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Motorcycle Maintenance and Repair Articles

Motorcycle Maintenance and Repair Articles and Reviews

This is the directory of all wBW articles on motorcycle repair and maintenance. It includes repair tips and information on installing motorcycle accessories, parts, lighting, brake lights, LED lights and more.

This list also contains reviews of products for BMW motorcycles, Ducati motorcycles, Moto Guzzi motorcycles and Triumph motorcycles. However, this information is also useful for owners of any type or make of motorcycle.

Suspension and Steering

SW-Motech Bar Back Bar Riser review.

SuperBrace Fork Brace Stabilizer review.

Ducati Multistrada chain adjustment

Ducati GT 1000 chain adjustment

Motorcycle chain adjustment basics

Installing Progressive Fork Springs on a BMW R65

Handlebar risers installation on a Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport (Convertibars)

Cleaning a motorcycle chain with Motul Chain Clean, Motorex Chain Clean 611 and kerosene; a comparison.

Raising the fork tubes changes the geometry of the motorcycle’s front end and can quicken the steering.

Changing the Chain and Sprockets is a necessary maintenance task and there are many tips and tricks to consider.

Fork Oil Change article shows you how to perform this maintenance task.

Front Tire Installation is not that difficult, but here are a couple of tips here that can help make the job  easier.

Progressive Suspension 420 shock absorber installation.

Converting high to low handlebars on a BMW K75 or K100 from the standard to the lower “C” bars.

Fork gaiters can extend the life of fork seals by preventing dirt and pitting on fork tubes.

Wheels and Tires

Adventures in Re-Spoking Motorcycle Wheels by Chris B.

Rebuilding and Lacing Spoked Wheels by Texas Joe

Rod Neff’s balancer is highly accurate, well-made and easy-to-use; you can do it yourself and save $$!

Motorcycle tire bead breaker costs less than $5.00 and works as well as anything we’ve tried.

Body and Paint

Caswell Fuel Tank Sealer

Plastex Plastic Repair Kit

Ducati Hand Guards and Manic Salamander bar end weights installation

CRG Bar End Mirror Installation

BMW K75S windscreen adjustment system.

Paintguard paint protection film is easy to install and can be reused.

Carbon fiber parts are relatively easy to make, believe it or not!  This article shows you how.

Installing the SheerMask pre-cut paint protection film kit to protect your bike’s paint and finish.

3M Scotchcal paint protection film can be purchased in bulk and cut to fit your motorcycle.

Rusted steel parts can be easily fixed with this special coating.

Bar End Mirrors installation article points out a few modifications and some more information on where to get the parts; it’s based on Gary Gavin’s great instructions on installing Napoleon bar end mirrors.

BMW K75 Low to High Seat Conversion with information on converting the “low rider” seat on a K75/100 to the standard height seat.

BMW K75 and K100 standard windscreen buffeting problems can be partially solved.

LED Lighting

Clearwater Krista LED Driving Lights

Clearwater Glenda LED Visibility Lights

Denali LED Light Installation

Multistrada LED Brake Light Installation

Hyper-Strips LED Accent lights can really show off your bike!

LED brake light or tail light complete conversion to replace the bulb with LED lights for ultra-visibility!

LED Bulb Replacement by LEDTronics: is it worth the cost?

LED Brake Light Bar by Signal Dynamics: installation information.

Flexible LED accent lights can be installed as auxiliary directionals or just for fun!

Super-Bright LED brake light bulb LED cluster can replace the standard 1157 brake/tail light bulb.

RiderLight LED Wireless brake light for helmets, saddlebags and more!

LED Wireless helmet brake light – the Signalfly unit fits on the back of a helmet!

Lighting, Brake Lights, Tail Lights

LED Bulb Comparison and Video

Replacing the GT1000 brake and tail light bulb

Motorcycle Headlight Upgrade  Ducati Designs upgrade for the BMW K1200LT.

Yellow headlight bulbs for motorcycles?  Comparison with standard white H4 bulbs.

Install an HID motorcycle headlight for more power and visibility at night.

Install headlight protection film to protect expensive headlights from stone damage.

Ducati Designs headlight upgrade for ST2 and ST4.

Using turn signals as brake lights – good idea or not?

Brake Light/Tail Light Bulbs discusses the best light bulb to use for your combination brake/taillight. Covers 21/5W, 2057, 1034, 1157, 2397 and 2357 type bulbs.

Brake Light Flasher installation and review of the Comagination Visi-Stop.

Turn signal relay replacement on a BMW. Applicable to other makes.

Improving Brake Light Visibility how to brighten up your rear end!

Halogen brake light replacement bulb by DesignTech: Too hot to handle?

Headlight Modulators

Installing a Comagination dual headlight modulator and a modulator with solid-state headlight relay

Modulator Regulations for the U.S.A.

Headlight modulator installation and review of the Comagination Visi-Path.

Kisan headlight modulator review and installation.


Installing Stainless Steel Brake Lines (Redux)

Bleeding motorcycle brakes is easy with the Actron vacuum pump.

Harrison Billet Mini-6 brake caliper installation can improve braking.

Installing stainless steel brake lines can improve brake feel and performance.

Carburetion, Fueling and Fuel Injection

G2 Throttle Tamer helps to smooth the initial throttle input and it is available for many different brands of motorcycles.

Booster Plug fuel injection fix for BMWs and Triumphs

K&N Air Filter review and replacement on a BMW R1150GS

Fat Duc O2 Sensor Replacement

Ducati GT 1000 ECU replacement

Installing a G2 Throttle Cam to change the throttle opening profile.

Ducati GT 1000, Multistrada and Monster throttle cable adjustment (1000DS engine)

Ducati evaporative emissions canister maintenance and inspection

Poor Man’s Carb Adjustment“: a story for cheapskates.

Sea Foam carburetor and fuel system cleaner.

Bing carburetor replacement silicone gaskets last the life of the engine.

Air filter replacement can be easy or difficult, like on this Triumph!

Air injection system removal for post-1980 BMW Airheads.

Change the fuel filter on a Moto Guzzi V11 Bassa with this article by Rich Arimoto.

Engine and Transmission

BMW Scooter Oil and Filter Change

Ducati Multistrada 620 oil and filter replacement tips and substitute oil filters for Ducatis

Ducati 1000DS engine oil and filter change

Ducati engine case guard protects against damage from broken chains.

Oil change problems to avoid; oil types to use; sources for replacement oil drain plugs.

Valve adjustment on a modern Triumph also has useful information for other makes.

Valve Adjustment Tips and some performance improvement tips from wBW Visitor “J.B.”

Coolant Change –  How to perform a coolant change.

BMW Airhead Spline Lube – 1986 BMW R65 Monoshock spline lube with photos.

Adjust Moto Guzzi valves with this step-by-step approach by Steve Saady.


Installing a Battery Tender SAE Wiring Harness – Simple, cheap and easy.

Suzuki DR400 Clock Repair – A possible fix for an inoperative DR400 clock in the electronic display.

HealTech GIpro with ATRE

Ducati 750 GT Alternator Replacement

Part 1: Motorcycle Ignition Coil Replacement (Thunderbird Sport) and Part II: Ignition Coil Replacement on a Triumph Trophy

Install a speaker on a Garmin i3 or i5 GPS unit.

Posi-Lock connectors are a fantastic way to splice wires on your motorcycle!

How to install a horn relay to get full power to those Freeway Blasters!

Installing a headlight relay can make your headlight burn brighter.

Sealed Batteries – Installing a WestCo sealed battery is easy! Instructions and photos

Electronic ignition module maintenance – applying heat sink compound.

Install a tachometer on a Moto Guzzi Jackal with instructions by Steve Saady.

Tires and Wheels

Dymag carbon fiber wheels are light weight and expensive!

Portable motorcycle tire balancer is very accurate and can fit in a tank bag.

Motorcycle tire bead breaker – make your own in a matter of seconds!

Tire sizes can be confusing; read this interesting article regarding tire widths.

Motorcycle tire information on sizes, conversions between numbering systems, speed ratings and more.

Motorcycle tire and wheel balancing with Rod Neff’s tire balancer


Handlebar End Weights

How to Adjust a Motorcycle Chain

Go Cruise Throttle Control Installation and Review

Scottoiler eSystem Installation on a BMW F 800 GS

Scottoiler Installation on a BMW F 800 GS

Ducati GT1000 Loose Fuel Tank Problem Fixed

Using a Thread File to Repair Threads

How to Install Pazzo Adjustable Motorcycle Levers

Electronic Motorcycle Cruise Control and Installation

wBW Video: Cleaning and Polishing Chrome Wheels With Noxon and S100 Polishing Soap

Installing Ducati GT1000 saddlebags

wBW Special Report: How Motorcycle Helmet Visors Are Made

Ducati GT1000 Fuel Line Recall Fix and Fuel Filter Replacement is a relatively easy project.

Motorcycle Tools page has links to our tool reviews and other interesting items

Installing a Throttlemeister Cruise Control

Information on the Ducati GT1000 and Sportclassics fuel pump and fuel line problems

Removing a plastic fuel tank on a Triumph Tiger. These tips are applicable to most any motorcycle.

Installing a Talon Motorcycle Alarm; includes information on adding a custom LED indicator light.

Make your own custom aluminum dashboard. Includes instructions and CAD drawings for download.

Motofx garage door opener opens your garage door when the high beams are flashed.

These valve caps are real metal with rubber gaskets! Sweet – and very inexpensive. Also information on where to find a metric thread pitch gauge

Here are some tips, gleaned from various email lists, on making repairs to ABS bags.

Here’s how to make a small, lightweight air pump that can fit in your tankbag for less than $10.00!

Cleaning aluminum engine cases tips and tricks.

Interesting drawings from 1931 of an old “T” flathead side valve engine illustrating the four stroke engine cycle.

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