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At wBW we focus on motorcycle gear reviews, including reviews of motorcycle parts, tools, motorcycle apparel, protective gear, electronics and more. We have been reviewing motorcycle products for over 20 years and are the most reliable source of unbiased advice on which products to buy. This is the main index for webBikeWorld motorcycle product reviews.

With over 2,000 motorcycle accessory, clothing and product reviews online and over 5,000 pages in the site in total, it’s hard to keep everything categorized, so please use the webBikeWorld search function if you have trouble. There are also 170+ book reviews, 300+ helmet reviews, 35 video reviews, 120+ technical, maintenance and repair articles, 100+ Special Reports, many Motorcycle Reviews and more always on the way.

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We have partnerships with awesome retailers and manufacturers who kindly supply us with cool new products to test. We’re always talking to them about getting the latest information on motorcycle products, quizzing them about new things in the pipeline, generally annoying them with emails and cornering them at trade shows. That’s how we ensure we’re getting you the latest and greatest information and ensuring we can also get good gear to review for you guys.

wBW reviews are 100% independent and no matter who gives the helmet, jacket or gloves we guarantee that we will always tell you the good, bad and in between. We will tell you what we like and what don’t like. It is important to note that our reviews are comprehensive and detailed.

A typical review takes four to six weeks and is a real world, hands on process, tested by real riders our on the road. We typically include short running to the shop rides, long days of riding for hours on end, sound tests, drop tests and much more.

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This is the main index for webBikeWorld motorcycle product reviews. We now have almost 2,000 wBW motorcycle accessory, clothing and product reviews online! With over 5,000 pages in the site (online for 20+ years!), it’s hard to keep everything categorized. There are also 170+ book reviews, 300+ helmet reviews and hundreds of other reviews across over 100 different review categories. Click on the category you’re after below to narrow down your search.

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[Review] REV’IT! Kryptonite 2 GTX Gloves

Review: REV’IT! Echo Gloves

[REVIEW] REV’IT Sand 4 Gloves

[REVIEW] REV’IT! Tornado 3 Mesh Jacket

[REVIEW] REV’IT! Tornado 3 Mesh Over-Pants

[REVIEW] Racer Gloves USA MultiTop Short Gloves

[REVIEW] Rev’It! Quantum 2 Gloves

Scorpion Covert Pro Jeans: Hands-On Review

[REVIEW] Scorpion EXO-Talon Gloves

2021 BMW R NineT Scrambler: First Ride & First Impressions Review

[REVIEW] KLIM Tactical Armored Base Layer

[REVIEW] Scorpion EXO-HX1 Helmet

[REVIEW] Scorpion Covert X Solid Modular Helmet

[REVIEW] Racer USA Hi-Per Gloves

[REVIEW] Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling Short Sleeve Shirt

[REVIEW] Giant Loop ZigZag Handlebar Bag

[REVIEW] Giant Loop Possibles Pouches

[REVIEW] Giant Loop Pannier Mount & MotoTrekk Panniers

[REVIEW] Fieldsheer Hydrologic® Cooling Vest

[REVIEW] AKASO V50 Pro SE Action Camera Review

[REVIEW] KLIM Marrakesh Textile Pants

[REVIEW] KLIM Marrakesh Textile Jacket

[REVIEW] Ruroc Atlas 3.0 Core Full Face Helmet

[REVIEW] Knox Urbane Pro Trousers

Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling Long Sleeve Shirt Review

[REVIEW] REV’IT! Volcano Women’s Gloves

[REVIEW] Sena Outrush R Modular Helmet

[Review] Sena 3S Plus Boom and Universal Intercom Systems

[REVIEW] BMW GS Pure Full Face Helmet

[REVIEW] Arai Regent-X Full Face Helmet

[REVIEW] KLIM Hardanger HTD Long Gloves

[REVIEW] HJC i10 Full Face Helmet

The Latest & Greatest

Recent Product Reviews

REV’IT! Kryptonite 2 GTX Gloves: Aesthetic & Styling REV’IT! is headquartered in Oss Netherlands, a country well known for its love of two-wheel transportation, but not a country that leaps to mind when I think of high fashion or style. Based on that logic, it totally makes sense why the Kryptonite 2 GTX gloves strike …

REV’IT! Echo Gloves: Dark-Themed Urban Looks Modern riding gear is making it easier than ever to find a style to match your aesthetic without any sacrifices in protection. The REV’IT! Echo gloves keep it classy and straightforward, being all black and soft goat leather. I like the gloss black aluminum plate surrounding the dual-comp knuckle …

There are plenty of warm-weather short cuff motorcycle gloves out there, but the REV’IT Sand 4 Gloves make a pretty strong case for picking them over the competition. These gloves combine protection with ventilation in an exciting-looking package that will likely appeal to adventure and street riders alike. I got my hands on (and in) …

Despite the love I have for my REV’IT! Arc Air mesh jacket, I soon learned through the month of July that even a “warm weather” jacket could get suffocatingly hot when a heatwave decides to arrive. It was just through sheer timing, then, that REV’IT! asked webBikeWorld if there was anything out of their recent …

Since riding a while wearing my Alpinestars Bionic Knee Pads under my jeans through the first part of summer, I soon learned through the month of July that even just regular old jeans with armor on underneath was not passing enough air through to my legs, and certain parts of me below the beltline would …

Racer Gloves USA MultiTop Short Gloves First Impressions Take one look at the Racer Gloves USA MultiTop Short Gloves, and one thing is for sure. They offer some good protection for short cuff gloves. There are knuckle guards, finger guards, palm sliders, wrist protection, and more. There are gloves out there that do it better, …

As I ride a sport tourer, a 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650, I have often focused more on the tourer part of the equation. This is probably through the combination that I’m still relatively new to the riding world as a whole, and that I am still gaining confidence slowly but surely about the capabilities a …

Truth time! We have all done it, and I shall confess. “Oh holy gods of two wheels and petrol, I confess to riding squid.” The vast majority of us in the biker world live in jeans 24/7, but my faithful 501’s are nothing but an illusion of protection. Scorpion offers the Covert and Covert Pro …

The story of how I came about getting the Scorpion EXO-Talon gloves is a bit of a tale, but suffice it to say, I bought a pair of Scorpion EXO-Vortex Air gloves way back in June 2021 at my preferred gear shop in town. I wore them home, took them off, and then didn’t think …

Walking Up To A Little Piece Of Germany Let me start off this review by first thanking BMW Motorrad Canada and BlackFoot Motorsports of Calgary for having the cross-Canada demo days event. For Calgary, it happened on September 3, 2021, with the first ride going at 9:30 AM on a fairly chilly day so as …

If there is one disadvantage to being a taller and bigger rider is that many manufacturers don’t seem to think that anyone has a waist bigger than 40 inches, hips that are larger than 44 inches, or an inseam longer than 30 inches or shorter than 34 inches. Seeing as my hips are at about …

In the world of motorcycles, there are about as many types of bikes as there are riders for them. Some love to ride sportbikes, some love to ride cruisers, others go for ADV bikes or dual sports. Each style of bike also seems to come with its own distinct style of gear, with the full-body …

Introduction The Scorpion Covert X  just looks killer in its full configuration. I received it in gloss Cement Grey, which judging from the trend I see in the automotive world, is a totally on-point color choice. I am not entirely sure how I feel about the lego-like nature of the 3 in 1 design, but …

Introduction It has been a while since I last reviewed a pair of gloves from Racer with those being the Grip gloves back in 2015. At that time I found myself “luke-warm” about those gloves. They offered good protection for street riding but the fit and comfort wasn’t convincing to me. If not for the …

The Mobile Cooling SS Shirt Acknowledging that this review is somewhat overdue and that Alan Buller beat me to the punch with his most informative review of the Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling Long Sleeve Shirt, I will try to make up this shortfall in this less-is-(possibly)more review of the Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling Short Sleeve (SS) Shirt. …



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