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Nexx X.R3R X-PRO CARBON Hands-On Review

This Lid Might Just Be The Terfect Full Face Sport Helmet

Nexx X.R3R X-PRO CARBON Full Face Helmet
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Nexx X.R3R X-PRO CARBON Full Face Helmet Review Summary
Review Summary
The X.R3R Carbon is the flagship sport/race helmet from Nexx and is available with ECE 2206/DOT ratings or can be had with FIM certification. The X-PRO Carbon Fiber shell is light and very well made. The helmet just drips quality as you slide it on your head. I love the liner and the optics, this is maybe the most stable helmet at high speeds I have ever ridden, but there are a couple of things I will highlight that could use some work. Let’s go check it out.
Sizing & Comfort
Build Quality
Great interior comfort
Reasonably quiet for a Sport/Race helmet
Removable spoiler extension
Easy to add Bluetooth communication system
Aero Tuning makes it stable when riding
Vent switches could be better
Sizing only goes up to a 2XL
Strap magnet not always easy to reach

Review Summary

  • The Nexx X.R3R X-PRO CARBON is the Portuguese brand’s premium sport/racing helmet
  • The X.R3R X-PRO CARBON in an XL size weighs only 3.5lbs (1581 gr) with chin and rear spoiler installed
  • If the Shoei X-15 or HJC RPHA 1N is on your list, you owe it to yourself to try on the Nexx
  • The aerodynamic stability of the X.R3R is the best I have ridden.

Introducing the Nexx X.R3R X-PRO CARBON Helmet

Front view of Nexx X.R3R X-PRO CARBON Full Face Helmet

Nexx is a unique brand from Portugal with the distinction of being one of the very few manufacturers that produce their products completely in-house in Europe. The brand has been producing premium helmets for more than 20 years now, and I have been very pleased with every Nexx helmet I have ridden.

First Impressions

The moment I slid the plush helmet bag off the Nexx Pro X.R3R Carbon it was very obvious this stunning helmet is meant for speed.  The shape has clearly been born from the wind tunnel, with a nicely integrated rear spoiler and plenty of venting. I will admit first seeing it in my hands I had both feelings of being impressed and slightly saddened. I was impressed because the Carbon colorway looks stunning but slightly sad that on the Nexx website it appeared more orange, but in reality, it is a glorious red. I own a KTM motorcycle and I had been swooning over having that orange match my Super Duke.

Digging deeper into the box I find a clear spoiler extension, a very nice tinted visor, the chin spoiler, and pinlocks. Thank you Nexx for providing all the key items I like to see.

I waste no time getting the X.R3R on my head, and the fit is very accurate to the size guide. I typically wear an XL, and the Nexx XL fits perfectly. The liner feels great, and the long oval is free from any abnormal pressure spots. Well done Nexx.

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Nexx X.R3R X-PRO CARBON Helmet Features

GP Design

Side profile of the Nexx X.R3R X-PRO CARBON Full Face Helmet

The shape of the X.R3R X-Pro Carbon points clearly to its design function. This is a Sport/Race focused full-face helmet. The elongated shape tapering at the rear to a spoiler, plus all the subtle lines and forms across the shell, hint at the aero-engineering time Nexx spent.

The spoiler area is nicely shaped and did not interfere with the higher style collar of my Merlin leather riding jacket, and will definitely not be an issue with a race suit.

The inclusion of the spoiler extension is great for track days, but here Nexx engineering really shines. Some companies offer similar extensions (Arai), but they install with adhesive. The X.R3R installs with one small screw, holds very securely, and makes removal just as simple. Plus this extension is included, not an add-on purchase.


Closeup of the chin vent

There has been substantial aero tuning around the six air intakes and four exhaust outlets for ventilation. This helmet is above average when it comes to moving air. Over the head and up the front of the rider’s face, it is simple to control the airflow, and I found the noise levels were not overly high.

What is problematic for me is the control levers for the three intake ports. With gloves on they are hard to locate, and unless I was in the perfect alignment, closing them felt like I might break them. The action on closure just isn’t that smooth. The small lever to open and close the center intake is also somewhat tucked behind the top of the visor edge, making it a challenge to even locate with gloves on. Lastly, is the hidden switch for the incorporated chin vent. The outer vent is dead easy to adjust, but the secondary inlet control is inside the chin bar in front of your lower lip. With the chin guard in place, and the helmet on, this is a challenge to locate. For me, it became one that I just always left open, I preferred it that way in all riding conditions.

Interior Lining

Removable interior lining

All of the liner’s components, including the neck roll, are detachable, machine washable, and made with X-Mart Dry technology – a soft touch and special treatment fabric that dries cloth twice as quickly as cotton. The feel and finish are top quality from Nexx, as expected in a GP-style helmet at this premium price level.

The closure is a strong double D-ring but has a very useful magnetic holder for the strap tail. I love this feature because nothing drives me more nuts than being slapped in the neck from the end of the neck strap.

Adding Communications

I was very happy to discover that Nexx has included speaker openings in the X.R3R. It is rare to find a helmet with a clear focus on track safety, that also provides what street riders want. The neck roll is fitted in such a way that using a clip or an adhesive mount with be no issue with most Bluetooth communication systems.

Nexx X.R3R X-PRO CARBON Helmet Fit

I waste no time getting the X.R3R on my head, and the fit is very accurate to the size guide. I typically wear an XL, and the Nexx XL fits perfectly. The liner feels great, and the long oval is free from any abnormal pressure spots. This is definitely a premium helmet.

Neck Roll

I like the design of the neck roll, It is wide which creates a nice seal around my neck, despite appearing a little bit thin of padding. The main material feels a little bit like a neoprene and does a good job of wicking away sweat and moisture from a hot aggressive ride.

Cheek Pads

Various interior liner pieces removed

Nexx doesn’t disappoint with the soft material on the cheek pads, but what really is exceptional is the adjustability of the pads themselves. Designed with a special internal pocket, this system allows a range of different thicknesses of foams to be inserted and obtain a tighter fit across the cheek area. Simple and effective.

Construction of the Nexx X.R3R X-PRO CARBON Helmet

The Shell

As the name X.R3R X-Pro Carbon implies, the shell is made with 3K carbon fabrics and is 10% lighter than other carbon shells. Considerable time has been spent aero testing and tweaking every aspect of the shell design. The ventilation design does an excellent job pulling air through the EPS, and the overall shape intentionally creates a small amount of lift. This in effect reduces the weight felt by the rider as speed increases, at 160 km/h the helmet is meant to have no dynamic weight.

The shell has the familiar, elongated GP style, and Nexx provides a translucent race-style spoiler extension which can be added to improve stability at high speeds. It fits easily with one simple screw.

The shell is produced in 3 sizes to cover the full range of XXS through XXL fitments.


Closeup of the EPS shell on the helmet

The Multi-Density EPS Liner System is made to provide maximum impact protection in critical areas near the rider’s head and allow cooling air to freely flow through tunnels built in 5 separate zones with varied densities.

The Visor

Closeup of the visor latch

I love that Nexx always ships a helmet with the rider in mind. Both a clear and tinted visor are in the box, plus the pinlock lens. The visors are optically among the best I have ridden. Switching between the clear and tinted isn’t overly hard, but it is not as simple for example as the Icon Airframe.

One of the very few issues I had with the X.R3R, isn’t really a fair one based on the helmets intended purpose. This helmet is at its best when being ridden at speed, and the visor is meant to be closed. During slow riding, I like to be able to crack the visor, but the X.R3R has no detent to hold that 1cm or less “city gap”.

As for the visor seal, the gasket is tight and never leaked or whistled at any speed. Nexx has added some rubber dampers to the visor hinge area, intended to reduce vibration and therefore noise. The whole system works well and I appreciated how few high-frequency whistles I noticed.

With a 225º horizontal field and an 85º vertical visual field of view, the X.R3R comes into its own when tucked low over the tank. The sightlines through the eye port are fantastic, and I never felt like my peripheral was limited. As with other Nexx helmets I have ridden with, the view and optics are top-notch.

Finally, the visor has an excellent and easy-to-use lock system. Clearly aimed at high-speed, track-type riding, the visor lock was not an issue to open or close, nor was the visor, with gloves on.

A Transitions light adapting visor is available from Nexx as an accessory.


On my scale, fully kitted out with the chin spoiler and the additional rear spoiler, in the XL size I wear, the X.R3R Pro Carbon weighed 1581 grams. This places the X.R3R on the lighter side of average, compared to other Carbon helmets tested by wbW.

That being said, Nexx does have a trick up its sleeve. This helmet has purposely been aero-tuned for a slight bit of lift as speeds increase. Nexx claims that at 160 km/h there is zero dynamic weight. Of course, I would never exceed published speed limits, but I can say that this helmet feels great when stopped, and seems to become a feather on an empty stretch of mountain road.

Safety Certifications

Closeup of the DOT certification sticker

The X.R3R comes with the new ECE 22-06 homologation which includes new tests performed at higher speed, with more impact locations and improved impact-absorption capacity and additional requirements for features such as retractable chin pieces and visors. It also carries DOT certification, and riders can order the helmet with an FIM certification.

Riding with the Nexx X.R3R X-PRO CARBON Helmet

From the moment I pulled the X.R3R out of the protective bag, I knew Nexx had delivered another top-shelf product. I swapped the clear visor for the smoked, installed the chin curtain, and left the pinlock lens off. On the first ride, I also left the spoiler extension behind and headed off to one of my favorite mountain roads on a 25-degree (Celsius) day.


Sound levels with the X.R3R I could tell were better than average. Where I was most impressed was the nature of the noise while at speed. For as much air as the helmet is capable of moving, it was surprisingly devoid of whistles and air leak sounds. Air coming around the windscreen of my KTM Super Duke GT is very turbulent on my upper chest, and constantly presents a challenge for any helmet, with air under the neck roll and at my chin. The X.R3R handled that very well.

At highway speeds it is also very common to have changes in sound levels when turning my head side to side, for example, while shoulder checking. Again the Nexx design practically eliminated those typical problem moments.

After a short ride with no earplugs, I stopped and put in my Earpeace plugs, and resumed my ride. Back in that normal riding configuration for me I was able to put in some good miles with zero fatigue from noise.


I have already hit on this a few times, this lid flows air! I was impressed with the volume of air and also the flow pattern inside the helmet while the visor was down. The intake ports are nicely adjustable, and you feel the changes right away. The front chin opening is either full open or full closed, I would have preferred one step in between on that intake. The final chin intake which has a hidden lever inside the chin bar, is also either just open or closed. This one works very well but I found it very difficult to switch while the helmet was on.

Visor Optics & Performance

Closeup cross section image of the visor mechanism

The Nexx numbers are 225º horizontal field, an 85º vertical visual field. My technical comment would be, the X.R3R has excellent sightlines in all riding positions. When pressing the action and tucked tighter down on the tank I never found I was distracted due to some part of the visor or shell blocking my peripheral vision.

The shields themselves are excellent. The Lexan is thick and solid, with no optical anomalies, I found the smoked lens performed very well. Sunlight coming at side angles never created any diffusions or issues. If a visor is able to have me not even thinking about it, I know it is top quality and exactly what I like to ride with. Nexx does a great job with their visors. I would really liked to have had the Transitions version to test out.

Final Verdict on the Nexx X.R3R X-PRO CARBON Helmet

Front view of Nexx X.R3R X-PRO CARBON Full Face Helmet

The Nexx X.R3R X-Pro Carbon helmet is an excellent choice for sport bike riders who want a premium helmet that will also perform brilliantly on the track. It meets all the current top-level DOT & ECE 22.06 certifications, plus it can be ordered with an FIM certification.

The tuning of the airflow around this helmet is very apparent. It has proven to be one of the most stable helmets I have ridden. Above 100 km/h, the X.R3R comes into its own, and the engineered lift is noticeable, and welcome, without adding noise. This is not intended to be the quietest helmet made, but it is a very quiet track-capable helmet.

My complaints about the X.R3R X-Pro Carbon fall far fewer than its positive attributes. My issues are items that in no way create any distractions from the experience while riding. Once again Nexx has proven to me that they produce high-quality, high-value helmets well deserving of being compared against anything in their price level and above.

Room for Improvement

  • The ventilation adjustment levers are challenging to find with a gloved hand.
  • The vent switch inside the chin bar is impossible to access with the chin curtain in place and the helmet on.

Favorite Aspects

  • Fit and finish are excellent
  • Visor seal, performance, and quality are excellent.
  • Nexx includes everything, 2 shields, a pinlock, a spoiler extension, and a plush bag.
  • Very stable at speed and in turbulent moments, like passing large trucks.


  • Lightweight
  • Great interior comfort
  • Reasonably quiet for a Sport/Race helmet
  • Removable spoiler extension
  • Easy to add Bluetooth communication system
  • Aero Tuning makes it stable when riding


  • Vent switches could be better
  • Sizing only goes up to a 2XL
  • Strap magnet not always easy to reach


  • Manufacturer: Nexx
  • Price (When Tested): $749.95
  • Alternative models & colors: White/Black/Red, Black/Gold. Purple
  • Sizes: XXS to 2XL
  • Review Date: Sept 2023

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