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Track Day Schedules:  Visit the wBW Motorcycle Riding Schools, Training and Track Days page for a list of track day and training events  

Motorcycle Shocks - Motorcycle Suspension:  Now on the wBW Motorcycle Shocks - Motorcycle Suspension page

Motorcycle Brakes:  Now on the wBW Motorcycle Brakes page

Motorcycle Performance Parts, Racing and Tuning:  Crowerpower makes race engines, camshafts, valves, custom head work and more  |  Cycle Cat has plenty of go-fast items for Ducatis  |  Eurobikes has fender eliminators, exhaust systems and other goodies to make sport bikes look the part  |  European Motorcycle Accessories has many performance parts including brakes, wheels and more  |  Fast by Ferracci manufactures performance parts for Cagiva, Ducati, Husqvarna and MV Augusta motorcycles  |  Fuel Injected Motorcycles - site with info and products for remapping fuel injection on BMW's, Ducati's, Moto Guzzi's, Laverda's, etc. |  Harris Performance in the U.K. |  Nichols Manufacturing makes parts for Ducatis; they sell the 46mm rear wheel socket needed to remove the rear wheel (1-13/16" will do it also)  |  Optimum Performance Products has all sorts of goodies, including MacMoto epoxy carbon-fiber bodywork, Gale Speed Rims, LighTech mirrors and frame sliders, Gilles rear sets and many other high performance aftermarket sport bike parts including carbon-fiber, carbon-Kevlar and titanium silver bodywork  |  RED Racing Parts - All sorts of racing parts and brake parts; check out the Kevlar brake and radiator hoses  |  Renthal makes high performance chainwheels and steering parts  |  R&R Racing has stands, M4 exhaust systems, sub-frames, body work and more  |  SG Motorsport has some unique products for tuning and preparing your bike; exhaust security bolts; Speedtune kit for tuning carburetors; specialized workshop tools; the Suzuki timing retard eliminator and more  |  ST Machine has all sorts of chrome and billet parts, levers, chain guards and more for customizing your Japanese sportbike  |  Street & Competition has racing parts, exhausts, tires, shocks and more  |  Streetfighters USA has all sorts of go-fast parts and accessories including cool-looking anodized billet master cylinder reservoirs! Storz Performance has Ceriani forks and Storz Ceriani steering dampers for everything from Harley's to Ducati's  |  Marchesini, Brembo, Tramont and Borrani products are available at TAW; they also have super lightweight gas caps  |  Two Brothers Racing  |  Wim Kroon's ÷hlins shop in the Netherlands

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License Plate Bracket and Rear End Clean Up Fender Eliminators:  Don't know what else to call 'em; these products replace ugly rear fenders on sports bikes and include new license plate brackets; also known as "The Texas Tuck"; Check 'em out at Texas Fairing - they also have streamlined (flush) front turn signals  |  Also check out the ones from Competition Werkes  |  Devil Bikes has fender cleanup kits and other accessories  |  Try Targa Accessories for more tank covers, seat cowls, fender eliminators and frame sliders  |  Check out Trick Tape for graphics kits; Light Lidz to cover your headlights; Hyperlights - strobe lights for your bike (are they legal?); kanji characters; logos; Rim Runners reflective tape for your wheel rims; Body View translucent body panels for your bike; and much more  |  Ride Engineering fender eliminator kits  |  FastTags is an automatic license plate flipper to hide the license plate on show bikes  |  Fastags license plate retractor flips the license plate over via a toggle switch

Motovation Frame SlidersFrame Sliders:  See the wBW review of Motovation Frame Sliders  |  Frame sliders for the Honda Super Hawk at SW Sliders  |  Tons o' frame sliders at Intuitive Race Products  |  Cycle Cat has frame sliders for Ducatis and plenty of other Ducati parts and accessories  |   Lithium Motorsports has UHMW or Teflon frame sliders, swingarm spools and preload adjusters; also CNC-machined parts like their Ducati clutch cover  |  Frame sliders, clip-ons, rear sets, gas caps, triple clamps, sprockets and more at Vortex Racing 

Rear Wheel Huggers:  Red Fox has many different types of huggers in various colors  |  Huggers, racks, under trays, engine protectors and more at REVs Performance  |  Pyramid Plastics has huggers, seat cowls, fairings, belly pans and more for many different brands of motorcycles

Carbon Fiber Parts:  Carbon Fiber Man has all sorts of goodies for Ducatis, including carbon fiber fork slider guards  |  Magical Racing has all sorts of carbon fiber fenders, huggers, screens and more  |  See the wBW technical article "Make Your Own Motorcycle Parts from Carbon Fiber" - it's not as hard as you think!

Billet Parts:  Yana Shiki carries many different billet, engraved and chrome plated fork top clamps, chain guards and more 

Tire Warmers:  PD tire warmers are available at  Graves Motorsports carries CTC tire warmers  |  Chicken Hawk Racing tire warmers  

Clear Taillight Lens Conversion:  Clear Alternatives has clear taillights, red light bulbs and other lighting stuff; check out their "bike of the month" pics  |  More on the wBW Motorcycle Lighting and LED page

Data Acquisition:  Check out the Veypor data acquisition system for motorcycles

Fuel and Electrical Systems:  The iKAT uses "Special Burn Technology" to electrically alter the shape, speed and profile of the spark in a gas engine

Motorcycle Tank Grip Material:  Tech Spec USA has the "Gripster" material that is applied to the side of the fuel tank on street and dirt bikes to improve grip and comfort  |  Motorcycle tank pads are available in many different designs from Motografix; see the wBW article and photos on these tank pads

Other Performance Parts:  wBW article on Installing a Throttle Cam  |  Zion Motorsports (UK) distributes Richco specialized fasteners, Three Bond adhesives and sealants that are referenced by many motorcycle manufacturers in their shop manuals, motorcycle race seat foam, King Dick tools and more

Chrome Plating:  Custom Coatings does copper-nickel-chrome triple electroplating (chrome plating) of plastic parts, including fiberglass; they can also restore pot metal parts  |  Graves Plating has been doing it for 50 years  |  Classic Components has been plating since 1987; specializes in wheels  |  Try Blue-Job, "the world's best chrome polish", made in the USA, satisfaction guaranteed and supposedly works to restore blued chrome pipes  |  Perfect Plating (Camden, SC) has many chromed motorcycle wheels in stock or will chrome yours "fast"; also do chrome plating and gold plating on wheels and swingarms; no website, call 803-424-0507  |  Cyrus A-chrome (Willingboro, NJ) does chrome and gold plating on aluminum, steel and plastic; no website, call 609-871-1489

Anodizing:  See the wBW Technical Articles page for information on DIY anodizing  |  Here's a source for anodizing - R&J Metal Finishing, 273 Gould Ave., Depew, NY ( Near Buffalo), 716-683-2838, Diane Willis Owner, $ 35.00 min charge, UPS daily, many many colors ( black, red, yellow, pink, purple, blue, green, brown) she can turn parts around the same day most of the time  |  See the footpeg section below for sources for anodized footpegs

Motorcycle Metal & Frame Polishing:  3M has many polishes and paint surface preparation compounds; their "Finesse It II" product recently won top honors in a Motorcycle Consumer News article on scratch removers  |  Many high quality cleaning and polishing products for show cars are available at DC Car Care  |  Charlie's Soap is supposed to be pretty good stuff for cleaning motorcycles  |  See the wBW Motorcycle Repair and Maintenance page for a section on cleaning aluminum engine cases and parts  |  Top of the Line carries many different products for motorcycle detailing, including brushes for cleaning motorcycle wheels  |  Mirror Image specializes in custom polishing of aluminum sportbike frames, swingarms, rims and any small parts - wBW Visitor "T.U." used their service and writes: "I had my bike frame polished by Mirror Image Polishing from your site and they did an excellent job. Thanks for the referral."

Motorcycle Adjustable Levers:  See the wBW review of Pazzo adjustable levers

Clip-on Handlebars:  Pro-tek has clip-ons and many other race parts  |  Available from Two Brothers  |  High Side Racing has Vortex, Woodcraft, and Pro-tek clip-ons  |  Pro-flo clip-ons are available in different anodized colors  |  The Brembo Brakes online store has clip-ons  |  Spec II carries Telefix fork braces and clip-ons  |  Graves Motorsports has clip-ons and other racing parts  |  Woodcraft has clip-ons, race stands, exhausts and other racing parts  |  Scary Fast Racing complete handlebar systems  |  Frame sliders, clipons, rear sets, gas caps, triple clamps, sprockets and more at Vortex Racing 

Handlebar Risers - Clip-On Risers:  SUNRisers are -- or were -- ingenious and relatively inexpensive clipon handlebar risers; but the company seems to be out of business  |  Clip-on risers by Woodcraft and others  |  Help make some sport bikes a bit easier to live with - try GenMar or Heli Bars  |  Eastern Cycle Ducati has billet machined aluminum Supersport bar risers at a reasonable price; check out the photo to see the difference they make  |  Variobar has adjustable clip-on risers and some incredible-looking precision machined clip-ons and other handlebar parts  |   Spec II Profi clipons and spacers (clipon risers); their clipons are claimed to be "totally adjustable"

Motorcycle Riding Skills Books:  See the wBW Motorcycle Books page for many more books and wBW book reviews!

Steering Dampers -  Stabilizers:  Two Brothers Racing carries Matris dampers made in Italy; here's an article on installing a Matris steering damper  |  You can order ÷hlins steering dampers (and other ÷hlins products) online at Wim Kroon's ÷hlins Shop  |  Storz Performance has steering dampers for the Suzuki R1, R6, GSXR, Buell, Ducati and more  |  Extremetech Italian steering dampers are CNC machined from aluminum and titanium; available from FastLap  |  Hyperpro USA active steering dampers with variable speed sensing valving  |  GPR steering stabilizers are used by racers

Motorcycle Brakes:  Now on the wBW Motorcycle Brakes page  |  Billet adjustable and remote adjustable brake levers for street and sportbikes at Constructors Racing Group  |  Beautiful Pazzo racing levers for many different makes and models

Clutch Plates - Slipper Clutch:  Suter Racing Technology (CH) makes a nice-looking slipper clutch using MotoGP technology for many streetbikes  |  Hyperplates high-performance aluminum clutch plates; claimed to be 65% lighter than stock for quicker revs!

Sprockets:  Sidewinder titanium sprockets are guaranteed for life; Sidewinder also has chains, conversion kits and more  |  Ceradure ceramic coated sprockets (NL) are used by off-road riders and are available for street use; claimed to resist wear and only need dry lubricant

Motorcycle Chains:  Sidewinder Smart Chain has O-rings impregnated with synthetic lubricant that is released into the chain's side plates whilst riding

Rear Sets:  Beautiful billet rear sets at Sato Racing along with many other performance parts  |  Raask makes rearsets for BMW's and many other makes;  Raask rearsets are sold in the USA by Omar's  |  Tsukigi Racing carries rearsets for Kawasakis  |  Vortex Racing rearsets are fully adjustable and made in U.S.A.

Footpegs:  CNC-machined, anodized footpegs are available from Competition Werkes  |  OEM-UK carries machined and anodized footpegs; bar end weights; oil filler caps; dust caps; stainless steel bleed nipples; CNC machined (!) key fobs; CNC machined tax disc holders and more 

Fork Braces:  Superbrace makes the "Ultimate Fork Brace"  |  Dual Star has fork braces for many dual purpose motorcycles

Motorcycle Chassis, Wheel Alignment and Race Setup:  The OnTrack is the world's first portable motorcycle laser alignment system!  |  GMD Computrack has several sites around the U.S. for frame straightening and more  |  Motomorphic used to do  wheel and frame straightening, modifications and fabrication; their website says they're now closed  |  Interesting and relatively inexpensive laser system to check motorcycle wheel alignment

Motorcycle Bodywork:  Armour Racing Bodies  |  GP Composites manufacturers racing bodywork for many different models of Japanese motorcycles  |  See Cary Martynuik's review of QB Carbon MotoGP style bodywork for the Ducati  |  Hot Bodies Racing has bodywork, under seat exhausts, undertails, huggers and more  |  Morse Racing Products - bodywork, clipons, frame sliders and more  |  Sebimoto bodywork  |  Sharkskinz Racing Bodies 

Windscreens - Racing Screens:  See the Motorcycle Fairings & Windscreens section of the wBW Motorcycle Accessories page

Glowing Instrument Gauges:  What custom bike is complete without a set of "Indiglo" gauges?  See 'em at Street Racer Parts

Lap Timers and Electronics:  Veypor makes electronic LCD motorcycle lap timers, complete electronic dashboards and other performance monitoring equipment

Motorcycle Coolant:  Water Wetter is designed to provide improved flow of cooling fluid over metal when added to plain water or a glycol coolant; claimed reductions in coolant temperatures with use  |  Engine Ice is a propylene glycol based coolant designed for motorcycles  |  Dan's Motorcycle; interesting article on how water cooling works in motorcycles  |  Evans Cooling Systems waterless coolants is used in race bikes  |  Some Coolant Replacement Tips  

Yamaha R1 EXUP Eliminator:  "Sam's Servo Sub" is an electronic kit that eliminates the "dead weight" of the Yamaha EXUP servo motor assembly; use it when you have aftermarket exhaust systems

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