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Cardo Sets New Industry Standard with Seamless “Live Bluetooth Bridge” Between Cardo and Sena Units

Update Allows “Live Connection” of Cardo DMC and Sena Mesh in One Group

A Cardo comm unit. Media sourced from Cardo Systems.
A Cardo comm unit. Media sourced from Cardo Systems.

On top of providing a Shoei Adapter Kit and PACKTALK Edge Half-Helmet kit, Cardo Systems has come through with a “Live Bluetooth Bridge” update that further unites our “comm”-unity; in plainspeak, riders possessing both Sena and Cardo units will now be able to share a seamless connection on one ride! 

If you haven’t updated your Cardo comm unit yet, we recommend you do so now via Cardo’s website; upon updating your Cardo comm, be sure to read through the following reminders Cardo Systems imparts to us via their press release: 

  • Cardo’s DMC and Sena’s Mesh must be set up separately.
  • The Sena unit must have a functioning Bluetooth intercom (Mesh-only units are NOT compatible).
  • This new Bluetooth Bridge will work with any Cardo 2nd generation DMC, including  PACKTALK EDGE and NEO units.

A series of motorcycle riders using comm units. Media sourced from Cardo Systems.

To set up Cardo and Sena units for this new “Live Bluetooth Bridge,” follow the following instructions:

  1. Switch the Cardo unit to Bluetooth mode using the Cardo Connect app and initiate Bluetooth intercom pairing. 
    • Initiate Bluetooth intercom pairing on the Sena side and wait a few seconds for the units to connect. Return the Cardo Unit to DMC mode via the app.
  2. Open the Bluetooth bridge on the Cardo side by tapping the intercom button 3 times.
  3. Choose two units (one from the Cardo side and one from the Sena side) to act as bridging units. 
    • These two units must be riding in general proximity to each other, up to 90 meters or 100 yards apart.
  4. Go ride. 
    • If the connection drops during the ride for whatever reason, the Cardo bridge unit will actively seek to reconnect solely to the Sena bridge unit for a full five minutes before timing out.
A Sena comm unit. Media sourced from Sena.
A Sena comm unit. Media sourced from Sena.

Of course, Cardo’s desire to unite our riding experience has the company’s team more than a little excited, with Cardo’s Chief Marketing Officer imparting the following: 

Today’s release refines the communication between Cardo Systems and non-Cardo devices to ensure a robust and reliable connection that automatically reconnects. Our Live Bluetooth Bridge feature not only simplifies connectivity but also exemplifies our dedication to setting the standard for communication technology within the powersports community and the industry at large.”

– Dan Emodi, Chief Marketing Officer, Cardo Systems


A Cardo comm unit. Media sourced from Cardo Systems.
A Cardo comm unit. Media sourced from Cardo Systems.

What do you think of Cardo’s newest software update? 

*All media provided by Cardo Systems and Sena*