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Raven Moto Trauma Gloves “Hands-In” Review

Raven Moto Trauma over race suit
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Raven Moto Trauma Gloves Review Summary
Review Summary
The Raven Moto Trauma gloves are mid-priced gloves intended for track use. They have enhanced protection features such as dual palm sliders, TPR knuckle protectors, and finger protectors that use Cordura/Dynafil TS-70 with molded leather. The protection seems adequate, and the construction is satisfactory. They fit well on my hands. However, the knuckle protector placement is slightly off, leaving my knuckle unprotected.
Build Quality
Value for Money
Quality Materials
Fit well
Good tactile feedback
Good protection
Not very breathable
Knuckle protector placement is slightly off
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About Raven Moto

Back portions of Raven Moto Trauma Gloves

Once every few months, I go to the track to learn and practice proper riding techniques. Even though I ride primarily for my commute and do not ride fast or drag my knees on the street, becoming a safer, skilled rider has always been my goal.

I think riding at the track is generally safer than on the public road due to the absence of other traffic. However, the gear you wear is critical. I know more than a few people injured in track accidents, including myself. These unfavorable events can be more severe or even fatal without proper protection.

Raven Moto is a new motorcycle gear and apparel company from Canada. Their products range from everyday riding jeans and motorcycle jackets to custom order race suits. Some of the products come in several different colors to match your bike.

I reviewed their Storm Gloves last month, which I wore for about a month. This time, I tried their Trauma gloves, a part of their Raven Racing (RR) series products, which are intended for track use with enhanced protection.

Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to wear them at the track for this review. Despite this, my commute and several canyon rides, which amount to about 1000 miles, should provide good insight.

Raven Moto Trauma Glove Materials

Raven Moto Trauma palm side

The primary material used for Trauma gloves is cowhide, which seems to be of good quality. The protection parts on the knuckle, palm sliders, and one on the gauntlet are TPR (thermoplastic rubber).

As the large tag on the gauntlet suggests, Trauma has a partial kevlar lining on the palm side. Metal mesh inserts are used underneath the knuckle protector and on the fingers for ventilation. Cordura/ Dynafil TS-70 is also on the distal part of the fingers. Just like the Raven Storm gloves, the overall quality of the material Raven Moto uses on the gloves appear to be very good.

Raven Moto Trauma Glove Design

Raven Moto Trauma open hand over race suit sleeve Raven Moto Trauma squeezed hand over race suit sleeve

The Trauma gloves’ design is typical of racing gloves these days. Fingers are pre-curved to prevent fatigue. They also have dual TPR palm sliders, a gauntlet with a large TPR protective piece on the ulna side, and a knuckle protector.

Two-Layer Construction

The back of the hand is constructed with two layers. The top layer holds the TPR knuckle protector and is not sewn onto the bottom layer. So when you squeeze your hands to operate the clutch, brake, or throttle, the knuckle protector moves without pulling the bottom layer. This adds more flexibility to the gloves.

Raven Moto Trauma TPR Wrist protector

Gauntlet Design

The longest part of the gauntlet measures 4.5 inches (11cm) from the wrist. I am not sure about the floral detail on the TPR piece on the gauntlet, but the embossed Raven Moto logo on the closure is subtle and very cool.

Logo on gauntlet closure of Raven Moto Trauma gloves

Velcro Closures

One annoyance is the length of the closure. It is about an inch too long. Even over the sleeve of the leather race suits, the velcro on the closure overlaps only less than half of the whole surface of the velcro. The flaps do not flutter while riding, but they stick out a lot and do not look good.

Color Options

I received the pair in all black, but they are also available in Black/ White. It is a matter of personal preference, but it would have been cool to have more color variation like with their Rogue gloves.

Raven Moto Trauma Glove Craftsmanship

Raven Moto Trauma Knuckle protector

I mentioned the lackluster craftsmanship in my Raven Moto’s Storm gloves review. With Trauma, there are minor discrepancies on the left and the right gloves, but they are much less noticeable.

Minor Stitching Problems

Stitches are not even, and there is visible glue residue on the knuckle protector also. But there are no busted seams or any other significant defects. The craftsmanship and quality control are not exactly top-notch, yet they are at an acceptable level. Again I hope they improve as the company grows.

Raven Moto Trauma Glove Cost

With the $199.99 ($129.99 on sale) price tag, Trauma gloves are the most expensive pair on Raven Moto’s gloves lineup. But they are still mid-priced comparable to other major brands’ racing gloves like the Sedici Corsa or Alpinestars GP Plus R V2. As long as the protective parts fit nicely on your hands, I think they are reasonably priced for the features they offer.

Raven Moto Trauma Glove Sizing

The circumference of my hand is 7.5 inches, and I usually wear women’s small gloves. According to Raven Moto’s size chart, my size is between medium and large. But I followed alphabet sizing and ordered a small pair, which fit very well.

The palm is snug but not tight. Given the glove’s primary material is cowhide, I expect the gloves to stretch and mold well to my hands. The fingers are also about the correct length, and I have good dexterity. Well done!

My Hand Measurements for Reference

  • Hand (circumference): 7.5”
  • Palm: 4”
  • Thumb: 2.1”
  • Index finger: 2.7 ”
  • Middle finger: 3”
  • Ring finger: 2.65”
  • Little finger: 2.1”

Sizing chart for Raven Moto Trauma gloves

Raven Moto Trauma Glove Comfort

Raven Moto Trauma Side view


Bending the fingers was a little difficult at first because the finger protection on the second knuckle was digging into my joints. However, after they were broken in, they fit well and became comfortable to wear.

The back of fingers, the back of hands, and the gauntlet are generously padded. But palm sides are not lined, so tactile feedback is excellent.


The breathability is just satisfactory. The leather is perforated on the thumbs, gauntlet, and bottom layer of the back of the hands, and there are metal mesh inserts under the knuckle protectors and finger protectors.

However, my hands were a bit sweaty on a hot summer day. That said, I am not a fan of going to the track in the middle of summer, so I guess I can give them a contingent pass.

Raven Moto Trauma Glove Protection

Raven Moto Trauma back of hand over race suit sleeve Raven Moto Trauma palm over race suit sleeve

Trauma gloves’ official safety rating is still pending, but the gloves feature enhanced protection designed for track use. The glove has two TPR palm sliders and a knuckle protector.  Each pinky has extra leather for abrasion protection, and a partial kevlar liner is used for the palm. The distal parts of the fingers have small Cordura/ Dynafil TS-70 patches and the molded leather piece on the second knuckles.

Joint Coverage

When it comes to the protection of fingers, we usually see two variants; the one that sits between the joints and protects the phalanx and the one that covers the joints. I am not sure if either kind is safer or more effective than the other. But the Trauma has the latter, and my fingers feel well protected.

Raven Moto Trauma Knuckle

Placement of the Knuckle Protectors

As racing gloves, the protection of the Trauma gloves seems adequate. However, I noticed that the knuckle protectors sit on the back of my hand, slightly behind the actual knuckles, because the length between the fingers and the top of the third knuckle is too long.

On my hands, these sections measure about a little short of an inch (2~2.5 cm). So the gloves that fit on my hands have about 1.4 inches (3~3.5cm) to house my knuckles under the protectors. However, the exact section of Trauma gloves is approximately 2 inches (5cm). Consequently, my knuckles are exposed without impact protection.

It makes me suspect the ergonomic measurements may be based on the men’s hands and are not correctly adjusted to women’s hands in smaller sizes. If this is the case, it is disappointing because many Raven Moto products offer unisex sizing. I hope Raven moto makes a proper improvement.

Final Verdict on the Trauma Storm Gloves

After reviewing the Raven Moto Storm gloves, I had somewhat low expectations for the Trauma gloves. However, it turned out that I was wrong. They are at the upper end of mid-priced racing gloves and offer adequate safety features. The materials used are of good quality, and the gloves fit well on my hands and are comfortable up to certain temperatures.

There are of course some negative factors. The construction is only satisfactory, and the placement of the knuckle protector is wrong on my hands. I feel hesitant to wear the Trauma gloves at the track for this reason.

My honest opinion on these gloves is “not bad, but not quite great.” I have a feeling that these gloves may fit better and position the protection parts more effectively on men’s hands. If that’s the case, I hope Raven Moto addresses the issue or comes up with an actual women’s version of them instead of marketing the product as unisex.

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  • Manufacturer: Raven Moto
  • Price: $199.99
  • Made in: Pakistan
  • Sizes: Men’s S – XXL/ Women’s XS – L
  • Colors: Black
  • Safety Designations: None
  • Review Date: August  2022

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