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Motorcycle sunglasses, goggles, face shield cleaning, photochromic and electrochromic visor reviews and more on the wBW Motorcycle Helmet Visors and Face Shields Page

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Motorcycle Helmets
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Snell M2015 Standard complete details  |  Icon Airframe Statistic  |  Hohenstein Institute study confirms webBikeWorld motorcycle helmet head shapes  |  New 6D ATR-1 helmet with unique internal padding system  |  Fibre Flares  |  Permanent anti-fog coating developed  |  Schuberth returns to U.S.A.  |  2010 J.D. Power Motorcycle Helmet Owner Satisfaction Study  |  Snell released the new Snell 2010 standard on July 15, 2009  |  New DOT motorcycle helmet labeling requirements proposed  |  Lazer SuperSkin reduces rotational acceleration of motorcycle helmets in a crash  |  HJC CL-14 Visor Removal and Installation Procedure Video  | wBW Special Report: How Visors Are Made  |  Ruminations on motorcycle clothing safety standards

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The wBW Motorcycle Helmet Size Chart includes standard sizing comparisons up to 5XL

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See the wBW Motorcycle Intercom page and the Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom page for more information and motorcycle intercom reviews

Motorcycle Helmet Safety Compliance Testing

Here are the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) safety testing compliance pass/fail and recall reports for the years 2000 to 2006.  Some very interesting helmets have failed testing...  |  U.S. motorcycle helmet laws by state  |  Also see the wBW Motorcycle Helmet FAQ page and the Motorcycle Safety page for more information on international motorcycle helmet safety standards

Silly Motorcycle Helmet Covers
Motorcycle Helmet With Rotating Shell?

Phillips Helmets are the inventors of the Phillips Head Protection System (PHPS) and "designers of the world's most technically advanced motorcycle helmet". 

They claim that "tests show that the PHPS concept ... provides 60% more protection from rotational injury than conventional helmets" and that the "PHPS is the most significant advance in helmet safety technology since the 1960s and is set to become the industry norm for protection against rotational injury". 

"The helmet, which simulates the action of the scalp on the skull in deflecting tangential force, has been developed with the support of Brookhouse Composites.

The helmet is the brainchild of Dr Ken Phillips, a former Medical Doctor, who began development of the concept some nine years ago.   Essentially, it consists of a lightweight shell over which a membrane can move in the event of oblique force acting on it.

A lubricant is introduced between shell and membrane to reduce friction and the shell is fitted with a liner.

The design and manufacture of a prototype helmet was done by the Industrial Design Consultancy (IDC), of Datchet and the finite element analysis by the Transport Research Laboratories (TRL).

These showed that the new helmet reduced the coefficient of friction by around 60% compared with conventional helmets, so reducing the effects of rotational forces in a collision, while offering equal protection to linear forces and weighed roughly the same as conventional helmets."

White vs. Painted Helmet Visibility

The Motorcycle Rider Conspicuity and Crash Related Injury study conducted over 3 years in New Zealand (1993-1996) found that:

Conclusions: Low conspicuity may increase the risk of motorcycle crash related injury. Increasing the use of reflective or fluorescent clothing, white or light colored helmets, and daytime headlights are simple, cheap interventions that could considerably reduce motorcycle crash related injury and death.

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More Flip-up Helmets: See the wBW helmet review listings for flip-up and modular helmet reviews

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Motorcycle Reflective Decals - Stickers:  More info on reflective stickers - see the wBW review of Flashback brand retro-reflective stickers and more also much more on the wBW Motorcycle Safety page

Motorcycle Helmet Liners: See the wBW review of Coolmax and Slik helmet liners  |  Buff Australia makes many different types of helmet liners for a variety of sports, including motorcycling  |  Turtle Fur balaclavas can be found at L.L. Bean and other retailers  |  Sliks helmet liners and neck warmers  |  American Roadrider single sided and reversible helmet liners  |  Zub winter headwear is an all-purpose helmet liner, Balaclava and neck warmer

Motorcycle Helmet Testing: Got a new design you think will save your skull? Get it tested at Biokinetics  |  More on this topic on the wBW Motorcycle Safety page

Painting Motorcycle Helmets:  Peter Frechette does some fantastic looking helmet art  |  Armentor Artworks does custom motorcycle and helmet painting; check out their site, some pretty cool designs! |  Bike Paints does custom motorcycle helmet painting, including cartoon characters or your custom designs  |  How to paint or airbrush a motorcycle helmet; has some text and photos  |  BK Designs does some really professional work  |  Helmet painting done by Offbeat Productions  |  T.C.'s Specialized Graphics; custom painting of motorcycle helmets with all types of graphic designs  |  Very cool and interesting motorcycle helmet painting at SM Designs; they also have a video on how to paint motorcycle helmets  |  Airbrush by Von Otto - apparently no longer in business?

Motorcycle Helmet Paint: Spray Tech Systems distributes professional quality airbrush equipment, compressors and more

Motorcycle Helmet Face Shields - Visors: Now on the wBW Motorcycle Helmet Visors page, including anti-fog visors, face shields, electrically heated visors, motorcycle goggles and sunglasses

Motorcycle Helmets
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From "J.R." (March 2012): "Thank you for your excellent helmet info website, loads of sensible info! You say the one reason for possibly having a flip front disappeared when you trimmed your glasses to make fitting easy once a full face lid is on? I know this isn't normally within the remit of general biking advice, and is only my opinion, but....

A few years back I did a first aid course here in the UK. I happened to ride to it, and the lady running it used me as a chance to teach the class how to remove the helmet of an unconscious rider. Not a normal part of the course but welcome.

It was obvious to all that even with several extra pairs of hands, on a carpet, in a class room and with no stress its pretty much impossible to do it without some vertebrae movement. The lady said that if your life was in the balance then the possibility of further spine damage takes a back seat, that lids coming off!

That becomes quite a big factor in favour of flip fronts, if mouth to mouth, oxygen delivery etc. can be done without removing the lid.

I've only had Arai Tour X's previously to cover both commuting and the small bit of off road I've done, but recently tried everything in a shop ending with a very comfy Multitec flip, despite having read a lot of your site! Currently waiting to try the new one with visor, and another shops whole stock to try, but that was a comfy lid!

Thank you for your continued efforts!"

From "L. B-O." (October 2010): "AGV GP-Tech (mostly compared to my only other helmet, a Schuberth R1 (review). Besides from being 3XL huge, my head is (clearly) long oval. The only helmets I've found to fit are the Schuberth R1 and S1/-pro + Arai Signet/(Profile?). I was skeptical, but took my chances on a $375 Combat red. It fits, but could not be any less oval before it would be wrong for me.

My impression:

Thanks for a great source of information - keep up the good work!"

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