The Best Motocross Motorcycle Pants for 2022


Priced below $100, entry-level pants are best for those working within a budget, or for those trying out the sport without spending large amounts of money on gear yet.

See: Entry Level Pants


Priced between $101 and $200, mid-range pants are for when you’re in the sport, either as enduro, supercross, or motocross, and want to move up to competition-grade gear

See: Mid-Range Pants


Priced over $201, high-end pants are for those taking part in serious professional racing, such as pro supercross or endurance rallies, where the gear needs to be as good as possible.

See: High-End Pants

A note about our recommendations:

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A note about availability (updated December 28, 2021):

Some of the gear we recommend in this list may be, at the time you are reading it and clicking the links, out of stock at all retailers. This has been an ongoing issue due to the global pandemic throughout the past 18 or so months with motorcycle gear in general. The only time an item is removed or replaced is if it is discontinued, so if it’s on this list, it might be out of stock but is expected to return to stock at retailers at some point in Q1 or Q2 2022

Priced under $100

Best Entry Level Motocross Motorcycle Pants

Fly Racing F-16 Dirt Pants

Fly Racing Dirt F-16

Price: $79.95

Where to Buy

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The F-16 pants bring much of Fly Racing’s knowledge and expertise down to an entry-level bit of kit that is hard to label as budget. Featuring full 600D abrasion and ripstop construction and double or triple sewn seams, these pants are designed to be both comfortable, with a mesh liner, as well as handle the nastiest of bumps and wipeouts without shredding themselves to pieces. TPR badging and adjustable fit through a ratcheting fly closure and stretch-fit panels ensure the pants stay where they need to be to help protect you as well as possible.



  • 600D construction for strong and outstanding durability
  • Single adjustable belt for maximum fit and comfort
  • Ratcheting Fly closure allows for additional adjustability and a secure fit
  • YKK main zipper for maximum durability
  • Stretch ribbing strategically used where pant flexibility is most important
  • Mesh comfort liner helps keep you cool and comfortable
  • Fully integrated TPR (Thermoplastic rubber) badges
  • Ergonomically pre-shaped knee contoured to accommodate most knee braces and guards
  • 600D inside knee panels protect from hot exhaust systems
  • Low profile stretch leg cuffs

Protection & Safety

  • TPR sections for light impact protection and grip
  • Pants are designed to fit over kneepads and tall motocross boots

BILT Lux Race Pants

BILT Lux Race

Price: $79.99

Where to Buy

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The Lux Race pants are built to do one thing, and that is compete. Made of 600D polyester, they feature a high-airflow design including rubberized intake scoops on the outside of the TPR knee pads to push air up the thighs for cooling. Cowhide leather on the inner knee provides a high grip as well as heat protection. The pants can be used on their own, or with external armor, and are tapered to fit easily inside race boots.



  • Heavy duty 600D polyester construction
  • Strategically placed laser perforation for maximum airflow
  • Molded TPR air scoops at the knees
  • Open weave stretch mesh along the lower leg
  • Full mesh comfort lining
  • Double layer, pre-curved padded knees
  • Full-grain cowhide leather panels at the inner knee
  • Full circumference silicon jersey-to-pants gripper at waist
  • Triple stitching in impact areas
  • Reduced bulk at lower leg for improved in-the-boot comfort
  • Race fit with tailoring to clear knee braces and impact armor
  • Included ventilated hip pads

Protection & Safety

  • TPR knee pads with external air scoop for cooling
  • 600D polyester is highly abrasion-resistant
  • Triple stitching in impact areas keeps the pants together
  • Includes ventilated hip pads

Priced between $101 and $200

Best Mid-Range Motocross Motorcycle Pants

Klim XC Lite Pants

Klim XC Lite

Price: $99.99 to 129.99

Where to Buy

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The XC Lite pants are a special bit of kit. Designed for enduro racers, they are nonetheless appropriate for both motocross and supercross. An articulated race fit with venting, armor, and a large range of movement is perfect for both taking those big jumps and riding across desert rallies.



  • Lightweight mesh main body
  • Low bulk materials inside the boot
  • Genuine leather at inside of knees for grip, durability, and protection
  • Vented TPU at knees
  • TPU at fly and waist adjustment tabs
  • Moisture-wicking mesh liner
  • Side waist adjustment for a fine-tuned fit
  • Easy-access, zippered thigh pocket
  • Silicone inside the waist helps keep your pants up and your jersey down
  • Anchored liner at knee area reduces bunching

Protection & Safety

  • Vented TPU at knees and fly
  • Leather on inside of knees for grip and protection
  • Lightweight mesh liner keeps pants in place, so it does not ride around on your legs, while also allowing airflow and backing the Cordura external shell

Thor Pulse React motocross pants

Thor Pulse React

Price: $114.95

Where to Buy

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Bordering between a budget pair of motocross pants and a competition-grade piece of protective equipment, the Thor Pulse React is one of the most adjustable pants on the market. This is achieved through stretch and accordion panels, dual cinches, one per hip, to adjust your pelvic fit, and a full chassis that is double and triple stitched and made of ripstop nylon and polyester so your pants will stand the test of time.



  • Pre-curved knee to assume the active riding position
  • Abrasion resistant Polyester and Nylon are bound together with double and triple stitched seams to ensure durability ride after ride
  • Lock in your fit with the adjustable side cinches located on each hip
  • Small expansion stretch panels on waist
  • Purpose built TPR features
  • Athletic mesh liner
  • Interior hip pocket

Protection & Safety

  • TPR built in across key areas of the chassis
  • Double and triple stitched so if you come off during an enduro or a motocross event, the pants will not rip open and let your skin drag against rocks and gravel

Priced $201+

Best High-End Motocross Motorcycle Pants

FXR Helium MX Pants

FXR Helium MX

Price: $219.99

Where to Buy

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The Helium MX pants are, at the very core, all about mobility. Perforated 600D polyester creates a lightweight chassis that stretches and breathes with you as you ride. Leather on the inner knee provides protection from heat and rubbing against the bike’s body. Lightweight, breathable mesh inserts for the knees provide some protection and extra airflow.

Note: These pants are designed to be used with external knee and shin armor, as they are tapered to fit into a race boot.



  • Chassis design for improved fit and comfort
  • Durable perforated 4-way stretch fabric provides class-leading fit and mobility
  • 600D polyester perforated fabric for improved airflow
  • Knee design provides a slim fit
  • Rib-knit stretch insert above the knee for extra mobility
  • Lightweight breathable mesh inserts for added ventilation, and flexibility
  • Leather panel at the inner knee for heat and abrasion protection
  • Triple topstitching in critical areas for extra strength and durability
  • Hook and loop adjustable waist
  • Silicone-printed inner elastic waist for extra grip and security
  • TPR knee logos
  • Fade-free sublimation print

Protection & Safety

  • 600D polyester is highly abrasion and impact resistant
  • Triple stitching on critical areas ensures that if you do get thrown, the pants will stay intact.

Fox Racing Legion Pants

Fox Racing Legion

Price: $229.95

Where to Buy

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If there is one name that is synonymous with motocross and off-road, it is Fox Racing. The Legion pant is their combo motocross and enduro rally pant, able to succeed in both arenas and deserts. Made of top-quality ripstop Cordura (750D to 1000D), they feature stretch panels in all the important parts, double-layered leather, and synthetic material knees with articulation, and top of the thigh zippered ventilation zones to allow the cooling area to the hottest parts of the legs when riding for hours in the desert, or taking that sick jump over the finish line.



  • Cordura ripstop construction with zonal stretch panels
  • Two zipper vents for maximum climate control
  • Double-layer knee system made of full grain cow leather and abrasion-resistant material provides high durability
  • New more durable stretch panels on the back of the legs
  • Thin hem at cuff to eliminate bulk in boot
  • Triple-needle stitching in critical areas
  • Zippered pocket to hold essentials

Protection & Safety

  • Ripstop Cordura is one of the most abrasion-resistant materials used in street motorcycle wear and has a minimum rating of 750D. Using it for off-road racing means it can survive slides across gravel, rocks, sand, and the like.
  • Triple stitched in crucial structural areas
  • Designed to fit into a race boot, and used with external shin and knee armor
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Here’s how we do things:

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Mini-Buyers Guide

What to Look for in a Motocross Pants

In the world of two-wheeled fun, motocross riders are a unique and special type of crazy. We say that in the most endearing way possible, for who else would willingly fling themselves over hills and travel at insane speeds through uneven terrain? Motocrossers are those seeking the thrill of pushing their dirt bikes to the limit, as well as enjoying the fact they are doing so with up to 40 other people just as equally insane as they are.

For the street rider, pants are an important factor in minimizing leg injuries and are usually armored, abrasion-resistant, and made to help absorb any impact and slide, the greatest fear of any street rider. Motocross riders, on the other hand, barely even acknowledge the separation of the rider from the bike, often jumping up, gesticulating angrily, then getting right back onto their lightweight monster to catch up to the pack.

Tenacity is a word that aptly describes a motocross rider. They are willing to push themselves and their equipment to the ragged edge to complete a race. They demand both physical and mental toughness from themselves and extreme durability from their gear. For that reason, motocross pants, and all dirt bike gear in general, need to be able to handle heat, sweat, dirt, abrasion, and impact, over and over again, without failure.

Be sure to check back regularly with us here at wBW to read about our latest hands-on reviews and other great products for riders.

Motocross Pants Buyers Guide

Motocross pants are all about function and fit. Looking great is a nice added bonus but the primary goal of motocross pants is to provide abrasion protection and soften the blow of any major impact as much as possible. In the end, the rider simply wants to be able to jump up and get back in the race.

Armor isn’t as high a priority for being built into the pants, as most riders will either wear a full set of armor over their clothes or have knee and shin guards on under the pants. Some pants do feature wraparound thigh armor, mostly just to prevent damage to the leg should the rider get tossed or run over by another competitor.

Do you need specialist pants? Well, off-road riding has different demands. That’s why dirt bikes favor dedicated off-road helmets, specialist boots, and gloves with different properties. If you’re serious about staying protected when you’re out on the trail, the right gear will go a long way.



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