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BREAKING: GoPro to Acquire Forcite Helmets

GoPro’s First Tech-Enabled Motorcycle Helmet Will Be Here by 2025

A picture of a GoPro and a motorcycle helmet.
GoPro's video camera, and a Forcite helmet. Media provided by both Forcite Helmets and GoPro Inc.

Thanks to the fantastic team over at RideApart, we’ve landed on a prime bit of news to blast us into 2024’s week #7. 

According to a press release from GoPro Inc., Forcite Helmets will soon be acquired by GoPro Inc, a company known for high-profile models like their new HERO12 Black / MAX. 

A helmet with connected tech.
A view of Forcite’s digital capabilities. Media provided by Forcite Helmets.

Why is GoPro acquiring Forcite Helmets?

We may not know the particulars of why Forcite Helmets is merging with GoPro, but we DO know why GoPro wants the tech. Founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman is by all accounts super excited to have the Forcite team on board for “a future of tech-enabled helmets:”

GoPro has built a strong brand internationally across all forms of motorsports and has enjoyed a strong following with motorcycle enthusiasts.

We’re excited to leverage our brand reputation along with our technical and operational capabilities to address what we believe is a long-term growth opportunity for our business.”

 – Nicholas Woodman, GoPro founder and CEO (GoPro)
A rider with a Forcite helmet.
A rider with a Forcite helmet. Media provided by Forcite Helmets.

What’s in it for Forcite Helmets?

GoPro is keen on “work[ing] towards enhancing the performance and safety of various types of helmets,” and that’s right up Forcite’s alley. 

Add to this the fact that GoPro also wishes to “accelerate Forcite’s vision to provide a safer, more dynamic motorcycling experience through tech-enabled motorcycle helmets with the long-term goal of tech-enabling other categories of helmets over time,” and boom.

A match made in heaven, if you ask me.

A sketch of a motorcycle helmet.
A picture of a Forcite helmet sketch. Media provided by Forcite Helmets.

Any new tech in the pipeline for GoPro + Forcite?

We’re glad you asked; the answer is yes, though we don’t have much in the way of details. 

The GoPro “Tech-Enabled” Helmet

Thanks to Jitchotvisut’s sleuthing, we know that GoPro hopes to debut its very first tech-enabled motorcycle helmet – using Forcite tech – by 2025.

We’ve yet to receive word on whether this helmet will be using tech from the present MK1S, but consider it a possibility, given the deadline.

The potential for a monthly subscription fee

GoPro could also possibly integrate “tech-as-a-service subscription plans” into their motorcycle helmets, based on what the brand has done with their existing camera and video models. 

Should subscription plans be installed, GoPro’s website tells us that riders will have the following available for a certain monthly rate: 

  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Total camera replacement
  • Up to 50% off discounts
  • Quick app access
  • Exclusive deals
Two men picking up a motorcycle helmet.
A Forcite helmet. Media provided by Forcite Helmets.

GoPro + Forcite’s Agreement particulars

We’ve reached out to Forcite Helmets in an attempt to talk details; given GoPro won’t even be in complete acquisition of Forcite Helmets until March of this year, we’re not expecting additional tidbits for a while yet. 

While we wait, here are a few other interesting tidbits of information posited by GoPro’s press release (we’ll list the quotes below in order of appearance): 

  • “In addition to our plan to develop our own GoPro-branded line of helmets, we are excited to partner with other leading helmet brands to help tech-enable their own helmet lines.”
  • “Leading helmet brands interested in partnering with GoPro should contact GoPro directly at”
  • “GoPro will share more details on the deal at its Q4 and 2023 earnings conference call on February 7, 2024.”

What do you think about GoPro Inc. acquiring Forcite Helmets? Are you excited to see what GoPro creates with Forcite tech?

*Media provided by GoPro and Forcite Helmets*