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Scorpion Covert FX Full Face Helmet Review

Left Side Profile of the Covert FX
Scorpion Covert FX Full Face Helmet Review Summary
Review Summary
The day has finally come for all of our riders who long for a helmet as stylish as the Covert X, but value the protection only a full-face helmet can provide. Scorpion has expanded their Covert collection with the addition of the Covert FX. Immerse yourself in the action versus being trapped in a helmet with the FX’s large eyeport. Give your neck a break with the extremely lightweight and expertly CAD-refined aerodynamic shell. With numerous features, and 2 face shields included in each purchase, the Covert FX is a top pick mid-range helmet.
Build Design & Quality
Size & Fit
Extremely lightweight shell (1348 grams - size medium)
Exceptional aerodynamics for minimal turbulence and lift
DOT & ECE certified composite fiberglass, aramid & poly-resin fiber shell
Comfortable fit with temperature regulating liner
Chin curtain does a good job of dampening wind noise
Large eyeport for a glorious, unobstructed field of view
Only 2 shell sizes across 7 sizes (XS-L, XL-3XL)
Forehead vent provides underwhelming relief
Face shields chip and scratch fairly easily
At the time of writing, the Covert FX is available in a very limited color range

Review Summary

If you’re looking for the main takeaways from this review, here is my summary on the Scorpion Covert FX helmet:

  • The Scorpion Covert FX retails for $249.95-254.95 USD.
  • The composite fiberglass, aramid & poly resin fiber shell is extremely lightweight
  • The Covert FX is an intermediate oval head shape with 7 different sizes across 2 shells (XS-3XL). At the time of writing, it is available in 5 different colors.
  • I was thoroughly impressed with how aerodynamic the Covert FX was. Wind buffering & lift was kept at a minimum, even in a strong head wind.
  • The chin bar ventilation worked extremely well, while the forehead vent had little to no benefit. Hot air often got trapped inside the top of the helmet.
  • The eyeport is very tall and provides the rider with an immersive, unobstructed field of view. Two face shields are included in your purchase – one smoked lens and one clear.
  • The removable chin curtain did a remarkable job at reducing wind noise, providing an overall quiet riding experience.
  • The Covert FX is both DOT & ECE certified

Scorpion Covert FX helmet on the back of a motorcycle

Covert FX – The Newest Edition to the ScorpionEXO Covert Collection

We’re all familiar with Scorpion’s Covert collection of helmets. You know, the military-styled helmets that can be configured into a full face, three-quarter, and half helmet?

Endless mask options & shell designs allow for complete customization to better suit your style and needs. You’d be lying if you told me it didn’t at least garner your interest the first time you stumbled across it as you were browsing online, or poking about a shop looking at gear.

While undoubtedly badass, the Scorpion Covert and Covert X helmets are not for everybody. Personally, I don’t want to sacrifice the additional safety benefits you can expect from a true full face helmet. While highly functional in other ways, the front mask or chin bar on the Covert X is not rated for crash protection.

That’s why as soon as I saw that Scorpion had released a full face model for the Covert collection, I knew I had to get my hands on it.

Introducing the Covert FX

Lightweight, comfortable, feature-packed and good looking. That is how I would describe the Covert FX in one sentence.

Scorpion Covert FX in the helmet bag

Scorpion took the success of the Covert/Covert X and carried on with that momentum when designing the FX. Similar design elements can be found between the two, such as the skull-like face mask/chin bar, and Scorpion’s trademarked TCT-Ultra lightweight shell.

The FX sports Scorpion’s latest technology over its predecessor’s, such as a KwikWick-C Comfort liner, KwikFit cheek pads, dual position mouth vent, and more. We will touch on each of these features below in detail.

First Impressions

From the moment I brought in my delivery package from the front porch to the second I tried the FX on for the first time, I couldn’t get over how light it felt. Prior to this review, I had grown accustomed to the size and feel of my Bell Qualifier DLX. While lightweight in its own regard, the FX was noticeably lighter.

On my voyage ride, I was impressed with the aerodynamics of the helmet. I noticed far less wind battering and helmet lift. The chin ventilation was a step above my experience with the DLX, and noise was kept at a minimum.

Scorpion Covert FX Build & Design

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the Covert FX and explore what’s going to be protecting your head from the pavement.

Left Side Profile of the Covert FX

The FX is made out of Scorpion’s trademarked TCT-Ultra composite shell which is meant to provide superior strength and impact dispersion, all whilst maintaining an extremely lightweight. TCT stands for thermodynamic composite technology.

This refers to Scorpion’s latest technology revolving around a 5-layer blend of various fiberglass, aramid and poly-resin fibers. TCT is a ScorpionEXO® exclusive.

Right Side Profile of the Covert FX

The shell is low-profile and extremely aerodynamic, as mentioned previously. The inside has an advanced multi-layer EPS foam for maximum energy absorption upon impact. The helmet is lined with Scorpion’s latest evolution of their KwikWick® line, KwikWick® C-Comfort.

This fabric promises to keep you cool and dry in warm weather, and warm in cool weather, but more on that later.


Moving back to the exterior of the helmet, the Covert FX has a minimalist, yet aggressive look. The front of the helmet sports a front grill that subtly reminds me of Darth Vader’s mask. Towards the back, we see the helmet contour to the rear exhaust.

Front of Covert FX helmet

The design of the helmet is very simple and doesn’t have the same battle-ready look as the Covert & Covert X. The FX is available in 5 colors – black (gloss), graphite (textured), cement gray (gloss), white (gloss) and matte black. The helmet shown throughout this review is cement gray color.

The Covert FX has 2 small vents on the forehead, a chin vent, and an exhaust at the rear. The front vent slider is located on the inside of the helmet, thus providing a seamless exterior finish. While visually pleasing, the placement of the slider makes adjustment very difficult while riding.

Back of the Covert FX Helmet

Build Quality & Design Rating: 85%

I am very pleased with the build quality & design of the Covert FX. The composite build keeps this helmet lightweight, while maintaining a fair price point. Fiberglass performs very well in terms of energy absorption during impact, and the addition of aramid & poly-resin fibers increase the tensile strength of the lid.

Angled profile of the Covert FX with the face shield 3/4 open

On the downside, the Covert FX is not available in as many color & design options as the Covert and Covert X. I believe a large part of the Covert collection’s prior success was the riders ability to customize a helmet tailored to their style. Hopefully in the future we will see Scorpion release further color schemes.

Sizing & Fit

The Covert FX is available in sizes XS-3XL with 2 shell and 3 EPS foam configurations (XS-L & XL-3XL). The helmet shape is an intermediate oval. If you’re unsure what that means, be sure to check out our article here on how a properly fitting helmet provides superior protection.


With my previous helmets, I wore a size M. I ordered the same for the Covert FX and it fit me perfectly. At no point did I feel any pressure or pain points while riding. To ensure you’re purchasing the right size, please reference Scorpion’s helmet sizing guide here.

Cheek Pads

At first, the cheek pads felt much thicker than what I was accustomed to. As my girlfriend would describe it, I had a serious case of chipmunk cheeks. Luckily for me, over the course of a couple rides they softened and became much more comfortable.

If you’re not as fortunate as I was to fit the pads the helmet comes with, thicker or thinner cheek pads are available and sold separately. For all our spectacled riders, all 3 options come equipped with Scorpion’s KWIKFIT® 3D sculpted cheek pads that accommodate most glasses.

Covert FX cheek pads. Imagine courtesy of Scorpion
Removable Covert FX helmet cheekpads. Image Credit: Scorpion

Neck Roll

The neck roll is quite prominent when putting on the Covert FX. My initial impression was that I had the wrong size based on how tight it was when sliding over my head. Once in place, the neck roll fit snuggly and felt great. The padding is soft and the KwikWick® C-Comfort fabric is a blessing on hot days.

Covert FX liner. Imagine courtesy of Scorpion
Removable Covert FX helmet liner. Image Credit: Scorpion


As mentioned before, the Covert FX is extremely lightweight. As per the manufacturer, the FX comes in at 2.9lbs (1348 grams – size medium). For comparison, the Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout I mentioned above weighs 3.43lbs (1557 grams – size medium).

Sizing & Fitment Rating: 90%

The Covert FX fit true to size and the sizing is comparable to that of other manufacturers. The interior padding is comfortable & fit snug. I didn’t experience any pressure or pain while riding with this helmet. The extremely lightweight shell was a huge plus for me.

While we would’ve liked to see 3 shell sizes for a better fit, I can understand why Scorpion felt it unnecessary to do so. The overall low-profile design of the Covert FX, along with how lightweight and aerodynamic the shell is, work together to mitigate any wind battering caused by an oversized shell in the smaller sizes.


Features – the part you’ve all been waiting for. We all love a helmet jam-packed with features and the Covert FX delivers. From aerodynamics to integrated speaker pockets, it’s clear that Scorpion kept the riders best interest in mind whilst designing this helmet.

Chin vent on the Scorpion Covert FX helmet

Exceptional Aerodynamics

Scorpion claims the Covert FX has CAD-refined aerodynamics and I believe it. I touched on it before, but it’s worth covering again – this thing is smooth. I immediately felt the difference coming from my Bell Qualifier to this.

Scorpion Covert FX helmet rear view

Wind turbulence and lift are kept at a minimum. My neck is finally at peace as the helmet effortlessly slices through the air. While you’ll still get battered around in a cross-wind, that much is guaranteed, a strong headwind is no match for this helmet. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with how this helmet performed.

Integrated Speaker Pockets

As is becoming the industry norm, the Covert FX has integrated speaker pockets to install bluetooth intercom devices. I transferred my Sena 20S EVO from my old helmet without much effort. The only trouble I had was reinserting the cheek pads on the side the device was fastened to. The speaker pockets are 50mm round, and 5mm deep.

Side profile of the Scorpion Covert FX Helmet


I had briefly touched on the liner fabric used in the Covert FX. Scorpion calls it the KWIKWICK® C liner fabric, which is their take on a moisture wicking liner that keeps you cool and dry in warm weather, and warm in cool weather.

I frequently ride to and from the gym, should the weather permit. I can attest that the KWIKWICK® C liner fabric has passed the sweaty hair & face test. While I’m not trying to sell you on the idea that the fabric wicks away copious amounts of sweat from a grueling workout – not even high end performance sportswear can do that. What I am saying is that the KWIKWICK® C liner fabric prevented it from getting worse.

Inside the Covert FX helmet

As we all know, on a hot day some helmets can feel like a miniature sauna for your face. With the Covert FX, I didn’t experience the typical boiling sensation while stopped in traffic or when traveling at low speeds. For me, this greatly bumped up the helmets overall score.


My experience with the Covert FX’s ventilation is bittersweet. While I love the performance of the chin vent, I was left unimpressed by the forehead vents. Exhaust vents on the back of the helmet, along with channels cut out of the EPS, help move hot air out of the helmet – or so they say.

Chin vent slider

The chin vent can only be adjusted from the inside of the helmet and has dual position – the 1st position acts as a defroster while the 2nd acts as a defroster & ventilation. Throughout the duration of the review, I kept the chin vent fully open. The amount of airflow coming in was leaps and miles ahead of past helmets I’ve worn.

Unfortunately, the forehead vent was not up to the challenge. In terms of airflow, it was difficult to tell if the top vent was open or not. Because of this, the helmet was unable to vent hot air properly and it frequently became trapped inside.

Forehead vent on the Scorpion Covert FX helmet

On several occasions I opened and closed the vent during a ride to see if I could feel a difference. While the change in airflow was minimal, I noticed an ever-so-slight increase in air noise when opened, as well as an annoying whistling sound if the wind caught it at the right angle.

Noise Reduction & Removable Chin Curtain

I found wind noise to be kept at a minimum while riding with the FX. There were several occasions throughout this review I had to purposefully listen for wind noise in order to hear it. Aside from wind, I found bike noise to be dampened to a comfortable level as well.

Chin curtain on the Scorpion Covert FX Helmet

The removable chin curtain definitely did its job in terms of noise reduction. Without it, wind noise is much louder. It is also worth mentioning that an open forehead vent was the helmet’s main source of road noise.

Features Ratings – 85%

While some features performed their intended job exceptionally, others simply did not. As previously mentioned, the forehead vent did not provide much relief, leaving hot air trapped inside the helmet. On the other hand, I was very impressed with the overall range and performance of the other features – especially for a mid-range helmet.

If I was to pinpoint some areas for improvement, let’s fix the top forehead vent and get rid of the D-ring chin strap closure. They’re a pain in the ass to operate with or without a gloved hand. I would love to see a quick release closure!


Not much good is a full face helmet if you can’t see out of it. Thankfully, that opposite is true for the Covert FX. In fact, the large field of view was one of my favorite parts about this helmet.

Dark and clear face shield

Included in your purchase are two face shields – one clear and one dark smoke. Both shields are treated with Scorpions EverClear® no-fog treatment. As per the manufacturer, this treatment hardens the surface with a scratch-free coating, as well as prevents fogging (who would’ve guessed?).

Field of View

While wearing the Covert FX, I can only just see the sides of the eyeport in my peripherals. At its tallest point, the eyeport is over 4” tall, which is fairly big in my experience. For comparison, the eyeport on my Bell Qualifier is under 3-½”. For a full-face helmet, The Covert FX did a great job at providing an overwhelming all road experience with minimal visibility restrictions from the inside of the helmet.

Covert FX Eyeport

Face Shield Quality

More often than not, I experience some form of shield fogging on a hot, humid day while I’m stationary. This held true with the Covert FX, even with the preventative EverClear® treatment. Thankfully, the fog dissipated fairly quickly once moving and as air began to circulate.

It just so happened that I had an extra EverClear® face shield in my possession. Strictly in the name of science have I thrown small pebbles and dirt at it to simulate road-like conditions. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a rock pelted at you from an 18-wheeler, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

EverClear® face shield before testing

I’ve pictured my findings below and as you can see, the results are rather unimpressive. The shield scratched and chipped upon the first impact, and only worsened from there. In my opinion, the hardened surface is no match for airborne debris and stones flung from heavy vehicles.

EverClear® face shield after testing

The tool-less face shield removal system is quite handy but cannot be done while wearing the helmet. In the past I’ve worn some helmets with a trigger-like locking mechanism for the face shield that makes removal possible with the helmet on your head.

The Covert FX requires the user to line up small arrows on the shield and helmet and then pull. Removal is easy, but reinstalling the shield can be tricky the first time around.

Close up of Tool-less shield removal system on the Covert FX

Visibility Rating – 85%

I was conflicted with scoring the visibility of this helmet.

On one hand, the field of view on the Covert FX is exceptional. It’s difficult to put into words just how much of a difference the extra ½” of eyeport height made between the Covert FX and the helmet I had been accustomed to prior. My overall riding experience felt more in tune with the road and visibility restrictions were kept at a minimum.

On the other hand, I was let down by how easily the face shield chipped and scratched. Unfortunately, rock chips are inevitable when riding busy streets. After a few impacts the FX’s face shield will need to be replaced or risk riding with obstructions to your sight.

Side profile of the Scorpion Covert FX helmet


Impressively, the Covert FX is equipped with U.S. DOT and ECE 22.06 certification. The ECE 22.06 certification notably requires a wider range of impact testing on the helmet, and any official accessories, than the previous 22.05 certification required.

European ECE motorcycle helmet standards are similar to that of American DOT standards, with the advantage of testing for more real-life environmental factors. Neither standard, unfortunately, involves as many different tests as the Snell Foundation uses.

Covert FX safety certifications

For comparison, the Covert and Covert X line of helmets are DOT Certified only. The addition of a crash rated chin bar on the FX provides the user with full coverage. In the event of an accident, there is a 45% chance that the impact will be on the part of the head that only a full-face helmet will cover. Are you willing to gamble those odds?

Safety Rating – 90%

DOT & ECE are the most widely used certifications for helmets sold to the public, with ECE testing and requirements being the more rigorous of the two. What’s more, ECE certification is the most up-to-date current standard. As such, we are very pleased to see the addition of ECE to the Covert line.

In the United States, the Snell certification is considered the current favorite for high-end helmets & racing helmets. At the time of writing, the only helmet Scorpion offers that is Snell certified is the EXO R420.

Final Verdict

The aerodynamics and field of view of this helmet are enough reason in themselves to buy the Covert FX. My enjoyment level while riding increased dramatically. I was able to go out on days I may have otherwise opted to drive due to higher winds.

I felt as though my vision was greatly improved and was able to see more of what was in front of me, and the instruments on my bike. In addition, my neck didn’t experience the same level of fatigue I thought was normal at high speeds.

While I’ve highlighted a few areas of improvement, please remember it is my job to do so. The Covert FX has numerous great features and provides good value at its price point. Whether you’re wearing a low-end, mid-range or high-end helmet, I believe the Covert FX is a great choice for your next upgrade.

Scorpion Covert FX on Harley Davidson Iron 883


  • Extremely lightweight shell (1348 grams – size medium)
  • Exceptional aerodynamics for minimal turbulence and lift
  • DOT & ECE certified composite fiberglass, aramid & poly-resin fiber shell
  • Comfortable fit with temperature regulating liner
  • Chin curtain does a good job of dampening wind noise
  • Large eyeport for an glorious, unobstructed field of view


  • Only 2 shell sizes across 7 sizes
  • Forehead vent provides underwhelming relief
  • Face shields chip and scratch fairly easily
  • At the time of writing, the Covert FX is available in a very limited color range


  • Manufacturer: Scorpion
  • Price: $249.95 USD – $254.95 USD
  • Colors: Black (gloss), Graphite (textured), Cement Gray (gloss), White (gloss), Black (matte)
  • Sizes Available: XS-3XL
  • Review Period: June – July 2023

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