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The Best Off-Road/Dirt Motorcycle Gloves


Priced under $50.

best entry-level off-road gloves


Priced $50 - $75.

best mid-range off-road gloves


Priced $75+.

best high-end off-road gloves
Alpinestars Full Bore Gloves

Key Specs

Ergonomic padded palm for optimal comfort

Neoprene and TPR knuckle area offer enhanced protection against impacts

Wrist adjustment provides a secure customized fit

Upper construction from a breathable stretch fabric for high levels of rider comfort

Synthetic suede palm for high levels of durability and grip

Reinforced thumb patches

Stretch cuff for optimized fit

Protection & Safety

TPR patches provide anti-penetration defense against branches and rocks

Palm heel features Synthetic suede and ergonomic padding for high levels of comfort, durability, and grip

Key Specs

Compression molded neoprene cuff with hook and loop closure

Double layer conductive Clarino palm and finger pads

Touchscreen compatible fingertip and thumb

Perforated goatskin leather back of hand

Molded TPU knuckle protector and finger sliders

Stretch airflow nylon finger gussets

Silicone print at finger tips for lever grip

Protection & Safety

A double layer and padded Carino palm

Perforated goatskin leather top of hand for enhanced comfort with molded plastic knuckle coverage

Finger pads with touchscreen compatibility

Thor Range

Key Specs

Rainproof and waterproof under pressure (waterproof rating 20,000mm)

Constructed with DWR coating and waterproof, breathable, seamless membrane

Fleece lined for insulation and warmth

Conductive and touchscreen compatible palm material

Hook and Loop closure

Easy entry notched wrist opening

Goggle and shield squeegee

Two available colour options

Protection & Safety

Inset plastic knuckle cover with matte finish

Key Specs

3D molded AirFlex impact gel protection on knuckles, third and fourth finger

FormFit finger stitching to give the best grip and feel

SlideLock wrist strap that gives secure fastening

New improved upper mesh for improved ventilation

NanoGrip palm is ultra-thin for superior bike feel

Ultimate dry and wet grip

Nano fiber technology 7.500 times thinner than hair

Very stretchy and flexible

Pre-curved, snug fit, and seamless palm reinforced with synthetic suede

Multi-row, technical thread stitching for durability

Touchscreen function

Protection & Safety

CE tested and certified as:

Personal Protective Equipment 89/686/EEC

Knuckle Impact protection EN 13594:2015

Knox Orsa OR 3 Textile MK3

Key Specs

Pinnacle of the Knox Off Road collection

Unique BOA wrist closure system for a “Dialed in” micro adjustable fit

Seamless finger construction for superior comfort

Single layer Clarino breathable performance palm for maximum feel

Terry cloth thumb panel to use as a wipe

Silicone finger prints for improved grip

Touch screen enabled

Protection & Safety

Honeycomb Gel over the knuckles, encapsulated in a strong outer shell

Perforated Leather and Air Mesh upper with abrasion resistance finger guards

Patented low profile Knox Scaphoid Protection System (SPS) on the palm (Patent No EP1594378)

Alpinestars Techdura Gloves

Key Specs

Upper constructed from breathable stretch fabric for rider comfort and optimal fit

Stretch insert on fingers offers an improved range of hand movement and greater sensitivity while operating the bike controls, as well as optimal levels of comfort and flexibility

Ergonomic reinforced, padded palm for optimal comfort on the handlebar/grips for long riding sessions

Guard is reinforced on the interior side with foam for improved levels of fit, comfort and shock absorption

Silicon print on index fingers for optimized grip

Hook and loop on cuff for an optimized fit and a secure closure

Full conductive palm construction for use with smartphones

Protection & Safety

TPR insert offers enhanced protection for impact and possible branches/rocks hits commonly experienced in trail riding, while also being supremely flexible

Soft viscoelastic knuckle protector for effective protection against repeated impacts and abrasion

Reinforced thumb patches for enhanced durability and abrasion resistance

Synthetic suede palm for high levels of durability and grip

How do off-road & dirt bike gloves differ from motocross gloves?

Off-road and dirtbike gloves often feature significant knuckle and finger armoring, to prevent branches and trail debris from impacting your hands. Motocross gloves are meant to be used on motocross bikes and motocross courses, where packed dirt with little to no debris is expected. As such, you will often find that off-road gloves also feature some light weatherproofing as well, but as with motocross gloves, they are designed more for ventilation.

Are off-road & dirtbike gloves suitable for street riding?

Most of the time, no. The main reason behind that is that speeds off-road are much less than what can be achieved on street bikes, and these gloves do not have high abrasion resistance materials incorporated. The main focus of these gloves is protecting the hands from tree branches, tall grasses, pebbles kicked up by the bike in front, and the like.

Are dirtbike & off-road gloves safe?

For their intended use, these gloves are quite safe. The key words there are intended use, meaning trail riding, pathfinding, and general dirtbiking and off-roading. They can also work in a pinch as motocross gloves if you have nothing else.

What materials are off-road & dirt bike gloves mainly made from?

It varies across the entire segment, but the most common materials are synthetic fibers like microfiber, combined with either full leather or synthetic leather/suede for the palms. Armor is most often flexible TPU, but non-Newtonian impact foam is making inroads into the segment to offer very flexible, well ventilated protection.

Can these gloves be used for adventure/ADV riding?

Yes, as they do feature some armor and protection features. They are not as robust or technical as many adventure gloves, however, so many ADV riders will keep a pair in their saddlebags or jacket to use for extreme hot weather situations, as these gloves breathe very well. 

Are off-road & dirt bike gloves waterproof?

Generally no, but you will find many with some light form of water resistance, either through the materials they’re made from or having some form of liner. There are some select gloves that if you want to have waterproofing do feature a membrane in the glove, but they are few and far between. If you’re wanting waterproofing for off road use, you’re better off using short-cuff ADV gloves.