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Fast Figures: Here are Harley-Davidson’s 2023 Sales Stats

Year Three of HD's Hardwire Strategy is Officially Completed!

Riders on motorcycles.
A view of Harley's CVO Street Glide and CVO Road Glide, powered by Milwaukee-Eight VVT 121 Engine. Media provided by Harley-Davidson.
  • Harley-Davidson finishes Q4 of 2023 with bike sales showing decline of -11%
  • 2023 global bike sales are marked at a global decline of -13%
  • LiveWire finishes 2023 year with global shipments up +11% compared to 2022

Harley-Davidson has just completed year three of their five-year Hardwire strategy, and CEO Jochen Zeitz is feeling pretty good about what the company has accomplished.

In the third year of our Hardwire strategy we have made progress in key elements of our strategic plan – focusing on our most profitable products and markets – which we believe will continue to yield benefits to the business and have set us up for long-term value creation despite the current challenging environment for the industry.”

 – Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO, Harley-Davidson

Of course, the quote is followed by Harley’s Q4 and 2023 global sales results.

Let’s see how everybody’s feeling, shall we?

A motorcyclist on a motorcycle.
Harley’s Road Glide ST. Media provided by Harley-Davidson.

What was in Harley-Davidson’s Q3 results?

If you recall, last quarter (Q3) saw Q3 motorcycle sales saw a decline of 9% compared to last year, contributing to a global dip of -16%.

The wilting sales figures were purported to result from higher interest rates to “weaker than expected demands.” 

LiveWire was particularly affected in Q3, rendering a mere 50 bike shipments and a -76% drop since Q2. 

Two riders on electric motorcycles.
A view of the LiveWire S2 Del Mar. Media provided by LiveWire’s Facebook page.

What has Harley-Davidson logged for Q4 of 2024?

According to HD’s recent press release (published to PRNewswire), sales were looking a little different for Harley-Davidson‘s fourth quarter. 

Here’s a portion of the table proffered in the press release as well as the reason given for each figure:


Motorcycles (thousands) 

4th quarter
2023 2022 Change
North America 17.5 19.2 -9 %
EMEA 5.1 6.6 -22 %
Asia Pacific  6.8 7.5 -10 %
Latin America 0.8 0.6 46 %
Worldwide Total 30.2 33.8 -11 %

North America: -9%

  • “[sales figure] continues to be impacted by both the high interest rate environment and the discontinuation of legacy Sportster at the end of 2022 in the region.” 

EMEA: -22%

  • “[sales figure] driven by weakness in the France and German markets.”

APAC: -10%

  • “[sales figure] driven by weakness in the Australian and New Zealand markets.”

Latin America: +46%

  • “[sales figure] increases were driven by growth in both Brazil and in Mexico.”

While Harley’s Q4 ICE shipments are down -13%, LiveWire has reanimated with 514 units sold for Q4, leading to a slap-happy +645% increase compared to the same quarter in 2022. 

Revenue is also up to +$15 million (from $9 million), a number that Harley tells us was “expected.”

Three motorcyclists on electric motorcycles.
A view of Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire One. Media provided by LiveWire’s Facebook page.

What are Harley-Davidson’s 2024 Global results?

Overall, we’re looking at a global decline of -9% for sale of Harley’s ICE bikes in 2023, with global LiveWire bike shipments up +11% thanks to sales of the new S2 Del Mar.

Both of those numbers are compared to 2022.

Here are the relevant tables from Harley’s press release:

Harley-Davidson Retail Motorcycle Sales 

Motorcycles (thousands) 

Full Year
2023 2022 Change
North America 105.9 117.1 -10 %
EMEA 27.0 30.5 -11 %
Asia Pacific  27.0 27.9 -3 %
Latin America 2.9 2.9 0 %
Worldwide Total 162.8 178.5 -9 %
LiveWire – Results 

$ in millions

Full Year
2023 2022 Change
Electric Motorcycle Shipments (units) 660 597 11 %
Revenue $38 $47 -18 %
Operating Loss ($117) ($85) nm

Add to this the fact that Harley also repurchased $350 million of their own shares on a discretionary basis, and things are looking very nice for the American motorcycle manufacturer. 

What do you think of Harley’s 2023 sales figures? 

*Media provided by LiveWire’s Facebook page and Harley’s Facebook page*