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Raven Rova Falcon Textile Pants Hands-On Review

Front view of the Raven Rova Falcon Textile Pants
Darker lighting brings out the Falcon Pant’s more subdued royal tones.
Raven Rova Falcon Textile Pants Review Summary
Review Summary
If you’ve been looking for a pair of textile pants that work with long legs and big quads, then you should consider Raven Rova’s new "Midnight Blue" Falcon Textile Pants. Featuring Keprotec® DuPont Kevlar® stretch panels and some well-thought-out leather detailing, this true-hued unit ranks top of our list and will serve style while ensuring safety remains a top priority.
Build Quality
Built from the ground up for the female figure <3
Leather protectant panels on the inner shin protect against low pipe heat
Cleverly-placed stretch panels aid in mobility
Top-quality materials and componentry (zippers, seam quality, etc.)
Good breathability
6 pockets!
CE-2 certification armor padding included
Good water resistance ratings for a textile number
Snaps on the accordion side pockets come loose a little too easily
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Review Summary

  • The Raven Rova Falcon Textile Pants is available for a retail price of $251.00 USD
  • CE- 2 knee protectors included
  • Main material features a blend of Midnight Blue 500 denier CORDURA® and black Keprotec® DuPont Kevlar® stretch panels along the crotch leg line, plus additional perforated leather at the front abdomen and thicker leather on the inside of each calf
  • Womens straight-leg style featuring a mid-rise waist and a long inseam – not too much extra room in the rear, plenty of inseam and brilliant fitment at the upper leg
  • Textile stretch and curvy fitment don’t always go together; here, fitment hugs in all the right places
  • Additional perks include 6 pockets, extra gusseting, and aesthetically pleasing double-layer-stitching that complements the entire length of the pant line
  • Ventilation is above typical thanks to the porous leather at the front abdomen, the front zippered vents for breathability, and the Falcon’s generous amounts of material by the hem
  • This gear was Karleen Eberle’s first product (albeit in a different color), and the quality shows
  • The pant snaps should have stayed shut on the gusset pockets

Raven Rova Falcon Textile Pants: Mobility for Miles in “Midnight Blue”

I’ve never geared toward the motorcycle pant protection part of the store, and here’s why: I don’t fit our current industry standard, and as I’m never going to, there’s precious little hope I’ll find something on the rack.

In a 2016 study published by Deborah A. Christel and Susan C. Dunn, the average American woman was thought to be around a size 14; that was blown out of the water when Debbie and Sue found that the female body couldn’t be pinpointed to just one size, and it was all thanks to the fragmented fashion industry at large:

“Based on the results of this study, much work is needed in clarifying the classifications of apparel. Little unification between academic, professional industry associations, and the fashion industry exists in the sizing and retail merchandising classification of apparel.”

  • Deborah A. Christel and Susan C. Dunn, “Average American women’s clothing size: comparing National Health and Nutritional Examination Surveys (1988–2010) to ASTM International Misses & Women’s Plus Size clothing” (Research Gate)

The study concluded, rather annoyingly, with the fact that the average American woman is not a size 14, but between sizes 16/18 and +20W.

So how does such a wide spectrum of sizing work for an “industry standard?” What happens when lil’ ol’ 5’9” me decides to waltz into a store containing multiple companies of clothing?

It doesn’t work at all. For some brands, let’s just say that sucking it in doesn’t cut it… and neither does the icky feeling of leaving a change room full of stuff that ended up being equal parts too big, small, short, and tight in the wrong places.

Luckily for us, Karleen Eberle – graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and a woman well-versed in motorcycle gear fitment – knows a thing or two about moto clothing that can fit multiple body types, 33” inseams, thunder thighs, and all.

Rider wearing Raven Rova Falcon Textile Pants
The Raven Rova Falcon pants in “Midnight Blue” come off as dazzling at first glance, but there’s a depth to the hue that cuts deeper on the visuals.

About Raven Rova

Raven Rova prides itself in being “a fashion design house for protective motorcycle apparel,” and the definition is spot-on.

Karleen Eberle, founder of Raven Rova, takes great satisfaction in ensuring that every customer can take advantage of the new fitment equations she’s formulated for her lovingly-tailored lineup, and the Falcon pants are no exception; in fact, these pants were the very first prototypes Karleen created to show off her brilliant idea.

Thanks to the massive success of that initial launch in 2018, RR has helped thousands of riders find their perfect fit.

Brand values include:

  1. Bravery – “To face fears, shed stereotypes, and combat all forms of negativity.”
  2. Community – RR lifeblood. “We are inspired by our sisters and brothers of the road and strive to design products for protecting them.”
  3. Fun – “The reason we face those dangerous statistics, constantly wrench on our machines, and deal with helmet hair.”
  4. Curiosity – “to try new materials, learn new techniques, and never cease to question the status quo.”
  5. Quality – “Because our lives and yours depend on it.”

*A BIG thank-you to Karleen for the privilege of being able to test my first piece(s) of Raven Rova motorcycle gear!*

Rear view of the Raven Rova Falcon Textile Pants and Jacket
Naturally, choosing any color as cheery as Raven Rova’s “Midnight Blue” pants will garner a more… visual reminder of the shenanigans had.


Karleen Eberle really didn’t hold back with these pants, guys.

Since the Falcon Pants were the very first of Eberle’s lineup to see our markets, RR’s founder poured all of her knowledge and know-how into this number. Since then, Eberle has helped thousands of women find true fitment via her gear – and the residual success certainly helped the Jacket that came shortly thereafter.

Key features include: 

  • 500 denier Cordura and Keprotec® DuPont Kevlar® stretch panels (the black fabric)
  • Interchangeable armor pockets at the knee and hip for CE Level 2 armor
  • Multi-pocket design
  • Adjustable velcro tabs at the waist to customize fitment
  • Further adjustability via breathable waist/knee accordion stretch panels
  • Generous leather leg guards to protect from heat
  • Water-resistant material
  • Athletic mesh lining

For a complete list of features, visit Raven Rova Falcon Textile Pants in “Midnight Blue.”

Collage of the Raven Rova Falcon Textile Pants and Jacket at various angles
While the Falcon pants proved a more snug fitment in the lower quad, the pants left ample room in the hips.
While the Falcon pants proved a more snug fitment in the lower quad, the pants left ample room in the hips.

First Impressions

Every woman can predict how the donning of a pair of pants will go by how they fit around the ankles; too tight, and it’s murder to shimmy over the upper legs (if you even get that far).

Too loose, and the Paper Bag Princess aesthetic becomes an unfortunate non-negotiable.

I was about to head out for some adventuring on my rather unadventurous Yamaha YZF-R3, and I wanted to catch the better hours of the sun. I was in a hurry, but the moment I began to put on these pants, I paused at the epiphany and relished the realization that these pants were not tweaked from factory designs, but lovingly tailored from scratch.

Closeup of the hip area on the Raven Rova Falcon Textile Pants
Never underestimate the inclusion of hip room in a pair of Cordura textile pants.

Karleen’s clever choice of 500 denier (500D) Cordura meant that the pants were superbly protective, yet not so thick as to cause discomfiture. Adjustable tabs at the waist allowed me to tighten the pants like a belt about my hips, and further stretch panels at the knees guaranteed as much mobility as they did breathability.

As I rustled out the door in anticipation of my ride, I slipped my iPhone 13 into one of the gusset pockets at the mid-thigh and snapped the pocket closed – a move, it turns out, that I would later regret just a titch.

Raven Rova Falcon Textile Pants laying on carpet
Note the Falcon Textile Pants’s longer inseam and tough 500 Denier CORDURA® textile shell.


Outer Shell

The Raven Rova “Midnight Blue” Falcon pants make use of a myriad of materials; while a front-loaded perforated leather panel breathes easy style, a different kind of (non-perforated) leather dresses the inner pant bottoms in grey, guaranteeing fitment for boots with thick molded plastic shin guards.

500 Denier CORDURA® Nylon fabric (in “Midnight Blue”) is the main component, with further comfy ratings afforded in the black Keprotec®® DuPont Kevlar® stretchy material installed at the crotch (along the inner upper leg); this stuff was apparently created for motorcycle riders due to the fact that it stabilized temperatures while still affording protection and breathability (via Discovery Fabrics).

Two diagonal, slash welt pockets provide hand-in-pockets relief, while a further two pockets – big, gusseted ADV-style patch units – dress each of the pant’s sides.

Raven Rova’s “Midnight Blue” is an interesting tone; while the tone is certainly bright in a photo, real-time rendering of the Falcon pants show off a pleasantly cool Blue that doesn’t overwhelm.
Raven Rova’s “Midnight Blue” is an interesting tone; while the tone is certainly bright in a photo, real-time rendering of the Falcon pants show off a pleasantly cool Blue that doesn’t overwhelm.

Around the waist sits the YKK zipper for attaching Raven Rova’s Falcon Pants (preferrably in “Midnight Blue”), and streamlined, double-stitched seams run along the length of the back of the pant to the end of the pant.

Raven Rova branding takes over a modest portion of the pant leg, while a nifty “RR” initial logo provides an elegant “tramp stamp” at the back of the pant’s waist.

Metal snaps, gusset zippers at the bottom of the pant and the inclusion of ventilation panels at the front make the Falcon pants as pleasurable to use as they are versatile.

*Note to the reader: While the Raven Rova Falcon Pants in “Midnight Blue” carry a bit of leather, the accompanying jacket remains fully textile*

Outer Shell: 500 Denier CORDURA® Nylon / Keprotec®® DuPont Kevlar®

Lining: Athletic mesh

Closeup of the gusset zipper on Raven Rova Falcon Textile Pants
Double-seam stitching gives way to a gusset zipper for each pant leg.


Karleen’s seen to an additional perk for the Falcon pants; an antimicrobial mesh interior lining for a stink-free experience on those longer rides/hotter days.

The mesh is also what’s used to hold the CE Level 2 armor, as well as a big surprise: two more hidden mesh pockets at each hip!

Closeup of the pocket depth on the Raven Rova Falcon Textile Pants
Pockets are more plentiful than anticipated; I could see a sandwich fitting in here nicely.


In total, there are four functioning pockets for the Raven Rova Falcon pants – eight, if counting the hidden interior pocket pair and the mesh that holds the knee protectors.

  • Two diagonal, zippered slash pockets at the front, both of which are lined with a water-resistant material and encased in antimicrobial mesh and secured by YKK zippers
  • Two 7”-deep gusset pockets featuring a dual-snap close
  • Two hidden mesh pockets on the pant’s interior, held closed by a square of Velcro
  • Two 9.5”/6” pockets to hold the knee armor on the inside of the pant leg
Closeup of the waist zipper and brand logo
Branding includes a very nice homage to the company’s signature logo and initials logo.


The Raven Rova brand’s initial signature has been placed loud and proud on the lower back of the Falcon pants, with additional clout printed to the righthand gusset pocket as well as the full name of the brand on the lower right leg.

Closeup of the YKK zippers on the pants
The Falcon Pants’ YKK zippers are followed by Velcro straps at the waist, metal snaps, and a front button.

Zippers and Other Fasteners

All the Falcon Pants zippers are products of YKK – a fantastic choice since YKK zippers self-lubricate and improve with the time passing.

YKK garbs the front unit below the front pant button, as well as the ventilation panels on either quad; a smaller, black YKK zipper is the main protagonist for the Falcon’s zip-in system, and additional units have been added to the ankle gusset zippers.

Snap buttons of a pocket on the Raven Rova Falcon Textile Pants
Observe the offending unit that failed to house my smart device during ride prep.

On top of the YKK movement, Karleen has provided metal snaps for the gusset pockets and Velcro for the waist adjusters, knee protector pockets, and the two sotto voce caboose pockets.


Raven Rova’s Falcon Textile Pants are available in “Midnight Blue” as well as the main color from Princess Leia Organa’s outfit at the Hoth Rebel Base in “Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back” (1980).

Princess Leia Organa’s outfit from “The Empire Strikes Back” is nothing short of legendary.

If you’re keen on other colors, Karleen has organized the website so that the differing colors each have their own page (though the original color scheme is now discontinued).

We hear that pink may soon be on the horizon for RR’s lineups, though don’t quote us on that particular tidbit…

Be sure to sign up for updates on the Raven Rova Collections, and pair these pants with the Falcon Textile Jacket for a cool-toned, fun-hued adventure suit.

Build Quality

As promised previously, different lighting settings bring out the brightness in the “Midnight Blue” Falcon Pants.


As I found out when trying the Falcon Jacket earlier this season, Karleen’s obsession with the perfect size means fighting the brainwashing with we’ve all been spoonfed since we were old enough to care which clothes covered what.

Today, fast fashion is the backbone of every mall ad, every reality show, every superstore; smart marketing carries the gimmicky anthem via signs, posters… even people:

Wouldn’t you look fantastic in this?

The question, if posited to the right garment, is harmless and even beneficial. Place that same query in front of a mass-produced clothing rack, however, and we see the question become an unfounded untruth:

You would look fantastic in this. 

This statement, no matter how right or wrong, will never change; willing parties with green to spare will always be tempted to take the shortcut to style, paying the price for units that seemed great but stretch beyond repair before the season is even out.

I make room for the above problem because this frustrating uphill battle is exactly what propelled Karleen Eberle to found Raven Rova. All of the RR gear I have been reviewing this season is Karleen’s righthand weapon of choice to prove that, more than ever before, women need clothing that makes them feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally – and that counts for double when we’re talking comfy ratings at Mach Jesus on supercharged pieces of two-wheeled pretty.

Just saying.

In my first year here at WBW, Karleen tells of her own experience with fast fashion as a FIT (Fashion Institute of New York) graduate:

“The research and development for Raven Rova started in 2016. A good friend of mine was in a horrible accident in Oakland, California, and it was a big wake-up call for me – a reminder that you’ve got to gear up every time. Street clothes just don’t cut it.”

“I went to a big gear store the day of his accident, looking to purchase something more protective. Here I am, in the fitting room, throwing a shit fit like a child. I couldn’t find anything that fit me.”

“I was like, “What’s going on? It’s 2016. Why can’t I find clothes that fit me??” My friend and I went to get a coffee afterward, and I’m like, “I’m a fashion designer. I bet other women have this problem too.”

“I can do something about this.”

Based on today’s style state and Eberle’s instructions for sizing on her website, finding the proper size for Raven Rova gear isn’t the same as finding a t-shirt at the nearest Walmart. Eberle follows through on accurate fitment algorithms that show precise measurements; giving in to vanity sizing will help nobody here.

Eberle has asked me to remind you guys of the following when finding your size:

“If your measurement exceeds the number on the chart, that size is too small in 9/10 cases!”

In plain English, if Raven Rova’s chart recommends you go up two more sizes than typical, trust the Eberle systems; I know I have always benefitted from Karleen’s continual recommendation to size up.

For reference, I am a 5’9” tall gym-going regular and sport 36-28-40 specs, which typically translates to:

  • Costco size S/M (bottom)
  • Costco size XS/S (top)
  • Generic size 6 (bottom)
  • Generic size 4 (top)

This review period taught me that I am a RR Size 10 for the Falcon jacket (broad shoulders), and a Size 8 in the Falcon pants (gym quads).

*Note to the reader: Always make sure to have measurements done meticulously at home, and check three times before clicking that “checkout” button. Raven Rova offers an instant chat bubble on their website where anybody can ask questions about gear, fitment, and more. Be sure to listen to the advice proffered to score on the size that will suit your inclination and build best!*

Rider sitting on the grass wearing Raven Rova Falcon Textile Pants
Sitting and leaning in Cordura can be more of a task, due to the lack of ready stretch available; fortunately, I had no such issues.


Comfort levels are fantastic for Raven Rova’s Falcon pants. Thanks to the clever choice of a tougher high-quality polyamide fabric from the nylon family (Cordura), the pants – though heavier than I expected – allow a surprising amount of movement.

The above efforts are aided by the Keprotec® DuPont Kevlar® stretch panels along the upper leg joints, creating an addicting duo frequently used for circuit-happy race suits.

The whole shebang features a better bang-for-buck ratio than Kevlar and a far better protection rating than canvas. As for comfort, my “cargo” vibes are well-realized, while mobility remains beyond reasonable for a typical ADV motorcycle pant.

The ultimate stretch test for Raven Rova’s Falcon Pants.

The inclusion of well-though-out stretch panels at the knee means that my bent knees never have to show angry red marks from unforgiving fabric rubbing the kneecap – a further mercy that I had underestimated in my time with the Falcon Pant.

Closeup of the gusset zipper on Raven Rova Falcon Textile Pants
The Falcon Pants’ mesh interior and leather inner shin heat guards create an open leg that is generous without being baggy.


The Raven Rova Falcon Textile Pants offer moderate adjustability through waist cinchers that Velcro at the back of the pant. Thanks to Eberle’s smart use of accordion panels and Keprotec® DuPont Kevlar® stretch panels, there’s not much else than can be improved upon for adjustability.

Top marks here.


Darker lighting brings out the Falcon Pant’s more subdued royal tones.

On paper, Raven Rova’s Falcon Pant is advertised as “lightweight and breathable for summer riding;” mid-situ, I can confirm Eberle’s decision for a perforated leather section at the abdomen of the pant to be a smart one.

I have one con for this entire review, and it has to do with the metal snaps holding shut the gusset side pockets. As somebody who carries my phone everywhere, I like to have a hole where I can stash my personal effects before swinging a leg over for a good weekend adventure.

In this case, I had just rustled out of the house in anticipation of the better hours of the Sunday afternoon; zips were zipped, snaps were snapped, Velcro’ed bits were…shut… and then I heard a chalky “clahck!”

I looked around to see what I had dropped and, seeing nothing,  was about to turn back when I caught a flash of something out of the corner of my eye.

There my phone lay, punted from its gusset pocket, face-down on the garage pavement.

Had I left my phone there, I would have rolled over the thing on my merry way to the nearest shenanigan; still, I cannot tell if my obscene hip-to-knee ratio caused too much stretch for the pocket in an acute ergonomic situ, or if the snaps are meant to break away with too much force.

Standby for the response on that front.


Ventilation is exactly where it should be for this Raven Rova Falcon; while I didn’t get the same sail-forming bubble as the Scorpion Wax Riding Shirt I tried earlier in the season, the Falcon pants are certainly better ventilated than the REV’IT! Coral jacket I was sporting last year.

A reminder that wearing a piece of Raven Rova gear that’s as brilliant a Blue as this will not be as cool as a lighter unit; likewise, don’t expect breathtaking breathability ratings if you’ve gone with your vanity size that’s too small (like I did for the Falcon Jacket).

Ventilation aids are carried forward in the stretchy Keprotec® DuPont Kevlar® units on the inside of each upper leg, as well as the choice of 500 denier Cordura textile as a main material for the pant.

The review period for these pants had me riding in temperatures ranging from 40° to 104° Fahrenheit, thanks to a final heat wave that was followed by a cold flash (typical for Q4 in Canada).

During that time, I was mainyla  fair-weather rider with the occasional exception to a splash or two of rain.

Are Raven Rova Falcon Pants Waterproof?

No, they’re water-resistant.

The difference between the two is that the latter shows a certain level of aversion to water before the liquid seems into the pant fabric; as such, be sure to plan your rides accordingly.

To demonstrate this concept, I poured water on a leg of the Falcon Textile Pants and timed how long the water took to seep through. A bit of rubbing to help the process along, and I had water wetting the inner lining ny the three-minute mark.

What does this mean for your rev-happy hooning?

If you get caught in the rain, don’t expect miracles. Go home if you want to stay dry.

CE2 knee protectors
Raven Rova’s Falcon Pants come with CE-2 level protectors for the knees, which nestle into a little mesh pocket on each side.


As a brand, Raven Rova puts protection as the first priority; as such, all of Karleen’s gear comes with complementary safety equipment.

The Falcon Textile Pants arrives with CE-2 protector pads, certified to 2017’s safety regulation effort.  I don’t believe the Falcon pants should be worn without these knee pads, though those of you who desire to do as you please might find an exceeding amount of room in the kneecap area upon removal of the things.

Washing instructions tag on the Raven Rova Falcon Textile Pants
Raven Rova recommends to not party too hard with the washing methods for your Falcon Pants.

Care Instructions

According to the tags found on the Falcon Pants, Karleen recommends no drying (the triangle), no ironing (the iron), and no dry cleaning either (the circle), please and thank you.

This unit is a more delicate offering, and as such shouldn’t be washed too often. When it absolutely needs a session, a delicate cycle using nothing warmed than lukewarm water should do the trick.

Handwashing and hang-drying also works wonders.

Based on the gear I have reviewed thus far, the Falcon’s level of maintenance is very reasonable; you should look at the list I had to type out for the Scorpion Wax Riding Shirt


Karleen stipulates a 15-day return policy on her website; while there are exceptions to this rule, you are fully responsible for any return shipping.

In general, Raven Rova is a passionate but small company going above and beyond in pursuit of the ultimate gear. As such, their return policy comes with a request to respect their small-scale gear operation by going through the process of a return ONLY if the return is thoroughly warranted.

Questions about your gear or unsure about a few things before doubling down on your own Raven Rova gear? Raven Rova’s got an instant chat for anything in that category.

If you’d like to try other channels of communication or check out Raven Rova’s Return Policy, we also have the following:

Rider kneeling while wearing Raven Rova Falcon Textile Pants and Jacket
Wearing motorcycle pants is about more than the time on a bike; it’s about what y’all get up to pre-, mid, and post-situ that makes a winning pant.


I love wearing Raven Rova’s gear, and not just because it sports clever fitment and the right size equation for my misfit self. RecommendingRR gear comes from full trust in the heart of the operation, which is still alive and kicking (as ever).

On top of her day job, Karleen Eberle has been investing money and time into further streamlining Raven Rova’s structure, and the company just finished moving to new shipping headquarters to ensure Raven Rova gear continues its perfect rebuttal to today’s fast fashion fitment:

You will feel fantastic in this.

Big thank you to Karleen for sending me the Falcon Pants and Jacket; I had a brilliant time with both pieces, and look forward to hearing about that pink thing you mentioned the other day…

Enjoy the rest of the season, guys; as ever, looking forward to hearing what y’all think about Raven Rova’s gear, and stay safe on the twisties, yeah?


  • Built from the ground up for the female figure <3
  • Leather protectant panels on the inner shin protect against low pipe heat
  • Cleverly-placed stretch panels aid in mobility
  • Top-quality materials and componentry (zippers, seam quality, etc.)
  • Good breathability
  • 6 pockets!
  • CE-2 certification armor padding included
  • Good water resistance ratings for a textile number


  • Snaps on the accordion side pockets come loose a little too easily


  • Manufacturer: Raven Rova
  • Price: $251.00 USD
  • Made In: Sialkot, Pakistan (Longview PVT)
  • Colors: “Midnight Blue”
  • Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24
  • Review Period: July 31 – October 20, 2023

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