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Norton unveils Breitling Commando 961

What Will This Mean for the Company? Norton is a well-known name in the motorcycling world. Recently the company was poised to turn to crowdfunding for investors so that it could expand its operations and do some cool things in the future. The company wanted investors and saw crowdfunding as a way to get them, …

Royal Enfield

The End of an Era? Royal Enfield has been known for its 500cc engines for a while. The new 650 twin that’s in the company’s newest bikes is a departure from the company’s standard. However, it now seems that the company could kill its 500cc engine due to emissions.  According to Live Mint, the company …

Shoei J-Cruise II

An Innovative Open Face Lid Shoei has a new open face helmet with a flip-up face shield called the J-Cruise II. This design takes what Shoei did with the regular J-Cruise that has been out for years now to a new level. The helmet combines the unique helmet’s configuration with luxury features and materials.  The …

Sidi boots

Off-road Protection in a Boot that’s Comfortable Anywhere At least that’s what Sidi is going for with the Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Mid Boots. The company wanted to make a boot that’s suitable for off-road and adventure riders who spend a little time off the bike, too. These boots are designed to be comfy both when …

Italjet Dragster

A Scooter You Really Want Most motorcycle guys in the U.S. kind of look down their noses at scooters. I’m not one of them. I love the things. Every one of them from the cheapest 50cc Chinese-made hunk of junk to the beautiful pieces of art from Vespa. Anyway, I think there’s one scooter that …

wolfman luggage 2020

All New Stuff? Yep The company Wolfman Luggage must have decided it needed to kill it in 2020. The company has refreshed and modernized its entire lineup. It will be launching its new luggage line at the IMS Long Beach show on November 22 to 24. While it might sound crazy to redo the entire …


Giant Enters the Motorcycle World There are some blurred lines between electric bikes and electric motorcycles. Some of the electric bikes work like motorcycles. Twist the grip and go. Others require you to still pedal. Regardless, the e-bike market is an interesting one and something that will be more and more prevalent in the motorcycle …

triumph tiger

Your First Glimpse of the New Tiger Rumors about a new Triumph Tiger 900 have swirled recently, and that had me thinking it would come soon. When I didn’t see it at EICMA, I thought maybe it would be next year, but I was wrong. The company let it be known in a teaser video …

JetPack Aviation The Speeder

The Future? The JetPack Aviation (JPA) Speeder has surfaced in the news before. It seemed like a pipedream, an odd idea that would never get off the ground, pun intended. However, it hasn’t gone away and in fact, has taken the next steps towards being a real thing you could own and fly around on.  …

Ultraviolette F77

A Connected Electric Motorcycle The Ultraviolette F77 from India has been officially unveiled. The company has teased the bike a couple of times, and I covered the bike a while back. The teasers looked wonderful. Now the company has a real-deal motorcycle and it, too, looks pretty good, though not as good as the teaser.  …

honda CBR1000RR-R

These Are The Ones We’ve Got Our Eyes On There were many, many bikes at EICMA that caught my eye. While I can’t speak for Jim and the other wonderful contributors to Web Bike World, I will say that I think the following bikes are the ones that will speak to us the most. They’re …

Savic Motorcycles C-Series

A Killer-Looking Electric Cafe Racer Savic Motorcycles is based in Australia, and I don’t know if they’re plans for the company to come to the U.S. but I hope so. It has one of the coolest electric motorcycles I’ve seen yet. I’m a sucker for cafe racer styling and this bike does a good job …



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