The Best Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves for the 2020 Season

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Priced under $150, these gauntlet gloves are ideal for new riders or value-conscious shoppers.

See: Entry Level Gauntlet Gloves


Priced $150-$250, these gauntlet gloves are high quality and offer great protection for the pricepoint.

See: Mid-Range Gauntlet Gloves


Priced $250 and up. This category has the best of what is available when it comes to gauntlet gloves.

See: High-End Gauntlet Gloves


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Priced under $150

Best Entry Level Motorcycle Gauntlet Gloves


Price: $139.99

Where to Buy



The REV’IT RSR 3 is a mostly leather glove that offers great protection, with a very affordable price tag. It’s a great entry-level option for a gauntlet glove that provides far more protective features than most gloves in this price range.




Protection Features:

  • Outer Shell: cowhide, goatskin, PU coated fabric
  • Protection: TPU hard shell palm slider, EVA foam, PWR|shield knit, TPU hard-shell little finger protector, TPU hard-shell knuckle

Ergonomic Features:

  • Fit: race fit
  • Adjustability: adjustment strap, adjustment tab
  • Ventilation: ventilation panels
  • Features: outside stitching, stretch lips, elastic, regular cuff

Protection & Safety

  • EVA foam provides protection throughout the gloves
  • TPU armor added to the protection of the little finger and the knuckles
  • TPU hard-shell palm slider for added protection and to eliminate abrasion concerns in a slide


Alpinestars Apex Drystar Gloves

Price: $89.95

Where to Buy

RevZilla Amazon


Although the RSR 3 listed above is a great all-rounder for any season, these Alpinestars Apex Drystar gloves are perfect to tackle any sort of rough weather or chilly rides. I thought it would be important to include a great weather-resistant option for year-round commuters on a budget.

The Drystar line of gear from Alpinestars covers all bases, and these gloves are no different; they have great heat retention, a waterproof membrane, strategically placed foam padding, and goatskin leather in all your major impact zones.



  • Stretch polyamide material upper construction with goatskin leather palm
  • Alpinestars Drystar waterproof and breathable membrane
  • 100g thermal insulation on the backhand
  • Thumb and palm reinforcement for a superior grip
  • Synthetic leather reinforcements with foam padding on the palm and outer hand landing zones provide abrasion resistance in key impact zones
  • Patented 3rd and 4th finger bridge prevent finger roll and separation during impact
  • Synthetic leather molded hard knuckle protectors provides impact and abrasion protection
  • Touch screen compatible fingertip on index for use of touch screen devices
  • Pre-curved finger construction reduces rider fatigue
  • Wide VELCRO® brand cuff closure for easy glove entry and secure closure
  • Wrist fastener for a secure fit
  • Reflective details improve rider visibility in varying light conditions

Protection & Safety

  • These gloves don’t come with any CE certified armor, but they do have synthetic leather molded hard knuckle protectors and reinforcements in all key impact areas.



Priced $150- $250

Best Mid-Range Motorcycle Gauntlet Gloves

Dainese Carbon 3

Price: $179.95

Where to Buy

RevZilla Amazon


The Dainese Carbon 3 is the perfect everyday glove that incorporates comfort features needed for daily commuting and packages them with a hefty side of racetrack derived safety technology. Much like the Yamaha R6 you are perhaps riding, Dainese took a product for the track and repurposed it for the roadways. These gloves look great and offer awesome protection.




  • Runs slightly small, order the larger size if you are between sizes


  • Drum-dyed goatskin leather
  • Sheep skin leather at palm for added tactile feel
  • Reinforcement in goatskin between thumb, index and palm
  • Carbon fiber over knuckles
  • DCP system at fourth finger
  • Single leather panel reinforces side of the hand to palm
  • Polyurethane slider on the palm and joints of the fingers
  • Dainese branding on wrist closure
  • Impact-absorbing soft inserts
  • Elasticated insert on thumb and fingers
  • Micro-injection reinforcement on the palm
  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Thermoplastic resin slider on fourth finger
  • Perforation at fourchettes
  • Gloves certified to CE – Cat. II – EN 13594/2015 Standard Category II Level 1

Protection & Safety

  • These gloves feature a full drum-dyed goatskin construction so no square inch of the glove will sacrifice slide resistance
  • The knuckles of these gloves are reinforced with real carbon fiber (many companies will put a TPU panel with a carbon wrap, this is the real deal)
  • Sliders can be found on the palms and finger joints for further abrasion resistance in the event of a ‘hands first slide
  • Having an official safety certification is always nice, these gloves are certified to CE – Cat. II – EN 13594/2015 Standard Category II Level 1 – meaning that they have gone through the wringer to prove their worth


Icon Hypersport GP

Price: $195.99

Where to Buy



The Icon Hypersport GP gloves are ready to take on the track or anything else that you can throw their way. For a gauntlet glove that requires no break-in period and provides great protection for less than $200, the Icon Hypersport GP is a great pick.



  • French cowhide and kangaroo leather chassis
  • Floating knuckle with D3O underlay
  • TPU and titanium plates
  • TPU finger plates
  • Wrap-around TPU wrist plate
  • Perforated ventilation panels
  • Articulated fingers
  • Out-seam finger construction
  • Hoop and loop wrist closures

Protection & Safety

Safety Features:

  • These gloves have great protection all around the glove with the sheer amount of armoring Icon packed into this gauntlet.
  • TPU can be found in the fingers and wrists, while titanium and D30 make their way into the floating knuckle and other areas.



Priced $250+

Best High-End Motorcycle Gauntlet Gloves

Alpinestars GP Pro R3

Price: $259.95

Where to Buy

RevZilla Amazon


The Alpinestars GP Pro 3 uses a variety of different materials in strategic locations to provide riders with the ultimate in protection, comfort, and tactile feedback.



  • Mix of cow and goat leather with kangaroo leather on the palm
  • Outer seam palm construction
  • Long cuff
  • Hard knuckle
  • Knuckle panel perforated gusset for better ventilation
  • Print on finger
  • Finger bridge
  • Double closure system with Cuff DFS protection
  • Side reinforcements with palm hard slider
  • Accordion panels in leather on fingers thumb and backhand to increase fit and direct comfort
  • Thumb and palm reinforcement for a superior grip
  • TPU finger protection
  • Soft padding protection on finger tips
  • Ergonomic stretch insert on palm
  • CE certified CAT II Level 2

Protection & Safety

The protection offered by the Bryce Gore-Tex is exactly what riders have come to expect from Alpinestars in safe yet comfortable armor.

  • Armored knuckles with a panel of perforations for better ventilation for added grip
  • Armor on the gantlet for added abrasion protection in the event of a slide
  • Side reinforcements with a palm slider


Dainese Full Metal 6

Price: $429.95

Where to Buy

RevZilla Amazon


The Dainese Full Metal 6 gauntlet gloves are a race quality piece of gear that bring comfort and innovation to every rider who wears them, though a price point over $400, they might not fit into the budgetary constraints of many riders.

The Dainese Full Metal 6 is almost like wearing a full exoskeleton that has been seamlessly integrated into a soft, yet durable, goatskin glove. All of the technology and innovation of the Dainese Full Metal 6 make them one of the best gloves money can buy.




  • Carbon fiber inserts at the joints of the fingers and the head of the ulna bone
  • Composite inserts in carbon fiber and titanium on the knuckles and back
  • DCP system on little finger
  • External thermoplastic resin inserts on side of little finger
  • Gloves certified to CE – Cat. II – PrEN 13594 Standard lev. 1
  • One single leather panel to the size of the hand
  • Polyurethane insert on the palm
  • Quadruple elastication between knuckles and back of the hand
  • Reinforced leather palm
  • Reinforced preformed cuff construction

Ergonomics and Comfort:

  • Aramid fiber stitching
  • Drum-dyed goatskin leather super soft palm
  • Goatskin Leather
  • Internal reinforcements with aramid fiber jersey
  • Adjustable cuff strap
  • Elasticated inserts
  • Micro-injection reinforcement on the palm
  • Microelastic elasticated inserts
  • Palm Super Touch in goatskin
  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Precurved wrist
  • Tightening strap

Other Features:

  • Cover on the tightening strap
  • Elasticated cuff inserts
  • Soft inserts

Protection & Safety

The protection in Dainese Full Metal 6 sounds like something from a futuristic movie but here it is…

  • Carbon fiber inserts at the finger joints and at the head of the ulna bone, (that’s basically the outside bone in your lower arm where it meets your wrist) work as a suit of armor
  • Knuckles and back of the hand are covered by carbon fiber and titanium inserts and there is a polyurethane insert to protect the palm
  • Little finger is protected by the DCP system and an external thermoplastic resin insert
  • Gauntlet cuff is reinforced and pre-curved for added safety
  • Overall, these gloves are certified to CE – Cat. II – PrEN 13594 Standard Level 1
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Mini-Buyers Guide

What To Think About When Shopping For Gauntlet Gloves

Gauntlet gloves are a bit of a Griffin, in that they are tasked with two duties that are almost polar opposites. These gloves are expected to provide the ultimate level of protection to the hands and wrists, this is their lion side, while also allowing for a full range of motion, dexterity, and a light touch, much like an eagle.

But these gloves manage to meet both of these demands while also being comfortable and extremely durable.

With the extended cuff reaching well above the wrist in most cases, the gauntlet glove uses a dual closure system to ensure a secure fit. There is a strap or cinch type closure at the wrist and the additional closure on the gauntlet portion of the glove. The closure at the gauntlet allows for a variety of shirt or jacket cuffs to be secured inside the glove for added protection and to the wrist and lower arm.

Be sure to check back regularly with us here at wBW to read about our latest hands-on reviews of gauntlet gloves and other great products for riders.




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