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Texas Joe’s wBW Vintage Bikes and Custovations:  Compressed Air Basics  |  How to Re-build Spoked Wheels  |  750 GT Alternator Replacement  |  750 GT and Bevelhead Tips  |  Joe’s 750GT and Matching GT1000!  |  1968 Royal Enfield

Diesel Motorcycles:  More on the wBW Diesel Motorcycles page

Motorcycle Events Worldwide: Listings of motorcycle rallies and events can be found on the Moto Directory  |  Motorcycle Events has a calendar listing worldwide events also; you can also subscribe to their Motorcycle Events magazine, which lists hundreds of motorcycle rallies, meetings and events worldwide

Motorcycle Technology – Emissions: The EPA has proposed to adopt California emissions standards Nationwide by 2006; new road motorcycles sold nationwide will be required to meet strict emissions standards set by the state of California beginning in 2006 under rules being proposed by the federal Environmental Protection Agency, the AMA reports; this was not proposed in their Sep 2001 decision  |  Read “Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking – Control of Emissions from Non-road Large Spark-Ignition Engines, Recreational Engines (Marine and Land-Based), and Highway Motorcycles (signed November 20, 2000)” on the EPA site

The Motorcycle Design Association: Here’s their new website;  corporate members include Buell and Kawasaki and also include The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California

Web-based GPS Address Finder: Check this out — locates GPS coordinates and displays a map for any address in the USA

Proof That Cell Phones Distract Drivers: Read this interesting article about a Carnegie Mellon study that claims to prove humans cannot converse on cell phones without becoming distracted from driving  |  Drivers on cell phones cause many accidents, according to this article  |  Drive Now, Talk Later has links to studies on the dangers of cell phone use while driving  |  A study (.pdf file) entitled Fatal Distraction? A Comparison of the Cell-Phone Driver and the Drunk Driver by David L. Strayer, Frank A. Drews, & Dennis J. Crouch at the Department of Psychology, University of Utah  |  Cell phones are the “Number 1 Driver Distraction“, according to this article

Online and Print Motorcycle Magazines:  The wBW review of worldwide motorcycle print magazines  |  Our favorite online motorcycle magazines

Motorcycle Radio: Ride! features Canadian and international industry movers and shakers, professional racers, adventurers, advocates, custom builders, and a host of others passionate about two wheels  |  INBRadio has various Internet radio programs for motorcyclists  |  Moto Radio claims to be “World’s First Full Time Motorcycle Radio Station”

Motorcycle Land Speed Record Racing: Here’s a website with everything you wanted to know about land speed records and more.

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