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At wBW we focus on motorcycle gear reviews, including reviews of motorcycle parts, tools, motorcycle apparel, protective gear, electronics and more. We have been reviewing motorcycle products for over 20 years and are the most reliable source of unbiased advice on which products to buy. This is the main index for webBikeWorld motorcycle product reviews.

With over 2,000 motorcycle accessory, clothing and product reviews online and over 5,000 pages in the site in total, it’s hard to keep everything categorized, so please use the webBikeWorld search function if you have trouble. There are also 170+ book reviews, 300+ helmet reviews, 35 video reviews, 120+ technical, maintenance and repair articles, 100+ Special Reports, many Motorcycle Reviews and more always on the way.

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We have partnerships with awesome retailers and manufacturers who kindly supply us with cool new products to test. We’re always talking to them about getting the latest information on motorcycle products, quizzing them about new things in the pipeline, generally annoying them with emails and cornering them at trade shows. That’s how we ensure we’re getting you the latest and greatest information and ensuring we can also get good gear to review for you guys.

wBW reviews are 100% independent and no matter who gives the helmet, jacket or gloves we guarantee that we will always tell you the good, bad and in between. We will tell you what we like and what don’t like. It is important to note that our reviews are comprehensive and detailed.

A typical review takes four to six weeks and is a real world, hands on process, tested by real riders our on the road. We typically include short running to the shop rides, long days of riding for hours on end, sound tests, drop tests and much more.

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This is the main index for webBikeWorld motorcycle product reviews. We now have almost 2,000 wBW motorcycle accessory, clothing and product reviews online! With over 5,000 pages in the site (online for 20+ years!), it’s hard to keep everything categorized. There are also 170+ book reviews, 300+ helmet reviews and hundreds of other reviews across over 100 different review categories. Click on the category you’re after below to narrow down your search.

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[REVIEW] EarPeace MOTO Pro Earplugs

[REVIEW] Racer Gloves USA Pitlane Gloves

[REVIEW] KLIM Aggressor -1.0 Cooling Shirt

[REVIEW] Knox Urbane Pro MKII Jacket

[REVIEW] Gryphon Moto Indy Pants

Shiny Side Up by Ron Davis: A Review

[REVIEW] REV’IT Arc Air Mesh Jacket

Gryphon Moto Vancouver Jacket Review

[REVIEW] Scorpion EXO-R1 Air Bautista Helmet

[Review] Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker

[REVIEW] Bell Moto-3 Full-Face Helmet

Wolfman Luggage B-Base WP, Mount and Packing System [REVIEW]

[Review] Shark Spartan GT Replikan Helmet

[Review] HJC RPHA 90S Carbon Modular Helmet

[REVIEW] Sedici Viaggio Parlare Sena BT ADV Helmet

[REVIEW] Raven Rova Raven Pants

[REVIEW] SENA HD Speaker Kits – Type A & B

[REVIEW] Desert Fox 3L Trail Fuel Cell

[REVIEW] SW-Motech Pro GS Tank Bag & Pro Tank Ring Kit

Simpson Speed Bandit: Head-In Review

Forma Trace Touring Waterproof Boots: Hands On Review

[REVIEW] 2017 Zero DSR – 600 Miles of Electric Fun

ICON Super-Duty II Gloves: Hands-On Review

[Review] Mosko Moto Basilisk Adventure Jacket

Alpinestars Andes V3 Drystar Adventure Tourer Jacket Hands On Review

Wonderful or Worrying? 2019 KTM 790 Adventure 12,000 Miles Review

Motikom MPlus BT Intercom Headphones Review

[REVIEW] Raven Rova Phoenix Jacket

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The Right Gearing For Your Hearing Taking the bike out for a long ride is a joy we share with millions of people around the world. When talking about safety apparel, most riders think of helmets and eye protection, jackets, pants, gloves and boots made for motorcycling. But there’s another piece of protective equipment often …

Gearing Up For The Summer Note: Thanks to Racer Gloves USA for providing the Pitlane Gloves for this review I always carry extra gloves in case of changing weather during my ride. So when Racer Gloves USA asked us if we would like to try out some of their gloves, I asked for two pairs, …

Being relatively new to motorcycling, the idea of special base layers was a bit foreign to me. As a fan of Powersports, I knew that MotoGP and World SBK riders had their base layers to go under their one-piece leathers, and being familiar with the Dakar rally, I knew that multiple layers for riders was …

Introduction With the Summer of 2021 fast approaching (or already here depending on my publish date), I found myself looking for a new hot weather riding jacket. While I felt that I had a nearly perfect solution for warm weather riding with my Knox Zephyr jacket, my new (as of fall of 2020) Klim Ai-1 …

Introduction I will start by saying I am all for All The Gear All The Time (ATGATT). However, I’ll be honest and say that I often wear most of the gear all the time, as I often switch out riding pants for jeans. I am hoping the Gryphon Moto Indy pants change that. The Indy …

If you’re a motorcyclist and you enjoy reading about motorcycles, then there’s a good chance that you’ve already worked your way through the classics. You can’t go wrong with Jupiter’s Travels, Che Guevara’s Motorcycle Diaries should be on every rider’s bookshelf, Long Way Round is always an inspiring read, and I think pretty much everyone …

Every riding enthusiast appreciates versatile motorcycle gear. When I reviewed the Alpinestars Andes V3 Drystar Adventure Tourer jacket through the month of April, 2021, at the time the weather was, for Calgary, Alberta, seasonal. Varying between 5 C and 20 C (41 to 68 F), it was perfect weather that the jacket was designed for. …

Gryphon Moto Vancouver Jacket: Impressive ADV Gear For Budget-Conscious Riders The Vancouver is a complete technical ADV / Touring suit for around $500 for both jacket and pants. It features waterproofing, tons of pockets for storage, ventilation, CE Level 2 protection, and an included insulated jacket. Straight away, that adds up to a lot of …

Introduction Note: Thanks to Racer Gloves USA for providing the Multitop 2 Gloves for this review I am one of those people who tends to carry extra gloves in case of changing weather during my ride. So when Racer Gloves USA asked us if we would like to try out some of their gloves, I …

Raven Rova Falcon Pants The Raven Rova Falcon pants are a textile and leather hybrid that offers a fantastic combination of more unique features than I was expecting. I live in Phoenix, AZ, and I am ALWAYS on the lookout for gear that I believe will combine the airflow I want with the safety and …

Getting Serious About Dashcams Here we are headed for summer 2021 but still coping with our pandemic world, although one that is being overcome on many fronts thanks to ongoing health and safety protocols, vaccines, and the continuing tireless efforts of health care workers. With a new riding season (wherever you are), new and updated …

Introduction First introduced in the fall of 2019, at EICMA to be exact, we got first-hand news regarding the new SHAD TERRA product line via email from the Director of SHAD USA who was at the show and participated in the unveiling. The official press kit and a link to an initial promo video also …

Background I’ve been in need of a helmet upgrade for quite some time now. Over the years, I’ve often leaned towards modular or sports-touring lids but circumstances have changed somewhat, and I found myself wanting something a little more sports-focused. As luck would have it, the good folks at Scorpion were looking for someone to …

Dude, Where’s My Bike? As the 2021 riding season started, I planned a solo two-week-long road trip to Yellowstone National Park. One of the major concerns I had for the trip was safety. Specifically, I was worried about my bike getting stolen while I stopped overnight. The solution was twofold; prevention of theft by a …

Retro MX Design for the Street Following the nostalgia craze and riding the waves of the retro and cafe racer surge all across the motorcycling industry, Bell Helmets crafted the Moto-3 to have simple, clean, retro lines. It’s actually a rebirth of a helmet of the same name and style from the 1970s, but now …



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