycle Glove Brands In Detail

We have reviewed hundreds of gloves over the years at WBW so we know a thing or two about which glove brands our editors love. We also see the analytics on the site too so we know which brands get the most views and attention from our readers. Between consumer interest, our editor’s opinions and generally who we think is really innovating in the glove space, here are the most popular brands at the moment.

Alpinestars Gloves

alpinestars logo

Alpinestars makes technical, high performance protective gear for Motorcycle, Motocross, and Auto Racing and more recently for action sports like Adventure/Touring, Mountain Biking and Cycling.

It all started in 1963 when a leather craftsman by the name of Sante Mazzarolo began creating the first Alpinestars branded products.

At that time a new sport called motocross was establishing itself. Low and behold Mazzarolo invented a new type of footwear that would meet the protective needs and demands of this beautiful yet brutal form of athleticism. Alpinestars is top of the heap when it comes to quality motorcycle gloves and their range is huge with gloves for everything from everyday street use all the way to the top of motorcycle racing elite in MotoGP.

Helpful Links: Read Our Alpinestars Gloves Reviews.

Alpinestars Gloves on Amazon Alpinestars Gloves on RevZilla

Sidi Boots

Motorcycle gloves find the right balance between comfort, control and protection. It is one thing to have a glove that protects you but it is another to have a glove that protects you AND makes controlling your motorcycle easy. That’s where Joe Rocket gloves excel.

The other area of excellence for Joe Rocket is affordability and price point. They really make great gloves that are reasonably priced and can be purchase by all budgets. Making their gloves so accessible is a big deal which is why we’re big fans.

Helpful Links: Read Our Joe Rocket Glove Reviews.

Buy Joe Rocket Gloves on Amazon Buy Joe Rocket Gloves on RevZilla


Held Gloves Logo

For 70 years the privately own Held brand has made awesome gear for motorcycle riders.

Despite being one of the most respected manufacturers in the motorcycle clothing and accessories sector, Held remains a family business made up of passionate bikers, still with its headquarters in the same picturesque Alpine town of Burgberg in Germany.

Our friends at RevZilla think that Held motorcycle gloves to be the best in the world and we happen to agree that they are up there with the best. Most of their gloves are over $100 (sometimes way more) but can be found on sale every now again. If you are looking for awesome gloves, don’t forget to check Held out.

Helpful Links: Read Our Held Gloves Reviews.

Buy Held Gloves on Amazon Buy Held Gloves on RevZilla


dainese logo

“Dainese uses innovation and new technology to create protective gear and clothing for motorcycle, bike, equestrian and winter sports” according to the Dainese official website.

Started in 1972 the team there makes not only motorcycle boots but all types of other protective gear (back protectors, gloves, airbags and more). A very focused R&D outfit, Dainese was the first to develop a super cool instant-deployment airbag suit and jacket system – it basically blows up like an inflatable balloon to protect you in a crash.

Dainese gloves are durable, high quality and at the premium end of the market. With a massive range of gloves they cover every riding type and glove style. It is no surprise that Dainese gloves end up near the top of our best of lists, they just make awesome gear, consistently every year.

Helpful Links: Read Our Dainese Gloves Reviews.

Buy Dainese Gloves on Amazon Buy Dainese Gloves on RevZilla


Icon gloves

icon motorsports logo

Makers of Helmets, Jackets, Gloves, Pants, Footwear the team at Icon is one of the largest street based protective motorcycle apparel brands in the world.

Founded in 2002, ICON exploded onto the scene with unabashed attitude – maybe that’s why we love them so much. They focus on the modern performance rider who rides in the real world of messed up roads. Their core mission is “protecting riders whenever and however we can, knowing that reckoning day is coming for all of us”.  That’s why Icon gloves are rugged and top quality. We love the price point of Icon because they are affordable for most riders, definitely a fan favorite for sure.

Helpful Links: Read Our Icon Gloves Reviews.

Buy Icon Gloves on Amazon Buy Icon Gloveson RevZilla


REV'IT Gloves


With a focus on innovation and well designed motorcycle clothing, REV’IT knows how to make cool clothing and gear.

We’ve often described REV’IT as a company that “gets it”. Their focus on motorcycle gloves shows they know riders really well.  We love for example that most of the gloves are constructed with seasonality in mind, which most riders know make a huge difference.

While REV’IT has a broad range of gloves we’ve found they do their best work with daily street riding and touring applications. Their winter gloves are also strong too.

Helpful Links: Read Our REV’IT Gloves Reviews.

Buy REV’IT Gloves on Amazon Buy REV’IT Gloves on RevZilla

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