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Every rider is different and every use case is different so when it comes to finding the perfect motorcycle clothing the goal isn’t trying to find the “best”, it is finding the “right” piece of clothing for your needs. The bad news of course is that with all the options, styles, materials and so on available when shopping for any motorcycle clothing is mind boggling. At webBikeworld we’ve been reviewing motorcycle gear for over twenty years so we know a thing or two about getting it right. Read our reviews on the best gear.

Our review process for testing motorcycle clothing normally takes four to six weeks. We will wear a jacket, pants, helmet or gloves on long rides and short rides (about 10 hours of riding). Back in our testing facility (our garage) we will inspect the construction, materials as well as all the things that matter from a practicality standpoint.

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Most riders don’t realize just how many motorcycle clothing brands exist. Over the years we have reviewed a lot of jackets, pants, gloves, underwear and much more and we can barely keep up with the new ones coming onto the market every year. Below, we have listed all the brands we have tested (and some we haven’t). You can simply click on the link to see all the reviews we have conducted for each brand. We hope this makes finding the right gear for you a little easier.

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The perfect motorcycle clothing means different things to different people who live in different climates, having different riding and personal styles as well as a maria of other factors. The good news is that here at webBikeWorld we’ve reviewed them all. Narrow down your search below:


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Recent Reviews

In this section you will find all our recent hands on motorcycle clothing reviews

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Recent Hands On

Motorcycle Clothing Product Reviews

Summary The Golden Eagle Sport sunglasses provide quality glare and brightness combined with slim and lightweight frame. They are designed to be comfortable for long periods of time when wearing a helmet or over-the-ear headphones. Introduction My history with eyeglasses goes all the way back to first grade. Then at age sixteen I started wearing …

Moto Skiveez Performance Tights and Compression Riding Socks Review Moto-Skiveez expands on their lineup of motorcycle riding base layers with a new, “longer” offering. The new performance tights take a different approach than the original Skiveez by way of a tighter fit and an improved pad. Also in this review we’ll take a look where …

Two motorcycle-centric shirts with differing appearances and design approaches to achieve similar goal, functionality and improving rider comfort. Functionality is not set aside for the sake of comfort as both shirts have features designed to make them useful for the motorcycle rider on both short and longer rides. They also can be handy for non-two-wheeled …

Rev’it Defender GTX Jacket Preview Defender GTX Jacket The next new jacket in the Rev’it Gore-Tex lineup is the Defender GTX, which looks somewhat similar to the famed Cayenne Pro jacket. It features a 500 denier genuine Cordura shell with DuPont Teflon coating to reduce water absorption at the shell layer.  The Defender GTX also …

Rev’it Gore-Tex Legacy GTX Jacket Preview Legacy GTX Jacket Technically speaking, the Cayenne Pro then comes next in the hierarchy of Rev’it jackets, followed by the Sand jacket we reviewed in 2010. After that comes the new Legacy GTX jacket and pants. The Legacy GTX is designed for riders in milder climates, such as Northern …

Rev’it Gore-Tex Motorcycle Clothing Preview August 2010 – In November of 2009, we reported on the new partnership between Rev’it and W.L. Gore, a cooperative effort to produce the “next generation” of advanced motorcycle clothing using the latest technologies and production methods from both companies. Then in January 2010, we added to that article the details …

Rev’it Everest GTX Jacket Preview Rev’it Everest GTX Jacket The top-of-the-line Rev’it jacket for Fall/Winter 2010 is the new Everest GTX (GTX = Gore-Tex). This is the top-of-the-line Rev’it GTX jacket, which includes the very latest Rev’it high-tech feature set and the best Gore-Tex guaranteed waterproof removable membrane. Jordan Levitt, the U.S. Director of Operations …

Rev’it Ultimate Pants The Rev’it X-Vent pants were my favorite cool-weather motorcycle riding pants, bar none.  They fit well, they were comfortable and they kept me warm in throughout the cold winter months. There were two features that I wish were different though, and both of these (and more) have been addressed in the new …

REV’IT! 2010 Slide Show Photographs from the 2010 visit to the REV’IT! USA headquarters in Red Hook, Brooklyn. More: All wBW REV’IT! Clothing Reviews More: All wBW REV’IT! Clothing Reviews More webBikeWorld :▪ Motorcycle Clothing Reviews ▪ All wBW All Product Reviews Note: For informational use only. All material and photographs are Copyright © webWorld International, LLC since 2000. All rights reserved. See the webBikeWorld® Site …

REV’IT! 2014 Fall/Winter Clothing Preview I made a quick stop at REV’IT! USA headquarters last week to check out the Fall/Winter 2014 lineup. Yes, you read that right! It’s time for winter clothing. Hard to believe, now that summer has just begun its hot and moist grip on most of us in the northern hemisphere. …

Women’s Leather Motorcycle Jacket Motorcycle clothing manufacturers live in an ultra-competitive world.  They spend huge amounts of time and money trying to design products that have something just a little bit different and special to outsmart the competition.I’m sure there are many different types of statistical methods, surveys and focus groups that are used to try …

Tourmaster Cortech Pants Many features, including double flaps over seams, extra material over knees and seat. Well made and high quality. Can be hot when worn over street pants at temperatures over about 70 degrees F. Best suited for cooler-weather riding. If you’ve got some time to kill with friends while tipping a few on …

Maverick “Sidewinders” Polartec Polar Flannel Lined Jeans Sitting in a Doctor’s office waiting room a couple of days ago, I was struck by how many people were wearing jeans.  I thought jeans were passé, surpassed by baggy chinos, cargo pants and sweats. I guess I’m out of step with the latest fashions yet again… Jeans …

Hein Gericke Cargo Overpants Hein Gericke opened his business in Düsseldorf, Germany in 1970.  The company has grown dramatically since then, becoming what is probably the best known motorcycle clothing brand name in Europe. Although Hein Gericke apparel has been sold in the U.S.A. since 1978, the brand has not been well recognized by American …

Alpinestars Street Cargo Pants Our series on Alpinestars gear for hot weather riding concludes with a look at the Alpinestars Street Cargo Pants, which are sort of a cross between street jeans and mesh motorcycle pants. The Cargo Pants can be purchased one size small, as these were, for wearing solo, but they’re also designed …

We have reviewed dozens and dozens of clothing brands over the years at WBW so we know a thing or two about which brands our editors love. We also see the analytics on the site too so we know which brands get the most views and attention from our readers. Between consumer interest, our editor’s opinions and generally who we think is really innovating in the clothing and gear space, here are the most popular brands at the moment.



alpinestars logo

Alpinestars makes technical, high performance protective gear for Motorcycle, Motocross, and Auto Racing and more recently for action sports like Adventure/Touring, Mountain Biking and Cycling.

It all started in 1963 when a leather craftsman by the name of Sante Mazzarolo began creating the first Alpinestars branded products. At that time a new sport called motocross was establishing itself.

Alpinestars makes a massive range of motorcycle clothing. There’s a reason Alpinestars tops our list in a lot of categories and their R&D and constant innovation plus reasonable prices and great quality are hard to beat. 

Helpful Links: Read Our Alpinestars Reviews.

Alpinestars on Amazon Alpinestars on RevZilla

Joe Rocket

Joe Rocket Jacket

Joe Rocket is affordable and great quality for the price point. Their clothing is a fraction of what you can pay for the same look and feel elsewhere.

While there are a lot of copycat brands out there you can’t say that about Joe Rocket with their signature cool looking clothing and gear. We love their leather classic jackets the most, perfect for the cafe racer in you.

Helpful Links: Read Our Joe Rocket Reviews.

Buy Joe Rocket on Amazon Buy Joe Rocket on RevZilla


klim motorcycle jackets

Klim Motorcycle Jackets

Klim (pronounced “climb”) is a U.S based designer and manufacturer or cool snowmobile and motorcycle clothing using the same.

Klim is an innovator in the space, focused on designing, developing and manufacturing the most advanced motorsports apparel for the snowmobile and motorcycle rider. Clearly with a focus on snowmobile you know that their motorcycle gear are going to outperform other brands when it comes to waterproofing breathability, durability and comfort in cold weather.

Helpful Links: Read Our Klim Reviews.

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dainese motorcycle jackets

dainese logo

“Dainese uses innovation and new technology to create protective gear and clothing for motorcycle, bike, equestrian and winter sports” according to the Dainese official website.

Started in 1972 the team there makes not only motorcycle boots but all types of other protective gear (back protectors, gloves, airbags and more). A very focused R&D outfit, Dainese was the first to develop a super cool instant-deployment airbag suit and jacket system – it basically blows up like an inflatable balloon to protect you in a crash.

Combine the basics and amazing looks and it is hard to look further than Dainese when buying quality gear.

Helpful Links: Read Our Dainese Reviews.

Buy Dainese on Amazon Buy Dainese on RevZilla


Icon Motorcycle Jackets

icon motorsports logo

Makers of Helmets, Jackets, Gloves, Pants, Footwear the team at Icon is one of the largest street based protective motorcycle apparel brands in the world.

Founded in 2002, ICON exploded onto the scene with unabashed attitude – maybe that’s why we love them so much. They focus on the modern performance rider who rides in the real world of messed up roads. Their core mission is “protecting riders whenever and however we can, knowing that reckoning day is coming for all of us”.

With a broad set of colors, styles, fits, and functionalities, Icon are among the most popular brands in the business. The relative upstart (in motorcycle gear years) knows how to create cool looking gear.

Helpful Links: Read Our Icon Reviews.

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Revit Motorcycle Jackets


With a focus on innovation and well designed motorcycle clothing, REV’IT knows how to make cool clothing and gear.

We’ve often described REV’IT as a company that “gets it”. Their focus on motorcycle gloves shows they know riders really well.  We love for example that most of the gloves are constructed with seasonality in mind, which most riders know make a huge difference.

We love that REVIT makes a wide range of jackets for both men and women. Available at a broad range of price points it is not hard to find a REVIT motorcycle jacket for every riding style, budget and body type out there.

Helpful Links: Read Our REV’IT Reviews.

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