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Imported Bikes Could Be More Expensive There are plenty of companies selling electric bikes, specifical scooters outside of the U.S., some of them, like Niu Technologies would like to bring their scooters to the U.S. but the company is finding it harder to do so and be able to sell their products at an affordable …

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Top Gun: maverick

Tom Cruise Is Back on a Ninja Top Gun was the movie that forever put motorcycles and fighter jets together in my mind and the minds of many other people. Tom Cruise’s character pilots some amazing jets in the film but he also rides an awesome Kawasaki GPz900R. The new trailer for Top Gun: Maverick …

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Energica EsseEsse9

Dell’Orto Is Preparing for the EV Future Dell’Orto and Energica have entered a partnership to develop and produce a new power unit for electric vehicles. Those electric vehicles are ones on the smaller side. Small and medium electric motorcycles are their target, according to the press release. A lot of people have heard the Dell’Orto …

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Missouri helmet law

You’ll Still be Required to Wear it We reported on the fact that Missouri lawmakers wanted to repeal the state’s mandatory motorcycle helmet law. All that had to happen was that the Governor had to sign it. He was expected to do so. However, in a surprise decision, Governor Mike Parson vetoed it. You still …

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LiveWire 2018. Spain

Harley’s LiveWire Impressed Many As you can probably tell at this point, Harley shipped a bunch of journalists out to Portland, Oregon, to have them test out the company’s new LiveWire. The LiveWire is Harley’s somewhat controversial entrant into the electric motorcycle field. The bike would be well received by many more people if it …

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Carlin Dunne

A Heartfelt Statement from a Mother Who Gets It The devastating news of Carlin Dunne’s death at Pikes Peak has sent shockwaves through the motorcycle industry and raised some questions. Recent reports indicate that race officials are considering whether or not to continue with motorcycles or exclude them totally from the race. In a recent …

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Ducati Dunne at Pikes Peak

A Result Carlin Dunne Would Not Have Wanted In the wake of Carlin Dunne’s death while racing up Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, officials are now considering whether or not to have motorcycles included in the event at all. According to The Colorado Gazette, Cheyenne Edition, race officials are having serious conversations about excluding motorcycles …

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veterans cherity ride to sturgis

We All Know Riding a Motorcycle Is Therapy Indian Motorcycle has teamed up with motorcycle groups supporting veterans before, and now the company is continuing to do so. It partnered with Veterans Charity Ride to for the fifth annual ride to Sturgis. The ride will take place on July 25. Participants in the ride will go …

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BBC America's Season 27 of top Gear

More Two-Wheeled Machines? Yes Please Season 27 of BBC America’s Top Gear premiered on Sunday, July 14. Before its debut, I had a chance to have a nice chat about the new season with Chris Harris, one of the hosts. During that conversation, I brought up motorcycles, and Harris said he would like to have …

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Solo on Moto

Eli Coory Goes Around Helping Cancer Patients Eli Coory did something not many other people would be willing to do. He ditched his comfortable life for a life on the road in the hopes of making a difference. After meeting an 8-year-old cancer patient, Coory decided to travel the world on his motorcycle by himself …

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LiveWire 2018

Could Harley Sell Enough LiveWires? Harley received a lot of ire from people when it released its new LiveWire motorcycle with a price tag hovering around $30,000, but it’s starting to look like the company may not have made too bad of a decision. $30,000 is definitely too salty for me, but apparently, people have …

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Vicki golden Evel Live 2

A New World Record Holder Vicki Golden becomes the first woman to be the world record holder of the firewall record. She rode her Indian FTR 1200 S through 13 of the firewalls in order to do so. Golden’s record-setting attempt went off without a hitch. She made it look easy. “Riding is my passion, …

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