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2025 Yamaha YZF-R1 Confirmed to Return as a Track-Only Bike

...So Not a Complete Phase-Out, Then…

Two track-only motorcycles on a circuit.
A view of Yamaha's GYTR PRO R1. Media provided by Yamaha.
  • Yamaha is phasing out their YZF-R1 for the streets only
  • 2025 model year refresh will include YZF-R1 as a track-only model
  • Yamaha to continue to invest in GYTR PRO efforts, which include a returning R1 “for the foreseeable future”

If you’re a track-happy yoinker keen on Yamaha’s R1 for the circuits, you’re getting another year+ of inline-four insanity. 

Remember when tears were shed over the fact that Yamaha was phasing out their Queen of Revs, the YZF-R1?

Well, Motorcycle Sports’ Miguel Fragoso has just confirmed that Yamaha plans on rolling out a 2025 R1 after all…only this particular machine – and all hereafter – will be track-only. 

The move is identical to what Yammie did with their R6; first, they pulled their middleweight mistress from the line, and then they released her as a track-only machine.

A racing motorcyclist on a track.
A view of Yamaha’s GYTR PRO R1. Media provided by Yamaha.

Why is Yamaha Racing keeping the R1 on as a track-only bike?

In a press release from Yamaha Racing, the company states the following to their beloved fans: 

…the R1 remains a popular choice for teams looking to secure a competitive and cost-effective race package and for individuals focused on enhancing their track experience.

This is why from 2025, considering the challenge of meeting the Euro5+ homologation requirements, in Europe the R1 will be made available with specifications aimed exclusively at track use…”

– Press release, Yamaha Racing, February 21, 2024
Two track-only motorcycles on a circuit.
A view of Yamaha’s GYTR PRO R1. Media provided by Yamaha.

How long will the R1 remain a track-only machine?

Right now, we’re thinking Yamaha will keep the bike on our local circuits until circuit emissions insist on an emissions cinch. 

Yamaha Racing imparts in their press release that they’ve “invested heavily” on building their race-developed GYTR PRO performance parts, with last year showing off the best of the best from that program: The R1 GYTR PRO 25th Anniversary Limited Edition and a slew of performance parts for the base YZF-R1.

Add Yamaha’s additional three-year investments in GYTR PRO Shops that have been set up all over Europe, “designed to share the knowledge and experience gained in racing the R1 at the very highest level with customers,” and we can rest easy; Yamaha has no intention of knocking their top-tier master of domination from their range just yet. 

What do you think of Yamaha’s GYTR PRO efforts (and the fact that Yamaha’s R1 is returning as a track-only bike)?

*Media provided by Yamaha*