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The 2021 Indian Motorcycle Lineup + Our Take On Each Model

2021 Indian Motorcycle lineup

Indian’s Lineup Gets Better in 2021

Indian Motorcycle has been putting out very good motorcycles lately, and 2021 is a continued move in the right direction from its already stellar lineup in 2020.

While still not nearly as much of a juggernaut as Harley-Davidson, Indian has managed to make itself important in the American cruiser market. This year is no different. The company has some killer bikes. It’s 2021 lineup and continues to expand, and this should be a good year for Indian Motorcycle.


2021 Indian Scout Sixty

2021 indian scout sixty

The Indian Motorcycle Scout lineup starts with the Scout Sixty. This is the entry to the motorcycle company. The Scout name is iconic, and the Scout Sixty provides you all you’d need in terms of power, comfort, and style for a good cruiser.

The Scout Sixty features a modern liquid-cooled V-twin engine the 999cc mill puts out 78 hp and 65 lb-ft of torque. That engine is connected to a five-speed transmission. This bike comes standard with a solo seat, but you can easily upgrade that and other aspects of this motorcycle. Also, there are other Indians better for two-up riding.

2021 Indian Scout Bobber Sixty

2021 indian scout bobber sixty

The Indian Scout Bobber Sixty takes the Indian Scout Sixty and the Indian Scout Bobber and combines it into one machine that is hard not to love. It gives you bobber styling and a blacked-out appearance at a lower price point and with the smaller engine. Overall, it’s a killer bike.

The motorcycle features a liquid-cooled V-twin engine the 999cc mill puts out 78 hp and 65 lb-ft of torque. This is the same engine in the Scout Sixty. It also has the five-speed transmission. Again you get a standard solo seat, but you can upgrade or switch things up easily.

2021 Indian Scout Bobber

2021 indian scout bobber

The inspiration for the Scout Bobber Sixty, the regular Scout bobber features the bigger engine and some kickass bobber styling. The machine offers a more badass look with bar-end mirrors and is mostly blacked-out, though there are some accents on the engine that make that V-twin pop.

The Scout Bobber gets the 1,133 liquid-cooled V-twin engine. That lovely liquid-cooled mill churns out 100 hp and 72 lb-ft of torque. The transmission also gains another gear, making it a six-speed, which makes this a better highway machine.

2021 Indian Scout

2021 indian scout

Next up, is the Indian Scout. This model is designed to carry on the Scout name that has been so important for Indian for most of its history. The regular Scout and the Scout Sixty are similar machines in overall design, but the regular Scout packs the bigger engine.

As I said, the 1,133cc liquid-cooled engine sits in this cruiser’s frame. It makes a strong 100 hp and 72 lb-ft of torque. The engine sends power to a six-speed transmission, which then passes it on to the rear wheel. This is an excellent engine good for around town and highway cruising.

2021 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty

2021 indian scout bobber twenty

The Indian Motorcycle Scout Bobber Twenty takes the Indian Scout Bobber to new heights. In terms of the handlebars, that’s literal. This motorcycle harkens back to the bikes of old. The motorcycle has lowered suspension, wire wheels, and the larger engine, and those cool mini-ape hangers.

It gets the 1,133cc V-twin engine that’s liquid-cooled that puts out 100 hp and 72 lb-ft of torque. It’s the same engine as is in the regular Scout and Scout Bobber. The engine is mated to a six-speed transmission that then sends power to the rear wheel. Overall, if you want something with a little more visual pop, this is it.


2022 Indian FTR R Carbon

2021 Indian FTR R Carbon

Skipping the 2021 model year entirely, we have a very interesting Indian model for 2022. Well, in truth it’s actually for 2021, just with a 2022 badge. This is the 2022 Indian FTR R Carbon. It’s an updated version of the Indian FTR 1200 with plenty of impressive upgrades. The engine was one area that saw changes, with a new tune for the 1,203 cc V-twin unit, that still produces 120 horsepower and 87 lb-ft of torque but optimized for street performance.

Other nice additions include fully-adjustable Öhlins suspension, a blacked-out Akrapovič exhaust, Brembo brakes, 17-inch rims with Metzeler Sportec tires, and a comprehensive suite of riding aids, and more. And that’s not to mention the liberal use of carbon fiber bodywork across the entire motorcycle. It’s a premium and exclusive ride, and we’re excited to have a ride on one.

2021 Indian FTR 1200 / 1200 S

2021 Indian FTR 1200

The FTR 1200 is a sportier, flat-track inspired motorcycle for Indian. It adds sportiness to the lineup that would otherwise be lacking, and I’m thrilled it’s here. The 1200 S is the same motorcycle but takes the bike to new levels with improved parts and components. Both are killer machines.

The motorcycle gets a 1,200cc twin engine that makes 123 hp and 87 lb-ft of torque. That engine is mated to a six-speed transmission. Both the FTR 1200 and FTR 1200 S feature Brembo brakes. The FTR 1200 S gets fully adjustable suspension and lean-angle sensitive stability control.

2021 Indian FTR Rally

2021 Indian FTR Rally

Want an off-road-ready Indian FTR? Don’t get an FTR 1200. Get an FTR Rally. The bike takes the FTR platform to new places with some knobby tires and aluminum-spoke wheels. The handlebars are a bit different and the bike has been restyled, too. It’s a real winner in my eyes.

The FTR Rally gets the same engine as the other FTRs. It’s a 1,200cc twin engine that makes 123 hp and 87 lb-ft of torque. The engine connects to a six-speed transmission with a slipper clutch. This should make the bike easy to ride no matter where you choose to travel to both on the pavement and off.


2022 Indian Chief

2021 Indian Chief

Again, Indian is bucking convention and doing away with the 2021 model year in favor of a 2022-designation. The latest Indian Chief models are all badged up as 2022 models but will be available for 2021. Why opt for 2022? Well, it would be the 100th anniversary of the original Chief, and if that isn’t a good reason to unveil a new line of Chief models, then what is? The first of these is the 2022 Indian Chief.

Unlike the last generation of Chiefs, the 2022 Chief features bold and modern styling, more in line with Indian’s latest models. The new Chief is powered by Indian’s award-winning 1,811cc Thunderstroke 111 engine, with 108 lb-ft of torque on tap. But there’s more to this new Chief than a big engine: it also features plenty of modern technology and advanced components too.

2022 Indian Chief Bobber

2021 Indian Chief Bobber

The next exciting new model in the Chief line is the 2022 Indian Chief Bobber. This all-new Bobber features much of the same DNA as the regular Chief, including the same 1,811cc Thunderstroke 111 engine, and the same frame, but with enough differences to make it a unique model in its own right. Unlike the Chief, the Chief Bobber boasts a different wheelbase, rake, and seat height.

On top of that, the Chief Bobber has even more Bobber-esque features, including specific bobber handlebars, forward foot controls, and 16-inch spoked wheels. Other neat additions include fork covers, a larger headlight, and fat Pirelli Night Dragon tires. And of course, ABS is available as an optional extra.

2022 Indian Chief Dark Horse

2021 Indian Chief Bobber Dark Horse

If you liked the sound of the new Indian Chief but wanted something a little more exclusive, then you could opt for the new Indian Chief Dark Horse variant. It’s similar to the base model Chief, but with a number of exciting differences. It’s more expensive, but for the extra expense, you get some interesting goodies.

The most obvious is the larger engine. The 2022 Indian Chief Dark Horse draws power from the larger-bore 1,890 cc Thunderstroke 116 engine, which produces an impressive 120 lb-ft of torque. The engine is accompanied by ride-by-wire, cruise control, and other riding aids as standard. It also features Indian’s 4″ Round Ride Command system too. Despite being known as a Dark Horse, the 2022 Indian Chief Dark Horse is also available in Alumina Jade Smoke, Stealth Gray, as well as Black Smoke.

2022 Indian Chief Bobber Dark Horse

2021 Indian Chief BobberDark Horse

Similarly, for those who want a premium version of the 2022 Chief Bobber, then the Chief Bobber Dark Horse is the bike for you. Like all Dark Horse-designated models, the Chief Bobber version uses Indian’s larger 1,890 cc Thunderstroke 116 engine, which produces an impressive 120 lb-ft of torque, thanks to a larger-bore and different stroke. But there’s more to it than a larger engine.

As you probably expect, the Chief Bobber Dark Horse also features Indian’s all-new 4” Round Display with the company’s Ride Command system, ABS, advanced riding aids, and other conveniences such as a USB charging port. And that’s not all. It also features three sleek color options: Sagebrush Smoke, Titanium Smoke, and Black Smoke. Naturally, all of these added extras cost money, so the Bobber Dark Horse has a much larger price tag than the base model: to the tune of about $3,000 USD.

2022 Indian Super Chief

2021 Indian Super Chief

The Indian Super Chief is an entirely new Chief variant. Again, it’s available in 2021 but as a 2022 model. While it shares a lot of DNA with the other Chief models, the Super Chief has a character of its own. It’s a laid-back cruiser that has a simple aesthetic and comfortable design language. In short: it’s a smooth-looking cruiser that you can throw some bags on and go touring on, with minimal fuss.

To make it a legitimate touring choice, it features a windscreen and saddlebags, along with a two-up seat, as well as other traditional cruiser components, such as wide handlebars, floorboards, and more. It draws power from Indian’s 1,811cc Thunderstroke 111 engine, with 108 lb-ft of torque on tap. It’s a fine addition to the Indian Chief line-up, and we can’t wait to see how it performs against its stablemates.

2022 Indian Super Chief Limited

2021 Indian Super Chief Limited

The last model in the new 2022 Chief range is the range-topping Indian Super Chief Limited. Like the Super Chief, this is an entirely new model for the new year. It’s a Limited model rather than a Dark Horse, but it follows the same pattern as the other Dark Horse models in the range: it’s an evolution of the Super Chief, but with some premium extras that allow it to command a higher price tag.

As you can probably guess, the Super Chief Limited uses Indian’s larger engine, the 1,890 cc Thunderstroke 116 unit, which produces serious torque—to the tune of 120 lb-ft—thanks to large displacement and a revised bore and stroke. Other plush extras include ABS and Indian’s new 4” Display Ride Command system, plus color options that include Blue Slate Metallic, Maroon Metallic, and Black Metallic.

2021 Indian Vintage Dark Horse

2021 indian vintage dark horse

Big and comfy and powerful, the Indian Vintage Dark Horse is the bike for you if you love cruising. This blacked-out cruiser features attractive styling, some soft saddlebags, and a strong engine to keep you happy no matter where you roam. It’s a great new bike for 2021, and one that you shouldn’t overlook.

The Vintage Dark Horse features the Thunder Stroke 111 V-twin engine with a displacement of 1,819cc. That engine churns out 119 lb-ft of torque. It’s mated to a six-speed manual transmission. There’s also plenty of accessories from Indian that will allow you to craft your Vintage Dark Horse into your motorcycle.

2021 Indian Vintage

2021 indian vintage

The Indian Vintage is exactly what it sounds like—a classic-styled cruiser motorcycle with soft leather saddlebags and genuine leather seating. It’s a big beautiful bike with tons of features and a strong and smooth engine for all your cruising needs.

The motorcycle gets a chromed-out Thunder Stroke 111 V-twin engine that is good for 119 lb-ft of torque. It’s mated to a six-speed manual transmission. This bike can be had with the ClimaCommand heated and cooled seat and all of the touring accessories you could ever want.


2021 Indian Challenger

2021 Indian Challenger

The Indian Challenger came out in 2020. It’s a new bagger that will challenge the Harley-Davidson Road Glide directly. The big Indian American cruiser was well received last year, and this year it will keep on rolling.

The Challenger has a 1,770cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine. That engine makes 122 hp and 128 lb-ft of torque, which is great for the segment. Pair that with a modern six-speed transmission and you have a nice combination. The bike also has a modern touchscreen interface and advanced features.

2021 Indian Challenger Dark Horse

2021 Indian Challenger dark horse

The Indian Challenger Dark Horse takes the regular Challenger and makes it a bit darker. Not all of the Dark Horse Challenges are completely blacked out this year. There are also other colors, but it’s a more sinister version of the bike no matter the color. The Dark Horse makes the accents black instead of chrome.

The engine for the Dark Horse version of the Challenger is once again the Powerplus 108 V-twin. It’s powerful and modern and mated to that six-speed transmission. It makes the same power as the regular Challenger. The technology, too, is the same as the standard bike.

2021 Indian Challenger Limited

2021 Indian Challenger limited

The Indian Challenger Limited is a step up from the other Challenger models and features some advanced features and technology not found on the basic Challenger offering. The bike is still the same but with the heated and cooled seat and advanced infotainment system.

The Challenger Limited has the same 1,770cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine as other Challengers. That engine makes 122 hp and 128 lb-ft of torque, which is great for the segment. Pair that with a modern six-speed transmission and you have a nice combination. The bike also has a modern touchscreen interface and advanced features.

2021 Indian Chieftain

2021 indian chieftain

With the large fairing, small windscreen, and hard saddlebags, the Chieftain motorcycle is ready for any tour or cruise you can think of. The motorcycle is designed to be comfortable and smooth on the road, and it is.

The bike comes with the Thunder Stroke 116 V-twin engine. The power output is 126 lb-ft of torque and the transmission is a six-speed. The Chieftain is a big win for anyone who wants that American fully-faired bagger experience.

2021 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse

2021 Indian Chieftain dark horse

The Indian Chieftain Dark Horse is the darker version of the Chieftain motorcycle from Indian. It’s ready for the interstate or the open road. The Indian Ride Command infotainment system, a comfortable saddle, impressive performance make it a comfortable and convenient motorcycle.

The Chieftain Dark Horse comes with Indian’s Thunder Stroke 116 V-twin engine. The Thunder Stroke 116 makes a strong 126 lb-ft of torque from a displacement of 1,900cc. It is mated to a six-speed transmission.

2021 Indian Chieftain Limited

2021 Indian chieftain limited

It should come as no surprise that there’s a regular old Chieftain Limited and not just the Dark Horse version. Indian had to include it, and I’m glad it did. The bike gets Indian Ride Command infotainment system and impressive performance among tons of technology features.

The Chieftain Limited uses the Thunder Stroke 116 V-twin engine. It’s the same exact engine in the Dark Horse version of the bike and makes a strong 126 lb-ft of torque from a 1,900cc displacement.

2021 Indian Chieftain Elite

2021 Indian Chieftain elite

Indian puts the Elite trim level of its motorcycles off in their own category, but I’m sticking them with their respective siblings. The bikes are just upgraded versions of the standard machines. The Elite name brings with it tons of upgrades, and obviously a higher price tag. Think of it like Indian’s version of Harley’s CVO models, which there is some needed competition for.

The Chieftain Elite gorgeous and it gets more features than any other model out there like it. The bike still has the same Thunder Stroke 116 V-twin engine and the power output and transmission are the same. You’re paying extra for fancy features, and even better-looking paint job, and just more attention to detail all around.

2021 Indian Springfield Dark Horse

2021 indian springfield dark horse

Indian’s Springfield Dark Horse is a unique bike with some killer ape hanger handlebars. It has no windshield or fairing and is a true fists-in-the-wind kind of experience. With that said, it is still a bike that can tour effortlessly thanks to the strong engine and saddlebags. The Dark Horse is the blacked-out version of the bike.

The Springfield gets the big Thunder Stroke 116 V-twin engine that I’ve previously discussed. That engine makes the same amount of power here as it does in the Chieftain. The transmission is the same, too. This bike is a real looker and it offers excellent performance.

2021 Indian Springfield

2021 indian springfield

The non-blacked out version of the Springfield is classic American two-wheeled motoring. The bike is a beautiful example of a modern Indian bike with a classic style of Indian’s heritage. It’s a throwback of sorts but only in styling. The motorcycle is thoroughly modern.

The Springfield gets the company’s Thunder Stroke 116 V-twin engine that I’ve previously discussed. That engine makes 126 lb-ft of torque. The transmission is a six-speed. This bike is a real looker full of chrome and swooping lines, and it offers excellent performance.


2021 Indian Roadmaster

2021 indian roadmaster

Take a gander at the Indian Roadmaster. This handsome machine brings some chrome and attractive and upscale styling to the touring world. The Roadmaster is aptly named. It’s ready for those long cross country rides and everything shorter, too.

The motorcycle gets the Thunder Stroke 116 V-twin engine. That engine here makes plenty of power and 126 lb-ft of torque. The engine is mated to a six-speed transmission. The motorcycle is an attractive machine that also has all the content that you’d want.

2021 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse

2021 Indian Roadmaster dark horse

Looking for a touring motorcycle with an unmistakable attitude? Then you need the 2021 Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster Dark Horse. It features a large fairing, windshield, and plenty of luggage space and blacked-out styling for the most part.

Powering this touring machine is the Thunder Stroke 116 engine. The big V-twin makes 126 lb-ft of torque. The engine is mated to a six-speed transmission. It’s a good engine for long hauls and provides plenty of power to the bike.

2021 Indian Roadmaster Limited

2021 indian roadmaster limited

The Roadmaster Limited is a touring rider’s dream. It takes the venerable Roadmaster platform and adds premium features and technology to it. It’s one of the comfiest and tech-laden bikes that will take you cross-country with ease and V-twin American style.

The motorcycle features the Thunder Stroke 116. The big V-twin makes 126 lb-ft of torque. The Roadmaster Limited is a top-notch machine with beautiful paint, chrome, and more features and luggage space than you’ll know what to do with.

2021 Indian Roadmaster Elite

2021 indian roadmaster

While the Roadmaster Limited is a fantastic premium touring machine, the Roadmaster Elite is the true king. This motorcycle takes things to a whole new level while still using the Roadmaster platform. It’s the best of the best, here, and its price tag reflects it.

The motorcycle features the Thunder Stroke 116. The big V-twin makes 126 lb-ft of torque. The paint, features, and technology have all been excellently perfected. The paint alone takes 30 man-hours to complete, and the attention to detail doesn’t end there.